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Comments 445 comments

brytni 4 years ago

when i found out i was bi i told my friend keona she was to so i asked her out.

JrCrazy12 4 years ago

Haha I thought I was straight till I started falling for a girl,now I'm bi looking for someone like me that I can talk to:)

sweetheart 4 years ago

samehere its just hard 4 me 2 admit it

Ijae101 4 years ago

Same here it's just hard for me to tell people I'm bi....I'm a preachers kid, so i have no one to talk to

M-Jay16 4 years ago

Im completely in the closet... i just want someone who understands me.... i found out i was bi 4 years ago and never told anyoone.Its a hard secret to keep when your a girl liking other girls

JT 409 4 years ago

I found out through my friends friend befor I was straight, but now nobody but u and him knows. I'm imbarassed to tell anyone. In closet

nadigurlla 4 years ago

i just wanna cute gf so if u wanna go out email me

becca 4 years ago

im bi, ive told my close friends which two of them are actually lesbians so i can really trust and confide in them but havnt told my family yet.. i plan to do so soon but im worried about their reaction :/ would really love a proper relationship with another girl who knows exctly how i feel and loves me for who i am

4 years ago

I'm bi & I'd like a gf who I can trust & talk to (:

no name, please 4 years ago

I figuered out im bi, and i really want someone to talk about it with, too. someone who would understand.

lovrwhitegirlslol 4 years ago

I.jus wna tlk txt me

Miku 4 years ago

Hey G I am looking for a gf to ^.^

Brandon 4 years ago

I am scared to tell any one that i am bi and that i like other guys because i am afaird that i will get in deep trouble by my dad

tia101 4 years ago

idk if i'm bi or just trying something new. my parents don't like it and i don't know what to do

Paul 4 years ago

hi I started to feel bi after a month and i have a bi gf and i am happy i just want to know if anybody wants to talk to me or wants my number to text some time..?

Kc 4 years ago

i found out im bi and have only girl friends that know

Deon 4 years ago

it wans really hard for me to admit it at first. but i feel i can tell anyone thati am bi. and i feel comfortable knowing that they will respect my feeling and how i choose to live my life!

caitlyn 4 years ago

im bi but i don really wanna tell anyone i wanna girlfriend but i cant find anyone foorever alone

Robert 4 years ago

Im bi and have a Skype, ask for my user if ya wanna chat, or do more

Christine 4 years ago

Im bi...and looking for a cute gf tht I can trust and love because I can't deal with not having anyone who relates and understands me

Lauren 4 years ago

I'm bi and would love to have girl I could talk to about anything. Wanna see pictures just write me back and I'll hit you up.

Kaylee 4 years ago

Wow ummm someone ask for my number and I'll txt u and yes I'm bi to..!:)

4 years ago

Hi there

warning-random profile image

warning-random 4 years ago from Delaware USA

Man if anyone's forever alone its me hahaa but idk just thought I could tell SOMEONE, not a lot of people know bout me, I'm mainly into girls, anyway anyone else majorly friendzoned in here? Lol

shadow96 4 years ago

Hey I'm a 16 yr old female bisexual and this is my first time trying this really, and i just want a girlfriend that's going to be there for me and someone i can hold in my hands and support. if your interested just contact me so i can get to kno u.:-)*lonley*

warning-random profile image

warning-random 4 years ago from Delaware USA

Hey caitlyn wassup :D

cheyanne 15 4 years ago

hey im a 15 yr old bisexual girl who is looking for a gf im not perfect or downrite skinny im a lil chubby but im trustworthy and im lookin for someone trustworthy if ur that person msg me and ill give u my # we could get to know each other...

beth 4 years ago

I'm a bisexual girl but I don't know any other bi girls so I'm kinda lonely xxx

Cutiepieqwa 4 years ago

im bisexual to and forever alone

hotcoca102 4 years ago

im bi i have a gf... shes bi too.... i cant tell mii parents cuz they are strict christians and would disown me.... i have told my whole graduating class (im in 8th grade) and they accept it.

ladylover98 4 years ago

I'm 13 single nd bisexual. I'm lookin for a gf, you don't have to be pretty just a good listener with a kind heart. I live in Harrisburg pa 17111 email me nd I'll give u my number so we can chat :)

pinkbi3 profile image

pinkbi3 4 years ago

Im 15 and bi(: I am looking for a gf.

Quandra101 4 years ago

im 15 and bi at first it was hard to accept until this one girl who's also bi made me realize it when i started crushin on her

kikilove23 4 years ago

I'm bisexual and looking for someone to talk to. i'm 13 , message me for my #

Noah 4 years ago

14 bi looking for fun kik-florida_redneck No One Over 18! Please no creepers!

Nolan 4 years ago

Bi looking for mainly girls to have fun with ;) email me,

Nolan 4 years ago

^^Oh and im 16 looking for 14-17^^

xXScarTissuuXx 4 years ago


ritz_8888 4 years ago

hotcoca102, you wouldn't want your parents to find out.. I dated a girl it wad my first time I've dated a girl and have ever felt this way. She is amazing she was anything i could ever ask for. I fell for her so hard. I actually fell in love with her. But i screwed up and her parents saw text messages from her to me saying all this stuff about us and they're very strict Christians as well. They wouldn't let her go to school for a few days, i felt horrible. They called a counseler to talk to from the school as well. Her dad took her phone away and broke it so she wouldn't have one to text me off of. But i started writing her notes and i guess her parents found out. They came to my house and talked to me and told me to have no communication with her. That ruined me.. I miss and love her so much. But I've gotta get over her.. So someone should talk to me email me or text me. Im pretty outgoing and nice. (: my email is you can email me and ask for my #.

ritz_8888 4 years ago

Im 14 btw!

Molly 4 years ago

Hi, I'm 16

red-panads profile image

red-panads 4 years ago

Umm hi. ^-^ I'm kinda new to this. Welp either way, I'm 14 and I'm kind of experimenting with dating a girl. I have lots of girls that like me but I've never dated any. My family's really open and wants me to try it so I guess if anyone's interested then just send me a message. I'm really nice. ._.

Yolo:) 4 years ago

Hey umm I'm new n lookin 4 a gf I'm 13 so hmu:)

gabs 4 years ago

heey , i'm 14 and bi ;}

Ilove1d 4 years ago

Hey im new to this and I'm looking for a gf and I'm 15 kik me my kik is captainkirk.32 hmu xD

JuliaM23 4 years ago

Im 15 and im bi,im looking for a gf . I want someone to like for who i am. This is my email to know more

Boo Bear 4 years ago

Ii jst want some one to love me for me . ii guess that iis a lot to ask for

AlyssaHeart6 profile image

AlyssaHeart6 4 years ago from Atlanta GA

hiya :]

i'm almost 16 years old, i'm a female and i'm not really looking for a relationship, I just want to meet people who are bi like me. boy or girl, it doesn't matter. Can't wait to meet y'all :3

megan 4 years ago

Hey,Im 14 years old almost 15.Im looking for a girlfriend. 14-18. Im not picky and a very sweet and faithful girl. My email is or my Kik:Y.O.L.Omotto14.

tyq 4 years ago

Brannon text me cuz im in the same situation 706-383-7875

Cookiee22 4 years ago

- Tyrahh jacksonn textt Me kinna bi Curious . Sooo 352 - 222 - 2825 .

Chloe 4 years ago

hey, im 16 and bi. i know a few bi girls but its odd because we are either really close or hardly talk and they arent my type. i don't really speak to people about it and id love to get to know other bi girls or lads.

Lexibooluvu 4 years ago

Hi girls I'm a bi girl,14, and I'm lookin 2 just have harmless fun and maybe a relationship ;)

ilove1d 4 years ago

Kik me captainkirk.32

Bella123456 4 years ago

i am a bi 13 yr old girl, i really just want someone in australia vic that i can trust, boy or girl :) i will not date anyone ugly, i don't think they exist

HorseLover82 profile image

HorseLover82 4 years ago from Scotland

Hey :) I'm bi and i'm 13 but if i'm honest it's been so long since i kissed a girl i'm doubting my sexuality(again) so i was looking for someone to chat too because i'm still dating a guy but a girl or guy to talk to and you know just be comfortable with would be nice so please someone reply :)

BonnieBooRawrs profile image

BonnieBooRawrs 4 years ago from Texas

hai, first time on this im 14 and very in the closet i would love a gf that's chubby (like me) and that's sweet and maybe looking to have a future??? :) email me! or fb idk!!! :)

Sexyguy12 4 years ago

I'm a 14 year old guy who's curious contact me

hellloo :) 4 years ago

hay '-' well am bisexual ^.^ & i LOVE IT :) ha , bit i wanna meet people who are too , guys and girls .. so hmu on kik c: ayoo_weezzy , :D , ohh yea & btw im 13 ;o but who cares cx

Christina14 4 years ago

heaiii giiirls and boyys

leah 4 years ago

hey whos on?

rayanna14 xoxo 4 years ago

im bi just looking 4 someone to chat with. im 14. my email ......., please don't hesitate.

supergoofy profile image

supergoofy 4 years ago

Finally admitting I'm bi. Even after i dated a girl. I'm ready to move on. So 14, bi, and waiting.

michelleluvsyou 4 years ago

heyyy:) im 13 and bi, im looking for a gf that is in the usa :) text me 207-659-4690

Danny!lol 4 years ago

Im bi :3 moslty looking for boys girls also say, im from usa so contact me... im 15 btw ^-^ yay!!

