Another Disgusting Sick Sex Story

In Trenton, New Jersey

 The parents thought maybe the kids, ages 15 and 7, had run away. Many hours passed and there was no communication between the parents and kids.

No, these were no runaways. The 15 yr old girl had dragged her stepsister (7 yrs) to a party that she had been invited to. Heck, the apartment was just down the street from their own home on Sunday. The party was mostly men, many that the 15 yr. old knew from the "hood". Time moved on inside this place and soon seven men were gang raping the 7 yr. old girl, NOT the 15 yr old! Seven years old!

While the 7 yr. old girl was being gang banged, her sis, was watching and collecting a fee from the men prior to the act.

The teenager was arrested for aggravated sexual assault, promoting prostitution and other lurid crimes involving her sis. The DA is attempting to convict her as an adult. As for the men, police are searching for them.

This is the type of case where we should take a few pages from the extreme punishment customs of Islam. For the teenager,what kind of punishment would be good? For the men, just kill them. Obviously, their mental condition and mindset are so far perverted their value to society is nil.


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Ohma profile image

Ohma 6 years ago

I whole heartedly agree. about the men however I think sis deserves the same as the men get

perrya profile image

perrya 6 years ago Author

Maybe...they have caught one is these kinds of news reports that give the US a horrible name in the world.

mikicagle profile image

mikicagle 6 years ago from Oklahoma

how sad to see nothing wrong with someone raping your little sister. imagine what she will do with her own children when she has them-she needs to be steralized

Springboard profile image

Springboard 6 years ago from Wisconsin

This is part of the reason this type of sexual assault should be a life sentence. As for the 15 year old, life might be appropriate as well. Without a doubt, the 7 year old has already received her own life sentence.

teen 5 years ago

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Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

I read this when it happened, maybe hubbed it, can't remember but I would use no Islam law for anything. I think it has already been used on us once. Did they pull your Gay hub? I can't find it.

perrya profile image

perrya 5 years ago Author


FGual profile image

FGual 5 years ago from USA

This is beyond comprehension. Did the 7 year old survive? This so sickening, apparently love for your family was not promoted in that family. Hopefully in prison, the 7 child rapists will get prison justice.

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