Out of the Mouths of Babes...Backseat Entertaiment!

Ashlynn and Shelby
Ashlynn and Shelby
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn
Miss Ashlynn
Miss Ashlynn
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn
Miss Ashlynn
Miss Ashlynn
Shelby, Ashlynn, Wendi and Cheri
Shelby, Ashlynn, Wendi and Cheri

What on earth made me think this three-hour drive would be boring?

Mom is visiting from Texas. She’s staying with my sister…the one who lives in Massachusetts, and I happen to live in the “Great State of New Hampshire.”

We had all planned (this includes my daughter and her family, and my other sister) to spend the weekend together shopping, cooking, and most importantly… singing our little hearts out to a major “ROCK BAND” challenge.

Well, in order to do this, I, along with my daughter and sister, had to make the three-hour drive down to Central Massachusetts. I only live a couple towns over from my children and I get out of work at 2:00pm, which is 1 and ½ hours earlier than my daughter. So in order to make things easier for everyone, I volunteered to pick up my granddaughters and bring them down with me.

Now, I remember long trips with my kids when they were younger. First of all my children were “girl vs. boy.” There’s just no compromise there…the best you can hope for is an agreement to disagree. Therefore the majority of what could’ve been enjoyable family trips turned into, “STOP TOUCHING ME”, “I SAW THAT PADDIDLE FIRST”, and…this one’s my all time favorite (especially when you’re just pulling out of the driveway) “ARE WE ALMOST THERE YET?” Oh how I miss the good old days!

So, I punched out from work at exactly 2:00 O’clock yesterday and rushed over to pick up my little darlings. They are the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen, with a whole lot of personality! Ashlynn is the older of the two (the one with a lot of character), she turns five at the end of the month, and Shelby (the one with major FUNNY attitude) is two years old.

I get them all strapped into their car seats, and guess what the very first question is? “ARE WE THERE YET?” And shortly after that came the famous “how many highways do we have to go on?” Not sure why I felt compelled to do this calculation in my head, but I did and gave them the exact number…don’t really think they cared (they’re only two and four)…it was just a question!

The first hour or so of the drive went as expected…two little people yelling song requests from the backseat! We were singing and wiggling around in our seats, with just an occasional “ARE WE THERE YET” thrown in. We had one short crying spree from Shelby, which I ended promptly by turning the “Sugarland” Woo Hoo Song up really loud.

I turned the music down after a while and started to talk to the girls…and the conversation took off from there. The first thing I hear from the back is “hey Nana, I’m going to sleep with Caitlin (her cousin) tonight” from Ashlynn. Shelby responds with “me too.” “No you’re not,” says Ashlynn, “you’re sleeping all by yourself.” Shelby gets upset and yells “then I’m sleeping with Ben (Caitlin’s brother.)”

About one minute of silence and Ashlynn comes out with “Shelby, you can’t do that! You can’t sleep with boys…why do you always want to sleep with boys?” Mind you, they’re two and four! Shelby asks, “Why can’t I sleep with boys?” “Because boys are dirty Shelby”, “girls are clean!” So the first thing that comes to my mind is my daughter (who has WAY TOO MANY articles of clothing) making it virtually impossible to keep her bedroom in any kind or order.

I turn around to Ashlynn and ask her “are you saying that all girls are always cleaner than boys?” “Yes” she says! I then reply with this simple question “are you saying that Mommy’s bedroom is clean?” She promptly comes back with “Oh no Nana! THAT’S A MESS!” I just burst into laughter…she’s like a three-foot tall adult!

