Best Children's Play Kitchens

The world of children’s play kitchens has seen a dramatic increase in both manufacturers and children who play with these items. The importance of selecting only the finest and best children’s play kitchen from the plethora of opportunities today falls directly in the hands of the parents. With this in mind it is important to know a little something about the manufacturers of these great play kitchens and those who offer them to the ever-expanding population of younger children and their parents. While a list of most of the manufacturers of play kitchens would be overkill, it is important to speak about two of the best play kitchen set manufacturers in the business, KidKraft and Guidecraft.


Let’s have a look at KidKraft first as this is one of the most outstanding and safety-minded kids toy manufacturers in North America.

- KidKraft - Established 1968 - Pioneer in the Industry

- Founded by Engineers: Big on Integrity of Toys Manufactured and Safety for Children

The goal of KidKraft is to inspire children with the power of their own imagination and do that with creative and unique toys and room furnishings. As a tie-in here in the kitchen play set for children industry, KidKraft is one of the most-sought after play equipment manufacturers by parents who understand both value and safety for their children. The company sells mostly quality wooden toys and has a strong leg up in the play kitchen world as well. One of the most adorable kitchen play sets that KidKraft manufactures and sells is the Deluxe Lets Cook Kitchen. On this kitchen play set there is a refrigerator, oven, microwave and freezer. Everything that a kid would love to have when they are playing make-believe with the kitchen play set!

KidKraft Deluxe Let's Cook Kitchen
KidKraft Deluxe Let's Cook Kitchen


Another great and superior kid friendly children’s toy manufacturer is Guidecraft. Guidecraft is a well-known and respected toy manufacturing company for children all across the world. This similarity between KidKraft and Guidecraft is remarkable as both companies are listed in the top rung in both integrity of design and safety for children, in all their consumer-related products. It is companies like Guidecraft that are responsible for the safety of children while they are in the midst of the fantastic play kitchens and toys. The buck stops there though as most parents need to have an active part in at least the beginning phases of a child’s encounter in the role of education and safety when playing with any of these great kitchen play sets. A favored model for a Guidecraft kitchen play set is the Color Bright Kitchen Stove model# G97262. This set is ideal for the up and coming chef as well as the homemaker who needs to learn their way around the kitchen, in the future!

Color Bright Kitchen Stove
Color Bright Kitchen Stove

Select Only the Finest in Both Quality and Craftsmanship

The goal of any well-intended parent is to select only the finest in both quality and craftsmanship when it comes to children’s toys, especially their children’s furniture. The kitchen play set from both of the above list manufacturers are known for their high quality and high standards yet there are other great manufacturers that also produced a fine quality and very safe and reliable product. It is the intentions of both manufacturer and parents that only the best will do for the children and this is why it is required to do a thorough research of both manufacturer and item purchased.

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