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What is Club Penguin?

Club Penguin is a gaming and social networking site for kids started in October 2005 by two fathers in British Columbia, Canada. The target audience 8-14-year-olds create a virtual life online, earning coins to purchase clothes, toys, and play games. They also interact - including romantically. They initiate relationships and practice breakups all without setting eyes on the beloved as there are no pictures or other identifying information allowed.

Aside from the gaming aspect, the biggest difference between Penguin and its counterparts for older kids (i.e. MySpace) is the focus on safety. Other social networking sites are geared toward teens and young adults and encourage sharing personal details. Kids watch older siblings online and want to be just like them, so Penguin was created to give them a safe place to play.

Other sites are vying for your ‘tweens' attention. Kids can play on,, and One nice thing about Penguin compared to its competitor ‘tween gaming sites is that Penguin generates all its revenue from subscriptions, which means no advertising. Decide for yourself if it's worth shelling out the subscription fee, but when I checked out Habbo, a banner ad displayed across the top of the screen for a movie about a killer in suburbia! Good fun for kids.

Should I Let My Kid on Club Penguin?

If you decide Club Penguin is safe enough then you've got a different decision to make. It's not so different from PopTarts and Mario Brothers. You just have to decide how much is enough. There's only so much time in a day. After homework, a little exercise, a meal, and maybe some TV or video games, how much time is really left? Do our supposedly overscheduled children really need another time consuming (possibly addictive) activity? Only you can answer for your child.

Then again, it's a changing world. Online relationships are a new social reality and we may as well teach our kids to navigate them just as we guide their real life interactions. Because this is the new real life. At least for now.

Check out this Newsweek story for more information and examples of Club Penguin use.

Is Club Penguin Safe?

As far as the Internet goes, this is about as safe as it gets. Club Penguin developers have gone to great lengths creating sophisticated software to keep the bad guys out as well as prevent kids from giving out any kind personal information. In addition to the software safeguards, Penguin has a human moderator, who can be accessed if a player feels another player is inappropriate. However, I'm pretty sure those predators are sneaky enough to make a kid do anything but hit the ‘Help' button.

Added Bonus: Parents have a lot of control of what their kids can say and see on Penguin.

Club Penguin is being hailed as a good example of a safe place online for kids. And they have been awarded Good Housekeeping's kid's privacy seal of approval. However, there's always some element of risk. For example, kids could be invited/lured by their ‘friends' to other sites where less innocent chats are not so heavily monitored.

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Starsoulrofl12 profile image

Starsoulrofl12 5 years ago

Lol and i guess you could call me a "hoodie" thts also a group just people who wear hoodies pearls and sunglasses. And i mostly go on during the night like 5 or 6 sometimes later so il add u prolly asap and then il meet up with u on parka XD. Or at least il try too.

Starsoulrofl12 profile image

Starsoulrofl12 5 years ago

Mkay my penguin name is lindzey2010

person46 5 years ago

@comment below (cause I forgot your name XD) well me and my sister both commented on this so I have multiple comments but the one I just put I'm a boy and if you wanna become friends I'll be on parka most likely just tell me your user name for cp and if I see I'll probably be like I KNOW U! and

yeah... but my sister quit cp so I use her penguin now since mine

expired and my name is bluper4648 and I'm a scarf person

Starsoulrofl12 profile image

Starsoulrofl12 5 years ago

@person46 wats ur penguin name maybe il friend u XD and btw wat group are you in after reading your comment I'm in the "scarf category". and to add again to my comment the preps are usually ONLY in the stadium. and also the scarf/cool people go on Zipline

the scarf people tend to hang out in groups at the cove and the stadium and also @person46 the daters are people who live to date I'm not one of them but i do have a virtual boyfriend are u a girl or a boy?

person46 5 years ago

I acutely think your right. It doesn't matter about the preps and I'll tell you and everyone about what servers to go on.

Alpine,abominable,Alaska,ziplineETC. is what servers prep usually go on.

Non-members: it depends if they were a member before and what category they were in. If their New usually any server,if their those people who just play the games on cp and be an epf then they usually go on certain servers.

Parka-well people who go on parka are usually the "mask peole" or "scarf people". I'll tell you who those are at the bottom. Those people ALWAYS go on parka never any other server.

Ultimate safe chat people only can go on ultimate safe chat servers. The ultimate safe chat servers have a little speech bubble on it to the far left side.

The rest of the people in other categories or just normal people I'm not sure. Some go on every server tho. And the "cool" people go usually go on zipline and Alaska and stuff but sometimes get mixed into other servers.

Mask people-the mask people are the people who wear masks and baseball caps or a kitty cat hat or just the normal hair. They usually curse and im not sure about the comment below about the "daters" but they could be the mask people. But most people date on cp.

Scarf people- these people also sometimes curse. They have a group of friends and they always wear a hoodie,diva glasses or black shades,scarfs,the color brown,the flutterby or befluttered (a wig that has straight blonde or brown hair with a bow in it),spiky brown or blonde hair and if they dont own it they use orange spiky hair,bunny slippers or sneakers or others,and any hand item. They usually are always funny and more than you can imagine. Now funny to some people is just a little joke and they'll just go "lolz" but funny to the scarf people is a hilarious act,comment,come back,so on they makes them go "ROFLOL".

They usually talk in caps sometimes.

Now for the list of curses view my other comment. And I want to let you know most boys wear the hoodies,and hand item,any shoes,peal necklace/star/scarf,spiky hair or straight hair with bow in it,diva glasses or black glasses. Most people are brown on certain servers cause it matches best. Cheerleaders are usually peach and sometimes brown (rarely). And mask people sometimes wear black also. I recommend that if your going to become friends with people make sure your on the right server. And NEVER try to be friends with people in other categories. Only with the people who rank lower than you. Rankings:


New peole

Normal penguins

Only care about epf type

People who try to be cool

Cool people and preps are tied (because preps are annoying and so are cool people sometimes)

Mask people and scarf people are also tied

This list goes from least to greatest. If your a "try to act cool" person and you go on parka...not good at all. Why? Because scarf people and mask people find you extremely annoying and maybe you will be lucky and find a group of scarf

People who act really nice to you or even make a heart at you but that will be a joke. If your annoying they will be very

Rude back. Cool people don't try

To go on parka cause you'll just get your donkey kicked.

If cool people make fun of preps their a ranking higher but if it's other way around then no.some people dont realize it but some cool people actually deserve to be in the highest ranking which is scarfs. Scarfs are highest ranking because mask people don't go on cp much but other games and mask people are like scarf people and there are more scarf people on parka. If your reading this and your gonna try going on parka don't expect any good outcomes and btw I'm a scarf person that's how I know so much.

Starsoulrofl12 profile image

Starsoulrofl12 5 years ago

Hi lol its me again starsoulrofl12. I just wanted to add a few things i forgot to say. If you want a cool server go to Zipline and if you want a cool place go to the stadium. Just make sure to like ignore all the preps aka people like cheerleaders or football players that just wanna ask hot or hut people out to go to proms and such. Yes, i have a "boyfriend" but he's actually really nice and funny i met him in the stadium in the server zipline and i think that people who say clubpenguin is a bad website are not exactly wrong but in a way have a different opinion then what i think. No im not a prep on clubpenguin just because i have a boyfriend doesnt mean im a prep. Im more in the "cool" category. Here are the categorys in cp:

Cool- people who wear black hoodies with pearl neclaces and shades. Im in this category hehe. Usually in either the stadium, cove or coffee shop. Try to act funny all the time.

Preps- girls who wear cheerleader outfits and usually have a ponytail with the white diva shades. Boys who are jocks and wear the football shirts and usually have the brown spiked hair or the yellow spiked hair. They have lockers and hang out in the stadium. Girls act all flirty around the jocks where the jocks are huge players.

Normals- people who are just your average penguins who walk up to people and just chat. Usually you can find them anywhere.

Daters- the people who are intensly into dating and take it way to far. You rarely see them.

Ok now we move onto the foul language. Its not so bad i mean theyre not actually cursing so who cares right? Im not gonna list the curses cuz 1 im only 11 and cant curse and 2 its pretty obviuos what people say.

