Achievable Goals to Promote Satisfying Family Relationships

Achievable Goals to Promote Satisfying Family Relationships

All of us belong to a family. The family is the source of strength of any individual and one of the motivating forces for man to progress and achieve. But maintaining a good and healthy family relationship nowadays is a difficult task and it is sad fact that many teenagers today are products of broken homes. However, they should face this bitter reality and take it as challenge to strive more and become a better person.

The family is the basic unit of our society. It is composed of two or more persons related in blood, marriage or adoption who live together forming a household. The following are the goals that promote satisfying family relationships for all:

1. Unconditional love of family members.

2. Cooperation of family members in family activities.

3. Sense of responsibility in accomplishing given tasks.

4. Consideration and respect for every member of the family.

5. Trust and loyalty to the family, that whatever happens they can depend on each other to stand by their side especially in times of need.

6. Care and concern for the members of the family.

7. Sense of commitment to the family especially during difficult times.

8. Open communication is the key for the family to grow stronger.

9. Having the spirit of the Christian family.

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