All That

All That, rickzimmerman 2010
All That, rickzimmerman 2010

Don’t be thrown by this Miley-Gaga-Ke$ha-Katy-Fergie-Hannah-Rihanna-Beyonce-Paris-Avril-Britney-wannabe.

It just happens to be your 12-year-old neighbor Ashley (now that her parents happen to be out of town, while her 17-year-old sister Jessica — who was supposed to watch over her — happens to be busy at the moment groping that stoner sk8r boy she finds so grunge behind the concession stand at the high school football field).

After all, what 12-year-old can do without extensions (hair & nail), belly-button jewelry, a pocketbook puppy princessa, and $783 of whatever up-to-the-last-second fashion and accessories the latest most bitchin’ stores down at the lifestyle center can cough up?

Just don’t call out, “Hey, Ashley, how’s it goin’?”.

For such an almost-celebriteen, current etiquette demands, instead, — and the trend-aware little hottie would certainly prefer — “Azhl-E! What up, girl! Makin’ it WORK!”   

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