"Because I said so!" and Other Things Mom Said


"If you stick your tongue out again it will fall off."

If you were in certain locations such as the classroom, the best way to get back at someone was to stick your tongue out at them. The action required no verbal explanation and spoke volumes . I also used this at home regularly with my brother and sisters. Unfortunately, one day, my little sister went running to Mom and told her what I had done. Mom then found me and said, "If you stick your tongue out again it will fall off." I was certain that Mom knew what she was talking about and, from that point on, I always held onto my tongue when sticking it out, lest it ended up on the floor.


"Be sure you have on clean underwear in case you're in an accident."

This one always confused me. I understood Mom wanting me to wear clean clothes, but if I were in an accident, who was going to care if my underwear were clean or not? Were they not going to admit me to the hospital without an underwear check (is there even such a thing)? You don't know how many times I was at the door ready to leave, and would turn around and run back upstairs to change underwear, just in case. I was convinced there were underwear police. And, if anyone would get caught with their dirty underpants down (so to speak)--it would be me.


"Because I said so!"

This was the response I usually got after asking why I couldn't do something, or why I couldn't have something, or why I couldn't go somewhere. And the 'whys' usually had a whine to them. I always knew when I had pushed Mom to the limit, but something always made me give that one last shove . Then I would get the "Because I said so!" through clenched teeth, accompanied by 'The Look '.


"Think of those poor starving children in India... (or China, or Africa.)"

I used to think of all those starving kids at dinner time and sincerely wished I could take my vegetables, put them in an envelope and send them to all those hungry kids. If I didn't like the food, why would Mom think other kids would like it. It just wasn't reasonable to me. They should thank me. I was saving them from things like brussels sprouts, peas, and carrots!


"If you keep making faces, your face is going to stay that way."

Now, this was not really a threat to a kid 'of a certain age' because he would think that would be really cool. But as he got a little older, it carried a bigger impact. Girls. You know how brain-dead boys can be. Can you imagine them making faces at girls when the girls couldn't see them, then waking up and their faces still looked that way??? I can hear their screams from here. Truth be told, girls made faces as much as boys!

Oh, and don't forget about the "Don't cross your eyes 'cause they'll stay that way." and "Don't chew gum because your insides will stick together." There are an awful lot of kids I wonder about today and how their vision is. The gum chewers, well, I hope they never have to have anything removed, because it will just come out in one big piece!


"This is going to hurt me more than it does you."

I thought grownups weren't supposed to lie. This is the biggest ever . How can it possibly hurt them more than me, when it's my behind that's getting wore out? And I can't remember ever seeing so much as a misty eye. Well, I can say spankings helped develop my creativity. I never did the same thing twice, I had to think of other things to get into.


"Watch your mouth!"

My mouth is on my face . Please explain to me how I was supposed to watch it? To have asked Mom would have meant certain and lengthy grounding. Maybe I could go into the bathroom and stare in the mirror. But even if I did, what was I watching for ? I finally figured it out by means of elimination. Every time she said it, I thought about what I was doing and b.i.n.g.o--I was always saying something I shouldn't. What Mom didn't seem to realize was that watching my mouth wasn't going to do a bit of good. Here we go again!


OMG! I'm my mother!!!

As much as I've said that I would never say these things, I have. My kids reacted the same way I did, and I'm sure my grandchildren will tell me their moms (my daughters) told them the same things and so on, and so on. It's a vicious cycle. But it exists because we are moms and we love our kids. We don't always make sense, we're not supposed to. Our kids instinctively know what we mean, just as we did with our moms. This was just to make you remember, and smile a little bit.

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Phil Plasma profile image

Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

It certainly does bring back memories. As a father to three kids aged 2,6,9 I certainly see myself in similar situations.

mariasial profile image

mariasial 5 years ago from united kingdom

I like this one is " because i said Son ". good topic

kyblueyes 5 years ago

I remember all of these and yes I use them on my own children frequently. This is a great hub. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Phil-Hahaha! You're your mom!!! Thanks!

mariasial-Thank you!

kyblueyes-Thank you! See you do end up saying the same things.

writer20 profile image

writer20 5 years ago from Southern Nevada

I rememember and had a really good needed laugh, thanks my sexy friend

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Hey writer20! I'm glad I made you laugh. That was my goal! Thanks!

HennieN profile image

HennieN 5 years ago from South Africa

So very true. What has all of this learned us when we were kids though? And why are we using this sayings with our kids?

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

@HennieN-Because we are creatures of pattern. These things that we moms say may seem like they are meaningless, but they're not. It's the intent that counts and somehow that intent DOES get through!

writeronline 5 years ago

Isn’t it terrifying, the first time you hear things coming out of your mouth, that you haven’t heard since your parents said them to you? Sometimes the exact same words! I’ve lost count of how many times, when my sons were in their early teens, I’d be dispensing some fatherly advice, usually about what not to do in a given situation, and all the while, knowing how little notice I’d taken after my Dad gave me the same speech, hearing a little voice in my head saying, “You hypocritical bas#&%d..”

But it’s not just words that come back to bite you. My older brother was a bit of a player (of the field) in his younger days; now he’s the older father of a daughter in her teens. He tells me it’s all he can do not to grab every polite young guy who shows an interest in her, shake him by the shoulders, and say “I know what you’re thinking!!”

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Hahaha! Your poor niece! I guess they keep getting repeated because as we become adults we're able to see the wisdom in them.

Kayti 5 years ago

I say alot of those things. Some days I feel like my mother has taken over my body...and my voice!

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

LOL Kayti!

jami l. pereira 5 years ago

Voted up all the way across the buttons! Great Job ..and im still laughing ... my mom used a wooden spoon to spank me , and she could make it (the wooden spoon) sprout wings and burn rubber and smoke all at one time lol ...but i never got a spanking from her , that i didnt need ... the only thing missing here was the "wash your mouth out with soap ' lol i got that a time ortwo:(

Thanks for the memories !

Sylvia's Thoughts profile image

Sylvia's Thoughts 5 years ago from Southern California Author

Jami, you are so funny! Yeah, I've used the wooden spoon, and a couple of my kids experienced getting their mouths squeaky clean! Thanks a bunch!

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