Ok thts all

- starsoulrofl12

Starsoulrofl12 profile image

Starsoulrofl12 5 years ago

Hi im an 11 year old girl and i love cp. i make alot of friends and its so much fun! To me, personally it doesnt matter if there are preps, pookies (bai bais) or weerdos. Everyone always says "dont go to these servers" or "dont go to the petshop or the stadium there are preps/pookies there" i go to the stadium ALL THE TIME its actually the best place to go if you want to act all cool and meet people. I met my bf there by just walking in and acting cool. As for the preps there, it doesnt really matter sure they can get REALLY annoying like when they say things like "closes locker with slim tan model hip" or "bumps into" but it doesnt matter i got used to it. The petshop is another story, just act all nice to the little pookies they just want a family so dont hate them. All the people who say things like "lets hve a bai bai" or "haves seek" i just literaly walk past them and ignore them ive been on cp for over 2 years and havent reported anyone yet. Just go out there and have fun is wat i say.

wewebo 5 years ago

I am 14.

I don't expect you to see this to be read... but club penguin isn't terrible, it's just really, really annoying. things like preps just really fascinate me and annoy me.

Haimaustin 5 years ago

Hey. I'm 15 and I play CP. (Yes i'm pretty old for it, but I don't care) I have a little brother that I share the account with. We know about all that normal stuff. Dating s3x etc. (He's 5 and knows about it.. That's a diffrent story :/) But cut to the chase. Club Penguin "C.A.N" be safe at times. But nothing can stop things from happening. People ALWAYS find ways to do mask bad words and everything. I watch my brother all the time, unless I'm at football practice. I think it's a safe game, but it's still is hard to hide EVERYTHING that happens.

person46 5 years ago

Lola I do understand what you are talking about and it also disturbs me thinking about that. I just want to let you know that most of that "kiss my bottom" stuff does not show to other penguins screens. All I know is that it doesn't show in a sentence they would have to break the words up and by then I would be out of there and logged off. :)

lalaloopsy 5 years ago

Ok i'm only 9 years old and I went on club penguin.I went to the stadium to get the figure skater dress then I saw two ppl saying holds hand (soo gross) and saying misses (it means kisses)I was so freaked out.The very next day I saw the same ppl having s@x it was gross and they were in the town.I said BAN THEM so and everyone was like YA LETS BAN THEM.So they were banned in the end.Then the very next day their was this guy who stalked me he was changing outfits and colours but I was smart so I logged off for a long time then logged on and he was in my igloo.He said get nude (that means naked) so I reported him.

Lalaloopsy age 9

P.S If you wonder how I know all this stuff it is because my mum taught me all this when I was little so I was very aware who I spoke to and always hold my mum's hand

lolwutdoehh 5 years ago

What babies? I was playing Cp for almost a year and a half before I moved on to ourworld. But I never have heard a thing about bai bais and stuff like that. Sure

person46 5 years ago


I'm a 13 year old girl.I've been playing club penguin for almost 3 years now.I enjoy it so much it's very fun not to mention hilarious.Now most people are talking about how cp may be bad for kids.well I will tell you everything I know plus my opinion PLEASE REPLY

Alright so there is dating,foul language,rude attitude,very wrong stuff,babies,preps, and so on.

To avoid any of this bad stuff (and more) either go on safe chat,stop playing,ignore it,be a part of it,or just don't go on the servers abominable,mammoth,alpine,and parka. Now you can if you want but don't go to the pet shop or stadium.

Now cp is very safe as safe as it can get. You just have to accept the fact that one day your child(pl.) will encounter this and use it or be afraid. It will happen. They will know when they're older so why worry? If you do I understand but in my opinion most kids know so much already from influence of older kids,tv,and school.

So kids avoid getting banned on cp.they still are bad and use in foul language with out you knowing here it is:



if in:fuckin

free can:freakin'





seek ie:sexy

ug lie:ugly




bai bai/bay be/ bai be:baby

they "do it" on club penguin they have b/g friends they get married have baby's and so on. It's gonna happen one day just listen to what I say you decide whether it's safe. I KNOW it's safe up to a point. There's safe chat,banning,monitors,ultimate safe chat,ignore button,report button.

report button:report penguins for bad act whatever it may be

ignore button:it will automatically delete them and you won't see what they are saying,but you can remove them from your ignore list.

my opinion:I do some stuff because it's funny and it's just like real life but better because your safe and you can do anything. IT IS SAFE

Get over life cause it's never fair and the real world anywhere will never be entirely safe DON'T BORE YOUR CHILDREN

WarriorOfJustice 5 years ago

Hey guys i know a way in cp to avoid love just be mean not too mean just like go away,i dont need a boyfriend(girlfriend)one time somebody made a heart at me and i was kinda scared because it was my first day in club penguin but she asked me to follow her to the pizza parlor and i didnt want a relationship because im only 10 so i said i got to go and i went back to my igloo before she said wait! so people you must avoid getting a date or later you ll get married so be carefull for who you are friends with if you get married in club penguin your wife or husband will go to the pet shop or adopt a baby wow that really sounds SICK! dont worry if you hurt their fellings because if you get married in cp it will be the end of your life!!!!!!!!! p.s dont just trust ppl! oh yeah if you go to the pet shop you will either be asked by the baby to get adopted or do the tum tum im a 10 year old boy and ive seen this before it was really disgusting from now i will stop this madness who will join me!!!!!!! plus if you adopt some babies they act cute and good but after you adopt them they will be evil so do not get obsessed with baby do not even listen to the babies or the penguins that want a husband/wife ignore them theres an ignore button or just ban them !!! if your friend gets obsessed with the babies it will be bad like this your friend adopts a baby the baby screamz at you your friend will say monster for no reason so if your friend get obsessed you must either delete him or stop him from getting obsessed with a baby just get him to be obsessed with a game or something do not lose your friend just because a stupid baby you must do something to stop this before it is too late never trust these ppl in some comments above ppl say that cp is safe but they are wrong cp is dangerous whatever you do do not let babies take over cp do not be friends with ppl in cp that show that they love you just upset them it is the only way!!!!!!!!!!!!before you loose everything like your friends to a stinkin baby never trust the babies cuteness ever dont join the darkness ppl !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WarriorOfJustice 5 years ago

Hi its me again and i just wanted to let you know im going undercover to see about these cp babies and the bad penguins that do S#% but if anybody wants to help just go to the servers alpine,abomminable,big surf and any server that is on the first page that has the word `MORE SERVERS HERE AT THE BOTTOM RIGHT OR LEFT but not the ultimate safe chat servers`i think some of these servers has bad penguins and cp babies go there and how about ban those babies too actually i dont think banning the babies is good maybe if we ban the babies they will get sad in the real world have life problems and stuff just ban the bad penguins!!!! p.s 10 years old. i will always do the p.s!

WarriorOfJustice 5 years ago

Whoa alot of stories and one time i saw a crowd in cp they said many things like eewww,gross!,you two are sick!!and many more i went to investigate because i was curious and an EPF agent then i was like what the heck!!! i saw two penguins doing you know S@#!! they were doing it infront of everyone i throwed 50 snowballs at them but they didnt stop and then i said WHY ARE YOU TWO DOING THIS YOUR ONLY KIDS IN REAL LIFE LIKE ME AND EVERYONE ELSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but they just ignored me and then i said to everyone LETS BAN THEM FOREVER!!!!!EVERYONE WAS LIKE ALRIGHT BAN THEM BAN THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S 10 YEARS OLD AND A BOY THAT HATES CP BABIES AND PENGUINS THAT ACT LIKE IN MY STORY IF YOU EVER MEET PPL LIKE THIS BAN THEM 4 EVER! OR TELL BILLYOB ABOUT THIS AND THE BABIES BILLYBOB AND THE PPL OF CP MUST KNOW THE TRUTH OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

WarriorOfJustice 5 years ago

Hi Im new here and i have heard alot of comments about babies playing CP i played cp for only about 20 days and im a guy.And i hate that they let babies play cp.OK one day when i was going to adopt a puffle on my first day as a member i saw babies,penguins saying i pick you and stuff it was really annoying and after a while someone started a war againts babies in cp.Now i will never go to the pet shop ever i hate those stinkin babies and penguins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S Im 10 years old and will comment this to cp!!!!!

