A Prayer For Madeleine McCann

Madeleine Poster
Madeleine Poster

Find Madeleine McCann

I first became aware of this from the news. I am joining hands with my fellow Hubbers Jimmy and angelaandterry in spreading this appeal to the world in support to the family. I sincerely pray that by the time Kate's book is published Madeleine McCann is reunited with her family.

The toddler was snatched from her hotel chalet on Thursday evening as she slept. Madeleine's parents had earlier released pictures of the three-year-old on holiday in Portugal before her abduction. Her parents, Gerry and Kate have made appeals for their daughter's safe return. According to Madeleine's aunt she is a beautiful, happy little girl who is loved by everyone who knows her.

Garry And Kate McCann
Garry And Kate McCann
Beckam With The Appeal
Beckam With The Appeal

According to the latest news the desperate search for three-year-old Madeleine McCann is continuing in Portugal.

News from SkyTV:

Members of the youngster's family joined friends in speaking at the event at St Andrew's Catholic Cathedral in Glasgow. Madeleine's father Gerry is from Glasgow. Madeleine's uncle John urged the congregation to make sure the youngster remains in their thoughts.

In Portugal, Madeleine's father vowed to leave "no stone unturned" as the search for his daughter entered the tenth day.

Gerry McCann spoke to reporters with his wife Kate by his side: "We're doing absolutely everything to assist the police", he said.

"We will leave no stone unturned in the search for our daughter Madeleine."

Mr McCann - who said the couple remain "positive and focused" - thanked people around the world for their support and the police for their hard work.

But they have asked that residents in their home town of Rothley do not celebrate Madeleine's fourth birthday on Saturday. They requested that plans for a party be put on hold until Madeleine is found and returns home.

Meanwhile, David Beckham has made an appeal calling for the safe return of the three-year-old. The former England captain recorded a message after training with Real Madrid in Spain.

It comes as British businessman Stephen Winyard offered a £1m reward to anyone who provides information leading to the girl's return. The owner of a Scottish health spa made the offer through The Times newspaper.


The total rewards on offer for the safe return of the child currently stand at over £2.6 million including:

  • £1,500,000 (€2,200,000) including £250,000 by the News of the World and £250,000 by Top Shop owner Sir Philip Green. Other contributors include Sir Richard Branson, author JK Rowling and Everton FC owner Bill Kenwright.
  • £1,000,000 (€1,470,000) by British businessman Stephen Winyard.
  • £100,000 (€147,000) by a colleague of Kate McCann.
  • £10,000 (€14,700) by The Sun.
  • €15,000 (£10,200) by Portuguese newspaper Record.

Madeleine Video 1

Madeleine Video 2


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Kirsty 4 years ago

I mean was saying I couldn't take my mind off Maddie as she's stick registered in my mind forever' I love her xxx

Kirsty 4 years ago

Pray with u and for Maddie n hopefully that she will comes back to her happiness parents and her twins brother n sister to stay stick family n safely. I cried, cried could take my mind off Maddie because I have 4 girls n 2 boys so I know what it is like being going thru it pray to god to beg god to let her go off a stranger mentally illness need to get helps GIVE THAT CUTIE LIT GIRL BACKKKKK RIGHT NOWWW... Xxxxxxxxx

revivor 5 years ago

Great wake up for people - love the comments too

Do you think there is any truth in this??


nuala hyland 5 years ago

God help the poor mother and father as you would think the worst. But keep praying and one day someone will spot her. I often say the Memorarie that she will be found as I really feel for Kate Mc Cann.

I do not judge them either, I have often left my son in a hotel room and checked him every 20 mins. God give them peace of mind

Carly  5 years ago

Forever Faithful God, please hear these prayers offered up to you and protect and return this little girl safely home.

Linda 7 years ago

Anybody, in any city or in any town, please pray that God will somehow let you know where Maddy is or will use you to bring Maddie back to her family. Be courageous and persistant in asking for Gods intervention. It's time she was back home. May God bless you all

Dorothy Hobbs 7 years ago

Keep faith...she will come home...we think of you.

Sept. 2009

tenele mahwayi 7 years ago

if u have a heart and if you were born by a woman u will feel the pain that the little girl's mother, please good people bring the little angel back home safe... i pray for her every day of my life....

vicki 8 years ago

omg i feel so sorrry just think postitive i know you will find her dont worry if not still dont worry because she will be safe in gods arms. keeep praying! please give little maddie back she does not need this. whoever has her please give her back and dont hurt herbecause you would not liked to be hurt so let her go please. maddie does not deserve this. i keep thinking bout you every day. :( ur safe

Vicki 8 years ago

Maddie, I think about you everyday - when I close my eyes I see you and wished I could just reach for you and pull you to me to keep you safe. I pray so much that you are okay and you will see your Mommy and Daddy soon... Please - if you have Madeline please return her to her family. She is just a child and she doesn't deserve what she is going thru. If I could trade place with you Maddie I would. Please - whoever has Maddie please don't hurt her.

