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Call me corny, but...

I was in a group interview for a counseling program and one of the other applicants said, "Call me corny but I care about people." I then stated that this is the place to be corny. One should never be embarrassed that they care about people and have made helping others the focus of their life. If caring about our fellow human beings is corny, what else could be considered corny? The memory of that interview gave me a kernel of an idea for this HUB.

1. If caring for fellow humans is considered corny, then call me corny. Life is more than grabbing all you can at all costs. After All, we are all the same chunk of rock in an absurd universe.

2. If opening a door for your date or wife is corny, then I am a corn ball. My wife did not know what I was doing when we first went out. Now she waits for me to open the door (chivalry will always be sexy).

3. If clean jokes are corny, then I am corny as they come. Not all jokes have to be about sex.

4. If a family picnic is corny, then call me corn bread. Spending time with your family is something you should do as often as possible.

5.If watching movies like Willy Wonka, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and It is a Wonderful Life is corny then pass me the popcorn. Each of these movies had heart and were entertaining.

6. If standing up when a woman you care about leaves or joins the table is corny, then I have a corn, never mind. It is always nice to let her know that you love her.

7.If calling your wife beautiful, gorgeous, or any other pet name is corny, than I am just plain corny. She is all of those things to me and more (well most of the time.)

8. If telling little kids that they like boogers and crackers is corny, than I am a corn bug. I know it is a weird thing to say but it gets them to laugh every time.

9. If trying to write a novel is corny, then call me a corn fed american. Every American has a story they want to tell. Even if they just want to tell that story to someone who is compassionate.

10.If bragging about your family is corny, then call me the corniest of the corny. Most kids do not know that members of their family are their biggest fans (or they should be).

In closing, I know this HUB was corny and maybe just a little lazy, but there was humor and a nugget of truth in every sentence...just like there is truth in corny sayings.

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lovelife08 profile image

lovelife08 4 years ago from United States

I laughed out loud! Awesome Hub.

pmorries profile image

pmorries 4 years ago from Golden, CO Author

Thank you for your kind words.

Lisa HW profile image

Lisa HW 4 years ago from Massachusetts

I enjoyed your Hub about "corny". I'm as corny as they make 'em. The way I see, though, the Art of Corn is becoming a lost one in this world that's so full of "cool" and "edgy". My favorite movie is Disney's "Enchanted", which so artfully and "cornily" pointed out the importance of corn and cornballery. It was cornificent. :)

peeples profile image

peeples 4 years ago from South Carolina

Fun Read! Very sweet!

CMerritt profile image

CMerritt 4 years ago from Pendleton, Indiana

From one cornball to another.....GREAT HUB!

Way to tell it!


k2jade31 profile image

k2jade31 4 years ago from Idaho

Well Said

pmorries profile image

pmorries 4 years ago from Golden, CO Author

Enchanted was a good movie, and, yes, I get some strange looks from some of my friends when I say that.

pmorries profile image

pmorries 4 years ago from Golden, CO Author

I have my moments but not as many as I should.

pmorries profile image

pmorries 4 years ago from Golden, CO Author

It is nice to know that there are a few of us left.

pmorries profile image

pmorries 4 years ago from Golden, CO Author

Thank you.

k2jade31 profile image

k2jade31 4 years ago from Idaho

You are very funny, more people should be funny, I wish I was more funny.

BJC profile image

BJC 4 years ago from Florida

Too funny!!! Love it!

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