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Hilarious: Do You Have A Bed Pig In Your House?

Do You have Sleep Deficit? What Kind of Quality of Sleep Are You Getting At Night?

Maybe your sleep Deficit is connected to Bed pigs. Forget the sleep number bed or the foamy comfort fit, just say no to the posturepedic and save yourself the expense of finding that new mattress that will give you a great night sleep. There is just one thing to do, get rid of those BED PIGS sleeping in your bed! Seriously??? When I saw the above picture I just laughed out loud because this is my house only with TWO DOGS and a cat, oh I meant to say, the family BED PIGS. Do you have a bed pigs at your house too? They come in all shapes and sizes. The above picture reminded me of my house.

Do you Wake Up In The Morning Cranky and Looking Like This???

Feeling Like You didn't Sleep At All Last Night
Feeling Like You didn't Sleep At All Last Night | Source

The Young Bed Pig, oh I mean the Puppy Slept In Our Bed....

Several years ago we adopted a little puggle pup that was 8 weeks old and weighed about 9 pounds. We tried crating her at night, but she whined so much that we could not sleep and as a result, we were so stressed and had major sleep deficit. Long story short, we put her in our bed between us so I would wake up when she had to go out at 2am in the morning. She was being trained on the pee pads at the door and it was working out really well, but I didn't want her messing in the house in the middle of the night. So in the bed she came. We thought it was so cute that she would crawl down in between us under the covers to keep warm. She loved it and that became her spot when it was bedtime. She was so small it didn't really affect us bit at that time.

That cute little pup eventually grew up and turned into a huge BED PIG!!! She now weighs 30 pounds and wants to spread out sideways in the middle of the bed, that is if shes not on top the cover like a bowling ball and you cannot move her an inch, unless of course, she is at your feet or in between your legs on the cover. You wake up with your body totally contorted wondering why you can't sleep because you are locked into position by the BED PIG.

Moving the Bed Pig

Have you ever tried moving a BED PIG? They weigh about five times more when asleep. As you turn over and try to reposition the covers on the bed you find you have none. The BED PIG is laying on the covers and all you have is a small corner. As you lay there shivering, dog tired (sorry couldn't resist) and don't want to move, you realize that you cannot fall back asleep because you need warmth. So you try to move that bed pig over a bit. She does not budge. So now that the Bed Pig is three years old, we just tell her get off the bed. She does. But, as soon as you go back to sleep that Bed Pig sneaks back onto her comfy spot and gets as close to you as she can to share your body heat. The body heat now triples, she is like a heating pad on your back. You turn over and there you are again, covers don't move and you realize at 3am that the BED PIG has returned and you no longer have covers once more. You nudge, but she doesn't want to wake up. You nudge harder and she grunts and drags her sleepy self to the bottom of the bed. You continue to roll over and go back to sleep. At 4am you are sound asleep and the BED PIG decides that its time to go out. She approaches your face, licks your nose and makes a little "yip"sound. Did I mention I love this little Bed Pig, but at 4am, she is pushing my buttons. I sigh, get up, take her out, wait for her to do her thing and return to bed only to rollover and repeat the process over again. As soon as my husband gets out of bed to start his day at 6am....there comes the Bed Hog. Our 90 pound Emily makes a comfy turnabout and plops on the pillow beside me. When I awake about 7:30am she is usually sprawled out across the bed sideways and the BED PIG is usually at my feet at that time since the BED PIG has taken her comfy spot.

No More Bed Pig

Did I mention that our spoiled rotten Bed Pigs have two very comfy beds on the floor? Well Emily (aka the large bed pig) does finally sleep on the floor in her bed. Bella (aka the lead ball bed pig) will sleep there for a bit, but as soon as you fall asleep she sneaks back into the bed until.......last week.

We bought a new bed frame that is slightly higher than the last frame. All of the sudden the little bed pig can no longer jump up on the bed. The first night, we asked her to get in to her bed she did reluctantly. As soon as we got to sleep she started to yip and whine because she wanted up in her comfy spot. We told her to get back in her bed. She did again reluctantly. Though she had a major attitude the next morning. Eventually, she has gotten over it . Occasionally she will whine and we have to remind her that she is now a recovered bed pig. She has been sleeping in her own bed now for about a month. No More Bed Pig!!!!