Jeannie 8 years ago

There has not been a day, that I haven't pleaded & prayed for Jesus to bring Madeline home to her parents. My heart is sickened by this. Dear Jesus please bring Madeline Home! Bring strength to this poor Mother in the search for her child, while still trying to raise twins!! I cannot imagine the pain. I pray that if she is out their that she will be resucued safely & protected & brought home. For her to feel no fear. I pray that if she is with God, for her Mom & Dad know soon, so that they can put their minds to rest, knowing that she is in the safest place she could be, Heaven. I pray for a quiet safe search. One without media attention, for I believe this has been a huge part of messing up the case for her return. If media is alerted the person or people that may have this innocent child are led elsewhere, getting further away! Leave this family be, the best thing we can all do is pray, pray, pray...for protection, for safety, for resolution & for justice...I have never met you Madeline, but I love you, I know you will come home soon. In Jesus name I pray, Amen & Amen Please lets not forget We need to keep this alive, just as if it was yesterday...For her and all the innocent missing children in this world!

Kathy 8 years ago

My thoughts and prays are with u Madeleine. This is truely heartbreaking

Nina 8 years ago

You are welcome to join the Madeleine Prayer group for the second world wide prayer session to be held 19th September 2008, 1.00 - 2.00 pm and 10.30 - 11.30pm To pray for missing five year old Madeleine McCann.

Prayer agenda

1) For the Holy Spirit to be with Madeleine - to fill her, guide her and protect her so that she feels God's presence at all times and for the Holy Spirit to likewise be with all missing and exploited children around the world

2) For God to actively intervene in Madeleine's life and for her whereabouts to be revealed to the world and for Madeleine to be returned to her Mother.

3) For God’s perfect wisdom to guide and direct Gerry and Kate McCann in everything they do

4) For the revelation of the truth of Madeleine's disappearance to the world and the imminent exposure of any falsehood that has served to obscure the truth and prevent Madeleine being found.

5) a miracle for Madeleine. For the Holy Spirit, God’s supernatural power that only comes through the Lord God Almighty, to intervene in Madeleine's life.

6) For God’s miraculous intervention in the lives of all missing and exploited children and their loving families.

7) For the downfall of all criminal networks involved in child sexual exploitation, slavery and torture, and the downfall of the protection afforded to these by corrupt authorities

8) For all children held in slavery and abuse by criminal pedophile networks to tangibly experience God’s divine protection, perfect peace and love and that no matter what is done to them, they will NEVER be separated from His love.

9) For God to reveal the truth of these children's experiences to the world, for the motivation of His people to actively stand up for these children and put an end to this system of evil, and for the delivery of His justice to ALL the victims of these criminal networks.

Alana 8 years ago

I hope there is still a chance that she is alive and i hope she is reunited with her parents, i could not imagine what i would do in the same situation and i hope i never find out. I pray for her return. To the family i hope and pray u find her safe and sound.

Sinead Nicole Vicki and Lauren 8 years ago

we hope you find your little madeline and we hope she is safe her we have looked at your videos and they are really sad and we no how it must feel.And it is all in the news

let love be with you and your little madeline xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

stella 8 years ago

please bring the little girl back to her family or if you are scared just leave her outside her house or the police station. do not harm her . she is only an innocent little girl.

i hope it is not true but if you read this letter and you have already done something to her please let her family know. dont let them live all their lives looking for her with no response.

may god bless madeleine and may god give you the power to give her back.

jade 8 years ago

Plese Bring the liltle young pretty Girl Home she is so cute she is ony 4 and she needs 2 be with her family if u got here brinf her back ur a horrible person 2 she wants her mum n dad not you u bring her back i pray 4 madline in ma hert evry day my skool are also pray 4 you xx luv you and i hope you come back 2 ur familyx xxxxxx

Emily Hunt 8 years ago

It may of been a long time but i still believe this little lovely brave soul is still alive

May god protect her for i feel this brave thing in me saying she is still alive

I don't know how the person that took her could live with themselfs

God bless the parents you must be going through hell to let you know i will be here always if you need a shoulder to cry on

Some people may have given up the fight but i won't we will find her whatever it takes

Love Emily Hunt xx

P.S Some people believe the parents were involved but i think they were not i hope for the bestc

Lucy 8 8 years ago

I want maddie to come home becouse she is so cute and pretty. x x x x x x x

Shannon 8 years ago

i am 12 years of age so i dont really knnow how your feeling but i have a feeling in my heart that is the same as your it feels like something is lost and all you can doo is hope and pray for it too be returned you no it may not but you hate to think it. she has been gone for a while and no one can help that the person who has got her or tuck her if your reading then laugh at the pain youve caused and still are you ar not right too be taking these pore peoples daughter away it is not right dont give up looking for her you have had serspitions ladi on you too but for get then jusy dont forget her x

emily 8 years ago

who ever has her pleassse give her back she only a little girl and please pray everyone post a messge and a photo on all the website you go on like msn my space bebo etc and pray god can bring her back if you pray hard ebough and pllllease please please bring her back!