Joseph 4 years ago

Hey, anyone here from California?

Johnn 4 years ago

im in cali

Shanala 4 years ago

so im 15 and bi not reallylooking for a serious relationship with a girl but a close friend gf ehhhh its hard to explain LOL email me if your interested

josh 4 years ago

im 14 and im bi yeah, im a guy, i love dick , trying to hook up with a guy.

thonia profile image

thonia 4 years ago

im bi not yet out of the closet but i'll get there and im looking for a gf or a "friend"/friend contact me or follow me

Shanala 4 years ago

grrrr nobodys really e-mailing me wtf lol i feel lonely :P i fee like one of thos lonely 30 year old who have a million cats that's looking for a relationship on e harmony but please if your 14-18 and lives in michigan(doesn't have to live in michigan but i would very much like that) just e mail me and btw im definitely not ugly or a creeper sooo yeah lol

Shanala profile image

Shanala 4 years ago

btw how do you message people on here or can you not do that?

Sophie 4 years ago

Hello :)

Ilove1d 4 years ago

Kik meh? Captainkirk.32

jbear 4 years ago

heey im a girl who loves irls, (im bi) any one wanna talk

lizbit2013 4 years ago

I'm a girl. 17. Just recently realized that I'm bi. Still in the closet. My step dad is a Sunday School teacher and my mom is a serious church goer.

Shanala 4 years ago

sophie& lizbit2013 hmu

JuliaM23 4 years ago

Hi im 15 and bi looking for a gf that is pretty and my Kik is HeartBabyGirl23 and i live in new mexico and if you want to know more you can chat with me

superdude473 4 years ago

Heyy guys!!! (: i am bi too so hmu hahah :)

superdude473 4 years ago

i live in california hahaha so guys hit me up hahaha i am very cool and nice xDD

Confused and in love 4 years ago

I have fallen for a straight girl and we've become pretty good friends, but she isn't into me!! I love every little thing about her and I would do everything in my power for her, but she will never like me!!! What do I do I'm confused and in live

superdude473 4 years ago

yahhh its ok that happens to me too.... ):

KalieMarie 4 years ago

Hey. :) Im 15. Just found out Im bi. I fell for my (straight) bestfriend looking for a sweet girl to talk to... :)

KalieMarie 4 years ago

Girls. (13-17)

I'm 15 :)

erika 4 years ago

hey i am bi looking for a cute nice girl.. and you want to chat go to

Julia.M 4 years ago

My email is if you want to chat with me or you want to know more about me. Im 15 ,bi, looking for somebody to love that's pretty. My kik is HeartBabyGirl23

madi 4 years ago

Is there any bi girls that are bored and wanna chat?

blank777 4 years ago

Well I found out I'm bi... until a few months ago I though I was gay but I got interested in some girls in my new highschool and I like some of the guys too don't get me wrong so I guess I'm out there. This is my first time doing this kinda thing and I hope it goes well... my family has no idea and I kinda wanna keep it that way they are mean people. So contact me.

bigirl bianca 4 years ago

I im Bianca new to this im 15

biancas 4 years ago

15 bi curious looking for girls I had 3 meets with girls n women I meet an older female in bus stop she took me back to her house she lives alone and shes bi but lot older I been around after school 4 times so fare but haven't gone all way bit sceard to im half chines half arab im dark skin skinny wa big but any women

bianca 4 years ago

wel im 4f 10. tall I have long black hair past my bum ware heels that make me 5f3 . size 6 im dark skinned half chines half arrab I live in London go to a all girls school im 15 my skin coller is mid dark been told lok like selleena gomaz I have a un.naturell big but some times I stay at school for 2 to 3 months I bored thir thir lots of girls in my sckool but don't now whos bi cos no body talks about it I have kiss 3 girls so fare whos 13 n 15 n 18 I go to visit a women I meet in buss stop I just meet to chat and i can smoke in her house I have gone as fare as kiss her 1s so fare it felt weird we ware kissing for 10 mins than I think I orasamed I ran out house and to ashamed to go back but wont to try it again never been with a girl or boy yet any girls or boys tex me I got pics and will chat to any 1 or any age 07787342805 im in London uk xxxxxxxxx

bianca 4 years ago

im Bianca my numbers 07787342805 im 15 bicurious I m realy needing to meet a girl I wiil meet any girl any size or coller or age I just need it now

lauren 4 years ago

hey,im 14 ive been bi for a year and i ve had a couple girlfriends and im looking for some one nw so hmy and ill give u my number ;)

BIANCA 4 years ago


BRAD 4 years ago


AMY 4 years ago


gabrieljc 4 years ago

hey paul i am a good listener so if you want to give me your number i could txt you. I am bi an have not told any of my friends but my best. he just thinks i am confused so i am just looking for some one to talk to so...ya.

JuliaM 4 years ago

im 15 and bi, im a good listener, love to hangout, i have a great personality,im honest. Im looking for a cute nice girl that likes me for who i am. if you want to chat or want to know about me. text me at 5052202352. i will also date a guy to

One-lOve1023 profile image

One-lOve1023 4 years ago

I'm almost 15 a bi looking for a girl. Ima a good listener an im very caring. Ill always be ther if you need me soo.. Message me my number is 15134281431. (: 13-16 please

AlmostAsylum profile image

AlmostAsylum 4 years ago

I'm 13 and bi. I love music, sports, and just hanging out. Also, I'm a good listener. Message me at if you wanna talk or something, girl or boy.

proud-to-be-bi1 profile image

proud-to-be-bi1 4 years ago

im 13 and im bi. i love sports, music, and hanging out! i a really good listener. my friends call me the listener sometimes. and im looking for a girl or guys, but mostly a girl. if you want my number message me :) only 13-14 please

Faithfulfaith15 profile image

Faithfulfaith15 4 years ago

hey im new to this website i have been bi for sometime now. looking for an honest and cute girl to call mine im very loving im 15 and a girl my email is email m sometime ;) 15-17

Mark5623 4 years ago

Im 16 nd bi im in the closet nd looking for someone to talk to this is my first time doing this so email me at or txt me 8325193586

Mark 4 years ago

Im 16 nd bi im in the closet nd looking for someone to talk to this is my first time doing this so email me at or txt me 8325193586

Corey 4 years ago

im 14 bi and im looking for a friend to talk to or a boyfriend email me:)

HippieChicAlex 4 years ago

I'm bi and just looking for someone to talk I'm a good listener and a bit sarcastic I'm a girl and 14 and chubby. Mexican/American and chubby so if u wanna chat plz hit me up.

lostwithoutsports 4 years ago from Missouri

14, girl, bicurious. im sweet and a good listner. im just looking for someone to talk to. email me at

BVBtillintheend!abby492 4 years ago

14 bi, and bored. lol, my school got cancelled cuz of snow, so yeah. what's up?

