Best Baby Shower Cakes

Baby shower cakes are a very important part of any shower. There are obviously all kinds of cakes that can be made. Which you go with depends on the theme of the party, also whether the baby is a boy or girl. 

There are baby shower cakes for boys and baby shower cakes for girls, so picking one according to the gender is important. But which should you go for?

What matters?

There are many different styles of birth announcement wording. While all of them typically include name, birth date and general information about the baby, many announcements include more. Some parents prefer to use a poem or a verse from the Bible while many like using wording that sounds as if it comes from an older brother or sister. Whatever wording is employed, a birth announcement will become a special family memory.

I live in the UK, and I was really surprised when I looked into this subject and discovered that these cakes weren’t edible, but rather something made out of (what we call) nappies! You guys and girls in the states probably think that it’s nuts that we shouldn’t do the same thing, but I have to admit it’s a great idea. This hub goes into the broad brustrokes of a baby shower, or diaper cake, in the hope that UK new mums and dads will adopt the ideas.

Decorative gift card envelopes for baby shower invitations often are overlooked when gift cards are purchased. A gift card without an attractive envelope is like an unwrapped gift. A fancy gift card enclosed in either no envelope or a plain envelope looses a little of its visual appeal while an ornamental gift card envelope makes for a complete gift package.

for the brits: a diaper baby shower cake!

The needs of the mother have to be considered, if the cake is going to be a diaper cake. There are essentially two different kinds of shower cakes, the edible versions, and diaper cakes. The former is self-explanatory.

The latter is generally made with diapers as well as other baby items, and obviously is not made to be eaten. This is more for giving the mother the items needed to care for the baby properly. Diapers are not cheap, and since many mothers use 10+ daily, this gift can save them money. One important consideration is what kind of diapers the mother wants. There are both synthetic and natural diapers, and many people are going with the latter today because of their health benefits.  How true is this?  It’s true that the natural way is being used in the UK but only when there is a diaper/nappy washing service.  When there isn’t often people turn to disposables.  I can’t remember last time I saw a baby in a real diaper

Some of the best baby shower centerpieces are the useful ones. Options that would prove useful to guests would include picture frames with the newborn’s picture in or tiny vases with flowers. It is easy to find decorations that a mother could easily use. Bibs, onesies, rattles, bottles and more can all be decorated with ribbons and other notions and used as centerpieces.

Diapers for a cake will usually be the main ingredient. However, you can use other items as well, like bottles, rattles, and blankets, among other things. One easy way to figure out what to make the cake from is to find out what the theme of the party is going to be. Most parties will have a particular theme, and matching the cake with that is a good idea. In the states, do you layer the cake up? How do you construct it? Is there a way that you fold the diapers?

If the cake is edible, then an excellent strategy for finding a good design is looking online for ideas, as there are many different pictures that will give you ideas. Buying from a bakery is obviously an option. This will save you time, and free you up to spend more time with other aspects of the party planning. You might want to first go on the internet, find your ideal cake, and then ask the bakery if they can make it. Even if they cannot, they will generally have another cake there that you will like. However, don’t rush off and get the professionals involved. How about a family member?

The bottom line is, picking the right baby shower cakes is not that hard. If it is not going to be edible, then simply choose it based on the needs of the mother, and possibly match it to the party theme. If it is going to be edible, then either choose it according to the party theme, or use the internet to generate ideas. Whether you want baby shower cakes for boys, girls, or simply creative baby shower cakes ideas, the internet will give you all you need.

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