please everyone needs her she has pernets and brothers/sisters plzzzzzzz

rose 8 years ago

i think they should look more closely at the church in portgigal where the mcanns visited i think they might find a clue there u never know

tammie 9 years ago

that little girl all the parents in the world would do the same as her mum and dad have to find her it unbarable thking about it being a parent my self she so tiny that person who got her should just let her free they will find u one day one day we will all be celebrating for her return xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

steph 9 years ago

hope u pray for the little cute girl hope ur out

there looking 4 that little madalien

she is cut and i think about her ever since it happend hope u find her xxxxxxx

tash 9 years ago

hope you fide the young sweet little cut madalien

she is cut who would do such i thing hope u fide her ........x......xxxxxx

Laura  9 years ago

Dear God,

Please have mercy on this poor little baby and bring her back to her family soon and safe.

God you have the power to do all things.

Nothing is to hard for you and no one can hide from you.

Please Father

In Jesus Name I make this request


lisa maire 9 years ago

I hope madeleine is returned safely to her family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

angela 9 years ago

i hope and pray for the whole family that you have madeleine back with you soon our thoughts are with you

JACQUELINE 9 years ago


veronica 9 years ago

I have been thinking about madderlin mccan evrey day since she first went missing and it is so sad.i think that kate and jerry have had no involvment in her dissapreence at all.madderlins parents need all the surport they can get.and i think that even if you do think they have done it.for god sake just keep it to your self becasue if my child went missing and i saw what the public had writen about me i would be really up set.and i thikn that kate and Jerry have done very well in coping with the sittuation at the moment and with there 2 other children they are doing really well.so i give kate and jerry mccan all the best for findding Maddy and keep strong.

my throughts are in you for findding gorges maddy.

love veronica xx

Gill 9 years ago

I don't belive in god - but I do believe the truth is out there - it will take time

shannon gill,11 9 years ago

i hope you find youre little girl because im a child and i would be so scared please give her back please

kim and family 9 years ago

please bring little maddi home safe and well her little brother and sister need her, she is a beautyfull precious angel. it isnt looking good but i hope where ever she is she is safe and well, i have no sympathy for her parents they have brought this upon there selves they do not deserve there children and i cant believe ppl are wanting her to return to them as they obviously dont deserve her or they wouldnt have let this happen i am sickened at the thought her parents would put going out for a meal before looking after there children! plz let maddi b safe and well and thinking of you darling. please join me in burning a candle in your window every night until madi is found

sarah 9 years ago


kate hughes 9 years ago

May The Most sacred Heart of Jesus give all their families the strengh and determination they need at this terrible terrible time. Thank God they have Him. For if not I don't think they could cope. Kate Hughes. And YES they will see this through.

avril 9 years ago

i hope u find maddie it is to sad ta watch da vidieos nd look at pics sumtin bad must be goin trough hu eva took hers head b cause he is da worst person eva ta take little cute maddie away from her luvly family its just so bad he should never mind being locked up 4 eva he should be put down...........

luvz ya maddie hope ya come bck save ta ur luving family...XXX

julie dani and ethan 9 years ago

i have been so upset about this and i have prayed for maddies return almost every day i cannot believe she is still missing it has also been in the thoughts of my children too i feel for her parents so much and it hurts me too when people have judged kate and gerry as u can see maddie is loved very much and her parents wud never hurt her i really dont know how people cud think such things its their belief in god thats keeping them strong my heart goes out to them love julie from mansfield xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

becky 9 years ago

plz search for madiline because she is so cute an d it makes me so sad so plz search for her

love bex xxxxx

sarah 9 years ago

i hope maddie returns home safe and sound with her little brothers and perents soon. I belive that this little angel (maddie) will be coming home safe and well. I hope the person who tuck this little angel will rot in hell. My heart goes out to the mcann family god bless xxx

Joan 9 years ago

please all join me tonight in saying this prayer for the return of madeleine.St jude's Novena. May the sacred heart of jesus be adored , glorified, loved and presereved throughout the world,now and for ever. Sacred heart of jesus pray for us, St jude, worker of miracles, pray for us, St jude help of the hopeless, pray for us.Say this prayer nine times a day. By the eighth day your prayer will be answered. Say it for nine days. It has never been known to fail.

Joan x

Lorraine Gunn 9 years ago

We pray for the day she returns.......we will never forget you Madaline ......we went as a family to Tunisia and took all the posters with us and handed the out!!!!...

Stay stron family ....

