A morning with a teenager, It is like a tornado in my kitchen!

I woke up on Boxing Day with a feeling of piece in my mind. I have been free from work over Christmas and also have leave from work a whole week further. I don’t have to get up from my bed right now if I don’t want to, and just knowing gives me peace. And I don’t have to go out in the frigid winter weather outside either. But a delightful scent from the morning coffee attract me, so I rise, put on my robe and goes towards the kitchen. Lucky for me, my husband always gets up early in the morning and makes coffee for both of us.

What can be nicer than to drink morning coffe dressed in a robe!
What can be nicer than to drink morning coffe dressed in a robe! | Source
My morning corner in the kitchen!
My morning corner in the kitchen! | Source
Some music is LOUD! If the volume improves the music is uncertain!
Some music is LOUD! If the volume improves the music is uncertain!

On my way down the stairs I met our teenage daughter, Emma, and while she is passing me on her way up she say; Mom, the damned Internet isn’t working, damned *** shit! Before I have reach the ground floor she passes me again on her way down and smashes the door to here room. Boom!

So, that’s the mood today, I think to myself, not yet properly awake, and still on my way to that lovely coffee.

When eating my breakfast I conclude that the fu***** shit Internet is working again, because the music from spotify vibrates through the door and even through the wall to her room. I was listening to a morning program on the radio, but suddenly I couldn’t distinguish what they say and the music from the radio does not seem to get along so well with her music. I remain calm in the cacophony, well knowing that sometimes it isn’t worth the effort. I am satisfied for now if I only can sit her with my coffee. But no, suddenly the music from her room escalates rapidly when the door is open and if possible an even angrier daughter comes out again;

“Mom you must fix the internet!!”

“But, you have access to Internet now, what’s the problem?”

“Yes, I have, she reply, but since you didn’t do anything I got some help from a guy on Face book on the phone, and he says that you have to go into the firewall and remove something, but I don’t know what, and in the meantime I am using another web program that is much faster and better than the other, I just had the program there on the computer, I don’t know how it got there, but it is much faster, look for yourself!” And then she brings the laptop to me, with the music still on.

Well, okay I reply stupid. I don’t know how it is with you, but my brain is working a little bit slow before I have had the chance to drink my coffee and had my breakfast, and fire walls and computers isn’t my favourite object in any time of the day and definitely not in the early morning. By just answer; well, I have manage to postpone the problem to later and can instead focus on a more important matter, how is she dressed!!

She is on her way to the shopping malls with some friends to exercise their favourite hobby; to spend money. The shops are indeed indoors but she has to wait for the bus at the bus stop in minus 15 degrees and it is windy, and how is she dressed? Well, she is wearing a pair of thin tights and a thin leopard patterned tank top in viscose!

“No, young lady, you must put something more on, take a cardigan at least!”

She stopped dead in the kitchen and says, “What? Why?”

“You look as if you are going to a party, but you are not, you are going to the malls for shopping on a Sunday in broad daylight”, I reply.

“Well she says, maybe you did dress like this going to parties back in the Stone Age, but now all are dressed like this, and we will be inside all the time”.

“Put a cardigan on” I repeat.

“I do not want to wear a cardigan, I do not have any stylish cardigans and even if I put a cardigan on, I will take it off in the shopping mall, I put it in the cabinet”.

“Put a cardigan on” I repeat!


Will the door hold together a few more years?
Will the door hold together a few more years? | Source

My daughter raises her voice and says: “It was a ******* nag, I will take that damn cardigan then, and look even worse”. “ I don’t have any good looking or stylish clothes in my shit wardrobe, look at the tights, they are folding on the legs, and look at my hair, one side is wavy and the other is straight, and now a bloody cardigan as well, ***** ***** shit!”

Do like this, I said; buy something then, that goes with the top! You got money, there is no problem!

“O, am I going to ask for help to take the label away in the fitting room, and change clothes there like a pauper, you’re sure crazy!” says my daughter and look at me as if she is wondering how my brain works, or if I in fact are insane.

All this conversation takes place in loud music and I am getting a little bit annoyed.

Her father suitable passes through the kitchen, look at Emma, and says; you don´t go anywhere dressed like that! She pick up the cardigan, march towords her room and smashed the door behind her again.

Ah, I thought, now maybe, trying to find some peace in my cosy corner in the kitchen with a new cup of coffee. The peace and quit last for 2 minutes. Then the door open again; “Mom where do you have your bus card?” “In my jacket”, I reply and she swish past me to her way to the hall, and back again. Boom! There goes the door again but opens almost instantly;

“Mom, where is the receipt on the ear rings that I am supposed to return?” Now it is my turn to go to the hall and fetch the receipt, but I didn’t make it back to my breakfast before; “Mom, where is the ruler, I have to measure the photos for the photo frames?” My turn to go again…..and the door goes boom again!

The phone is ringing, the door opens and the music is again filling the kitchen until it closes again. Boom! It was one of here friend calling, I suppose!

