Baby Yoga : Help Improve Digestion,Relieve Colic Gas and Sleep Better

Baby Yoga Deals With Colic

 Having to care for a colicky baby is difficult for parents who may often be left feeling worn out and stressed because they are frequently told that there is not anything they can do to ease their baby from suffering.
But there is help available to them...
Yoga can help babies who have colic, babiesgas and general fussiness.
Baby Yoga can help babies sleep better, improve digestion and ease the pain associated with gas and colic
The Art & Science of Yoga involves the stretching and centering of the body and mind.
The tiny digestive system of a newborn baby is very fragile, so it's no surprise they frequently have painful gastrointestinal problems.If your newborn is suffering from an upset stomach, try putting him into a yoga position that will help expel the gas.This can be done by gently pulling your baby's knees to his chest so that gas bubbles can be released. 
You can also try another exercise where you slowly advance his knees up to his belly.After holding them there for a few seconds release the pressure, Repeat this a few times while stroking the baby's legs to relax him.. Next, bring baby's knees back to his belly and circle his thighs in a clockwise direction several times. Another variation of this is to "bicycle" the baby's legs before doing the circular motions with his thighs.
If your baby is colicky at night, you can practice a few Baby Yoga movements with them to calm him before bedtime.
Baby Yoga will increase a babies comfort level by engaging the baby muscles and then relaxing them. This will leave a baby with a relaxed content feeling which will translate into better sleep.

Baby Yoga For Gas And Colic Relief

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