Love Lorraine and Alan Gunn and family xxxxxxxx

jamie 9 years ago

in the name of the father son and holy spirit bhring maddie home AMEN.

megan campbell 9 years ago

to the sick abducters,

please, please give little maddie back :'( what could such a beautifull little girl have done to deserve such punishement. being abducted in her sleep. think of that moment her family found out she was missing! feel the horrer and the pain! think about what you would have felt if that was your daughter, taken and scared and doesnt know what is going to happen to her! just give her back and save any more greif. she has been missing for 101 days now why should anyone have to suffer that? well you should but that little girl shouldnt so please give her back! i beg of you! even if you dont want to be caught leave her somewhere safe that she can be found but please dont hurt her!

Laura 9 years ago

This is such a terrible thing to happen,a family holiday to escape the stresses of everyday life and something like this happens? it's something we all fear happening to us...i'm not sure i would have the strengh or the sanity to cope but i guess we would have to. i've been looking at the different websites for madelleine and i haven't had a dry eye,I just hope wherever this little girl is...whoever has got her is someone who is caring for her whilst she is not with the ones she loves.It is just heartbreaking though to know that someone out there is with her possibly wiping away the tears she is crying for her family,God keep her safe until she is back in their arms. This little princess has touched the hearts of everyone,i hope we can touch the heart of the person who has her and get them to return her as soon as possible.xxx

nina 9 years ago

Such a heartbreaking thing to happen to a family,I lost my daughter when my family moved to Gibraltar we had only lived there 3days when she went in the night...we woke at 7am to get her ready for the day and her bed was empty.At 10am we had confirmation she was safe and well and in a local hospital being checked over, she was only 3 then but had found keys and let herself out the apartment in the early hours.i felt so guilty as a mother cos i didn't hear her wake,i was in the room next door and i didn't even hear her leave.That few hours felt like an eternity til we knew she was safe and we couldn't wait to wrap our arms around her and hear her little voice again, i can only imagine how maddeleines parents are feeling after all this time,it's heartbreaking that there are people in this world that can do something like this and i just pray to god she is safe somewhere and soon to be returned home to be in the arms of her family. May God keep her family strong, we must never give up hope that this little princess will be found.

Bissy 9 years ago

We should have a day when we all shout 'Madeline where are you' just maybe she might hear us. Please God keep this little one safe and bring her home safely and give Kate and Gerry your divine love and strength to wait for that day.

Our lady of Perpetual help, please pray for the safe return of little Madeline

Betsy 9 years ago

i hope madiline is ok i hope the police find her who ever has got her give her back i hope somebody finds her all my luck Betsy

Ljiljana 9 years ago

I am sure that Madeleine is alive,and that she be home soon....I am praying for Madeleine and her perents to be fine!!!!!!!1

karen jones 9 years ago

I am praying for Madeleine's safe and happy return to her loving family and long to see Kate, her Mum, with a smile. She is so sad. How terrible she must feel. I am just praying to God now that Madeleine is returned soon and that they can become a happy family again. Please dear God return her to her parents as soon as you can. Love from Karen Jones

paige 9 years ago

oh i really hope maddie is safe if fell so sorry for her parents and her she is so cute i promise you i will pray for her everynight and hope she comes home safe i hope the man who took her relises the mistakes he has made and sonn reterns little maddie back to her loving and caring parents.

jimmy 9 years ago

i lv her my god give her bk

nicole 9 years ago

i cant belive it its so long i hope she comes back she is a cute little girl and i hope you get her back. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx from nicole

meg 9 years ago

i hope she is ok and she wont die i am praying everyday for her to return safely and hopefully she is ok and she is safe GOD BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY but keep praying for her please

Cindy Higdon  9 years ago





Matthew Carpenter 9 years ago

I did the pray for missing 4 year Old Madeleine McCann when she disappeared. Hope you keep finding her when she was found let News could tell us if they know.

sheree and ricki 9 years ago

we hope that the parents of madiline find their daughter soon and we dont see why the news is going on about taxes and stuff when a 4 yr old girl has gone missing it is horrible everybody is thinking about you madiline plz come home we miss you !!!! ricki(11)sheree(11) 

kathy (liverpool) 9 years ago

i have three children myself and my heart gos out to all of maddys family she needs to be with her mummy and daddy and her brother and sister and all her family and people that she knows she must be very frightened please god answer are prayers and bring maddy home safe

Enya 9 years ago

Let Madeleine Go Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyn 9 years ago









Lyn 9 years ago









jade turner 9 years ago

i think its realy heartbreakin!! but i dont have any sympthy 4 the mum && dad yy wuld u leav ur kids in a hotel roon ON THR OWN!! while u have diner?? && y refuse a babysitter!!! i hope thy find maddi but i dont think they will can evry1 rember little ben!!who got kidnapped in portugal && was never found...its now been 18 years && still no word...il pray evryday 4 you maddi come home...x

amy wally 9 years ago

**A thousand miles but in sightThere is an angel Hiding with fright.Shes lost and unseenAnd wants to go Home.Poor little maddie Whos all alone.****Shes four years oldwot she do wrong?Please bring back maddie To were she Belongs.****Just bring Her home safelet her Out of fear.Poor little maddieWe need you here.****Your parents we miss YouWe all do to.Remeber little maddieWere here For You.****People they cry When They hear your name.We need you home cos It just aint the Same.****Its been so Longwithout you Around.Please little maddie Make a sound.****If you no Were she is Or no anything Else.Please tell The policeDont keep it Yourself.*****

amy w 9 years ago

bring maddie safe back home

who eva has got her,

please leave her alone

its not her fault

shes only 4

the people will gt caught

its happend before

1000 miles away

but still in sight

is madeleine mccann

hinding in fright.

if you can

gangle the charms

an u can be

back in mummys arms

Your parents we miss You

We all do to.