The door opens again, and Emma marches through the kitchen to the hall with the phone to the ear, talking, fetch a pair of boots and marches through the kitchen again in order to try them on in front of the mirror in her room: Boom! That door again! I say to my husband; “we must buy a mirror to the hall”! We look at each other in perfect understanding.

As I sat there I couldn’t help thinking; imagine if she knew how beautiful she really is, but she doesn’t. In my oppinion she is to good looking for her own good! And yet she is so dissatisfied with her self.

Now you probably think; what an awful long time she drinks coffee! But no, everything has happened during 15 minutes or so. It feels like sitting in some kind of chaos, and watch a tornado coming and going, or a whirlwind. And that door to her room…. It’s like being part of one of those comedy farce where they constantly slamming doors, and marches in and out from rooms.

Finally, she is ready to go, the music stops and the door opens again, she walks with brisk steps towards the hall with the cardigan on, but now she is late. I pull my feet in and hold on to the cup, thinking; soon, soon it will be quitely!

Then it comes, the few words that make my mood rise again “Have a nice day, mom, I love you, call you later!”

Finally, both daughter and husband walk out the door. He has the honour to drive her to the bus stop. Since it is Sunday the bus doesn’t stop in our small community. Yes, my coffee is still warm! And I wonder; did they have as good coffee as this, back in the Stone Age?


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ssaul 6 years ago

lol, I know what you are talking about, teenagers are harder to handle than a toddler, its such a difficult task.

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi ssaul! It is sure a difficult task, and strangly enough it is the same in every family where there is a teenager, generation after generation. Humans can go to the moon but we cant prevent our teenagers from this behaviour and we cant help them either. They have to go through it themselves. The only thing we can do is to stay our ground and love them! Thank you so much for stopping by and validate, it means a lot! We just have to hang in there, one day they will grow up!!

GALAXY 59 profile image

GALAXY 59 6 years ago from United Kingdom

I can so relate to this! My teenage daughter is also called Emma and they could have been separated at birth! Like you say though,hang in there they DO grow up. My twenty six year old is a pure joy, of course, she doesn't live at home anymore, which could have something to do with it. Great hub, I am now a fan.

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi Galaxy, how nice to meet you! Isn´t that strange? It is both a relief and a worry: it is comfort to know that it isn´t just us, and at the same time it is sad that every teenager must go through this stage! It is such a struggle for the whole family! But I am sure that your Emma is just as lovely as our, and we love them dearly. That is the times to hang on to, when you wonder what kind of human you have brougth up. I do look forward to that time when this phase is over! Thanks for your encouraging comment, and for the fan! I do appreciate it!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 6 years ago from South Africa

LOL! Teenagers! They are a nation on their own. Your writing is absolutely excellent. No word out of place. I was in there with you. Every ‘boom’ of that door went through me, and that music! OMG.! Swearing and slamming doors were against my rules, so that my children did in their minds and hearts. Many years later I read a letter my daughter wrote to me in one of her bad moods, but of course not with the intention to give it to me - I could not believe she was able to swear like that. Ha-ha! Enjoy this last day of the year!

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Martie, it is good to know you are with me in your thoughts even if the distance between us on earth is vast! That is exactly what they are, a nation of their own! The reason that I put up with this is that I remember how I felt when I was in her age. So I choose my battles! It is a difficult time for them and there is so many requirements they must meet. They are supposed to be so many things, and have so high demands on themselves and yet they have no idea who they really are. I can imagine that there is many angry thoughts on the other side of her door too! I hope she write them down, writing is a great way to process feelings. Thank you so much, Martie, for your compassion and for the "excellent"! You are such a great support!

kashmir56 profile image

kashmir56 6 years ago from Massachusetts

I think every teenager goes through this sort of thing, and hopefully it will be smoother sailing with this new year.

Wishing you all the best this New Year!!!

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi Tom, Yes, so it is, even though it is sad! It is such a difficult time for the whole family. To bring up small children can be hard work to, but I must say that this is worse. When the children are small you can protect them and decide where they should be. With a teenager it is hard to get any information about where they have been and what they have done, and with whom! Thank you, Tom, for stopping by, and wish me a better and a smoother year! I am happy to have you as a friend here at hubpages and I wish you all the best this New Year!

CarolineChicago profile image

CarolineChicago 6 years ago from Chicago, IL

Great post! Same thing in our house, too. I have a 13yo girl and two boys heading into the teens in a just a couple of years. Lots of noise, slamming, loud music and more here, as well. An amazing whirlwind. You did a great job narrating the constant activity of it all!

Kim Lynn profile image

Kim Lynn 6 years ago

Brings back memories. I remember posting a sign on our house that said,"Teenagers, Please leave home while you still know everything" Unfortunately,just kidding, they didn't! Enjoyed the hub, it was well written.



thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi CarolineChigago, nice to meet you! Some days are worse than others, and this day somehow needed to be written and shared with others! I hear you will have to be vary patient with three teenagers at the same time! Wow, it really sounds like a challenge! But they are at the same time a gift, and maybe I will miss the tornado when she is out of her teens! Thank you for stopping by and leave you comment!

