Beware of Strawberry Meth

The wonderful folks who brought good, cheap Methamphetamine to your town are now resorting to a tactic previously employed only by cereal and soda pop makers. Meth is hitting streets and playgrounds in flavors like strawberry and cola. This new candy-like drug is not confined to high school and middle school aged crowds. Parents of younger kids need to be aware and like it or not, you must talk to your kids about it.

Candy-Flavored Drugs

"Strawberry Quick" and other flavored cocaine showed up in the tabloids last summer. (See, there is a good reason to read them!) Bright layouts featured a variety of fruity-flavored drugs popular with Young Hollywood and the famous-for-being-famous set. It's understandable that bad habits would eventually trickle down to the rest of us, but a substance that looks and tastes like Pop Rocks had to be specifically created for children.

Someone wants your kid for a customer and they using this stuff to introduce a hard drug in a palatable form. But addiction isn't even the scariest part. A mouthful of candy-flavored Meth can be lethal and just touching the stuff can let it into the bloodstream. With all the different types of candy out there, how's a kid to know what he's being offered isn't real?

There's an informative newscast video at:

Elementary School Note
Elementary School Note

Remember When It Was This Easy?

Keep Talking to Your Kids

It's up to us to arm our kids with information and set clear boundaries. You've got to get them to talk to you about what they're hearing at school, on their cell phones, in chat rooms. Look for opportunities to comment on the effects of drug use and especially how to recognize offers of drugs. Kids need to understand it's not going to be as simple as saying no to "drugs". Strawberry Meth is proof that drugs don't have to seem scary to be real.

You've got to go beyond "Just Say No."

Find specific, age appropriate ways to talk to kids about drugs.

Read more about Methamphetamine at Wikipedia.

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daemoz 6 years ago

Can you feel the fear? :)

You're all fools one way or another. Me too but being impartial allows me to insult you.

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 6 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Whatev 6 years ago

i am 13 years old and am in a school filled with crack heads and weed smokers and it seems like this new drug is coming back. but if i were a parent i would like to watch out for what your kids do but you also have to trust that you taugh them right from wrong and if they decide to try it then their just screwing up their life, its not the parents falt. kids need to be carful with who they hang out with and what they do cause meth can take away everything you love untill you have nothing. so be carfull

Ashley 6 years ago

"Strawberry Quick" Meth-Truth!

Summary of the eRumor:

The eRumor warns of a new form of delivering illegal methamphetamine to children by making it into a strawberry flavored crystal or powder.

The Truth:

The eRumor is true and only the latest form in which methamphetamine has been mixed with sweet substances.

An Associated Press story published in newspapers across the U.S. on May 1, 2007 focused on discoveries of what appeared to be a strawberry-flavored children's drink at the scene of an illegal meth lab. It has come to be known as "Strawberry Quick." It has no connection with the popular Nestle QUIK flavored milk products now renamed Nestle Nesquik. Chris Harrison, a chemist at the Arkansas State Crime Laboratory, says that meth is bitter to the makers try to take that edge off any way they can and have used lollipops, sodas, candy, and anything else they can to make it easier for first-time users. The article said that the "Strawberry Quick" angle came to light in January when the Nevada Department of Public Safety issued a warning about it.

The Strawberry meth has been reported in several states including Missouri, Washington State, Wisconsin, and Texas, Nevada, and California.

Because of the sweet taste and candy-like appearance there is concern about children coming into contact with it but experts say its not been made that way just for the purpose of introducing it to children. Giving it a sweet taste and a harmless-sounding name is a marketing technique to ease it into the hands of any potential victim.

According to a release from California Senator Dianne Feinstein she has joined with Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa to sponsor a bill in congress that would make it a federal crime to appeal to children with candy-flavored meth or other drugs. Feinstein said that substances like "Strawberry Quick" are "...designed to get people to try it a few times. It's all about hooking young people, and we have to stop this practice before it grows any further."