Jamarae 3 years ago

wt's up

gabrieljc 3 years ago

bored out of my mind any one there

Laxer S007 3 years ago

I'm a bi girl mostly looking for bi guys in athletic and from ireland (live in the U.S.A. Now) hit me up if u wanna txt or chat

Erica Miller 3 years ago

My names Erica, I'm 16 and came out the closet 2 years ago. I've dated two girls durin that time and am lookin for friends or somethin more I don't know. Guys and girls, I need advice and someone to talk to. Email me at and if you want I can send pics. No pervs this is serious. Thanks

turtlegirl1 3 years ago

hey im Kaylee. im 14 and bi! just came out this weekend and looking for bi/gay friends. and possibly a GF or BF. I love music, the outdoors, and am very artsy. :) My fav band is Black Veil Brides and i love TURTLES! :} message me? or text? 775-379-3969

ages 13-16 please

esme 3 years ago

Hi i am a 14 year old bi girl looking for a girl friend so if your interested email me

brit99 profile image

brit99 3 years ago

Im 13 I live in lebanon pa nd looking for a gf email me

fetre 3 years ago

h! just wanna chat pm me

Lizziekay 3 years ago

I'm 13 years old and bicurious live in riverside CA and am looking for a gf plz message me at

Kaitlin 3 years ago

Im 14 bi girl looking for a gf. I will tell you almost anything if you ask. I want someone who will listen if I need them to. You can email me at or you can text me at 419-604-2644. Also I live in Ohio

Kaitlin 3 years ago

Im 14 bi girl looking for a gf. I will tell you almost anything if you ask. I want someone who will listen if I need them to. You can email me at or you can text me at 419-604-2644. Also I live in Ohio

Laxer s007 3 years ago

Hey I'm a 14 year old bi girl looking for gf/bf or even just a friend im athletic and pretty active hit me up if you wanna txt or chat

shy guy 3 years ago

hi i am bi i am scared people will hate me if they know but my best friend knows she is bi to so she accepted that i am bi

Cookiez 3 years ago

Hiii :) no one knows I'm bi except for you guys now... But I'm trying to work up the courage to tell my friend. Other than that I'm looking for someone or just someone to talk to you know :) well if you wanna talk you should kik me!!! My name is shelovesdinosaurs. Do not forget the period cause if you do

You most likely won't find me otay so ya

Diane 3 years ago

Hi :) I'm 16 and Am Looking for a gf i'm not perfectly skinny i am a little big but yea Please Hit me Up

shannabear 3 years ago

Hey :) I'm kinda in the closet but no one knows I'm bi this is the first time I'm admitting it in a public forum.I just want someone to talk to about life and stuff, I'm from the caribbean so its not something people are open about . I'm 16 tall and really into having fun and parting . I'm a bisexual girl . If you wanna talk email me at . And I'm really smart to !

raerae95 profile image

raerae95 3 years ago

Hey everyone. I'm 17, i'll be 18 in june. a very difficult time for me haha.. well i'm bi/bi curious. No one knows this besides three of my best friends. My family would flip out if they knew. If theres any girls out there that want to talk or more msg me at (that is not a o its a zero and then a five). Sense i'm at this weird age where someones parents could go to the police over them messaging me please if your under 16 and you want to be friends i'm fine with that but nothing more than friends and if your older than 20 nothing more than friends. oh yeah i live in America, and proud of it :)

amanda 3 years ago

I guess I'm bicurious because I've never had experience but I think I like both. I am 17 and don't know how to find out for sure if I'm bisexual.

Kaitlin 3 years ago

Im a 14 year old bi girl, if you texted me before and I said I had a gf. Well...... not anymore, I want to try and find someone else. Im really nice and will tell you anything you want to know. You can text me at 419-604-2644, I want someone who will be honest with me

joshua 3 years ago

im a 14 year old boy looking for some one to be friends with mabye more if so message me on fb my profile name is joshua hodson

joshua 3 years ago

im from the uk in wales never had only ever had one girlfreind dint last long so please someone message me on fb

joshua 3 years ago

im looking for a girl who would like me for my looks and my hight of


Fayven 3 years ago

I'm a bi girl.. lookin for a gf.. hmu if you want. my kik is merp_derp

Fayven 3 years ago

and I'm 14 o-o forgot to mention that. Lol

faith 3 years ago

i need someone I can care for and someone who can care for me i'm a 15 year old bi girl about 5'3, thick, brown hair, mixed with mostly indian but im black, white, indian, and native American if interested add me on gmail at

jessicamarieex33 3 years ago

Hi im jessica, 15 and bi :) email me :*

Stephanie 3 years ago

I'm bi curious I really need a girl that I can be comfortable with and have fun an a relationship maybe I'm 14 and I live in America .... in Texas I love it :) I hope I get a response ;)

Anonymous 3 years ago

I'm 15 and I think I'm bi I haven't told anyone but I'd like to talk to someone who is bi about it? Anybody willing? I have a kik it's drownindemons so just message me :) oh im a girl!

Kate 3 years ago

I'm a bi girl 14 kik me @ kate_roche :-) I would like to chat x

Naja 3 years ago

Hi I'm Naja I'm bi 14 years old puerto rican kik naja526

Leslie 3 years ago

I'm bicurious and looking for a gf live in riverside CA and please txt me at 1(714)658-3674 (⌒▽⌒)

Leslie 3 years ago

Sorry forgot to say I'm 13 lol (⌒▽⌒)

Kaitlin 3 years ago

A girl named Katie messaged me tonight and I accidentally deleted it before I could respond. I would like to talk to you, you just have to message me again sorry about that.

Erin 3 years ago

I'm Erin, I'm actually only 11 but I'm looking for a gf in Massilion, Ohio, you can contact me at (:

morgan 3 years ago

names morgan im 14 turning 15 in june,i live in brooklyn,im 5"4, hmu if your interested my email is (:

lovingkid101 3 years ago

hi looking for a girlfriend I'm 14 you can contact me at

Karli 3 years ago

Hey I'm 13 bout to be 14 but kik me at karliloudermilk17 um yeah. And if my parents new I was bi I would be dead. So shhhh(; and I have a

YouTube .

Look me up at nandaw99 and.... Yeah.. Bye:) kik me ASAP

Justina 3 years ago

Hi! My name is Justina, I am 17 and live in America. I am a very extraverted person and love to dance and have a good time! I have just recently excepted the fact that I am bi and have come out to four of my good friends. I am really new to all of this so I would like someone who I could talk to and have fun. I am open to anything :)

Justina 3 years ago

My email is

if you want to talk :)

lauran 3 years ago

hey.. well im kinda new and just looking for someone to talk to and maybe date... my emails, im ok with girls talking to me but i kinda want to date guys but im open to both please be between 13-15 no older no younger

Fernando14 3 years ago

New here im 14. Bi mainly into guys my kik af18. I kinda want some one to talk to a cute nice sweet bi boy plz :)

gabrieljc 3 years ago

Hey I am 14 I live in PA, And I am trying to get a bf or maybe some new friends, I have been bi for awhile so i am good to talk to, so text or give me a call my number is 1717-679-6949, hope to get a text from some :)

Sammyjo 3 years ago

Hey. I'm 17, live in Michigan, a chubby bi sexual, lookin for some female to talk to. Interested my kik is sammyjomonaco. :)

marygirllover 3 years ago

Im 13 looking for a gf message me nd see where it goes from there ;)

marygirllover 3 years ago

Oh nd I'm a bi girl forgot to say that

TheStrangeOne 3 years ago

Ayy I'm 16 name cc really would love to meet new girls my age and I'm bi c;

marygirllover 3 years ago

Im a 13 year old bi girl really need a girl to date 13-15. And maybe a 16 year old depends but if your interested text me at 5093879570 nd I'm from Washington ;) hope I get a response

itruely lovebi1 3 years ago

I'm a 13 year old girl looking for a gf so

Kik me at itruely_loveu

Jessi 3 years ago

I am a 14 year old girl looking for a gf or bf kik me at jessistar1

superdude473 3 years ago

Hiiii im a boy, and im Bi soo hit me up on kik, my user is superdude473 (: boys only c: im 14 years old btw cx

rickyjoe 3 years ago

any 14 year old girls on here?

rickyjoehaynes 3 years ago

hi im a 14 year old bi boy.

rickyjoehaynes 3 years ago

hey brytni.

rickyjoehaynes 3 years ago

hey kayll text me 2563688872.

