Family Tree: Judah Gregory wed Sarah Burt in 1643

Judah Gregory wed Sarah Burt on June 20, 1643 in Springfield, MA


Judah Gregory

Born: 1617 to 1618 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
Died: Sept. 4, 1649 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

Son of:
Father: Henry Gregory, of Boston
Mother: Abigail Goody

Please note: Since he is not of my direct line, I will not be following Judah's descendants beyond this hub. You can check for further information.


Wed June 20, 1643 in Springfield, Hampden, Massachusetts

Sarah Burt

Born: About Jan. 14, 1620 or 1621 in Harberton, Devonshire, England
Died: Oct. 9, 1689 in Stratford, Fairfield Co., Connecticut

Daughter of:
Father: Henry Burt Junior
Mother: Eulalia March

Putting things in perspective

Judah Gregory married at age 25 or 26 in 1643. His wife, Sarah Burt, would have been 22 or 23.

Their son, Sergeant Samuel Gregory, was born in 1646. Judah would ahve been 28 to 29. Sarah would have been 25 or 26.

Judah died in 1649. That means his son was only three at the time. On the other hand, his wife Sarah was around to see her son marry and have children.


Who was their child?

Sergeant Samuel Gregory

Details about their child Samuel


Samuel Gregory

Born: 1646 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut
Died: June 1702 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut


Wed in 1672 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

Rebecca Wheeler

Born: 1652 in Fairfield, Fairfield Co., Connecticut
Died: Oct. 26, 1703 in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut

Daughter of:
Father: Sergeant Ephraim Wheeler
Mother: Ann _________

What is my relationship to Judah Gregory and Sarah Burt?

Judah Gregory and Sarah Burt are a distant uncle and aunt; therefore, I will not be following this couple any further beyond this hub.

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