Remeber little maddie

Were here For You

If you no Were she is

Or no anything Else.

Please tell The police

Dont keep it Yourself

Chanelle 9 years ago

I am very sorry that you have lost your little girl.

Me and my family have got yellow ribbons and we are praying for a safe return.

One person out there knows were she is and is not owning up to it and they will get founde out in the end.

Keep hoping and 1 way u will get her back.

linda maddison 9 years ago

please keep maddy in the news- every day i hope to hear of her safe return, as a mum and nanny i cannot begin to imagine the pain and heartache her family are enduring, but if love faith and human kindness are measured maddy will be home where she belongs very soon

Jessica 9 years ago

i am a 15 yr old girl...i felt very much for maddy and i love her so much as my sister:'( i am from malta...always crying crying when i see her clips oj the t.v..I am from sliema , malta...i saw a girl same as maddy at Sliema and i reported immideily to the police...i showed the police where they went in...i showed them the door...i described the persons...i was going to meet my friends..and all of a sudden i see a small little girl with yellow hair and i crossed the road...the girl was near me i took a look in her eyes and i see her eyes like on tv:'( :'( the girl resemble much maddy!!! is she or not??? WE LOVE YOU MADDY...xxxxxxxxxxx don't worry the police are making a good job and they are doing there best and she will be found.. LOVE YOU ALL

Susan from the USA 9 years ago

Please Dear God -- bring little Madeline home to her family ... please do something NOW! My heart is so sad for this little girl --- she's just a little girl.

Varsha 9 years ago

We all hope to see Madalin back soon. our prayers are with her. a small advice to all parents 'keep your kids superviced'. never leave them on there own playing around on the streets or in the part. eneyone can pick them up easily without you noticeing. hope to see madalin soon

love varsha (soar valley college)

Varsha 9 years ago

We all hope to see Madalin back soon. our prayers are with her. a small advice to all parents 'keep your kids superviced'. never leave them on there own playing around on the streets or in the part. eneyone can pick them up easily without you noticeing. hope to see madalin soon

love varsha (soar valley college)

Adele Wilson Duabi UAE 9 years ago

"Dear God Please Bless Little Madelein McCann and guid her day by day untill she is returned to her loving family safe and well.amen"

my heart goes out to Madeleine i can not immagen all the terror she is goign thru! i sincerly hope that the person that has her will come to his or her sences and give her back to her mum and dad! i will never understand why some one would take a little child of such a young age! i live in Dubai UAE, and i have organised 50 yellow balloons to be relesed on the 22nd of june! and when people see this i hope that they will keep and eye out for this helpless little girl, there is not a day that goes by where i do not pray for her. i have grown to love this little girl even though i do not know her, i can not bare the thougt of loosing one of my family and for all those people who continuaslly blame the mum and dad for this you should be ashamed of your sleves! if you knew how hard it is to keep you children with you all of the time and never take your eye of them it is a damn sight neer impossible!

my love and compassion to her poor family.xx

charlotte wexford ireland 9 years ago

as a mother to a little girl of three years old nearly four i find it unbearable to think of my little girl bein snatched from me so the pain of it as a reality for the mccann family must be increadable. a child is so innocent a rare thing in this world and no body has the right to take that innocence, please return her saftly to her parents and prove to everyone that miracles do still exist. madeleine you are always in my thoughts and prayers,praying for your safe return x

Margaret 9 years ago

It is said God sees everything and If so he sees Madeleine now. He said "suffer little children to come unto me". Let the hand of God be upon her and stir the heart of whoever took her and return her safe and well to her loving family. PLEASE!

sadie 9 years ago

my heart goes out to maddies parents,i can not bear to think what her family are going through.i think about her every day, and just hope to hear good news.please god bring her back very very soon to her mummy and daddy.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

han + faye +christina 9 years ago

i hope u fine her she a lovly little girl and knowone had the right to take away from her mummy and daddy and the rest of her family so keep hoping and someway u will get her back xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

emily 9 years ago

plzplzplz help find maddie she is a lovely girl she needs her mum and dad so so plz don't hurt her


