Beat the Baby Boredom Blues

Having a baby is a blessing and a gift. After the initial shock wears off that this bundle of joy is truly yours, now the questions of what to do with this new addition in your life arises. Parents with infants begin to feel the effects of cabin fever quickly after having a child. Take a look at some of the ideas to keep that cabin fever at a minimum.

The Library

Readers may think that “quiet time” can only be found at the library; but on the contrary there are special areas that are available for parents and children. By checking with the local library, parents of newborns can find different ideas and programs. For example, the Multnomah County Library in Oregon offers a program called Book Babies. Babies from birth to 12 months can take part in singing, playing, and story time. The New York Public Library has a similar program called Baby Lapsit, which has entertainment for both parent and child.

The Museum

Infants and children can participate in hours of entertainment formulated for young people at the museum. Babies have the chance to see themselves in mirrors, play with foam blocks, and interact with puppets. Parents can find a play area called Treehouse Trail at the Children’s Chicago Museum. Babies get the chance to stretch and play in a camp like setting with canoes and rivers.

The Zoo

Infants enjoy watching objects move and bright colors. They can amply experience this at the zoo with the animals. Parents have the chance to be outdoors with an infant, and the babies like seeing the animals moving around. The San Diego Zoo has a push button board that allows babies and children to experience the sounds of animals. There is also a recreation of a rainforest, which can be visually delightful for parents and provides sensory benefits to babies.

The Botanical Gardens

Babies love warmth of the sun and the appealing smell of flowers. Taking a walk in a botanical garden or maybe having a picnic in a designated area of a botanical garden is pleasing for both parent and child. The Atlanta Botanical Garden features a children’s garden that has a variety of activities to do. People can come with babies and children to experience the laugh garden, the beehive meadow, and the dinosaur garden. Botanical gardens offer so much visually and aromatically, and children and parents profit from this health wise.

Remaining indoors with an infant can cause anxiety and a tremendous need to want to be outdoors. Parents with babies have a vast amount of possibilities when it comes to taking a trip outdoors with their little darling. Start with the ideas given above and finally conquer that cabin fever.

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