Pomchi1 5 years ago

Today, when Anna turned three (days = years on CP) and me and my husband went down to the pet store again and I put a bay bee boy in my tum tum :) for some reason he made a big project about being tummied, he said "Mommie your tummy is so cozy and warm I like it" lol so I was happy he liked it. When I told Anna I was having a baby in my tum tum she was a excited and talked to my tummy like there actually was a bay bee in there lol

(sorry for the many comments, it won't let my type too much on my iPod) so anyway, I dont have a problem with bay bees and tum tums, it's simply ROLEPLAYING

-14 year old girl and returning to CP

Pomchi1 5 years ago

When I finally gave birth to Anna (what we named her) she wasn't the annoying fussy kind that talks wike a wittle toddwer. Anna knew that babies can't talk. So she didn't talk until she was 3 days old.

Pomchi1 5 years ago

Oh I'm LOVE the bay bee thing! My club penguin husband and I went down to the pet store and I tummied a cute little bay bee (tummied means put in your tummy) Both of us (me and my bay bee) really enjoyed the tum tum time, she didnt want to come out, she often said "tickles your inside tum tum" that usually means "i like it in here" Even my husband came over to me all the time, "rubs tummy" and "kisses tummy" awww

Ambray 5 years ago

I believe that every one of us, should NOT play the role of a baby or a mother OR a prep. They are sick! Having sex isn't fun. Having a tum tum baby isn't fun. BREASTFEEDING is not fun! For god's sake, we are young children! We are not supposed to be doing these things! Every time I enter the pet shop - these people ruin childhood for me. My poor little cousin, who is only 6 years old, asked me about it. What on earth am I supposed to say to her now? I decided I would try it out to see if it's as bad as people say. I once was a mother and my stupid ugly spoiled rotten ''baby'' asked me for milky from boo. And I said ''No way, cya!'' I deleted her after that. KIDS ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THESE KIND OF THINGS! Here am I thinking, where the hell are their parents? Their parents should be watching over them! I told my mom about this and she was bewildered. She is now watching me like a hawk. I don't blame her. She leaves me alone if I talk about personal things with my friend. Point is everyone, especially the younger kids, SHOULD ONLY ADD PEOPLE THEY KNOW. You never know what can happen! STAY AWAY from NOISY SERVERS, PET SHOP, OR STADIUM. Ignore them! This is not CP'S fault. Go on quieter servers to have loads more of fun and there's also Ultimate Safe Chat.. So CP is safe!

Ambray 5 years ago

Uhm, excuse me? You adults don't have any idea how good Club Penguin is. I'm 12, and I agree with the other kids. I have been a member for 5 whole years and I love it ! Nothing bad has happened to me, and if I see someone being rude or bullying another, I tell them off, by standing up for the victim. You can also report the bullies if you want. But I have to agree with person46. There are bai bais and preps that annoy us really badly. They say annoying things: ''Flips Golden French Curls!'', And truthfully, it's the parent's OWN fault. They should be watching their kids. I ignore babies and preps, by not entering the pet shop or going on a quieter server. I have had so much fun for 5 whole years, so I suggest all the adults here should stop hurling accusations.

person46 5 years ago

well im 13 and been playing for 2 friend and people i know suggested going on this game.everyone said it was fun.but now things have gotten worse with all the

babies and stuff.

1 of all i think the baby stuff and "other" things are bizzar.ppl on here r only like 8.they shouldnt do stuff like penguin is not entirely safe.

theres babies,dating,foul language,and rude attitude.

if u want to stay away from this dont go on abominable,alpine,mammoth,or alaska.

people created their own terms for it to show such as:

free can

if in


bai be


has or as




id ie at

and so on

i know cause ive encountered some of this.the only thing

tht should be approved of is maybe just MAYBE dating because this game to children is like entering the real world.they probably already do this anyways and this is and my friend only did this once as a fake and it was funny but not actuley doing tht stuff.

ive never seen inapropriate partys except for once but i went there and reported ppl and fought against it.they act as if this is real and dress up pretend like they put on makeup and stuff like tht. if u dont want rude people stay away from the stadium on certain servers.

there r "preps" who act like jerks and do bad things.

and just to tell you i remind people of this being virtual when they do bad things and delete people.

PS there is also a ignore button so you dont see what they r saying.

Confused girl211 profile image

Confused girl211 5 years ago

I'm confused but, I know one thing! Club penguin is pretty much save! Even though you guys kinda scare me! I believe in club penguin! I have played it! I'm 11! Oh BUT DON'T allow your kids to go on roblox! This guy said to me when i was alone with him in roblox! He said wanna have s@x! I said umm no thanks! And then said I have to go! And then logged off

Snowbals 5 years ago

Hello, My name is Snowbals. Yes, I have a Club penguin. I named it "Snowbals" with one "L" because I didn't want my name to have numbers. I've been a member for almost 900 days now. I have the chat where you can type in what you would like to say. I think Club penguin is a very interesting game. Sure, let your kids on it. Just tell them to be careful and don't talk to creeps. Now about the baby game. I used to play the baby. It was actually quite fun. I would play with my cousin and sister and we would all be baby's and someone would adopt us. Sure We Talked Like This. But it doesn't really matter HOW you talk. So as I was saying, we would go to our "Wammy's" igloo and do what baby's do. Basically all we did was play dolls or dress-up or in a swimming pool. I know from all your baby story's it can be weird. If it is weird I would report the person, delete the person, and log off club penguin. I'm not encouraging you to be a baby but i'm just saying its not as bad as some people might think it is. Now about the virtual dating. Well people called "Preps" waddle around in the stadium and they try to act "Hut" so they can get a date to the prom. I think it's kind of innapropriate about the S*x but hey, if you chose to not do those type of things then you won't have to suffer through it. I know some people may be "Excited" about virtually doing "it." I feel sick after I see someone enjoying "it." I mean what kind of sick people are these? Who knows! Maybe they are child malesters!! I believe if you would like to go on Club penguin, a smarter and safer chose would be to go on Safe Chat. But still Club penguin is a very safe, and fun site to go on for kids. So don't avoid it after all the story's about it. Go on and actually have some real fun!! Play some games! They are all around Club penguin!


Snowbals - Age 10

Cici2hip4u profile image

Cici2hip4u 5 years ago from United States of America

Like I said, I haven't currently seen anyone doing anything suspious on Penguin. I think mainly the tenagers come out of their hibernation, and begin going on Club penguin until spring to summer.

piglatinrox 6 years ago

i play club penguin and heres what u should know.

Learn the Cp Language,

: Beach, B@tch

:Freakin, F#ckin

: Pookie, Babie, Bay bee

People have gfriends and bfriends, theres things called tum tum hospitals. I dressed up as a babie and WENT, they pretend to go through labor. Some thing should be done.

Cici2hip4u profile image

Cici2hip4u 6 years ago from United States of America

Hello, as you notice; I am CC from the recent posts that I made over the summer. I am still interested in this informational blog that was created a couple of years ago. I miss all the people who used to take part in sharing their thoughts in these comments. Yes, I still play Club penguin and enjoy it. I haven't recently seen anyone do anything inappropriate. I hope all of you took the time to read this paragraph, and understood the importance of it.


Sassybean 6 years ago

Look, you want SAFE? Download Family Safety. Your child cannot do ANYTHING online and you feel like a complete idiot when they say "I'm too old for this."

I'm 11 and I still have it. You can only access Elmo, Mickey Mouse and idiotic baby-like stuff.

Remember - you're the people who stopped the Katy Perry episode of Sesame Street.

Katy Perry is one of the best singers now-a-days.

By the way... there are also emos and goths that say random things like BACON SAUSAGES and LLAMA!!!

But they're just the beginning. Over-protective filtering... you know how your kids are like... around 5-9? Well... if they make a typo... THEY GET BANNED FOR 24 HOURS.

Well... my advice. You cannot protect them forever - school is an issue aswell (but I respect how you're trying to look after them)


And you people made it like that.