Ashley 6 years ago

Well I think that this stuff can be more dangerous for the kids growing up than the kids right now because if the makers of this are just trying this out then in the near future it will be more dangerous for the kids because they will be buying it all of the time if this stuff really is affective. I have 2 children that are in elementary school and people are trying new things in the younger kids to get them to want it now and be addicted by the time they hit Jr. High. I am really scared about this new drug and I hope that it will not affect our youth and children any longer. I hope they can find out where this came from and stop it before it really starts being a common drug around our country. We ahve enough problems having to fight now to keep our children off of drugs now.

caitlin 6 years ago

Im 12 years old....and ik this is not real. I have eatin pop rocks before and they look the same as them. Nun of my friends have been offered anything like this and they're 16/17 years old. Kids in middle school have a less chance to ecept it. What do you think of us as stupid? Were way smarter not to except drugs. Drugs are commonly ecepted when a kid is in high school and not in middle school or elementaery school. Your crazy i you think this is real

jpwriter profile image

jpwriter 7 years ago

This strawberry meth is NOT real. By having this up you are only perpetuating the problem. Just because there were more "warnings" sent out means nothing. Originally, I also bought into the warnings, but then I researched it.

When we give out the wrong information to people we do an injustice. This does not mean that our children are not in danger of getting addicted to something. Teach children how to cope with their feelings.

Nicole 7 years ago

Strawberry Meth is a MYTH. Look it up.Google it. Some dopehead probably ground up pink chalk in his dope,marketed it as "Strawberry", and the rest is typical hysteria.

mang 7 years ago


anyone who believes this is a gullible retard with a great imagination!

Chris 7 years ago

LOL.. This is funny as hell, why all the hysteria?.. The fact is, if a teenager is going to do drugs he or she is going to do drugs regardless of what it looks like, just because it is a pink colour doesn't make it any more or less appealing, by that age kids know the inherent dangers attached to substance abuse. As a recovered drug user myself I can tell you all no matter how much a parent talks or educates their children about the subject, it all comes down to the childs social setting/ peer pressure. The best advice is to not monitor for signs of drug use, but monitor the company the child is keeping. Anyway.. Have Fun With this pandemic.

john 7 years ago

lol its not for kids haha. its for transport. and believe me, i know what im talking about. kids the first thing a meth cook doesn't want around. kids get you busted.

Comrade 7 years ago


This sounds silly.

I'd understand offering this to a high school student, as they will have an easier time getting the funds for it.

But to a child? Really?

If I had a child who'd ask me for money every day to bring to school, I'd know something is up.

Like, if your child is 12, and every day (s)he asks you to give him/her $20, would you not quirk an eyebrow at that?

Furthermore, tolerance will build up and they'll need to buy more, therefore start asking you for more money.

If I'm oblivious to my child taking $20 a day for lunch at the age of 12 (the article did talk of middle school kids) then I'd definitely start asking questions when that amount increases.

And plus you'll notice something's up when your child looks like death.

I think this is silly.

Worry about highschool students trying drugs.

With middleschoolers, you should worry about drugs only if they have older friends (i.e: my friend tried cocaine for the first time at the tender age of 13, because her friends at the time were all 16/17).

Laura 8 years ago

As hard as this is to believe, this is real. And maybe older people already addicted to meth wouldnt like flavors or colors, but younger kids could flourish off this stuff. It was made this way to attract and reel in new customers. It HAS ONLY BEEN FOUND IN 8 states. Like Washington, Nevada, California, Minnosota, New Mexico. I would say don't give it to much thought, but seriously for all we know this is the new high, and kids -Speaking from experience- will sell OR do whatever they can to get thier hands on drugs. Kids are very susceptable to these things. :/ Watch out.

crystal cruse 8 years ago

for some reason i just found out about this drug. I wanted to know if this is still a big drug that is going around. I went to my sons school right away and tried to do what i could to stop this. But i am not finding anything about this drug going around this year 2009 or 2008. If you could find links of something that lets me know more about this drug and how big it is now i would appreciate it.

