Babies: Taking Care of them Naturally

Having had two babies, I am well aware of the onslaught of advice and guidance that new mothers are given. Now that I have been a mother for nearly 12 years, I suddenly feel entitled to join the ranks of those that pass along their wisdom. Often the best gift you can give a new mother and her baby is the benefit of your experience.

I have raised my children in a "natural" fashion and my experience as a mother of two has taught me that...

· There is no better diaper rash prevention and/or cure as cornstarch.

· Washing your own cloth diapers is really not that big of a deal when you consider that you do laundry all the time anyway! Not to mention the money and landfill space you would save.

· Making your own baby food is as simple as baking a butternut squash or steaming some broccoli and throwing it in the food processor. You can insure that your baby is not getting mystery ingredients in their food.

· Breast milk, which contains natural antibodies, is the best thing for a goopy eye or clogged tear duct. Mother Nature knows what she is doing.

· Nobody can MAKE you vaccinate your baby. Educate yourself on the vaccinations and make an informed decision on something that could have a tremendous impact on your baby’s life.

· Stocking your medicine cabinet with Hyland’s Teething Tablets will save you a midnight trip to the grocery store.

· A warm compress and a drop or two of warm garlic oil can usually stop an earache in about 10 minutes.

· A walk in the stroller or a ride around the block can soothe a fussy baby when nothing else will.

· Babies love to hear your voice; Reading to them now will foster a future love of reading.

· Judging or measuring your child against other children denies them their individuality. Sharing notes and tips is one thing, but every child is different. As parents we need to practice more compassion than comparison.

· No matter what toys you may buy for your baby, they will inevitably be more interested in the box.

· Children can survive only watching TV on the weekends; and so can you!

· If you don’t give your child a choice, they will eat the food you give them.

· Your intuition is your best asset in parenthood. Trust yourself above all else.

*Nothing in this article is to  be considered a substitution for medical advice.

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