Poem for mother

The most beautiful person
The most beautiful person
You are so beautiful.Mother!!
You are so beautiful.Mother!!
Your love gives me warmth
Your love gives me warmth
Don't worry mom.I'll take care of you when I grow up. 3
Don't worry mom.I'll take care of you when I grow up. 3

Beautiful angels sent to humans in the form of our mothers

As humans we've always kept asking ourselves if we could see angels. Well, the perfect example of an angel can be found everywhere. She lives amongst us and she loves us very much.Yes!She is no one else but our mother.I believe that I don't need to find angels because she is the angel who gave us birth. What is the reason that we love her so much? Most of us say that she gave us birth , took care of us and loved us with all her heart. But I don't want to give reasons for loving my mother. I believe that she was born so she could be loved by us. This bond was already created when we were in her womb.

I believe that we should always be able to show her our love. There are so many things that we do not realize until it's gone.So why do we want to regret later one? Our mothers have always loved us in every moment. In fact they have specialized in love their children.No matter what happens, they are always there supporting us. Many of us have started being selfish these days. I believe that even before we saw the world we loved our mother.And our mother loved us back. But I feel very bad when I see them in the old age homes.When did we decide to leave our parents and continue with our life? We cannot be called mature individuals if we don't know how to love our parents. Since I've been talking about mother, I 'll continue talking about them.When did you get a new life partner that for his/her sake you're ready to leave your mother in some old age homes that has no life.Your mother met you unconditionally even before you were born but you left her for a person whom you met after you grew up?That's being totally selfish.

Talking about me I love my mother as most of them does.But I'm not as lucky as others who have the chance to stay with their mother.Most of us have to work abroad or study abroad.So we can only visit them sometimes but still our mothers are our homes.I am not in my home as I came abroad to study medicine.I would love to see her every time but situation does not allow me.But I came here for her sake, so that I could take care of her when she gets old.I know I would never be able to provide her with everything she's given me but I'll try my best to love her.This a short poem I've written for her.This poem also represents the feeling of all of you who are staying abroad or who've lost their mothers but wants to see their mother again.It may look childish but my emotions here are true enough to be read.Here it goes.Do comment!:)


The purest of all,

Who holds me before i fall,

Whose voice cheers me up, when i get a call,

Is my dearest , cute mom.

Mom ,I’m far from you,

Cuz i wana make ur wishes cum true,

I’ll be back soon,

When I can shine like a moon.

I am alone here,

Every time I try but still cant stop my tears,

And I know you are also sad there,

But we wont stay far forever...

I love you mom..<3

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kelleyward 5 years ago

Beautiful! I really enjoyed reading this. It made me cry. thanks for sharing!

jirel profile image

jirel 5 years ago from Philippines Author

Thank you.I'm glad you liked it.:)

Katherine 5 years ago

Its very touching dear.

taheruddin profile image

taheruddin 5 years ago from Khulna Bangladesh

For about seven years I was distant from my parents for study purpose, I missed them a lot. But now I am lucky, now we are together ..... happy everyday .......

Thanks, Jirel darling, for this very touching hub.

jirel profile image

jirel 5 years ago from Philippines Author

You're most welcome friend!Thanks for reading it!

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