(Only the people who are like my enemy Bree)

EliFox789 profile image

EliFox789 6 years ago from Wonderland...or space

I agree with the boyfriend anfd girlfriend same thing with the baybees or babies

Honey632632 6 years ago

Hi, I have been a member for 3 or more years, and CP can be very bad. I am a kid BTY, so I have experienced it. People get on CP and pretend they are grow-ups and go to college, then they have boyfriends or girlfriends that they date and say they love each other, then they 'get married' This is bad for CP, but we cant ban them cause they didn't have that type of thing on the ban list! anything on the ban list! Also, the get a girl friend or a boy friend they say something like 'Guys (or girls) say I' Oh, and after they get married, there are CP babies in the pet shop where they either adopt a 'cp baby' or they do the 'tum tum' which is giving birth. It's gross and all websites are like that, unless it's webkinz or something like Neopets. I go on CP and I use my imagination, like pretend to be a super powered hero with a awesom cape and saving penguins! The CP 'bay bees' as they call 'em (cause you not souppused to say babies on cp, but they break the law.) say odd things like 'Lands On Mr. But But!' Creepy, I know! And a girl comes into the pet shop and says something like 'Steps Out Of GOLDEN limo! Walks Across Red Carpet! Waves To Adoring Fans' and such silly stuff. I am a CP bay bee hater. I try to tell CP about what's going on but they won't help us! Billy bob needs to do some serious banning! Oh, also, sometimes they don't get married and guys in the pet shop say something like 'Can I be the duh duh (dad)?'. Oh, and ever since that stupied twlight movie came out, there also vampire CP bay bees. Also, 'grown-up' ones. They pertend to be the people in Twlight. UHHG. And disney made it like that, Just so you know. they made a lot of things for members. And you don't want your kids to grow up to what it is like on CP unless you tell them directly that girlfriend/boyfriend thing not allowed and NO CP BAY BEES. and no buys clothes that look like Hannah Montana, or buying hair. Hair is the worst thing. That's what stared the girlfriend/boyfriend thingy on here. But I guess every website it like that. Plus a lot of the hair on CP looks ugly and they will be sad when they spent on those coins on ugly hair! Oh, and they have rapper clothes, too. Reminder: Disney owns it; and they own Disney channel too, and you know just what Disney channel is like. I guess america likes love songs, so people want to live those sad lives.I have hated hair for a long time. And I DO NOT buy those clothes that look like rappers. Oh they also do this 'spin the bottle' type things, but they don't have bottles, so they do something like, 'spin the duck' or spin the lava lamp'. If you really want to get on CP, cause all your friends do, tell them about how CP is evil in a lot of ways, I'm sure they will both have more fun if they do not do those kind of things!

ArceusBlitz 6 years ago

This is really sick that just happened right now. Okay, so I dressed up as a baby to do some undercover in the pet shop. Some one said "Who wants a tum tum?" I know what tum tum means so i didnt want to get any where near her. Well she came up to me and said "Come with me, youre having a tum tum." I said no, but she forced me. When i was at her igloo, she said "Oh no, its time.Go to the town!" So I did and she actually pretended to give birth to me when theres tons of people there. ITS DIGUSTING!!! I reported like ten people who said tum tum right now. Why dosent disney do any thing about this?

Zoser1832 6 years ago

Okay, so basically what I've collected so far is that Club Penguin is cool as long as you just play games and stuff. Even if you don't ever do or see peeps doing the s3x stuff, other penguins are really mean. One time this guy wouldn't friend me cause I wasn't a member at the time (I am now.) And another time people were making fun of me cause I was wearing a frilly dress with a short hair wig. I was being a girl with short hair, but they all thought I was "gross" cause they thought I was a crossdressing guy! A lot of penguins, especially the dumb girls who pretend to be "rich" are total jerks! And baybee penguins are really mean too- one time I had one over (I didn't adopt it, I added it as my friend but it thought I was its mom,) and it said that it didn't like me because my igloo was too small! I don't really play that much, but my little sis does, so I have to tell her to watch out for mean and gross people. We both prefer non-chat servers.

Zoser1832, almost 15

Angry Prep 6 years ago

I don't think Club Penguin is safe. Last Summer they had this igloo that was a "Slip Club". And On-line relationships. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE PERSON. I also saw this penguin having "Freedom". What's all this?? I think Club Penguin has to fix it. SO one day, i was at the Town with my friends and this penguin comes up and asks "Are You Good?" WHATS THAAAT?? CLUB PENGUIN IS TURNING KIDS TO PROSTITUTES! WATCH OUT PARENTS

annoymous 6 years ago

club penguin is ok when you are a member ($5.95 monthly cost) but otherwise it is pointless going on it, the members are brutal if non members try to make firends with them, when your children go on chances are that they will be bored, if you area member there is something to do about once a week like a new item catalog or a furniture one, non members can only buy backgrounds and flags with a coin currency on club penguin. basically don't o on it if you don't want to pay

Beth 6 years ago

Ok Ok

To CC: you're right.

To Rosa(pink in espanol*)(*Spanish in Spanish): I feel bad for you.(Oh, and nobody has a crush in CP, they go ater them or forget them*)(* They have to. Because CP crowds are places to get lost(or lose a tracker).)

Pinky 77956 6 years ago

O MY GOD! I CANT BELIVE What i just saw! Some Dude said any free guys? and some guy i was kinda crusing on said i! then the dude went over and did the heart to the guy

and my crush said Youre a dood(he spelled it like that LOL!)and the nonmember said yea! and then he said puts flippers on chest. and then the other guy said mY iGGY!


Beth 6 years ago

I think CP is fine. I let my daughter on there(I'm also on there), and I have not seen anything bad(neither has she,she would tell me if she did).

Sobe 6 years ago

Yeah if their kid didn't just make the CP Pengy wit their own e-mail account.

Summer 6 years ago

I think club penguin is safe and if any parents were worried about the safety they can change their child's chat to be were any penguin has limited things to say. club penguin is very safe

Cheddar! 6 years ago

There is an annoying new trend with babies. To name their last names after STORES!! I was in the forest and its music jam, the "talent show was there" And the wammy said GO ALICE HOLLISTER! And another in the pizza parlor named Gracie ABERCROMBIE! Its so weird!

CC 6 years ago

and have u guys ever heard of "tippers" tht word rlly means strippers on club penguin also one time i saw all these naked girl penguins in the town and they kept saying buy us all the guys went up to them some of them were like i buy ya some of the other men were like wht do u do when we buy u then the girls were like we "bounce" im like WTF!!!!!! lol

Cheddar! 6 years ago

Im Caligirl3000 on cp. I usually went on there to talk to my friends in real life, and i agree with CC and umm again. Babies did take over :(. I had a good friend on there that got obsessed with babies, soon ignored me (not actual ignore, just not say any thing.) her "angel" screamed at me and my friend called me a monster, then deleted me.. Its so scary. I go as a baby under cover sometimes, and once when the weirdo wammy pulled off the boo milk thing. I said "Giggles" Then "EXPLODES!" Lol random but cp really needs to fix the babies and the wanna thing. I see wanna parties EVERYDAY its so gross. Also when i wear pink (one of my fav colors) people come up and say PREP! YOUR A BEACH! (also a bad word)There are a lot of ppl on there that say their emo. that means emotional lol. I wish they could fix this i mean disney i thought you were safe! and creepy I KNOW SHADOW22! He was at a wanna party when i didnt know what wanna was. I thought it was spin the puffle (diff kind of party) but ppl took off their close. i reported everyone that day. and i feel bad for you pinky! That happens a lot now...

umm again 6 years ago

pinky,I dont Like To relive this but once I too had a stalker He Had The Same Cheat, Did The SameThings I Had Logged Off For A Long While So Thats My Story Wow Pinky Your One Brave Kid Just Like Me Lol

From Umm And Umm Again Ten Year Old

pinky77956 6 years ago

I...Am....So....Done. Long Story Short,I Had a stalker and he followed me everywhere! he had a cheat to go to other peoples iggys And said,

takes off clothes and takes off pinkys clothes and liks boos. I Said,GET AWAY FROM ME!! YOU PERVERT FROM WELL!!!

(well,i didnt say the last part but i did report himand i wanted to say that.)Geez. Im Eleven,Im Pretty Sure It Was A thirty year old guy! Man, i need a bubblebath.