A little music later and I notice the sky becoming eerily dark ahead of us. I tell the girls to look ahead “looks like a storm is brewing.” Ashlynn says, “That’s when the Zombies come out Nana.” “What Zombies, there’s no such thing as Zombies” I tell her! She says “oh yes there is Nana, they come out in my dreams”, then I hear Shelby agree by yelling “YA, me too!” Then Shelby proceeds to tell me how she (who is about two feet tall) steps on them and shines flashlights at them, to scare them away. Ashlynn yells over to Shelby “You did not Shelby, you weren’t even in my dream.” “I was too” says Shelby, “I remember, it was last night.” A little argument follows, which I put to an end with another loud rendition of the Woo Hoo Song!

Another argument begins with the “STOP TOUCHING MY CARSEAT!” Ashlynn says, “I’m older than you Shelby, I can do what I want.” Shelby says “WHAT?” Again…Ashlynn repeats, “I’m older than you Shelby, I can do what I want.” This happens three more times before Ashlynn becomes irritated and finally yells out “Shelby, you’re not listening to me!” Shelby (again, only two years old) says, “I don’t understand you Ashlynn!” This next line killed me, Ashlynn turns to her sister and says “Shelby, repeat after me…I’MMMM!!!!!!”

I couldn’t stop laughing…people in the cars next to me were just staring at me (probably thinking, what a whack job), because nobody can see these two little people in the back. All they can see is the crazy lady laughing out loud by herself!

Needless to say, the trip was very entertaining and enjoyable. When we arrived at my sister’s house my Mom says “you girls sure got here quickly” and Ashlynn (without a beat) turns to her and says, “well Nana drives really fast!” OOPS! Out of the mouths of babes.

So, that was my three-hour ride yesterday! But right now I have to go because I’m missing out on the face painting and the beginning of the next round of “ROCK BAND…the Country Version!”

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Robert Ballard 7 years ago

Been there too. Don't ya just love them babies! Thanks Wendi.

Robert Ballard

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Absolutely...I adore them!

lyricsingray 7 years ago

Adorable! Are we there yet? Is still my continual question on any road trip LOL, great Job Hubuddy

lyricsingray 7 years ago

Ps I remembered to press the green button - guess I can do it again now!

itakins profile image

itakins 7 years ago from Irl

I love this ,so funny -ah sweet memories of 'are we there yet'?

Bail Up ! profile image

Bail Up ! 7 years ago

Cute hub. You really never know what to expect with little ones :)

Alicia D 7 years ago

the things my kids come out with!!lol

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 7 years ago from Houston, Texas

What a cute idea for a hub. You have everybody smiling! Your granddaughters are darling little girls, BTW.

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thank you. We're having Ashlynn's Birthday Party today, so maybe I'll have a new hub to write tonight!

NaomiR profile image

NaomiR 7 years ago from New York

So cute! This hub made me smile.

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

Cute and funny piece. I grew up the oldest of 6, I can relate to this anecdote. Made me smile too!

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thank you Ben!

habee profile image

habee 7 years ago from Georgia

Too funny! Been there, done that. The girls are beautiful!

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thank you habee. They make me happy!

Putz Ballard profile image

Putz Ballard 7 years ago

The Rope profile image

The Rope 7 years ago from SE US

I love spending time with my neices! They're funny and cute but oh so grown up sometimes. Love the pics - they look just as special as you describe. Hope you had fun with all the activities!

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 7 years ago from New Hampshire Author

I did Rope, thank you. Our next field trip is Disney Princesses On Ice. Can't wait!

shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

What a great job you do with your grand children. I bet you always have this level of fun with them.

Good hub and VERY REAL!

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 6 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thanks Shaz. As a matter of fact, I had the girls over for the night (last night) and we're off to see Disney's Princesses on Ice today.

Ann Nonymous profile image

Ann Nonymous 6 years ago from Virginia

No matter how old I get I will never like riding in the back seat for long periods of time beside my siblings unless I am permitted to sleep!!! Thanks for this entertaining hub, Wendi!

Wendi M profile image

Wendi M 6 years ago from New Hampshire Author

Thank you Ann. I really enjoy the time I spend with those 2 little beauties...should probably write more hubs about all of their little antics.

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