thank you

lisa 8 years ago

hey im lisa 15 yrs old.. im in high school ive heard kids starting talking about this drug stawberry quick i will admitt that a guy asked me to try meth once and i was stupid enough to say yes. even though i have only tried it once its wrecked part of my life and i lost my bestest friend... its horrible ! make sure ur kids hang around the right crowd.

nell 8 years ago

i think its stuffed up its going to screw the world up more

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Good point, Tessali. It would be wise for all of us to take some time remembering what it FELT like to be a kid, or teen.

Tessali profile image

Tessali 8 years ago from United States

This is an eye-opener. I had no idea what this one was until I read your hub. I haven't come strawberry meth in our area. Meth, yes. But that is everywhere. It is a dangerous drug. It is a difficult habit to break once someone is on it and it certainly doesn't take long for someone to get into its grasp. It is important to talk to your kids and Listen to your kids. Know where your kids and what they are doing. Know your kid's friends. Be involved. Listen, listen, listen. I believe many parents forget to listen. And sometimes I think it is easy to dismiss what is important and worrisome to our kids because it does not seem important to us. They are "small" problems in an adult's eyes when they are a big problems in our kid's eyes.

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Sublime Wealth, Thanks - I really appreciate your comment, especially your advice at the end. This is a very sad scenario.

Sublime Wealth profile image

Sublime Wealth 8 years ago from Springfield, PA

Wow, alot of great comments and a great Hub. Let's see where should I start...First as a narcotics officer, I've not seen the product nor have I seen any official bulletins from across the country where it is being found. Next, to address some of the issues and above comments...Nichole, don't let the media hype of 'our children are doomed' keep you from having children. While times are changing and the world is becoming a scary place, I used to think the same thing. What you will find, however, is that for the most part, our children are much smarter and more worldly than generations past. It's really a shame in a way that the kids can't experience the innocence of childhood like we did but they are definitely much more capable of making wise decisions than we give them credit for. It is our job however to instill that in them and let them know what we expect. It's not that difficult to raise responsible kids, it just takes our time and effort. Regarding the strawberry meth, whether it's been seen or not, it's very easy to make...strawberry Quik and have it. Is it a huge concern, not really (in my opinion). Most drug dealers that are moving meth don't have a shortage of customers. They don't have to do anything tricky to move their product. There is the issue of branding (similar to stamping of baggies to create a 'brand name'.). But most drug dealers aren't going to want to bring the heat on themselves by making their meth/or coke appear to be geared to children. Ryan hit the nail on the head in his comment. Flavored drugs are an immediate indication that the drugs are cut/mixed with something other than the drug. And a drug user doesn't want that, thereby reducing repeat sales for the seller (bad business).By the way, Ryan , good luck with getting off the stuff. I know it's not easy. And, in closing, real threat or not, awareness is what is important which makes pages like these a great use of the internet. Keep up the good work. That being said, the biggest drug threat that I see (and parents can be involved in stopping) is the widespread abuse of prescription pills (mostly painkillers). If you find that you child is using any painkillers, don't listen to the 'it was only once' stuff. Get them to a counselor and intervene quickly. The percosets and vicodin will lead to Oxycodone and Oxycontin which will almost always lead to heroin. The whole cycle can take less than a year. It's out there and it's real. Take Care

Ryan 8 years ago

First off, as a cocaine/amphetamine addict, currently in grade 11. I can tell you that no drug user is going to buy flavored drugs unless they are really stupid..its obviously been cut or cooked with something nasty that I dont want up my nose or in my lungs. The only flavored drug I have experiences first hand was dill pickle flavored snow....but unless your kids are going to spend 40$ a half gram I very highly doubt they will even see the drug.

James Dickinson 8 years ago

This is real. But it costs so much I wouldnt worry about anyone just giving it away. Mind you, there are some sick people out there.

