Another 50 Ways to Be a Green Family

  1. Wear a sweater or use an extra blanket and drop the thermostat a degree in the winter.
  2. Open the blinds during the day instead of turning on the lights.
  3. Use toilet paper rolls, cereal boxes, and plastic bottles for crafts.
  4. Make rag rugs from old clothes with holes.
  5. Arrange an errand co-op - you take all the dry cleaning, while your neighbor returns library books.
  6. Read the newspaper online.
  7. Avoid using Styrofoam.
  8. Borrow books and magazines from the library, instead of buying them.
  9. Shred junk mail to create stuffing for gift bags and Easter baskets.
  10. Buy a solar charger for your cell phone.
  11. Recycle or refill your inkjet cartridges.
  12. Only wash your car when it really needs it.
  13. Only take as many napkins as you will use at restaurants.
  14. Reuse manila envelopes.
  15. If possible, use cloth diapers.
  16. Puree fresh veggies and fruits for baby food.
  17. Wash out spaghetti sauce jars and use them to store nuts, flour, and mixes.
  18. Use energy efficient appliances.
  19. Reuse restaurant crayons at home.
  20. Avoid using your oven in the summer.
  21. Change your furnace filter frequently.
  22. Use dish towels instead of paper towels.
  23. When cleaning your fish tank, siphon the water into a watering can to water your flowerbeds.
  24. Reuse gift bags and ribbons.
  25. Recommend a white elephant gift exchange instead of exchanging new gifts.
  26. Write, call or email your congressman about environmental concerns.
  27. Request that your children's teachers send newsletters through email instead of paper. (Here is link to more paper reducing tips.)
  28. Allow kids to choose from a bucket of old fast food toys, instead of giving goodie bags at parties.
  29. Don't bag grass clippings.
  30. Check the air in your car tires.
  31. Take your kids on a hike.
  32. Seek out eco-friendly businesses.
  33. Use old socks and tights with holes as dust clothes or to weave jump ropes.
  34. Wash your clothes in cold water.
  35. Avoid products with fragrances.
  36. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.
  37. Don't over-chlorinate your pool or hot tub, and make sure you have good ventilation.
  38. Use or wear products made from bamboo.
  39. Keep plants that improve air quality instead of using air fresheners.
  40. Telecommute if possible.
  41. Use low-VOC paints and flooring in your home.
  42. Dispose of your broken electronics properly as they contain hazardous chemicals like mercury, arsenic, and lead.
  43. If you or a family member gets a flu shot, make sure it is thimerosal-free.
  44. Read books with an earth-friendly message to your kids.
  45. Choose wood furniture and flooring that are formaldehyde-free.
  46. Clean silver with toothpaste.
  47. Opt for swimming in outdoor pools, instead of indoor pools.
  48. Use cast iron pans instead of non-stick.
  49. Give old magazines to nursing homes.
  50. Stay informed about environmental news.

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