Baby Bath Thermometers

Giving your baby a bath should not be a stressful experience, and you can greatly reduce your concerns by having a baby bath thermometer on hand to ensure that the temperature of the water is safe and comfortable for baby. There are several excellent and positively-reviewed baby bath thermometers on the market, and there is even a baby bathtub with a built-in thermometer if you'd rather purchase something of that nature. Have a look at the following models, there really are some adorable, fun, baby bath thermometers that your child will enjoy playing with along with his or her other bath toys.

Aquatopia Safety Bath Thermometer

The deluxe safety bath thermometer with alarm from Aquatopia is too cute! It turns on automatically, and you needn't worry about fussing around with buttons or knobs. It tells you the bath temperature reading every 2 minutes so you can keep a close eye on baby's bath water. If the water is too hot (anything north of 100.5 F), it sounds the alarm, and ditto if the water goes cold (anything below 89.6 F). You child will love the cute turtle shape and will enjoy playing with this new toy!

4Moms Infant Tub w/ Thermometer

This baby bathtub from 4Moms is a great invention, as it's both a bathtub and a bathwater alarm in one. The readings are color coded for hot, warm and cold so you can keep a constant eye on the temperature while you bathe baby. The bathing system is ingenious as well, because it gently directs clean water over baby, whilst filtering out the used, dirty water. Can be used in sinks and bathtubs alike and is made for babies 0-6 mos old.

Turtlemeter Bath Thermometer

This is another cute little baby bath thermometer. Turns on when you put it in the water, and will float happily while you bathe baby. It can go for a swim under the water as well, so if baby wants to play with the turtle, that's no problem at all. Temperature is recorded every second and is shown clearly on the LCD screen in Fahrenheit. As with the previous bath thermometer, readings are color coded for cold, warm and hot. 

Summer Infant Bath Thermometer

Baby's love Winnie the Pooh and this baby bath thermometer from Summer Infant will be an exciting new addition to bath time. Please be aware that this particular baby bath thermometer will not show you the specific temperature reading, and will only show color coding for hot, warm and cold readings. This is, I suspect, the reason this particular baby bath thermometer is so reasonably priced in comparison to the other models.

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