CC 6 years ago

HI lol that happened to me too not very comfortable lol

from umm and

umm again ten year old

CC 6 years ago

One time I was on the server abominable,and someone said ppl do ppl at my iggy on the map. I was like RLLY!!!!! I went to the igloo to see if it actually true. When I got there ppl were actually DOing tht. But luckily there was some ppl against tht. Those ppl were talking about how gross and disgusting wht these ppl were doing. Btw I was on the non-gross side. I wouldn't really suggest going on the servers Abominable, Alpine, and Alaska. My favorite server to go on is Bunny Hill.

umm again 6 years ago

OMG I Just Remebered My First Time Being A Club Penguin Baby My mommy aka Online Not Real Said Gives boo And I Thought It Was A Binky But Boo Means Boob And She Said Can I Play With Yours i Was Freaked Out And Then She Said Sucks On Boo It Was My Worst Experience Ever Ewwwww Never Gonna Forget Tht Day From umm and umm again ten year old

umm again 6 years ago

Pinky77956, Good Luck Today I Also Was a Club Penguin Baby My Gosh Babys Wow Pretty Scary Sh*t Lol

okay Well Bye From umm Again ten year old

Pinky77956 6 years ago

I Am Going Undercover As A baby in the pet shop. lets hope it goes well and ill tell you about my wammy later.

(ps i sorta like cp babies,but some of the things they say are peverted and sick and, most of all just plain wrong!

umm again 6 years ago

Omg your not gonna believe it....CP has PIMPS


And the kids are offering free ''misses''aka kisses and hugs im shocked i only learned it from tv...but i would never repeat those thing so there is pretty much so SICK ppl but remeber..moderaters can help oh and i saw RB today B*itches so annoying oh well from ten year old umm and umm again.....ill be commenting later

umm again  6 years ago

today i learned what penguins do when their ''A COUPLE'' ALL THEY DO is send hearts, hugs ,and winks pretty stupid thing! AND kids dont know that there are predators in the world,,,hopefully you taught your child right cause mommy raised me well hehe...CP babies are in control and cp is running pretty smooth AND THE MUSIC JAM STARTS TOMMOROW from umm again ten year old kid!!

Anna Sophia2 6 years ago

fine i'm 11

Anna Sophia2 6 years ago

ok so i'm a kid to won't say my age but i'm under 13 and i love club penguin and it is tottally safe i have had mine for about 3 yrs and i have never had a problem its super cool and i get to chat with my friendss i haven't seen for a long time.luv it alot

CC 6 years ago

Wow, are you sure your a ten year old?! You know your common sense.

Ellie 6 years ago

I'm just a kid and i have not heard one bad thing since. It's fun, but only for tweens and teens.

pinky77956 6 years ago

Sorta good. I had the same problem as Luckshimi!My "Wammy"invited her boo model friends over to "practice". I was supposedly taking my nap and said

takes off bra showing massive boos. the others did it to.

I Was So Grossed Out, I Cried To Tell Her,HELLO LADY,IM STILL HERE YA KNOW!!! I ran away and sitting in the petshop when she said Bends Down But Massive Boos Pop Out! Then Some PervertTook My Virtual Mother Back To Her Igloo And He Said Is Drooling Because She Is So Pretty

Then He Said Kisses Boos And Massages Them. I Reported Him.


person 6 years ago


person 6 years ago

Ok i play club penguin i am a member and i feel like i am wasting my mom's money first of all cp is safe but at the same time its not ok u no that ppl have se-x on cp i mean wth!? and the thing that ppl say its safe btw u can say stuff secretly i see penguins saying secret stuff and they should be banned like they say wanna and i just logg off so i dont see how ppl think its safe(my opinion) but i like cp its fun BUT i dont like the perverts on cp (im 13)

Umm again! 6 years ago

Okay, club Penguin Can Get Well Umm...But Still I Mean What Wrong With with playing house i know cp babies can get out of hand or go over board. But childern interact. i mean its there private happy world.I also realized most penguins dont know about cp babies.But Mothers Talk Like This On Club penguin And Are Called Preps

I see why...But you Cant Protect Your child from .. everything,you teach them right and wrong they learn from they parents (real,not virtual)Yes i Realize that They do Cuss but wouldnt you get angry too?i mean someone calls you a "Beach" How Are You Not Going To Reactif Someone Cussed At you in Real Life situation i'm pretty sure i am not the only one who would react and again teach your childern right and guess what?YOU DONT NEED TO WORRY childern need to learn to defend themselves if not well they are pretty much gonna be losers...REAL parents Arent gonna always be there to protect you from the harm of pretty much anything...but otherwise club penguin s one of the ! websites for childern And to Let You Know I AM ONLY TEN YEAH THATS RIGHT TEN AND I JUST WROTE THIS

ummm 6 years ago


CC 6 years ago

Yes the one thing that i don't approve of on Clubpenguin is that people ask people if they're good. Which that might confuse some people since there's no really explanation about being "good" on Clubpenguin. You might know what it means now, since someone talked about it in one of these comments. But actually being "good" on Clubpenguin means if your good at sex on Clubpenguin. I'm sorry that people do that on here, but just don't talk to those kind of people who say stuff like are you "good" or the people who actually do have sex on Clubpenguin. Instead report them, ignore them, and walk away.


Age turning 12

ice cube1125 6 years ago

word! ive seen penguins have "sex" on cp and they should be banned so jump on that!! but besides that it is awsome!!!! :] :] :] ":]

Annoymus 6 years ago

Hey, it's annoymus from the previous comment about the rich b*itches. I left out something. When the RB's (rich b*itches) say "Fans Scream My Name!", it's kind of retarded. I mean, no body knows you and there are no screaming fans. It makes the little kids getting puffles behinde the screen feel scared or nervous or even uncomftorable. They don't know who you are so they'll just take you for some famous wannabe jerk. Nobody knows your name, what your famous for, and they don't even know if your really famous. So don't be a wanna be rich b*itch. If you do, you'll be known for the rest of your life on Clubpenguin as another one of those "Rich B*itch Wannabe Famous Mwa Mwa Pickers".

loren 6 years ago

i have been playing clubpenguin scince i was 4, my brother showed me how to play previously it was called penguin chat which u can still play. I Never ad seen anything bad untill i cam accross a time while 2 penguins were haveing sex and every one joined in. its quite hard to report 100 people at once so i think its up to u. Ur child will see people useing love harts and goeing out if u think there to young for tht then noooo. The penguins have sex in it!!!

Zahra 6 years ago

Hi Am Zahra From Bangladesh And I And am 10.I Play Club Penguin Almost Every Day.Its A Good Game But Its Harmed With Bad Words.They Are Trying To Compare With Other Words.

Nikkole2 6 years ago

LOL :) i like randomness =D

CC 6 years ago

Nikkole, I'm turning 12 too!

Lol Random comment

Nikkole2 6 years ago

Its a fine cute little site for kids to play on its safe almost every where i would say that they would need more moderators EXPECILLY IN THE PET SHOP i have seen people replace letters they would say Way=yay(babies say that) or gay go to hello:go to hell i said hello and 2 little toddlers started screaming and also i think typeing chat is ok but dont hang with the babies or dating because you know what dating usally ends up to cp is awsome and i think not to go in the pet shop cuz half the people who pretend to be babies and mom/dad may be preds or perverts i read every single comment here you all are right in a certin point of veiw the site on its own is really safe and moderated well also cp is better if you compare it to every site out there habbo and meez arent the best to be on if your looking for a SAFE virtual world they also have some parent account thing that all you parents out there can set a time limit chat type ect. the thing that is scary that parents should keep away from is tum tum sex and boo stuff 1st thing you think hmm sex effender? pervert? so i highly recomend you stay away from Pet shop i remember reading someones commet just let your child go only in the pet shop to buy a puffle or puffle stuff i agree with that and stay away from people who start dating dating isnt bad its just when sex comes along thats bad for a site for 6-14 year olds

Nikkole,age turning 12

Clb3558 (CC) 6 years ago

Oh My Gosh i love cp

kattypin(moderator) 6 years ago

i saw one too i ban them cuz they had that.i'll ban those ppl they're braking the rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ill try to ban shadow 22

i love cp 6 years ago

cp is fun site but, i went to my friends igloo.well she told me to come so i came to her igloo and saw another my friend with my friend the were both girls!Well,i saw a horrable thing in her igloo I SAW THEYRE HAVING SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!well i know the words that were saying they said:ouh oug!! cmon lick my stinky assy (ass) kiss me in my lizbian puzzy and lick it now if u dont i'll lick yours!baby cmn cmon i love it

CC 6 years ago

At least you survived Dighton.:(

DightyDoo 6 years ago

I was on club penguin and I went to my friend's igloo to find her and a guy having SEX!!!! I decided to stay and report them and its sooooo nasty and they kept on saying 'UGH UGH HARDER BABY!!!" AND ONE SAID "Lick my puzzy" and I never went on after that!!! (I deleted my friend Dighton age 10

Cc 6 years ago

Ikr (I know right)

oh my gosh 6 years ago


Ciara (CC) 6 years ago

Intersting story ya got

Cc 6 years ago

O god

Luckshmi 6 years ago

I like clubpenguin

it's safe and I'm s memeber

I have safe chat.