That-bisexual 3 years ago

Hey I'm a girl my name is Harley Thedford I'm bisexual and I'm looking for a girl to talk to and guys also if u feel like it text me but when u text me send me your full name and your age and if u live near perry Oklahoma that makes it even better 580 307 7483

jessi2017 3 years ago

I'm a 14 year old girl looking for a gf or bf I live in tennessee and will do long distance relationships my kik is jessistar1 message me and I'll give you my phone number

Gv 3 years ago

How do u talk about being bi to parents

jessi2017 3 years ago

My phone number is 931-787-9440 or 415-873-8302

Text only.

bi girl101 3 years ago

hi ummmm...........I'm 14 and I'm looking for a girlfriend my number is 478-772-1749

Darlinggmedusa 3 years ago

Hey guise. :3 i'm 18 and bisexual. looking for friends and maybe a girlfriend?

yolo 3 years ago

who is Michigan that is Bi

Lovereeer 3 years ago

Bicurious . ^.^ Text : 678-296-3099 . I have a kik too

Leigha 3 years ago

Bi girl looking for a gf text me at (360) 565-5952

or email me at

not important 3 years ago


Oh that what I put for my name because I don't need my mom to know

I'm really sweet

Julia 3 years ago

Im 15 and bi and im looking for a gf or bf that is nice and sweet. if you want to get to know me. Text me at 5052202352 or my email is

Pandaaaa bear :D 3 years ago

hey :P i'm allmost 16 years old gilr, shy, tall, fluffy :D, with brown eyes and red hair (not my natural colour :D ), i'm looking for a nice girl to chat (no need to like me or something :D ), just curious ^^ text me at skype- javito6911 (um... the "69" part of my nickname on skype is not my fault! :D )

Ro1998 3 years ago

Hi :) i'm finally coming out to say tht i'm a 14 year old bi girl and want to see if it works out. I'm nice & won't bite ;p a bit shy too. Any girls wanna chat??? KIK: LilronnieLuvsYou

briwalker 3 years ago

Hai I'm bri 13 soon to be 14 in December please email me and look me up on facenook its brianna walker I'm bi and single I live in Missouri so please talk to me:)

panda 3 years ago

im a bi girl and i told my friend that and now im lonely and looking for some one to talk to because wont talk anymore ):

faith 3 years ago

hey im bi looking for a gf i don't care about looks just have to have a good personility if you do and you also don't care about looks hmu

alex lola 3 years ago

Hi, i'm Alex! Im bi and im 16 years old. Im a female and im looking for a gf . :D i love ppl who have awesome personalities and love rock music but personality means the world to me :)

briisawesome 3 years ago

hiiiii email me im bi 13 soon to be 14 in december and im a girl in missouri

sozon 3 years ago

Hai guys. 16 year old bi guy here. ive been told that i look cute. live in north jersey. email me at my kik is sozon.

hellokitty 3 years ago

im 13 year old bi i live in casa grande and i really want a girl friend email me at dimondskies if you want to have some fun at my house

jamesdb 3 years ago

erm i don't relly know what to say im bi male from england wolverhampton and i just want to get to know others like me really seeing as i don't really have any 1 like me that i know of im also always hear for anybody that needs to talk if u do wana talk or are just from the local area then email me at so ye bi

doctor who 3 years ago

im just experimenting but im a guy in snellville ga. i think i am in the closet. ive never done this before but would like to try it. i cant tell my mom dad or brother because they are hardcore Christians. im 16 years old. my email is im ready to try anything if you email me i will also tell you my skype.

Lala4444 3 years ago

Hi I'm a 14 year old girl from London

I just want to talk and meet other people like me and possibly have a relationship xxxx


mm 3 years ago

im bi and i need someone to talk to cause i ruined my last relationship with my ex gf cause i was being so secretive and now im depressed.

Taylor Stringer profile image

Taylor Stringer 3 years ago from Fort Smith, Arkansas

im bi and my sister knew then some friends found and I got in trouble with the school and that's how my mom found out im still in the closet with a lot of people im 12 looking for guy mostly

anonymous 3 years ago

im here to help with troubled relationship or people who are confused about what sex they like if you need help just email me and ill help you the best way i can and if you need a friend im always here

symphonysoldier97 3 years ago

I'm bi girl, 16, living in IL. just looking for someone to talk to, guy or girl, an online relationship. All my family and friends are hardcore Christians, so I have no one to talk to. I love to read and write fiction, and I ADORE music.

Iluv2becool 3 years ago

I thought I was straight till I fell for my best friend

notbisapporter 3 years ago

im bi and i sapport all people wether they r gay str8 bi or lez but I have a groupe on facebook its called lgbt sapport group if any of u r getting confused then just look my group up and I can talk 2 u and help u I don't just go and tell some 1 tht they r just bi or gay or lez or str8 no I get 2 no u and help u through it. I don't give personal info or anything but just no I have strugled and I was really confused. I just had 2 figure it out on my own. Ive dated others but of u r in my group on face book then I will not but I will try and help u through it thank you for reading.

Jay Is Here 3 years ago

I am 13.. I came out the closet about two weeks ago telling my mum. She was so supportive. Anyway, I am 13 like I said, I am bi and live in England. I'm looking for a girl I would be proud to call mine and love with all my heart and who preferably lives near Surrey. Or if you just wanna talk then my Kik is: Wolfie49 but I'm looking for a girl around 13-14:)

Bekah is here 3 years ago

I've never knowledge that I was bi until I keeped falling or crushing with every beautiful girl I meet. I'm looking for a nice cute girl to Kik me I promise I'm not a pervert I'm really a nice sweet young girl of the age of 13 looking for a match 13-16 :) Kik me: young_wild_free1789

travis 3 years ago

Hey guys im a 17 year old bi looking for someone to talk in united states id perfer if you lived in new mexico so kik me kik user: travisstandell

Jaielyn 3 years ago

Hey guys! Im a 14 year old girl, looing for a gf currently. I like a girl i can talk to and just be myself around and ooprn up to and to sme and laugh with! :)

Emil me @

aimer 3 years ago

kik me @ asherman12

beautifulgirl16 profile image

beautifulgirl16 3 years ago from San Antonio Texas

hey guys i'm a 16 year old girl who is single bi and currently looking for a relationship i love to talk and i will treat my girl like royalty. :)

email me @

Rebekah 3 years ago

Hi I'm a sweet caring girl looking for the right person or even a friend to talk to girls and boys (13-16) Kik me: young_wild_free1789 I promise I will treat my girl with respect I love music and my family is Christian so no one to talk to I can't even tell them I'm bi

proud-to-be-bi1 profile image

proud-to-be-bi1 3 years ago

I'm looking for a cute bi girl around 14 I'm a girl and i just want a relationship with someone. all of the girls that are bi around me i don't like because honestly they're sluts.. no joke.. i don't want it to be one of those weird relationships where we share naked pics. like i just want a sweet relationship..

Ritzzzzz 3 years ago

I'm an athletic fit girl! I'm currently playing soccer and I'm tearing it up with my team! I'm really nice so if you wanna get to know me hit me up (: I probably shouldn't post my number but whatever 17609373865 I'm 15 btw!

Meme 3 years ago

Anyone from ire on here ;) 14 by the way I'm a girl looking for a gf, dosnt have to be from ire I can do long distance :)

Softball_girl 3 years ago

Meme, I'd love to talk to you. I'm not from ire, but I'm 14 (:

I'm new to being bi:$ 3 years ago

I'm bi but I'm new :$ any one that's could help me^ guy or girl I'd be very thankful any age thanks if u could help in any way Plz hmu on kik my user is fuckzme (sorry my mad ex made it) Plz and any one looking for relationship... So am I :)

Nate 3 years ago

14 and bi looking for a bf live Ind tx email me at

Nate 3 years ago

14 and bi looking for a bf live Ind tx email me at

ignacio 3 years ago

i am looking for a bf cant find one /.\ im 14 and bi email me at


Zachary Oakes 3 years ago

12 year old boy looking for a boy or girl. My # is 678-492-2066.


meme17 2 years ago

Hey I'm 17 I'm bi from Tennessee and I want to find a girl I really like I don't mind long distance I'm a little chubby and I want someone who can except me for me and I'm not the kind of person that judges anything about people. If your interested kick me @ shamelessnomore

beautifulgirl16 profile image

beautifulgirl16 2 years ago from San Antonio Texas

hey meme17 im 16 and also looking for anyone i have a kik but hardly use it and i would really get to know you

Jay 2 years ago

Hi Im 14. I'm Bi. Kik Me @HitJayUpBoo.KikMe I Don't Discriminate (:

Doug keeney 2 years ago

Hello, Zachary Oakes im a gay boy too. My cell is, 1502-439-2232 call me please, I'm really 14!

Casey nunez 2 years ago

Im Casey I'm Afro-latino looking for boyfriend material I like longish curly NICE hair fun to talk to etc my kik sis juanitoorodrigo I doesn't matter what you are black white i don't mind just message me

Shanala 2 years ago

im 16 and bi looking for not neccesarily a gf but a girl i can get to know and be cool with and then maybe end up as gf's please no creepers or annoying people✋

I love 1d 2 years ago

Hello cuties im a 15 year old lookin for a bi girl im a freak at times haha but im really sweet and caring hmu k beautifuls :* ♥ i love yall inbox me ;))

i love 1d 2 years ago

I have a nice body i am skinny (not to the extreme) im a latina i have hips and an ass and boobs im looking for a gf 14-17 ill send u pics of me (selfies) and will make ur day will talk to u everyday make u the luckiest girl in the world

Little Ducky 2 years ago

Hey Shanala I would love to get to know you. I am 15 a girl and bi. If you are interested email me at

Little Ducky 2 years ago

I'm 15 a girl. Just got out of a long relationship so only looking for someone to talk to and then just see where it goes. Into girls mostly. My story is complicated. Email me at

Natalya E 2 years ago

I'm 15 and bi. Looking for mostly a girlfriend but if your a guy and interested then hmu. I want to be able to just have a sweet relationship.

