Being a Mom-Stay At Home Mom Daily Routine

Being a Stay at Home Mom-Love it and Hate it!

A typical day in the life of a stay at home mom usually begins with a freshly brewed coffee, which moms gladly sip while packing school lunches and snacks; or putting together dinner in the crock pot. Some of us are lucky to have our children sleep past 6:00 am or have husbands help with the start of the day. Others are not so lucky, so you try to squeeze the daily shower before 5:30 am. That, after all, maybe the only time you actually get to take a shower.

The size of the coffee mug a mom drinks from, predetermines how much she has to do today. How many practices, dance lessons or other appointments she has to drive the kids to, the laundry piles she has to fold or how well did mom sleep last night.

Guess what?! Little Molly woke up extra early this morning. This usually means two things - little Molly may take a nap (Mommy would get a nap too) or it is going to be a very long day with everybody barely making it till bedtime.

Some stay at home moms are blessed with very agreeable children who rarely fuss or throw a tantrum fit.

The movie Motherhood featured Uma Turman being a mother of a child who either happily napped, peacefully played with his toys or IMAGINE that contently sat in the stroller while his mom was going for ever through the sales rack clothes. I did miss the first part of the movie and hope they did show some more appropriate situations for a mother of two like your toddler throwing up in the car while you are on the freeway or your kids pitching a fit in the grocery store.

One important thing every stay home mom should realize is that her daily routine cannot be centered around her children and family only.

We have a lot of responsibilities throughout the day, we might end up putting our needs last. Some of us have children that are little and close in age, that leaves very little room to stop and take a breath.

If you don't have a daily plan or a schedule your life can turn into a chaos. Talking on the phone to a friend instead of preparing dinner while kids are having their TV time can be a costly mistake. This will probably lead to later bedtime for kids which surely means you don't get to watch your recorded show or spend some precious time with your husband.

How To Stay Organized?

Knowing what's for dinner throughout the week for example is very helpful. Planning your dinners for the week and buying all the needed groceries can save you an extra trip to the supermarket in between soccer practice and your well baby check up. Knowing how to make couple of easy healthy chicken dinners comes in handy.

Staying on top of your clothes - meaning have the clothes washed and folded is another chore stay at home mom have hard times with. Socks, especially, I hate folding socks! Looking for clean clothes and knowing that you are running late for school, practice or anywhere else can be rather stressful. Folding all clothes as they come out of the dryer, or just having a laundry day is a way to stay on track with this.

Planning your day ahead of time might make your life much easier, simple things like sticky notes on the fridge, or even just a wall calender can help you stay organized and keep track of things you need to do.

Buying supplies in bulk is very helpful not only for the stay at home mom but for any family with little children. Driving to the local Walgreens to buy diapers or wipes at 8:00 pm is not fun.


Your daily schedule-Making time for you

If Mama Aint't Happy, Nobody is Happy

Do yourself and your family a favor and make time for you ever day.

The sooner you start planning your own 30 min. or more in your daily schedule, the easier for everybody else will be. It might take a while for kids to realize that this is mommy's rest time, but they will eventually get it.

It is important to realize that stay home moms rarely have time for themselves.  In the evening  we try to spend time with our spouses or catch up on house chores.

Your personal time should be just for you. Read a magazine, lie down, do some yoga or watch TV. Preferably you need to be in a different room, try to reconnect with yourself and relax.

Making time for you is very important for stay-home-mom's emotional well-being, it helps restore your energy and mental equilibrium. You will be happier, refreshed and a better mom.

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