Reformed Bed Pigs


Better Night Sleep Without the Bed Pig

Seriously??? Is this what a good night sleep feels like. Amazingly, I almost forgot what it was like to sleep without restriction. I can say that we both sleep much better now that the Bed Pig has been weaned from our bed. We can turn over, stretch out, stay warmer, and have an overall better night sleep. We love our pets and they love us. However, when it comes to getting a good night sleep, everyone should be in their 'own' bed. I can truly say now our little bed pig is weaned from our bed, we get a better night sleep.

Get rid of your bed pig and you will too!

The Moral To the Story:

Bed Pigs cannot leap tall bed frames with a single bound.

One of the most important investments for your personal health and life of your mattress

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Larry Rankin profile image

Larry Rankin 19 months ago from Oklahoma

My wife and I have a state of the art mattress, but with our new be pig, it just doesn't matter. But I wouldn't have it an other way:-)

Just hilarious.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 2 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

LOL mine are the dogs.....or the bed hogs is what I call them.

Jax8181 profile image

Jax8181 3 years ago from Canada

Love this golfgal. Many of those pics were very reminiscent with my own daughter and her crazy legs when she decides she is too scared to sleep in her own room.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

Isn't that the truth. The bed pigs think they are sharing their bed with you. Now Emily gets on in the moprning and Bella has a major attitude because she cannot make the leap any longer. LOL.

Rosemay50 profile image

Rosemay50 4 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

I have been there, done that. Lol The trick as I learned is never to let them on the bed in the first place. I know who could refuse those cute little bundles, but once you let them on the bed it is so hard to kepp them off.

Thank you for the smiles

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

Hi TT, gracios.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

Thanks so much for visiting, come again soon. Laughs, She is like a lead ball in the middle of the night.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

LOL, Hope you have a superking bed!

TToombs08 profile image

TToombs08 4 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

This was SO cute! :) Loved it and voted up.

LaThing profile image

LaThing 4 years ago from From a World Within, USA

hahaha..... That top picture is truly my home too! Had fun reading it, and yes, they do get heavier at night! Enjoyed it, voting up.... :)

Just Ask Susan profile image

Just Ask Susan 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

I have bed pigs, 2 Newfoundland dogs that are both over 130 pounds. But the good thing is that they only come up for a visit for maybe ten minutes right before we all go to sleep. We did buy them their own beds, and at first they would use them but now they prefer to sleep right on the hardwood.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

I lost two cats one last year the other this year. They were my boys and I had them for 12 years. One used to sleep right above my head and the other by my feet or side. I would wake up there they would be. I still miss them so much. They were not bed pigs like the dogs.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

Great fun, yes, they do grow at night I am sure of it. Thanks for coming by Healthy P.

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

I see what you mean....they are very protective of the house for sure.

kartika damon profile image

kartika damon 4 years ago from Fairfield, Iowa

In my case, it's the cat who is perfect until 3 a.m. when he decides to sit on my head - I think you are right when you say, when it comes to sleep, it's best to be on your own. Tonight is the night - he gets the couch! Thanks!

Healthy Pursuits profile image

Healthy Pursuits 4 years ago from Oregon

I felt instant kinship when I read this! When my son was small, his favorite position was on his tummy next to me with one hand cupping my cheek. My face got sweaty in the night, but I knew it was just a lovey little kid touching mom.

I now have a (supposedly) small dog, a dachshund. She wants to cuddle up to me. I shift to the side in my sleep, and my side of the bed diminishes as the night progresses. She also likes to sleep sideways in the bed. I'm sure it's a verifiable fact that dachshunds grow longer in the night - she certainly does!

profile image

win-winresources 4 years ago from Colorado


Dogs are den animals and instinctively find a comfortable closed-in protective environment. Your big dog and mine found their dens in the crates and your little dog found her den with you.

Their dens also allow them comfort without them feeling they have to protect the whole house.

Oh well...

Golfgal profile image

Golfgal 4 years ago from McKinney, Texas Author

hey there win-win, Emily was crated as a pup and she liked her crate that she would also sleep in it unescorted. We just let the door open and she would go there at night just like your dog. Bella, now that is different story. We crated her when we were gone away, but at night she would jus carry on for hours. We tried for a week, but caved from sleep deprivation.

profile image

win-winresources 4 years ago from Colorado



Our pup (didn't matter her age, she was always a pup) was never allowed up on the furniture, but that didn't stop her from coming up to the side of the bed and licking any exposed hand, foot or face. Most of the time she preferred her crate at night and would take herself in there when whe was tired. The dog door solved the bathroom calls.

I guess, at 60 pounds, she might have been a bed pig and a half...


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