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Baby shower centerpieces are not just for hosts anymore.  They also make a great gift idea.  No longer is it only the hostess that provides the decorative accents.  Now guests attending the shower can bring one too.  Depending upon the style, they can make great accents in a newborn’s nursery.

Styles have definitely changed over the years. In years gone by, it was enough to have a straw hat festooned with ribbons and bows be the object of attention. These days, baby shower centerpieces for tables are much more elaborate. From helium balloons to baskets of bibs and baubles, the opportunities are endless for creating dramatic attention grabbers.

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Parents can share the joy of a newborn baby through card or newspaper announcements. Birth announcement wording can be unique, but usually includes the name, birthdate, weight and length. Parents may include a poem, religious passage or message from the big brother/sister, grandparent or other relatives. Bright pictures catch the eyes for a colorful touch.

For baby shower centerpieces ideas, one only has to look at their own fondest childhood memories for inspiration.  If there is a favorite book that still brings tears to your eyes that might be an idea to create a basket around.  A favorite childhood stuffed animal that still sits battered and tattered on a memory shelf could be a great starting point.  The secret to a great table topper is to create memories.  Baby shower centerpieces pictures are an excellent way to do this.  From pictures of a pregnant mommy’s belly to pictures of the happy couple as they started their journey towards parenthood, these are all possibilities.  Picture frames and photo albums encourage the parents to continue down this path.

Baby shower cakes are diaper arrangements; along with the diapers there are a number of items that any parent would need for a new baby. Many of these cakes are made according to a certain 'theme', for instance, there are farm theme, lamb theme, dinosaur theme and fairy theme baby shower cakes. One should choose a cake in a theme that also goes along with the theme of the baby shower.

DIY baby shower centerpieces

Centrepiece design

Baby shower centerpieces for boys can be just as elaborate as those for girls.  Choices range from a bright red bucket full of plastic hammers and drills in amongst soothers and diaper pins, to a small red wagon with the latest must have items for parents.  You are only limited by your imagination.  Make sure that the shower hostess will have enough room for your choice.  If space is limited, consider making your contribution more of a floor model accent.  It is all up to you and your creative inspirations.  Choose ideas like a quilted sewing basket for a girl, or an unexpected designer purse that can be used as a diaper bag.  Get creative and you can easily impress all those in attendance.  Add items that an exhausted mommy will enjoy and you cannot go wrong.  Gift certificates for a pedicure or even a shoulder massage are guaranteed to thrill. 

Regardless of which option you choose, both mommy and baby are sure to get quite a bit of use out of your choices.  A parent can never have too many basics, so be sure to add plenty time tested items too.

It is important to use gift card envelopes when you are sending out invites to baby showers. They come incredibly varied in style, and it does not matter what type of design you have in mind, they are available at a store or online. Gift card envelopes definitely enhance the appearance of the gift card, as the gift cards without the envelopes could look not very well thought of and plain. It would absolutely make it look like you put more thought into it when you use Gift card envelopes. Additionally, they are great because you can write or put anything you want on them, giving it a personal touch.

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heart4theword profile image

heart4theword 5 years ago from hub

Baby shower center pieces, that is a great idea. I really didn't care for the center piece the video..portrayed? To be honest, it looked like a big popcorn ball on a container, you would serve popcorn in? Really liked the other version, with the blue tissue coming out..pictured something else to be in the center of that:) Thanks for sharing!

Samantha Gold profile image

Samantha Gold 5 years ago

I like your ideas especially the quilted sewing basket.

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shopping-all 4 years ago from USA

Nice post its quite useful, i have just started my own website and it looks like this will help a lot.

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