Littlechick 2 years ago

im and am looking for a girlfrind

KayLorraine 2 years ago

Im 15, bicurious. Wonder a lot, Id like someone to experiment with.!

maryggirllover 2 years ago

Anyone from Washington or closer

maryggirllover 2 years ago

13 single looking for a girl from.Washington or close kik me maryg509 or.text 5093879570

Umm. Okay 2 years ago

Hmm, where should I start? Lol , Im 15 female , and live in the USA. I can be shy at times, and I can random to laid-back . I don't really know what I'm looking for. A lot of people on here seem really nice. Soo. Feel free to send me a kik message @lolnaenizzle just say Heyyy or screenshot this message. I don't judge and I'm open minded.. but I lean towards girls more than guys - but if you a guy that's really funny and can make me laugh then shoot for it.

Is this a lot? I feel like it. Oh! Almost forgot I have an email . My snap chat is the same as my kik.

I spotted a few people on here that I want to message already lol .

So feel free. I'll be waiting !

me again ^^ 2 years ago

Well.. it me again. I forget to add that Snap chat takes a lot of my memory away and I literally just delted it but send me a message or email if you to snap chat me.

And maybe we can do some video chats. Clean videos chats lol.

PS if you see this message more than once I didn't mean to keep on posting it . It just wouldn't let me do it the first time.

Karli 2 years ago

I didn't post that on here, a friend did. DO NOT KIK ME. I AM STRAIGHT. Thanks(:

Brianna 2 years ago

I'm bi curious and I need a girl

Brianna 2 years ago

Hey it's me again. KIK me anyone : chitownbelieber

Ella Seven 2 years ago

Is there anyone from Canada on here?

Isabella 2 years ago

Hey ladies!! I'm 15 and I'm bi curious, I haven't told anyone about my attraction to girls because I wanna make sure it's what I want, so any girls willing to explore with me? My number is 434-420-1477

Jay 2 years ago

I am 13, I am bi and live in England. I'm looking for a girl I would be proud to call mine and love with all my heart and who preferably lives near Surrey. Or if you just wanna talk then my Kik is: Wolfie49 but I'm looking for a girl around 13-14:)

Natalie 2 years ago

Im bi im a girl 14 want a girlfriend text me

nataliecechove 2 years ago

Im bi im a girl 14 want a gf text me KIK natkik5

nataliecechove 2 years ago

Im bi and im a girl age 14 want a girlfriend a cute relationship someone who is honest and kind and loving im single for a long time but wish to change that so please text me on kik natkik5 x ♡:)

matthew norton 2 years ago

I was thinkin that i was gay or bi for a long time but yesterday i met this boy his names antonio and he came out that hes bi and i know i cant have him but if anyone wants to text me my phones 9195865659

newniie 2 years ago

hai, im Bethany . my entire family is Christian and im bi. I need some advice, (kik; mrs.jagger) (snapchat; bethloveskitkat)

Keke 2 years ago

I'm 15 nd bisexual nd I'm lookin for a girl who will be there for me in Phoenix,as kik me at keke.lo

trevon 2 years ago

Heyyy I'm 14 Iive in aburndale florida and I'm looking for a fun and loving relationship.. that will last. I'm looking for bi or gay guys 13 to 16.. I'm kinda shy but I'm really fun when u get to know me..... 329 7732

Faith 2 years ago

I hate who I am and wish I could stop being Bisexual and just be straight.... but that will never happen for me.....

brianna 2 years ago

I'm bi and 13 if wana talk msg me on kik supaninja89 0_0

brianna 2 years ago

Me again I live in Minnesota any one live near/by there kik: supaninja89

Alexyane 2 years ago

I'm bi /.\ who wanna tlk

Michelle 2 years ago

Hey am 14 yrs old nd bi looking for gf who I can talk to and have fun with email me

Candace135 2 years ago

Hey I am a 17 year old bi teen and I am looking for a gf who will be there for me and accept me for who I am. I am really hoping for a fun, loving, and meaningful relatinship that will last. If anyone age 16-18 is intersted you can either message me here or email me at Also, if someone can and will explain to me how messaging people on here works I woul really appreciate it:)!

elijah 2 years ago

Hey i am elijah i am a bi male age 16 just wishing i could tell everybody but i cant if you wish to talk you can kik me at eli1998h

Candace135 2 years ago

Hey I am a 17 year old bi teen and I am looking for a gf who will be there for me and accept me for who I am. I am really hoping for a fun, loving, and meaningful relatinship that will last. If anyone age 16-18 is intersted, or would just like a friend/someone to talk to, you can either message me here or email me at Also, if someone can and will explain to me how messaging people on here works I would really appreciate it:)!

bree119 2 years ago

im 17 and im bi i didn't know i was bi until 7th grade . i accept it and all but my mom doesn't everytime i bring it up she threatens me so i have to hide who i am and im tired of it i just want someone to accept me for who i am whether its a guy or a girl

Candace135 2 years ago

Hi bree119

Wow, you sound almost exactly like me! I am 17 and bi as well, and my parents would never accept me if they knew. I would really like to get to know you better, but for some reason I can not message you on here so would you mind messaging me or emailing me at I look forward to hearing from you:)!

Lala4444 2 years ago

Hi I'm a 14 year old girl from London

I just want to talk and meet other people and possibly have a relationship xxxx


Lala4444 2 years ago


molly sage 2 years ago

Hey.. You can call me molly or sage.. I'm a girl, 13, and bisexual.. I have a boyfriend the man of my dreams but I want a girl to talk to who is weird, funny and awkward. Lesbian or bi, is okay w/ me lol.... But yeah, uhh text me, I'm from Orlando Oklahoma and live in Orlando Oklahoma/perry Oklahoma... Kik:HayleeStar

proud-to-be-bi1 profile image

proud-to-be-bi1 2 years ago

Hey, 14 F bi.. Looking for a serious relationship with a girl (: My email is Email me if you want to talk (:

JohnDoeBlitz 2 years ago

Well........I am a 15 year old darkskinned bisexual.....I'm short.......I'd say my height is like 5,2 or taller but I want some want someone weird awkward, a lil bit crazy,have a dark side, and someone funny and know how to keep a convo going.

P.s. my Kik is jayyblitz1 hmu

Michelle 2 years ago

Its me again I forgot to add my kik belieber0123456

Emmagrl 2 years ago

I'm 13, girl and bi-curious. I need a long distance relationship to figure out some things. Just kik me if your interested @ bootsygrl

nay 2 years ago

16 soon to be 17 really want a girlfriend who preferably lives in michigan but i don't mind if its in another state but i don't wantvcreepers or annoying chicks

citykid15 2 years ago

Im a girl, I'm 15, & I'm looking for a girlfriend so hmu at 478-998-1129.

:) 2 years ago

I'm 17 female bisexual I live in Michigan actually I'm funny outgoing and a total smart ass lol I'm also a stoner but whatever I'm open about my sexuality tho I notice some of you aren't cause of your situations and I'm sorry to hear that keep your heads up I've been bi since 3rd grade use to be a strong Christian myself at one point but never judged plus I'm openly bi but anyways keep your heads up is what I wanted to say ~well local people message me email is send a picture of you please and the city of Michigan your in your name and gender your fav color so ik your real :)~friends only please and thank you~btw I'm not scared to tell you to f*** off if needed

imcuriousbutshy17 2 years ago

Hi, umm im new at this. im a 17year old girl im not sure if im bi or bicurious i have never kissed or dated a girl before. i just want a girl to talk to and maybe experiment with .perferaby in North Carolina .So any girl interested ,text me. my number is 919 478 8425.

austin 2 years ago

I'm 17 and looking for a guy

anxious 2 years ago

Hi. I'm 14 and bi. I haven't had a gf before and am totally open to girls up to 16m.loving in the united states would b prefreble,but long distance is totally ok .(: I'm not sure if anyone finds each other on this site , but fingers crossed. Kik me at emmeandtessness to talk .

james 2 years ago

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McK 2 years ago

Hello. I'm a 13 (almost 14) year old bisexual girl. I live in Az and am looking for a gf currently. If you would like to get to know me or chat or something kik me at Now_They_Know

Linsey Montagne 2 years ago

I'm 17 I am looking for a bf or gf between the ages of 17-19 either email me or text me at 916-765-3397

2 years ago


Larisa 2 years ago

So... I'm fairly positive I'm bi, although I haven't ever gotten the chance to test it either way... I live in TX and I'm 17... It's not likely I could manage to do anything but chat online considering my home and family life. So if any girls or boys between the ages 15 to 20 would like to email me that would be great. :)

elizabethlove6 2 years ago

im bi. romantic. sweet. open minded and loving. i love rock. soul. and piano. i just want someone i can talk to. im honest. i sing. write poetry and i live in texas. kik me Elizabethlove2014 don't be shy

melody315 2 years ago

Hi im melody

Kwame 2 years ago


ely182 2 years ago

hey im Elizabeth i live in California im bi im very sweet, nice, funny, fun, good listener, loyal so any 13-15 girl looking for a sweet romantic person Hmu on and at my school its really hard to find a bi girl to date. Im into girls with long hair who are pretty and nice.