The baby thing is kinda fun!

But some penguins on the other hand go to far.

Once I looked really cute in the forest and I was like coughs badly, has no home, tries to sweep in the cold snow , and is very sick and needs milky.

Then this penguin with White diva sunnies and the blonde ponytail wig and the dress with NO straps cane and said Awwww poor honey, bends down showing boos and scoops ip in warm arms, wraps around with warm arms, then she says removes bikini top (bra) and feeds warm milky! Then she puts me in a elmo car seat in the limo and drives off to the iggy and tells me she's s boo model and she threw all the milk bottles away so I can only have boo!

CC 6 years ago

Shakerup you are really smart, even for a 10 year old. To be a ten year old, and to be that smart.

Ciara, Age 11

CC 6 years ago

I mean seriously. What has happened to the world?

Cc 6 years ago

No problem corith

Corinthe 6 years ago

Thanks! I didn't mean to make it so long-winded, though- I'm glad someone took the time to read it!

CC 6 years ago

I agree with corinth

gera 6 years ago

THE ONLY BAD THING I HAVE SEEN IS PENGWENS FOLLOWING OTHER PPL BUT U JUST HIT EGNORE ON THAT PENGWEN AND THEY GO AWAY IT IS SO SAFE!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corinthe 6 years ago

Dear reader, whomever you may be,

Okay, I always thought Club Penguin was cute, but some of the stories I heard on this forum genuinely made me want to cry. What is wrong with our world? Why do children want to have sex and date each other on a CHILDRENS' SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE?!? I think that it is really messed up. My general discomfort started with the whole baby adoption thing. My sister (who is 9 and a CP addict,) told me a little about it, but she thank goodness has safe chat so she can't see anything bad. I made a penguin for myself to check it out, and the adoption thing seriously freaked me out. I couldn't figure it out- inside joke, cult phenomenon, or just plain scary? And I thought it was bad at that point: minutes later, I found out that there is an entire Club Penguin wiki article on "baby penguins," "penguin adoption," "penguin parents" etc. and that there are subtypes of parents, such as rich, abusive, scary, etc. All I want to know is where in the world do kids get this crap? It really makes me sad. What does it mean? It's kind of sick actually. Does saying inappropriate, vulgar, or generally beyond-maturity-level things give them some weird thrill? Doing the deed goes without explanation, but that isn't even the part that weirds me out. As a person who is very in to womens studies and sustainable birthing, I consider pregnancy and having children a sacred and serious thing. That being said, taking such a thing lightly is like a little red flag in my brain; what if these are the kids who get into sex too soon and are pregnant teens in the future? Adoption was freaky but the "tum tum" thing weirded me out even worse. I am VERY pro-breastfeeding and the comment about "milk from u" made me squick! I don't understand the obsession- curiosity about reproduction and family roles is one thing, but this is a whole other ballgame. On a positive note, my little sister constantly talks about the games, newspapers, and events on CP and about how she aspires to be a game designer for them one day. I think it's really sweet and that the site itself is cool- my sis has the ultimate safe mode setting, so she can only see, and say, things from the pre-made texts on the site. I think that as long as you keep the chat uber-censored, the site is safe and fun. As soon as you make it so that kids have free reign over what they type (plus that they can see what other uncensored chatters type,) it loses its charm as a fun kids' site and becomes a breeding ground for future fetishists, pedophiles... or something bizarro like that... basically, I would say that, fine and dandy, you should let your kids play as long as you use Ultimate Safe Chat; otherwise they are left wide open for corruption.

Corinthe, age 14

CC 6 years ago

People say to each other go to well on this filthy website. just a little heads up, there's lots of 10 year olds on club penguin. but trust me when you get older you will realize the ''wanna'' thing

CC 6 years ago

okay so im 11 years old right now. people are having sex on this perverted club penguin website. i mean come on its disney folks. people don't even get aught doing this. trust me i don't approve of this. this is highly innapropriate, ecspecially for young viewers

Kat 6 years ago

Club Penguin can be safe if you use Ultimate safe chat. All of these kids are telling you what happens, they find ways to bypass the "safe" chat and have sex chats. You adults who ignore what these children/teens are telling you is scary. Why would children lie about how bad it is? Pay attention to what they say. Club Penguin can be unsafe, it can also be very safe. Depends on you, your child and the settings that are set.

anonymous 6 years ago


Klmm 6 years ago

I've seen sex on Club Penguin. Don't do it! You may get banned!

ananomus 6 years ago

Ok. there is a problem with swaring but i go on CP bcuz somtimes its fun to just waddle around. but somtimes other penguins R OUT OF WHACK. VERY BAD. and anyway, Y would some kid or person DO tht?

Confessions from a true member 6 years ago


Sarah 6 years ago

Bloody hell gits who think its not safe its one of the safest kids websites if not THE SAFEST

!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago


Anonymous 6 years ago

I have heard of this, it's not as strong as it used to be but there is another, 3d, game called free realms in which you can be a human. The dating problem is much worse there. there are a million people saying "wanna go out"

Victoria 6 years ago

Ok ok, club penguin is safe!!! More safe then most sites. Sure they have *it* but they dont ACTUALLY have *it*, ok? Kids want to be more matture than they really are. Let them go from the birds nest and fly, for crying out loud. Tell your kids to be careful but have fun on it. I'm 12 going on 13 and I love this site. It's for all ages. Lately, I haven't seen penguins doing *it* but ya!

Club penguin is ok 6 years ago

Club penguin is fine yes THERES A DATING PROBLEM and baby problem. nobody gets that serious babys just pretend to be cute and play around. The main problem is the dating now ive tryed it to test if it was clean all the penguins did was put heart up to each other and played sled racing YOU CAN NEVER GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFO!!!! because its not possible so let your children on if there 8 or up

CP HATER ARE SICK 6 years ago

Club penguin is very safe im 10 and i luv it if you dont wanna take chances put it of ultimate safe chat

Shakerup  6 years ago

I agree with annoymus.

Annoymus 6 years ago

Clubpenguin is safe, trust me, but dont let your kids ever go to the petshop to pick bay bees. everything around cp is safe except for bay bees. they have gone way to far. only let your kids go in the petshop to by puffles and by puffle items(puffles are little cute pets) and play a game called puffle round up. other then that, i see cp bay bees going up to rich girls, or as i like to call them, rich b*tches, cuz they say stuff like "STEPS OUT OF HUGE GOLDEN JET AND WALKS DOWN RED CARPET WITH FANS SCREAMING MY NAME" for bay bees can run up to them. then the bay bees are like "clings to massive boo" and boo is boob. the the "mommmy" says "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW". how the hell is clinging to a woman's boob cute!?!? ITS DOWN RIGHT PLAN GROSS THOSE SICK LITTLE PERVERTS. gross with a capital G.

Shakerup 6 years ago

OMG I FOUND OUT HOW I GOT BANNED! Okay one day I emailed club penguin about the baby problem but since I said in the email "they talk sexual language" so thats why they banned me! >:( MY DAD WORKS FOR NASA SO HE IS GOING TO TRACK DOWN BABIES ON CLUB PENGUIN AND BAN THEM FOREVER BY USING THE SATILITE AND THEY WILL SEE HOW "adorable" THEY REALLY ARE! PS it is not fun because all you do is walk around watching people date eachother

Shakerup 6 years ago

Club penguin is BAD! And if you want your kid wants to have fun and be safe club penguin is NOT the place for you! The old club penguin was fun and safe. But now its not because for the 1st reason: its not fun because there is nothing to do. And the 2nd reason: its not as safe as it was before because now there is all new hacks and people make bots to make them spell bad words.

