Choose Your Baby’s Gender: How to Get Pregnant with a boy?

The time comes in the life of couple that is the best shinning time when they come to know they are going to be the parents soon. It is the feeling that makes them happy a lot and they start thinking whether there baby will be girl or boy.

Some of the regions and areas are those where the need of boys is more than the girls and on the other hand some are the places where need of girls is more. In this technological world there are so many ways to determine whether you are having baby boy inside or a baby girl. In old times people also did so but according to their knowledge and now it become easier.

How to get maximum chance of baby boy?

The male and female both have sperms that they release during intercourse and the fact is that the sperm of male is weaker then of female. In order to have a baby boy you should do sex until the sperm reach to the ovulation. The other thing that you should consider is the best time for the sex like you check your body temperature and when it is high then do intercourse it will help you to release a strong sperm.

Environment effects on the growth of sperm;

When you are going to do intercourse make a perfect environment like the alkaline surface make it easy for you to reach on a exact place to throw your sperm and female also feel hot in that environment and can do sex for a long time.

Healthy diet also helps you to conceive for baby boy;

Diet plays vital role during pregnancy time so by the guidance of your lady doctor you must make a diet plan and add the food that is having mostly the potassium it will be beneficial for the birth of boy. Don’t try to do dieting in this condition. Add nutrients in your meal and stay healthy if you want to conceive for baby boy.

The timings should be appropriate while doing sex as it take mean in the birth of baby boy or baby girl. From the market you can easily get the ovulation kits that tell you the exact time. You should check it twice a day as it seems to be difficult but if you want to have a baby boy then it is not a big deal.

Standing sex is more suitable for baby boy as it is the dream of yours so make your position in a way that girl will enjoy the sex and you too so that male sperm will not die soon and the female sperm is moving in the air and can give a birth to the egg at the same time you will enhance your setting to make it more strong.

So if you and your partner want to have a baby boy then follow the instructions when you are going to start intercourse so that your dreams will come true soon.

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