Baby Trend High Chair

Baby Trend High Chair, Little Lionel
Baby Trend High Chair, Little Lionel

The exact high chair in this review

Baby Trend Serengeti High Chair
Baby Trend Serengeti High Chair

A more plush design with shoulder straps. This one is more comfortable for infant feeding.


Review by Owner

Baby trend adjustable high chair

I first purchased the Baby Trend High Chair when my son wanted to sit with me at the table. I was not ready for him to be in a booster seat because he still needed to be strapped in and I wanted something with an easily washable cover. I also had a second baby on the way that I knew would be using the same high chair. I gave up my space saver seat and replaced it with the baby trend.

The adjustable heights allow me to put my son at the table, seat tucked under, like he would be in a chair without taking up a second chair to do so. The high chair is extremely easy to adjust up and down by squeezing two red buttons that release the chair. The high chair then snaps into the desired height when you release the buttons.

The tray was difficult to use at first, I think it may have been warped in the package. We had to remove the center bar that goes down between the child's legs in order to use the tray with my small, almost two year old. Once the center bar was off, the tray worked better for our needs. The high chair does not come with shoulder straps.

The high chair is not as easily washable as I had hoped. My mom has an older style Peg Perego high chair that came with a vinyl seat cover that was much easier to clean. This high chair needs have the cover taken off (which is easy) and thrown in the washer every week or two. It does wipe down to some extent, but it also absorbs a little, which leaves stains until it is washed in the washer.

For feeding an infant, this high chair is not as nice as my space saver high chair was. It does not recline far enough and I find that I am using my infant car seat as my infant feeding seat more often than I use this high chair. Once my son outgrew the need to be strapped in at the table, I got him a cheap booster seat and put this high chair in a closet for when my infant starts eating finger foods.

On the positive:

  • It is easy to use

  • Easily washable

  • Folds mostly flat

  • Light weight


  • Does not recline properly for an infant

  • Must be taken apart to wash cover

  • Tray does not fit with center bar when child is older

  • No shoulder straps

There are better high chairs out there, but this one will do the job in a pinch.

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