KELLY 9 years ago

this little angel is looking after little maddie x x

kelly 9 years ago

hi. im very sorry to here about little maddie. i hope she gets brought home safe and well. im praying for her. i pray that the angels will bring little maddie home. you have all my thoughts. god bless x x

bridgeen harkin 9 years ago

this is the worst thing ever!.. i feel very sad about this so i cant even begin 2 imagine how hard it must ve for the parents :( WHO EVER HAS HER PLEASE TAKE HER BACK 2 WHERE SHE BELONGS :(

sandra cabral 9 years ago


Nikita profile image

Nikita 9 years ago from Florida

I feel for Madeleine and her Parents. I will spread the word and post information on my website, myspace page, my hub and where ever I can to see if someone have seeing her.I have children too and it hurts like if were one of my own. God Bless her.SunSeven I will use some of your pictures, if I don't find any others. I hope you don't mind or otherwise let me know and I won't use them.

mariana 9 years ago

I am glad to see that so many other people are praying sincerely for the Lord to undertake in bringing Madeleine home. I am reminded of David in the Bible when his and his soldiers wives and children were abducted and the people were angry with him, we are told that he "encouraged himself in the Lord (1 Sam 30:6) In verse 18 we are told that David recovered all and rescued the wives with "nothing lacking" I pray continually that God will keep her saFe in His almighty hand and that she will be returned soon. May the Lord Jesus be very close and dear to her sorrowing parents and family and to her as well. Little as she is may she know the ahnd of god over her.

Diana 9 years ago

I, like so many others have been touched by mageleine's ordeal, I feel like she is 'my' child and my heart breaks everytime I see her picture. I know her parents are taking time now to 'greive' which they need to do, but please don't let this become yesterday's news. Nobody knows why this has happened, but stories have been emerging of other child abductions which did not make international news like this has. The papers are saying things like 'Morrocco is known for its peadeophile rings and bad record of child abuse' if this is so, why dosent the international community do somthing. I hope and pray everyday for Maddy's safe return, and I pray that just one person involved in her dissapearance will have a change of heart and do something that will help Maddy be found.

The world will be a better place with Maddy returned safely to her parents, let's do something to ensure no o ther family ever has to endure this kind of nightmare ever again!

God bless Maddy and her family, and please God Bless her abductors.

9 years ago

please safe this little girl shes lovely i hope that u will find her keep your hopes up and you will find her the people who took her are disgusting

Lyn 9 years ago

Lord, Jesus, PLEASE hear our prayers and bring Madeleine back home to her family, safe and well. Lord, please touch the heart(s) of whomever has Madeleine. Stand by their side and help them let go of any and all fear so they may release young Madeleine back into the life you intended for her. Bring those involved in her capture to a better place within themselves and within your care so they may have their needs met in your ways which will bring peace to them without harming anyone. Please nurture healing for all involved. Put your loving, protective arms around Madeleine, her family, and those who have her or knowledge of her whereabouts, and bring these troubled hearts relief as your hand is allowed to return Madeleine to her mom and dad. Many hearts around the world are breaking for this angel child we have grown to love. May lovingkindness overcome all else in this time of heartfelt, desperate need. Open the eyes of all hearts, Lord. Open all arms for Madeleine's safe passage back home to those who love her the most. So many pray together, in Your name...Let it be done.

spacebull profile image

spacebull 9 years ago from Space

Thanks for this Hub.

dee 9 years ago

i hope and pray that maddy is found safe and alive and may god be with her and her family.they need all the support they can get and to know that people are praying for madeleine's safe return to her family which is where she belong's

Sophiee & Katiee & Laura_x 9 years ago

Were Sorry To Here About Your Little Girl Maddie And Hope She Is Brought Home Safely..We Always Talk About It In School And EveryOne We Speak About It With Is Very Sorry And We All Hope She Is Brought Back Safe And Soon.. Our Hearts And Thoughts Are With You And Your Family. We Pray For Maddie Lots Of Love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Sa 9 years ago

i hope that your heartache will end soon, and you will be a complete family again, my thoughts are with you all


charlotte ann  9 years ago

i think who ever has got maddiline should give her back because its not nice and its not maddies fault i really miss her i hope she gets found and i cant sleep without her she is always in my mind kate and gerry god help her she will b terrified and scareed just e-mail me back if u have got her or when she returns home xx

danielle  9 years ago

i hope you find maddiline she is so cute and i think she should be home for her mum and dad and when she comes home i think you should have a party for her 4rth birthday

zoe 9 years ago

let madeline be found safe and sound I know she's still alive please find her please

zoe 9 years ago

let madeline be found safe and sound I know she's still alive please find her please

yvonne 9 years ago

I Pray that madeline comes home in safe arms

in the name of the lord holy spirit and jesus christ

han 9 years ago

that li girl is your world so hope u find her

Paula 9 years ago

I pray for you. But I know with all my heart and all my might that God will do His miracle and bring your baby girl home. I pray that God is with her now, holding her, comforting her, and protecting her.