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Hello Kim Lynn, happy to see you here. It is a comfort to know that it will pass! And you are so right, they seems to know everything. Someone said or maybe I read it somewhere that: when you are a child you grow and in your teens you are like a exclamation mark, you know everything and you are the best. As life goes on your exclamation mark gets slightly more bend from life until you look more like a question mark as an adult! Then you know that you will never know it all!

I do like the thought of a sign like you posted, it says it all! Thanks for sharing your memories, it is much appreciated!

tonymac04 profile image

tonymac04 6 years ago from South Africa

My daughter is only 8and already she is starting to act like this! LOL!

This was a funny and beautiful insight into life with a teenager - been there, done that!

Love and peace


thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

I am happy you liked this, you are always so supportive!But be aware of the many years you have to put up with this sort of behaviour! It really tempts the patience! But that, you already know:))

Thanks for coming to my corner! Take care of you and your daughter!

Healing Touch profile image

Healing Touch 6 years ago from Minnetonka, MN

This is hysterical because you just depicted my life with my thirteen and fourteen year old. One moment my daughter loves me and the next she can't stand me, all the while, I am silent.

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Healing Touch, I agree, it is hysterical that teenagers are and acts the same, no matter where they live! As a parent the best we can do is to only silent observe, well knowing that most of the problems will blow over without any actions from us! And as for you, having two teenagers at the same time, I dont know what to say:) but maybe it is better to have it concentrated than extended over many years! I am so glad you came by, and thanks for your supportive comment! At least, we know that we are not alone in this situations!

Mrs. J. B. profile image

Mrs. J. B. 6 years ago from Southern California

It is always good to know that I am not alone. I loved your hub. It made me laugh.

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 6 years ago from Sweden Author

Mrs.J.B. I am happy to see you! Yes it do feels good to know that one isn´t alone, but this behaviour sure tempts the patience of so many parents! Some days I just let it pass, knowing that there are worse things that can happen to our family than a teenage dauhter in a bad mood! And afterwards it is funny! Thanks for coming by, and leave a comment!

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

Wow! That's a teenage attitude! Haha! I'm getting this now from my 5 yr old granddaughter, they are starting younger now. Haha! Thanks for the laugh. You earned yourself another cuppa coffee!:)

Jools99 profile image

Jools99 4 years ago from North-East UK

I sympathise with you! I have a 17 year old diva at home at the minute and mornings are not her strong point!

thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi Sunshine! Haha! Your granddaughter definitely starts early! Imagine how she will be as a teen:) Or maybe she get it out now instead. Some mornings are just crazy and everything happens so quickly in their life so it is impossible to be prepared! There are so many times when I feel like a gigantic questionmark but I was hoping it would end soon. But I guess I have more to look forward to! It is funny though, and it is a part of being a parent and a grand mother! Thanks Linda, and I hope you have a great weekend!


thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi Jools and thanks for the sympathy, I can definitely need it and I send some to you too! A diva is a good word to describe their state of mind. They are so occupied with their own important person and everything that happens around them. Time is on our side, and it will pass! I appreciate your comment!


Peanutritious profile image

Peanutritious 4 years ago from Cheshire, UK

Ha ha! I don't have children, I have animals instead. Scarily though, this reminded me of myself at that age! Probably why i've chosen not to have kids of my own!

Rfordin profile image

Rfordin 4 years ago from Florida

Whew.... I'm scared of these mornings. I have two little ones who will soon be just as bad if not worse as your Emma.

Thanks for sharing.


thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Hi Peanutritious! Ha, great point and I know what you mean. It is scary. I can also remember how it felt during those years although it is many years ago I was a teenager! It is a difficult time for both children and parents but it is also a lovely time. To have animals is a big commitment so I guess you have enough:) Thank you so much for the comment,


thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Rfordin, oh, two teenagers, I hope there are a few years between them:) You will be fine and we all learn with time. I try to think about the fact that they will grow up to responsible adults one day! It helps and give me perspective of the worst moments! Thank you so much for reading and for the comment, I appreciate it,


Rfordin profile image

Rfordin 4 years ago from Florida

Hey Tina,

Yep there only 13 months apart... I will have to find someone to keep sane during those years. Or I could send them far, far away to an all girls school in another country. I do have options ;)


thougtforce profile image

thougtforce 4 years ago from Sweden Author

Rfordin, that it a bit close and it sounds as if you will have your hands full, but it can be a good thing to have it all done during a few years:) There are also so many great moments and it is a constant development and a learning process as a parent. It is an experience and I am glad to follow my daughters journey. It is good to have a few options and it is also good to have a safety net with supportive friends and/or family!


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