Lauren 8 years ago

It's just a hoax. It's been all over BBC News.

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 8 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Real or hoax? Hard to say. Here's another news story:

Jason 8 years ago

brittany 9 years ago

well, i find that stupid, at the creators. i mean who would WANT to make drugs ?

profile image

dfduncan 9 years ago from Bowling Green, KY

Strawberry meth is an urban myth. Meth users aren't interested in how the drug tastes. Most smoke it so taste would be a total non-concern. Furthermore, adding sugar to meth would produce a chemical reaction that would eliminate its drug effects. This is silly idea that can only be believed by persons who are unfamiliar with the realities of meth or of drug dealing.

LAR 271 profile image

LAR 271 9 years ago from Saint Paul

We had a 14-yr old girl last month handing out meth to her classmates like it was candy. she "didn't" know what she had, (so she says). well, she got arrested, and so did her equally STUPID parents. Parent: Be warned, Meth is dangerous, I know. I'm a recovering addict. I tried meth and didn't like it as much as I liked cocaine. empty out their pockets, bookbags, look at who their text messaging to etc.

Elroy 9 years ago

Right on, Emily. And adultery, global warming, and polyester, too.

Some1 9 years ago

How could they do this to us?

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 9 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Thanks for the comment. True, there is a difference between flavored Meth and flavored Cocaine, but both exist. As for targeting drugs to the youth market - that is Business 101. If you can get a customer for life, you are set. No matter how young the drug user, candy flavoring makes for an easier entry into taking the drug. It's something parents need to keep talking about.

the one in the know 9 years ago

ok so i can see how you are all getting woried by the scare of "strawberry quick" (witch by the way is d-methamphetamine hydrocloride [or ice, meth, glass etc.] not cocaine for a start) but amphetamine's (speed) in a candy form has been on the market for years, it is not a new thing, this "strawberry ice" is new but is not nesseceraly targeted at children, there not the only people that eat sweets u know. oh and by the way look up Desoxyn and you will find that methamphetamine is used as an ADD/ADHD treatment (in the highly adictive d-isomer form), it can also be found in vicks nasel inhalers but in the far less psychostimulant l-isomer form. i agree that if this drug is targeted at developing minds (witch it quite possibly is) then who ever made it needs to go down for cooking it and spend the life time sentence that is coppeld with the illegal synthesis of this chemical. just if you are going to talk about it get your facts straight first. have a good day = )

nichole 9 years ago

This is the reason i refuse to have children... people just keep gettin worse and worse. This world is a scary place to live, you never know what might happen to your child and I will not raise a child and let them live thru this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becalm 9 years ago

While it is good to be aware that such items exist. Be aware that there are NO REPORTED cases of Strawberry Meth being given or found by children. That part is hysterical supposition and the media screaming WHAT IF!

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 9 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

Keep telling the truth and make sure kids don't take ANYTHING - no food, candy, medicine - NOTHING unless they check with you first. No tradsies at lunch! You need to be honest because the harder stuff is filtering down to younger and younger kids and it's way too easy for a child to overdose. This is a separate issue from counseling kids not to experiment. ~Lela

Lori 9 years ago

As a parent this is scarey as hell..... I can talk and council my boy's about drugs and what some of them may look like but I'm going to find it really difficult to monitor them kids like candy.... I've showed them the picture of what it may look like but what else can I do.....

matchu 9 years ago

ugh this is so bad...

Lela Davidson profile image

Lela Davidson 9 years ago from Bentonville, Arkansas Author

If there are teens out there with stories to tell, I would like you to post them here. There have been reports on the internet that the whole thing was a hoax, but since then I have heard more news reports of seized flavored Meth. Any information will be appreciated by parents. thanks, Lela

Emily 9 years ago

I think strawberry meth is responsible for teen smoking

Kirsten 9 years ago

I think what meth makers are doing is wrong cause i'm smart enough to say no They are trying to get poor inoccent kids to do drugs!!!!!!111

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