God bless you.

megs 9 years ago

Dear Saints Jude, Anthony, Therese, Rita, Mary, Joseph, Her Guardian Angel and our Dear Jesus-

I pray for you to hold Madeline and her family in your peace. Come Holy Spirit!


ursula 9 years ago

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary protect this little child and bring her back soon to her parents

ella 9 years ago



Jan 9 years ago

Madeleine is in my thoughts, my Family and I pray for you all... God bless Madeleine and bring her home safe and sound.

Florence 9 years ago

God be with you Madeline and may God comfort your parents in a way that only he can. Please be OK!!!

Kaitlyn  9 years ago

I feel so sad for the family, and I pray that Maddy will come home, with her family, safe and sad. I PRAY FOR YOU MADDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeremy 9 years ago

I hope the portugal police find Maddy unharmed and she is reunited with her mommy and daddy and twin brother and sister. My prayers go out to her family for the safe return of such a cute adorable little girl. GOOD LUCK!! I hope that when they find the suspect he or she is put in prison for the rest of their life for even thinking about abducting and hurting a sweet innocent little girl.

Tom 9 years ago

I am 9 years old and i really hope that madderline is still alive. I would hate it if i got kidnapped. I am a christian and i pray that we will find madderline alive and un heart.

hoook 9 years ago

i really hope Madderline is still alive

dave sharpe 9 years ago

i could not imagine what the family are feeling at this moment in time,but one thing im sure about and thats maddie is still with us.keep searching plz dont give up

dave sharpe 9 years ago

i could not imagine what the family are feeling at this moment in time,but one thing im sure about and thats maddie is still with us.keep searching plz dont give up

tina 9 years ago

I ave a little girl 2 and it wud break my heart. i cant imagine wat her family r going through. I pray little madeline is returned safe and well, and the angels above r watching over her x x x x

irene burns 9 years ago

My family and i pray every day and night for the safe return of your beautiful daughter madeleine,i know your hearts will be breaking but please do not give up hope.god bless you all.


serina weeks 9 years ago

Its so sad this poor little girl taken by NASTY people she doesnt know, why why why take someone elses little girl? we pray every day for you maddie, for you to return to your family safely so you can all be happy again, please take her home from serina and family in southampton xxxxxxx

victoria  9 years ago

its horrible to think of little maddies disappearance i pray every day and night for maddies returns i hope shes safe and well i hope she will be home soon evry one in preston are praying for maddie to come home please let her be safe i wish u good luck vicki from preston moor nook

claudia444 9 years ago

So so Sad, i can not even begin to imagine what the McCann Family are going through, Prayers are being said everywhere, i'm In East Anglia, although miles away from Portugal, everybody here is wishing Maddie a fast arrival home. My thoughts are with you every day. Claudia

samantha 9 years ago

im praying for little maddies safe return the police are now appealing for holiday makers photos to see if there was any strange looking people about before she went missing hopefully someone will have a photo hope she is safe shes such a little cutie whoevers got her please please return her to her family or at least have it in ur heart to let them know she is ok

Hanna__.x 9 years ago

We all hope you will find your little girl soon... be positive! I hope who ever abducted her is put away for good! Who would do that to a little girl :( shes so beautiful... I pray she is safe & in your arms again soon ...

lots of love and wishes___hana xxx

lauren 9 years ago

i hope you find your little girl she is so sweet and cute hope you find her well and safe and hope some ones got er alive ... i pray for her to be alive hope do u find her good look and ill try and held you find her xxx

Nichola and Amy 9 years ago

We hope shes in your arms soon and we hope who abducted her will be put away for good. She is a very pretty young lady and this should never happen to a little girl, not even anyone else.

We will pray for her to be found and we will do our best to help!

lots of love nichola and amy xXx

sandy 9 years ago

God Bless Madeleine McCann and let her be safe.


We hope and pray with all of our hearts that your precious little daughter madeleine is returned safely to you very soon

Marianne 9 years ago

Hallo liebe Eltern,

ich bete zu Ihrem Schutzengel, dass die kleine Madeleine Ihnen gesund

zurückgegeben wird.

Alles, alles Liebe und Gute

wünscht Ihnen


ella 9 years ago

Yes we are all praying- and prayer works i believe that!

It is very important that we all pray for protection for little madeline.I pray for that. i pray for her family. i pray that a definate lead to madelines safety now open up.In the name of Christ Amen.

LETS ALL MAKE THIS A WPRLD PRAYER!WE ARE GODS CHILDREN AND HE WILL HELP MADELINE-if she does die or has died Jesus will have her in his arms.

Lezlie St John  9 years ago

....... With God all things are possible. We live in an age where it almost a joke to pray or even mention that you have faith.

Madeliene is an exceptional little child even if if you don't know her all you have to do is look at her parents.

What an evil thing to happen to such a beautiful family but God is great and I pray for her safe return because if we care then you know he cares even more. Our prayers are with the Mcann family... every one continue to pray for this child you are not as helpless as you all think, .... you have the power of prayer. So everyone please join across the world in a united prayer for this beloved little girl so that God may hear us and bring her home soon.