Bri 2 years ago

I'm bri I'm 14 live in Illinois I'm sweet loving romantic loyal love music I'm looking for a relationship but my kik is bri_senders

ely182 2 years ago

I also forgot i have a kik its elsa182 im pretty tall i like going out a lot i have long hair curly and idk if it matters but im light skinned so kik me girls

2 years ago

im 16 looking for a gf who i can spoil love treat like a queen. someone who honest kik me kissmysass1800

kat 2 years ago

My name is Kat, I'm not fully sure if I'm bi but I'm completely willing to explore my options. Up until now I've always been with guys but have casually glanced at girls. Anyways, if you'd like to talk my kik is _ohnokat_

Nathan 2 years ago

Any guys from South Wales 13-17 email me,

iiAmCha 2 years ago

Caribbean girl ...iiAm Bi....Single... Want A Serious Relationship ....Cute girls only :) Kik iiAmCha 15-18 years old

shadow 2 years ago

Im bi looking for a gf in California Bakersfield part perhaps

shadow 2 years ago

Im bi looking for a gf in California Bakersfield part perhaps

Eric 2 years ago

Im a bi teen, 16 from Florida looking for any bi guys that are in Florida. Kik

destiny 2 years ago

I'm 13 from rendon Texas lot of fun and You can text me or kik me for more details (I'm a girl)



matthew norton 2 years ago

Hey it's me again my Kik and snap chat is

Kik: matthew997

Snapchat: matthewrocks119

I'm looking for someone to have a relationship my number is 9195865659 I'm gay so no girls sorry

I'm all it let weird at times but I come across mean sometimes I'm 13 by the way and single and ready to mingle

AK808 2 years ago


so I'm from Hawaii and went to a Lutheran school and the whole "being bi" doesn't really fly with my friends some/most of my teachers. Idk what to do. I wanna tell people and be myself but I can't. There are these 2 girls, 1 in real life and this girl on kik and idk what to about them. If you can help, my kik is LeahHope8789. Please help. I'm confused and don't know how to deal with this.


Mac 2 years ago

Im mackezie and i go to a catholic school and being bi isn't something I'm particularly friendly toward. Even though my friend who I'm not really close to watches glee and now wants to have a "gay come out of the closet towards her just so she can have a gay/les friend it annoys me that she would treat me any differently or value me any more if I was bi. Which I am but still were equal not trophy things. I'm a girl btw

kingjam 2 years ago

Hi im jamoran im 15 and just got out of a bad relationship and im looking for a nice guy or girl that i can connect with my number is 1313-948-1147 please txt me im not shallow

kingjam 2 years ago

Hi im jamoran im 15 and just got out of a bad relationship and im looking for a nice guy or girl that i can connect with my number is 1313-948-1147 please txt me im not shallow

isaiah 2 years ago

Any bi teens near west Texas that are willing to hangout?? I'm 16 btw

isaiah 2 years ago

Any bi teens near west Texas that are willing to hangout?? I'm 16 btw

isaiah 2 years ago

Snapchat me @ Isaiah_palacios

Cash 2 years ago

13 boy bi looking for someone to meet...sometimes I take it slow...sometimes lol

Bi_gurll 2 years ago

Well hi I'm 13 and I'm bi I'm looking for a realationship I live in Michigan but I don't care if is long distance you can snapchat or kik me at ~ yajaira_rico both girl or boy but I prefer a girl I just found out I was bi this year

isaiah 2 years ago

Hey I'm bi an I'm still remain in the closet but I'm more interested in guys but I still find some girls attractive but I recently have been looking for another teen to make feel like someone cares for me.

paty 2 years ago

Im bi ad lookig for a pretty outgoing girl if intrested add me on facebook: patricia cebada-chares or on snap chat: paty9816

Kiki 2 years ago

Hello, I'm 17 year old girl & bi-curious just looking for a female to talk to. I don't care if its long distance.


Softball16 2 years ago

I'm bi and I live in Iowa I just started showing interest in girls my 6th grade year I'm in 10th now. I would like to start a relationship with someone but I have some trust issues... They are better now though. I would prefer a girl... Lol ummm you can txt me at 5635934859 can be long distance :)

electric lady 2 years ago

Hi I'm bi too... 16yrs. old, and was just looking to start a relationship with a girl that I could relate to me on a personal level. I'm crazy/weired, not afraid to be who I am, creative, loving, live in new jersey, can keep a conversation, interesting, sweet/romantic, funny, and shy in the beginning, but I open up once I get to know you

You can reach me by

Kat 2 years ago

Hi I am a 13 year old bisexual teen girl. I looking to start a relationship wit someone around my age that can love me for me. I'm crazy and funny loving and supportive. I am creative and kind. I am looking for someone that can keep a conversation but won't let it get boring. It can be long distance it doesn't matter as long as we get along. You can get in touch wit me by Kiking me at cateielove texting me at 240-704-7081 or emailing me at

Naomi 2 years ago

I'm a girl l.I'll be 16 in August. I'm just coming to terms with being bi. Interested in meeting bi girls in Illinois. Email me :

Niaeem Allen 2 years ago

I'm Bi 14 gonna be 15 in November. I'm in love with a "straight" guy! I put "" on straight because he acts like he likes me one minute like he rubs up on me amd flirts with me, then doesn't talk to me at all!! I'm just trying to find someone to talk too 15-17 only please! Face pic required, kik me at ncstatebound99! If your in the Orlando area for the summer even better!

Curious girl 2 years ago

I'm a 12 year old girl I'm bi curious and I want a girl to experiment with text me (763)301-6462

Ace 2 years ago

Im a bi guy but im afraid to tell anyone because im afraind they will treat me different. im 17 and will be 18 in september and im looking for a nice guy if anyone is interested my email is

Shay 2 years ago

Imma 13 year old girl whose bi. of course lol. Im looking for a girl , that around my age.

Shay 2 years ago

2nd time posting, 1st I hit post comment by mistake but anyway im Bi and looking for an awesome, trustworthy girl. If your interested just text my email at and we can see where it goes from there. :)

Cody16 2 years ago

I'm Cody I'm 16 bi and looking for someone to talk to. You can text me at 419-604-2644

destiny p 2 years ago

I'm bi and looking for a relationship.

You can kik me for more details at ringo_chan01

antonio 2 years ago

I'm bi looking for someone to talk to

You can kik me if u want at tony_alvarez62314

antonio 2 years ago

Mostly guys

antonio 2 years ago

Mostly guys

NakiaB 2 years ago

I always knew since I was in very little that I liked boys and girls. I recently had a girlfriend that had me sooo close to coming out of the closet! But I chickened out because of what I thought my peers would think! please hmu I don't want a girlfriend or a boyfriend I just want support!! Thanks :) (p.s. I'm 13)

NakiaB 2 years ago

Hmu @

James b 2 years ago

Hay nakiab I understand what your saying I havnt fully came out yet and I'm 17 try only telling your closest friends to begin with so then you can at least have there support in all if this plus it's the 21st century moat people except you for who you are nower days so don't rush anything and take it slow

Taylor Sharpe profile image

Taylor Sharpe 2 years ago from Springfield, Georgia

I'm 13 and bi and have only told a few people I'm looking for a cute faithful girl that I can talk to kik me at Jazysharpe

lance k 2 years ago

I'm gay guy from Indianapolis Indiana just looking for a young lover bf who will be fair to me and not hurt me so hmu if your interested (317)646-5619

Solveig 2 years ago

I've recently have come out as bi. I'm very nervous but I want to meet people like me. My email is:

Solveig 2 years ago

Hi, me again. Forgot to mention that I am 16. I love writing, reading, TV watching, and adventures. I'm just looking for some friends like me and possible someone special. email me:

RochiUnicorns profile image

RochiUnicorns 2 years ago from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Haii, I'm Rochelle... I'm bi and lonely ;c... I would love to have a gf i don't care how old you are and its not what's on the outside but what's on the inside that counts.. If you're interested which i hope.. please message me c;

elsa182 2 years ago

im 14 bi just looking to talk to someone who is fun and an awesome person maybe even cute is all look me up if you want to my kik is mfesmy

Shazin55 2 years ago

Yah I just found out I'm bi and I'm afraid to ask people who I like if they like girls too so yah I just want a healthy relationship that's a little sexy too!

brianna 2 years ago

HI I'm Brianna and I'm bi (like girls more though) girls should text me 320 510 0784 I'm 14 going to be 15 soon

becca 2 years ago

Hi im 13 and i just found out im bi. Two of my best friends know. That's all. Ive never dated a girl but am interested. Im also a tomboy ;) my kik is that_quiet_shy_emo_girl

I think im a really nice person i don't bite but i hope you'll pop by. I don't mind 12-16 peeps. Guys welcome too. Especially if ur callex Elijah! (My fav name :p)

Ellis 2 years ago

I'm bi lives in the carribean 14 willing to try new things

Pookie 2 years ago

Hi im pookie im from grand rapids mi and im 16 and im bi


facebook:Pookie Thompson

Bigirl 2 years ago

Hi guys, I'm a 14 year old bi girl.. I'm looking for a gf and I don't mind if it's long distance relationship.. But preferably in canada but I just want someone who will accept me for me and I'll make u the luckiest girl ever..

So u can Kik : rileyai2

Or u can email :

Katy Cherry 2 years ago


Sydl1 2 years ago

I'm a 14 year old girl going to be 15 soon. I am bi and looking for someone that understands me and likes me for who I am!! Kik me at lockedlove18. I also live in Missouri.

nick 2 years ago

Hi I'm nick and I am pretty sure that I am bisexual or gay I met this adorable boy (I am 16 he's 17)and he makes me feel like no one else. He's really cute but I don't know if he's gay. Should I ask him out or what?

Lala4444 2 years ago

Hi I'm 15 and bicurious girl. I can begin to explain how confused I am and I'm really just looking for someone to talk And maybe find a gf I don't mind if it's long distance but preferably in England. Kik: raga49

hey 2 years ago

Hey im looking for people to talk to on kik mostly girls but guys are welcome to as long as u don't ask for dirty pics. Profile pic of ur cute faces is required tho haha anyways kik me at mfemsy oh and 14-16 ONLY

nick 2 years ago

I am bi if any boy or girl wants to talk plz do my kik name is ICEBLAZER208Z my skype name is Fireblazer1231 plz plz talk me(13-28)

alexis 2 years ago

Im 14 im bi im single im looking for a girl that i can just vibe with her age has to be 13-16 lives in america and likes to sing im sorry if i sound picky i just need for my number 1 girl to have these qualities

lexie 2 years ago

Oh really? Lol i have those qualities lol plus i write poetry and i love classical music. I also enjoy nature. & i do lo c in the us and I'm 15.

Irene. 2 years ago

I'm 13 Lesbian, single, and looking for a relationship. I've been feeling down for a little while and needing someone to lift me.

I'm not a skank, I don't want your nudes. I want a girlfriend, and to be happy. My kik is irenewulf

Kaylene 2 years ago

Im Bi curious im to scared to do anything with a girl but find some super hot uhm kik me Bluebeauty79 I'm 18 (:

Annalee 23 months ago

hi, I'm a 17, bisexual, and go by Annalee. Looking for a girlfriend, mostly. I'm okay with pictures. looking to communicate through email at first, and later on through Skype and texting and such. I'm in Illinois but I'm moving to Kentucky soon. My email is

papa smurf 23 months ago

I,d like to date all bi teen gals and young guys whom would be really interested in me to see a better dating scenerios anything from norm to something wild mind blowing too,and they don,t have to worry about someone abusive or not from where they are from or from jail or drug world I,m someone whom is more laid back and will take things real slow or if they would do something more casual like or smoldering in or out of the boudoir or even in the outdoors too is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michael 23 months ago

I'm looking for a guy or a girl I am 16 I am a bottom when with a guy though so text me 6609735488 is my number .... BTW I live in chillicothe Missouri

sara 22 months ago

text me

Destiny 22 months ago

Hi my name is destiny and im a very weird random and outgoing country girl im 14 and bi and well maybe looking for a relationship

sara 22 months ago

hi destiny text me 320 510 0784 im 14 and bi as well

Destiny 22 months ago

Oh and my kik is absol_01

Mia Ryan 21 months ago


abree shay 21 months ago

I am 13 from redding i have always known i was bi..i recently had a situation and me and my bf are over i wanna gf..kik me..Total ✌ Hipster

Leah proud to be bi x 21 months ago

Hey my name is Leah and I just want to find someone who is right for me I never wanted to show i was bi because my parents and sister would go mad so im looking for someone both girls n boys kit me on (leanne_robbsxx)

Leah proud to be bi x 21 months ago

Hey its me leah my snapchat name is leyah_321 for those who don't have kik

Leah proud to be bi x 21 months ago

Papa smurf I am 15 years old and bi kik me on Leanne_robbsxx

MizzBruja 21 months ago

Heyy im from Michigan. Im lookin for a girl that I an be best friends with and i can fool around with.

Mia Ryan 21 months ago

Hi im Mia. Im from Canada and im a 14 year old bisexual girl (more intrested in girls tho ). Anyways i don't need a girlfriend. Just got out of a really complicated relationship and i need some one to talk to...

Email :

Kik: rileyai2

Mia Ryan 21 months ago

#Brianna ( 3205100784 )

brie ik ur folks said we shouldn't talk anymore but i still cnt help but think about the promises we made 2 eachother...ik ur hurt bythe wrongs i did 2 u but u know why i did it (just to mke my folks leave me alone). i honestly did mean those promises&things isaid to u...plz my love forgive me. it hurts not hearing frm u all tis while but i waited 4 u...just know i dnt mean 2 hurt u. i was really being pressured by my parents, i explained all that in ur ( bro's ) mail. I just want a reply frm u to know that everythings ok with u. im sry once again and i still wanna be with u...#followwhaturheartsays. i love u and hope to hear frm u...

Mia xxx

Dude 20 months ago

I am 16 and don't really have a preference except that you be make my Kik is Oren_Jenkins and you can speak to me about anything from if you want to be in a relationship to just being bored I'm here

charity 19 months ago

I am almost 14 years old and I am a newly about being bi so I just need some girl to love me

420 19 months ago

It's late here I can't sleep my kik: jaimieislife I'm bi I always have been I'm a girl I'm 14..

charity 19 months ago

I love guys but most of them just want u for a little while then they break your heart so still looking for a girl to love forever. I live in the state of Georgia. :-* :-*

Charity 19 months ago

Ages 13- 15 only

charity 19 months ago

Any body single out there:-*

Teesha 19 months ago

Charity what's your kik name

charity 19 months ago

Hey teesha I Don't have a kik :-(

charity 19 months ago

Teesha u sound pretty cool and I wanna date u!!

charity 19 months ago

Teesha u sound pretty cool and I wanna date u!!

charity 19 months ago

Hey teesha where u from??


CHARITY 19 months ago

Let me say that some guys are but heads. I once told one of ex bf to lick my booty hole so he can get a taste of the crap he gave me. All the ladies here need to tell all their ex's that and show them that they have no power over you. They might have broken your heart once but I wanna tell you that you Don't need to let them do it again. Show the person who broke your heart that you have more power over them and that that person doesn't matter to you any more. Tell them that they can't make you cut or kill yourself because it shouldn't matter if they still love u or not. Show them that you are a boss.


charity 19 months ago


CHARITY 19 months ago


Charity 19 months ago

I am a Christian now so I am straight so good bye teesha and all in the hi world:-) :-)

charity 19 months ago

I Ain't got time to date girls do good riddance

charity 19 months ago

I Ain't got time to date girls do good riddance

Lesbian. 19 months ago

Omg this charity girl is real stupid. I've been lesbian since i was 7. And i have lesbian friends who are christian so... Bull shit honestly, haha. You don't just turn randomly straight, yoh where just curious, and that's ok too, soo good riddance to you!!!

charity 19 months ago

My sister wrote that u stupid hoe so if u gonna say something make sure u know the facts first :-) :-) :-) :-)

BOSS 19 months ago

Hey lesbian u are such a hoe. U Don't know what she go through at home and u Don't have a right to say anything about her. And u are the one who is stupid cuz u have NO idea what she go through on a day to day basis. So if gotta say something make sure u know the facts first.