Shakerup 6 years ago


Shakerup 6 years ago

Poppy how could you think that?!?! The baby thing is BAD because they are taking over club penguin! All the babies do are take over club penguin and talk sexual language! They abuse my friends too! And Poppy I tried being a baby and the mom and dad had sex and the mom tried to breast feed my penguin! And why would they do it? Its BORING

Poppy 6 years ago

It is a safe website. Im 10 years old and its the BEST SITE EVER! Seriously it is safe. You cant say your phone number or adress because you cant type in numbers. Also if someone says something bad then it shows up on there screen but nobody elses. About the 'bay bee' and 'tum tum' thing, it isnt that bad! Its just like you adopting a baby and looking after it until its grown up. Please at least try it before you start saying bad things about it!

Shakerup 6 years ago

Hi my penguin's name is Shakerup and I started playing when it was first made. I used to think it was SO fun. Me and my friends used to play it all the time. But Disney RUINED IT! Now I barley play at all because these penguins dress up as babies and say "hwi pwease adwopt me" You think that is harmless. BUT it isnt once they get to their igloo. Because I've seen a club penguin "family" at someone's igloo and the mom said "do you want milky" and the baby said "wes" (yes) then the mom said "from me or from bottle?" then the baby said "from woo" (from you) then I got freaked out and turned it off. I am 10 and it is NOT safe!

Erica709 6 years ago

cp i fine BUT i had to report a few penguins but other then that IT IS ASOME SO IF U PPL DONT THINK ITS SAFE U ARE SOOOOOOOOOOOOO WONG IM JUST SAYING.

Torrie Gray 6 years ago


mandypandy 6 years ago

well iv seen some bad laguge but still it would happen like once in like 2 or 3 years iv had a clubpenguin acout for like 2years

Pinkie :) 6 years ago

I have been on Club Penguin since I was seven (I'm ten now) it's really fun and it teaches you how to save and take care of things. They have pets called Puffles. You have to feed them and everything! It's a great teaching tool! I you think it's bad, then you have some problem. I have never came across anything bad!

And I have noticed you are recomending Habbo? That site is bad. They swear a lot and my friends cousin used that and she got stalked! I'm serious. It's not safe!

I use Club Penguin everyday and I love it! And about the pet shop thing. Its completly safe! I have never ever come across an abuser and it's fun!

So to all of the bad comments about this wonderful site.

Your wrong!

FUCKING RAPIST 7 years ago


shelby 7 years ago

lady gaga fan is right bad website u can have sex on there

lady gaga fan 7 years ago

tum tum- pregnat

wanna- wanna have sex

gives k - gives kiss

wanna have secs-wanna have sex!

bad website

not tellinh 7 years ago

i SAW PPL HAVING SEX!!!!!!!!!! bad website!!!!!!

leila day 7 years ago

i don't think its safe because you can say bad words like poo and swearing and persoel info but i don't say personel info because you can get took away

leila day 7 years ago

i don't think its safe because you can say bad words like poo and swearing and persoel info but i don't say personel info because you can get took away

Taylor 7 years ago

Club Penguin is the best site! Let your kids go on! I mean really it's safe, some people do say bad stuff but they say it rarely, when I said they say bad stuff they do words that rhyme with the word. Club Penguin is the funnest site for kids if you ask me... Club Penguin wants you to be safe(like for an example, i heard they lied to secret agents because they didn't want them to say bad stuff or to act bad! SO LET YOUR KIDS ON CLUB PENGUIN IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME THEN GO MAKE YOURSELF A PENGUIN AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS! MAYBE THE PRICE FOR A MEMBER WILL COST A LOT, AND YOUR CHILD WILL WANT TO BE A MEMBER, SO ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PAY THEM FIVE OR SIX DOLLARS FOR A MONTH! I'm only nine and I enjoy this site! This site is made for 6 to like 14 and they said the site is also free for all ages!

Emily 7 years ago

It used to be appropiate. Now, children are having Boy and Girl parties. Not like the kind you start to attend in Middle School, but where you start to date people. Then they pretend to kiss. I have witnessed kids pretending to have sex, go through labor,swearing, and bullying each other.

Then there's the baby thing. This is your own opinion. Kids go to the Pet Shop, and go look at all of the babys. They adopt them and take care of them. It's just like playing house on the internet. Sometimes, it gets bad. The parents start to abuse their kids.

Jakeman 7 years ago

There are always dangers that parents face with their kids. The internet however does pose unique challenges because you can't easily "see" what they get up to. However do to teh wonders of technology you can monitor your kids activity on line and then TEACH them what is (and isn't) safe...the same way you teach "Stranger Danger" or anything else for that matter. The National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) has software called McGruff Safeguard at and it's free!

marty 7 years ago

tum tum=preganent

gives k=gives kiss

bay bee=baby

bay bay=baby


maya 7 years ago

look for all you parents i get it you dont think its safe to let your little ones play games online.BUT keep in mind you cant shelter them from everything.Also i have a 9 year old daughter who LOVES to play club penguin i was worried also but i watched her play one day and it is a very safe game BECAUSE if you dont want your child to speak to other children with free chat or here inapropriate messages you can use safe chat where it is only on menu chat. Also the last thing is your child who is 8 years old WOULD NOT BE ABLE TO GET THEIR OWN MEMBERSHIP!!!unless they know what everything on a credit card is and unless they know your actual address also you HAVE to put the CORRECT/SAME name!!!Club penguin is very safe and i allow my two children to play freely ecause my older son watches my daughter and they are buddies on club penguin IF and ONLY IF he sees something he doesnt like he suspends the penguin by reporting him/her.Club penguin is great and totally safe if you arent convinced try:


safika world

poptrpica (advertisements for disney channel but NO talking,reading is invovled)

r leapfrog online

sierra 7 years ago

that is supied for you gies to sa

a child 7 years ago

i would play it if they wouldn't keep telling me:


Anonymous 7 years ago

Club penguin is musch safer than many other websites, they have real live moderators a way to "flag" penguins as inapropriate, if all else fails, there is still an "autoban" if kids say bad things on penguin, unlike poptropica, webkinz, or miniclip (maybe) there is no lure to buy things like the ganz estore, or poptropica's ever so annoying advertising. and about "tum tum" people could actually ban these creeps.

Like everything, there are downs, such as the membership, (decide if you want to buy a membership) and there is also some kind of pregnancy thing called "Tum Tum", people can also lure kids into poptropica, or webkinz, or even a shoot em up game via chat. there are "bay bees", and penguin "dating" if you are worrying about this, just use ultimate safe chat, where the child could completely unknowingly not hear these messages.

Club penguin has no advertising, it generates revenue by "memberships" in which you do not have to get, it just unlocks special features

dfgsgfdsf 7 years ago

iv got club penguin and im 10 club penguin rules and iv had it for nealy 5 years and i love it and im a member i begged my mum to have a member ship for my penguin

me 7 years ago

i luv cp

it is ever so safe. i dont know why you peeps are complaining

i have been a member for ages!!

hahahaha 7 years ago

Club penguin is the best game and website ever made!

matt 7 years ago

i have played almost 4 years now. i dont really get on anymore because Disney purchased it but its safe. If you purchase membership yeah you will probably get bored after a year but its worth it. (im 13 now)


coocoo 7 years ago

some of u people are really mean clubpenguin is one of the most safe website nothing bad can happen the clubpenguin review team looks at if people are doing bad things or not every day !

club penguin player 7 years ago

club penguin is safe i go on it mostly everyday.

and if anyone swears on there other penguins cant even see it.because they get banned right when they say it.

P.S. its called club penguin not penguin

allie 7 years ago

i just got kicked pf clubpenguin forNO REASON. i dont think club penguin is right and im a kid. ppl on clubpenguin are making replace ment words for the wons they cant use. like swear words.i got kicked of for no reason . they should makethere site a little more safe. somethings arent always safe.

jpm 7 years ago

If club Penguin is a safe website for children, why doesn't it work with the high level of web restriction enabled?

The high level web restriction is designed to block all web content except websites approved for children.

ashley20290 7 years ago

There is way too much flirting and the Pizza Parlor is a pick up place.

gold99887 7 years ago

OK guys club penguin is safe! onnce it had a coins for change donatin on december! penguins(people)who did that help kids affored docters and for kids who were hurt in war etc also if you say a bad word your banned unless it was a mistake its all safe in club penguin!

12an1 7 years ago

I think the site clubpenguin is a safe site for kids im nine and i play it and they have a monater on club penguin too so if your kid or somone els sed a swear it will ban your penguin from club penguin.its a kids privet wourld for kids.