God bless and keep you safe Maddie where ever you are may the good Lord hold you in his arms until you are returned to your family, I pray this in "Jesus" name amen.

carly 9 years ago

"According to your faith let it be done to you" (Matt 9:29).Please don't give up hope. It may take time, but in my heart I know she will be found. Alive and well. May God's angels be with Madeleine and her family at this time

carly 9 years ago

"According to your faith let it be done to you" (Matt 9:29).Please don't give up hope. It may take time, but in my heart I know she will be found. Alive and well. May God's angels be with Madeleine and her family at this time

AmyB 9 years ago

Whoever took that little girl must be mad. Keep posotive thoughts and don't let the negative overtake them. I wouldn't like it to be my reletives so whoever you are take her back please, she has family who loves her just like everyone else. Posotive thoughts will help


Roisin 9 years ago

Keep Madeleine and her distraught family in your thoughts and pray this beautiful little girl who has so much ahead of her will soon be returned to her family unharmed- someone apart from the abductor must know somehting or at least be suspicious of a family member or friend....in cases like this all suspicions (no matter how silly they may seem) must be reported to the authorities, anonymously if neccessary - do whatever you can to reunite this family who are in such early stages of their life together xxx

steffi 9 years ago

i´ll hope, she comming back soon. i pray for madeleine and her parents.


Pam Farley profile image

Pam Farley 9 years ago from Greater St. Louis, MO

My heart goes out to this family. I can only imagine the parents' devastation and how scared little Madeleine must be.

chelsie 9 years ago

My heart feels for Madeleine! I am prayin with all my heart that little Madeleine is safe and ok!! the person who has got madeleine just imagine if a member of your family got abducted how would you feel, just please return her home!!If you are the person who has got her or knows anithing please return her home with all my love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chelsie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

sarah 9 years ago

we are praying for madeleine and placing posters wherever we can. XX

megan gorman 9 years ago

pray 4 poor maddy hope she is found soon !! lots of lov and thinkin of her and her family!! XXmegzXX

Abhishek Noel Bhasey 9 years ago

Well Don't wory you will get your child I know jesus will help you to find your child.Just Keep faith in Jesus Christ & Pray with heartly from Jesus Ok.

So dont loose your heart.

Amy 9 years ago

who ever took that little girl please give her back it is just like your little daughter or son or even realitive getting took away from you i am praying the best i can for the little girl to come back safe and healthy...................... amy XxXxXxXxXxXxX

sarah 9 years ago


9 years ago

I pray for Madeleine every day. Surely God must hear us - there are so many people asking for His help in this situation. My mother is a regular churchgoer and was praying in church for Madeleine the other day, when she says she had a 'vision' of a white house with a white bird flying above it. Police were arresting a man with a 'bad right arm' and Madeleine was safe. They were putting handcuffs on his bad arm. I have asked her to pray further about this 'vision' to see if she can receive any further information.

-x-x-rebecca-x-x- 9 years ago

find madeleine plz she is so cute i cant sleep because she is missing i hope she is found in the next week

love fae becky

julz 9 years ago

family of madeline mi prayers r with u n so r al of banbridge we r praying for ur daughter niece and grand-daughter that she wil b returned safely to gerry and kate she is so beatuful f a wee tot lik a wee sweetie may God bless u n ur family

lecross 9 years ago

My heart earnestly feels for madeleine. I find it too hard to sleep. I pray that in Jesus name His powerful angels will be assigned to protect her and fight for her safety, that the full power of God will surround her now, that the hands of the wicked will be tied; that the wrath of God will pour out on any who try to harm her; that those who took her will feel convicted; and that she will be found safely in the next 24hours, AMEN

jimmythejock profile image

jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland

thanks Sun7 i pray for the safety and well being of this little girl.....jimmy

sherry'smom 9 years ago

We are Praying for Madeleine's safe return home...There is Hope...And We are all here for Madeleine and her family...God be with you's....

vishal gupta 9 years ago


angelaandterry 9 years ago from Glasgow

keep clicking the thumbs up folks and posting comments, keep this hub hot, the more people who see it and read it the better.

Aphroditei profile image

Aphroditei 9 years ago

I felt so sad, it must be so emotionally difficult. I will pray too for her safe return to her parents and that she will be find soon. I'll pray too that whoever abducted her, will not harm her and will realize the mistakes of this act and return her safe to ther parents.

oarnamav profile image

oarnamav 9 years ago from rtujrt

she will be found soon within a month.

I just felt spiritually.

Cyril 9 years ago

Let us join our hands in prayer to the Almighty God for her safe return. There is nothing impossible for HIM.

We join hands in camaraderie. For her parents, we are all with you at this crisis moment.

Ashish Deodhar 9 years ago

May god help her in getting through this ordeal safe and sound.

ClicksnAds profile image

ClicksnAds 9 years ago from Fairmount

That is so sad! I pray they find the child alive. Hopefully someone just took her to raise and she will be found healthy.

Her poor family. May God be with them.

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