Vivienne 19 months ago

This is crazy honestly, I could see why the fellow lesbian got mad, and the rest of you. All that was spoken was true though. I do feel bad for Charity, no one knows what she goes through, but I could see why that rude girl got mad, you just don't turn straight after one night, but the way she was trying to make her point was very uncalled for. So here are a couple words for Charity, don't be afraid to be who yoy are, and don't let anyone tell you other wise, do what feels natural. I knew I was a lesbian since I was 13 (Im 16 now) but I hid it for 2 years, but I had always had a spot for woman ever since I was born, but I didn't know what it was.. I thought that just because I went to a very preppy school that I was straight because I felt awkward being the only gay one. Although after a while, I realized that wasn't me. On the other hand I just didn't turn gay just because of how many men treat woman. It isn't a choice, I just wasn't attracted to them, but if being straight, gay, bi, transgender or any of that, it's ok too, it's whatever makes you happy. Good-luck c:

charity 19 months ago

Hey Vivienne thanks a lot for the words of advice I am not trying to hurt anybody and I just wanna apologize for all of this junk. Will y'all forgive me?? :-) :-)

BOSS 19 months ago


CHARITY 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


CHARITY 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago

HEY CHARITY DO U WANNA GO OUT?????? :3 :3 :3 :3

CHARITY 19 months ago

BOSS YES I WILL :3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3:3

BOSS 19 months ago


CHARITY 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


CHARITY 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago

Good morning to all and to all a good morning

BOSS 19 months ago

I am single

:-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago

Taken by the best ever

Artemia 19 months ago

Hi BOSS how are you? Hello to anybody else too. I'm 14ish, going into the tenth grade, I am bi (NOT "bi curious" I know what I am), I am sort of artsy, musical (instrumental not vocal), and I LOVE animals. I'm kinda short, don't have big boobs/breasts, petite and skinny, brown hair with a few wired blonde highlights, brown eyes, and tan skin. My kik is DanniDubose so kik me! Girls only (I am chill with most stuff) unless you are a guy that just wants a CLEAN chat. I can't wait!

BOSS 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago

KIK MY BF @Jacksons_lil_bro

BOSS 19 months ago

Kik my bf @jaxsons_lil_bro

Artemia 19 months ago

Hey. Why do you want me to talk to him?

Artemia 19 months ago

BOSS kik me at DanniDubose

Artemia 19 months ago

Also I did mean to put wired, not weird. I want to kik people!

BOSS 19 months ago

Artemia, I want u to Kik him cuz I am with him right now.

BOSS 19 months ago

I Dont have my own Kik so I am using his right now

Artemia 19 months ago

I already kikked him.

BOSS 19 months ago

Hey Arte Mia what did he say

BOSS 19 months ago

What did he say

BOSS 19 months ago


Artemia 19 months ago

I thought you were with him. He said hey. Why are you saying that you are single?

BOSS 19 months ago

Well if u check his instagram it says that he is single so I guessed that we Dont go out any more.

BOSS 19 months ago

Hi I am very bored

BOSS 19 months ago

Kik my bf @jaxsons_lil_bro

Artemia 19 months ago

I kikked him already

BOSS 19 months ago

What did he say about me?

BOSS 19 months ago

Hey artemia plzz answer me

BOSS 19 months ago

HELP ME??????????????

BOSS 19 months ago


CASSIDY 19 months ago


CASSIDY 19 months ago


BOSS 19 months ago

Hi there


Bye we will never be back here !!!!!

Mar 19 months ago

Is anyone here sane..... Lol looking for some actual friends, because the last time I was on one of these, I met my best friend.

Jess 18 months ago

Looking for a girl friend aged 14 ish

Taelor 18 months ago

Hey, I'm Tae and I'm bi, 15 turning 16 in Nov but looking for a friend or something...and I'm single

Breanna 18 months ago

Wassup I'm Bre im bi. Single looking for boyfriend or a girlfriend.

Hmu on kik @BizzyJustDoIt

Rachel 17 months ago

Hey,I'm Rae and I'm looking for people to just talk to.

Leah x 17 months ago

Hey im Leah n I am I bi girl I do like boys to but also like the girls I am currently 15 and gonna be 16 in February n I want someone to talk to and also maybe find a girl friend or a boy frifries have been bisexual for 3 years but only just became open about it

Kik: leanne_robbsxx

Snap chat: layah_321

You all seem nice and friendly hoping to get to know some of you xxx

Tay 16 months ago

Bi girls age 14 or 15? Im a bi girl and im 14, well i think i am but im not sure. Skype names girliez? Or snapchat and ill add you

Michelle 14 months ago

Hey I'm bi looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend i don't mind long distance but it will be better if you're from Santa Ana

Sc: michelle_564

Or email me

passion 13 months ago

I'm the same as all of yall im bi and 13 years old I'm looking for a gf like for support my gmail is

Savanna 13 months ago

Hi im 14 looking for a girl around my age to date. I want to find someone who is shy but they wont be afraid to open up to me. Im super hyper and energetic and may get annoying but i promise to protect you and never hurt you.

My skype is ryukochan5 oh im also a girl if you cant tell from the name

Savanna 13 months ago

My email is also

I hope to find someone who can depend on me

Elizabeth 12 months ago

Hey, I'm from california, I'm currently single, I'm 16, bisexual ( I lean more towards girls though), I'm very friendly, hard working, and I just want to make friends. Ive been told to be cute, I dont like to be lied to I'd rather have the truth. I play the ps3 and the ps4 only, if any girl wants to play co-op with me like one day but just know that I dont go on as much because of work. Anyways just text me on kik: mfesmy and the girl from the pic is really me. :)

Elizabeth 12 months ago

Dont send me a kik message because im not going to go back on kik anymore...for now.. If you have a psn just look for my gamer tag (my gamer tag is ridiculous i know..) elilikaboss4ever... I didn't know what els to put so thats all I put

Alexis 12 months ago

Looking for bi females to chat with

Elizabeth 12 months ago

Lol cx haha nevermind just hmu on kik mfesmy, im friendly, i talk diffrently to everyone it depends how they text me

Mia 11 months ago

Who has IMessage?

Katie 11 months ago

Alexis, would love to chat with you

Elyy182 10 months ago

Hmu on kik cx I'm 16, bisexual, and nice :P kik:mfesmy

Or elyy182

Ashley9980 8 months ago

I'm 16, bi, and looking for someone to talk to and maybe have a relationship with. My kik is asherisshy9980. I'm fm.16- 18 only.

Emmanuel 8 months ago

I'm bi and looking for someone to date or someone to talk to about life my Kik is darkthanthemoon and my snapchat is emmaunelnunez

Kieran 7 months ago

Hi I'm Kieran I'm 15 bi and haven't told my parents I'm single and would love someone to be my gf or bf

Mia 7 months ago

Hi Kieran I'm 15 and bi as well. I'm looking for someone to talk to so if you want hmu

Destinee 7 months ago

And im bi im 13 and i want a caring romantic girl/boy

Carina 6 months ago

I'm bi and 13, I just want someone who I can openly talk to about this my snapchat: carina9703.

rach 6 months ago

I'm bi but I don't know how to tell people does anyone have any advice??

A M ALLEN13 6 months ago

Sup Destinee, I'm sure I would be perfect for u, if not as a gf then a friend

Bethanie 2 months ago

Hi guys my name is Bethanie I'm Bi I'm looking for someone I don't really mind what gender. I'm 15, I live in Canberra I have a fit body tall with brown eyes and blonde hair my Facebook name is Bethanie Webb and it's the same thing as my Snapchat name. Thanks you everyone xx

saeid 2 months ago

mikaila 8 weeks ago

Hi! im Mikaila, im 13 and my snap is: if ya wanna talk

Leneisha 5 weeks ago

Hi am looking for a girlfriend with blue eyes and blond hair and that lives in Memphis Tennessee United State.

Ryleebird 5 weeks ago

Hi my name is Rylee and I'm bisexual I want to talk to other people like me

Sam Nelson 4 weeks ago

I'm bi but lean more towards girls I'm a girl by the way. I'm 13 and looking for someone to talk to

Willow 2 weeks ago

Hi Sam Nielsen I'm 13 and bi to if you want u can kik me willow471

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