Eoin 7 years ago

I have been playing cp for almost 3 years! it is very safe! But lola There is SOME pervs That do perverted things! but anyway it is safe!

comment from the expert's 7 years ago

my team believes that club penguin is a well secured and monitored virtual reality game. we tested it's filters are self's we can insure your kids will be safe. we said every thing in the book even address, mother, father and phone... bassically anything to do with actual reality cant be said. like even home work wont go through it will be displayed on your penguins screen but will be denied access to the sever. witch there for will not be displayed on your child's screen.

yasmin 7 years ago

how do club penguin work!

animeloverXD 7 years ago

Hey. i love clubpenguin!Its not a bad website for kids TRUST ME!!!!


Madison 7 years ago

i let all my kids on it i even play its cool

Samantha 7 years ago

I seriosly cannot believe that u think club penguin is bad!!!! I love that website and have never, EVER seen bad language or meanness (is that even a word? lol) . I totally disagree AND I'M ONLY TEN!!!!!!

jay 7 years ago

cp is safe and u guys must not be watching ur kids to be saying that because before u make it u kan click on safe mode durrr and u dont have to be complaining and crying about how bad it is and if u have somthing to say then say it!!!!!

taylor 7 years ago

i love clubpenguin

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Okay - so in the spirit of full disclosure, I have let my son join CP. He and his friend talked me into it when they said it was 'Webkinz for boys.' I'll let you all know if I see anything I don't like!

Bob 1 8 years ago

I have been playing Club Penguin for more than one year, going on at least three servers a day for a half-hour in each and i have never seen someoneuse even stupid

ASHLEE 8 years ago


Andrew 8 years ago

its nothing it just say lis have a baby and thats it and pepole macks hospital for the baby but it just wrighting and its like playing with a doll house duh no one knows and am 11

Dannywsa1998 8 years ago

if you think club penguin is not safe you are crazy i've been on for almost a year and nothing bad has happened and about the sex thing its called "tum tum" and they dont "do" eachother to have the baby in roleplay they just do this

"baby comes out tum tum"


leanne 8 years ago

I have a club penguin account and I like it a lot. I play with all of my friends online, and I rarely talk to strangers. I have never seen any of that sexual stuff. But when your penguin becomes 3o days old, you can take a quiz to become a Secret Agent. The answers to the quiz are very easy. The PSA (Penguin Secret Agency) encourages the kids to watch out for bad things, and to report anyone if they do anything bad (not to mention the awesome secret missions they allow you to do.) I think it is safe. The only problem I have is that some sick people hack into it and make "bots". It doesn't do any harm, but they disturb me. But they are rare, and the Club penguin Team is working on demolishing the hackers. It is very safe.

lilly1 8 years ago

yep not that safe

lilly1 8 years ago

i dont play on CP any more but i used to lola i agree some ppl do that to me but i report them and tell my parents CP i not that safe and i am 12

Rachie A 8 years ago

brilliant really safe best game ever anyone thinks its rubbish is bonkers

lola 8 years ago

this clubpenguin is terrible! these people try to have sex with my daughters penguin! they say do you want to make a baby or want to do the do? It disturbs me! they also take their clothes off and say " oh yes baby, like that, it feels good, or kiss my bottom, or grab my balloons! it disturbs me!

Unknown 8 years ago

Im 11 and I play on CP everyday. It's rare for me to come across something bad and I have been playing for 2 years. I once saw someone replace bad words with ryming words though.

joblot profile image

joblot 8 years ago from Ringwood

This seems like a really great idea! I'm sure that 99% of the problem with safety on the internet is that parents really have no idea what their kids are getting up to. In fact they have no idea what can happen on the internet. I'm pretty sure that this is simply down to education - there is no real campaign to help parents realise the possible negatives the internet has to offer. I suppose by the time this generation of teenagers grows up - they'll have a much better idea of what's going on than their parents know now and hopefully things will improve a great deal then.

jennykim profile image

jennykim 8 years ago from Philippines

Hello Lela!

I haven't tried using Club Penguins, yet. I bet it will be an interesting site for kids. By the way, I have also a site-->

It's a collection of dress up games for kids! definitly fun and free. Hope you can visit some time!

Nasi 8 years ago


bob 8 years ago

its good

Sweet Soccer Girl 8 years ago from Torrance CA

i really like club 12 and i go on every chance i am allowed to(after homework,etc.)!

Taily 8 years ago

CP is fine, when I've got the time, I'll tell you why in detail

ellie 8 years ago

i agree with zach,sammy,and hector.

clubpenguin is a place to chill out after school and have some fun! i todally disagree with??????! im a kid just like zach, sammy, and hector.I BELIVE THAT CLUBPENGUIN IS SAFE!

????? 8 years ago

look... club penguin and other online virtual games are really bad!!!

children believe that this is the real world!!!!

a fake world.instead of going out with other REAL childen and play sports that are good for there health.

thank you.

bluerabbit profile image

bluerabbit 8 years ago

Thanks for pointing this out. Sounds like a terrific site.

Latania 8 years ago

I have heard alot of bad word on club penguin. I do not let my child play on it.

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

I also like Webkinz.

Heidi 8 years ago

Club Penguin is not all that. While my dtr were with a sitter a few weeks ago, she(8 yr old) signed up for club penguin. She used my mother's email address which was written on a sheet of paper and then got in my desk for my extra credit card. Although she used the wrong first name on the cc , CP still accepted payment and started a premium membership. I didn't like CP to start with and put a stop to it before I even found out about the credit card charges because the chat is too flexible.

If you are looking for a safe web site for your children, buy them a webkinz, each webkinz(between 9 and 15 dollars) comes with a years membership and great features. You can do safe chat with pre-written phrases or safe chat without numbers and proper names, states, etc.... Safest site I have found. I do allow my kids to play on build-a-bearville too.

hector 8 years ago

it is about as safe as safe could be and im only 9.

greathub profile image

greathub 8 years ago from Earth

I have published parenting tips on my hub:

Would you people like to take a looK?

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

It sounds like parents really need to decide for themselves. However, looks like Penguin is among the safest websites.

John 8 years ago

OMG I totally beleve sammy I have been a member on club penguin for almost 3 years and I have not heard one bad thing! And if some one does say something me or rude or something like that YOU CAN EASLY JUST CLICK ON THEM and you will see this little M click it click the thing they did that was wrong and the people who work for club penguin will check it out and they will bannn them if they did something bad. From A CHILD PARENTS!!!!!! LET YOUR CHILDREN GO ON CLUB PENGUIN ITS SAFE AND FUN I EVEN FEEL SAFE LETTING MY 7 YEAR OLD ON IT!!!!

Zach 8 years ago

OMG I caant beleve you think club penguin is a bad website! I have been a member for almost 3 years and I"m only 10 and my mom aproves of it! And I email them all the time and they dont do anything!!!!!!! From A CHILD P.S. PARENTS LET YOUR CHILDREN GO ON CLUB PENGUIN!!! ITS SAFE AND FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sammy 8 years ago

Ok well im a kid and I have a club penguin named SandCrystal and if any of you people think Club Penguin is a bad website, you are SO wrong because I have been in contact with them. They say that they have an advanced word filter. Im 12 and I have had my penguin for 2 years and I have been on almost every day. Out of all those days I have not seen or heard of one bad thing. And if something slips, someone will report them because all you have to do is click on them and there is a button that says REPORT. And then a moderater WILL suspend them. Check it out your self before you say anything bad.

highwaystar profile image

highwaystar 9 years ago from Australia

In theory it's a good idea -- if only parents actually would monitor their kids online activities. A much better and safer way to educate and entertain kids is to give them the freedom to listen to stories on mp3 audio books. There's been a lot of research and studies supporting that both music, sounds and words have a much greater impact on learning while retaining more of what was learned for a longer period of time. In other words kids have fun and get much better results, go to:

Marye Audet profile image

Marye Audet 9 years ago from Lancaster, Texas

I had to pull my kids off wasnt right for us..and the kids (or whoever) do actually get away with saying alot of things that would be considered inappropriate at our house anyway

riki 9 years ago

hi lol idk wut to say lov club penguin but hey im 11

hav you seen ross wow does he hava dirty mouth!!

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