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Baby Strollers Travel Systems/Jogging Stroller Travel Systems

For athletic Moms and Dads, you have jogging stroller travel systems that fit the same purpose.

The biggest issue for systems that make room for removable car seats for your baby is the bulkiness of the systems.

But bulkiness can be a benefit too, as they are sturdier and allow more space for conveniences like cup holders and room to park groceries and other purchases picked while out on your stroll.

The most important advantage is the ease of transitions between cars and strollers and home, all of which can be made without taking your baby out of his or her comfortable carrier. Allowing your baby to sleep without disturbance or waking up while you maneuver is a huge advantage.

Assuming travel systems baby strollers are best for you and your family, you have choices to make between numerous brands.

Here, we'll cover baby strollers travel systems and jogging stroller travel systems that rank highest with parents who use them as the best way to match baby and lifestyle.

Right from the start, Eddie Bauer wins with a stroller that is already partially assembled and takes just ten minutes to have complete and ready to use. The travel system also scores big for ease of use.

It slides easily into and out of its base, when not in use, it folds up easily with a simple button and slide that will have it put away in minutes Our second choice is from Evenflow.

The big thing with the Evenflo Journey is that it is very light compared to other travel system strollers. 36 pounds is impressive, and it doesn't sacrifice anything in safety with a side impact test that doubles the federal standard.

Travel System Advantages

It's a given that travel system strollers do the two main things expected of them.

They provide parents with a way to combine the joys of walking with their babies and the convenience of cars most of us need for getting around.

The more mobile and active your family, the more baby strollers with travel systems are likely to help you to continue the lifestyle your family values.

But how well do popular travel system strollers fit the bill for convenience in use, costs, and providing the all important safe, secure and manageable environment for babies?

We'll look at the weight and size of popular strollers, but we'll also consider things you might not have thought about?

Stroller travel systems come with bases to be used for car seats, but what if you have two cars? Can you buy a second of third base to extend its usefulness to other vehicles. Baby strollers travel systems are great, but which is best for you.

My intention is to give you great choices (with some alternatives that follow) and let you decide between options that are all winners for you and for your baby.

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David Stone 3 years ago from New York City Author

The feeling is mutual, Susie. Nice that you found this. It's my only original hub in a year, and I only posted it after it was shot down by Squidoo and Wizzley. I finally made it good enough for HP.

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colorfulone 3 years ago from Minnesota

These are awesome strollers for the on the go parents to use and take the kiddos along for the run. Very nicely done Dave. Great to find you on Hubpages.

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