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Easy to Make Baby Hats

If you know anyone that does needlecraft, a good birthing gift is a hand made newborn's hat, with or without a baby blanket made with the same yarns. Some gift shops, children's stores and department stores carry these items; and, they may be ordered online from craftspeople.

I was surprised at how appreciated handmade baby gifts have been when I gave them. One of my students and her husband had a baby recently and as a gift, I crocheted a set of four baby hats for them from a soft natural fiber. When the child becomes older, she can use them for her dolls!

I also make larger hats for the child as she grows. It's fun to do and does not take a long time.

Below are some pictures of baby hats I have made fo rchildren of my friends and students and their families. Some of the pictures are of a friend's cat modeling some of the hats!

Most recently, I made a large batch of baby hats, ponchos and blankets and sent them to the local Ronald McDonald™ House at Children's Hospital. There, the families of sick children are able to find shelter, good food, and fellowship at no cost if they cannot afford accommodations.

I have made many of this style hat in several colors.

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The hat you see pictured to the right is one that I have crocheted in a number of natural fibers, including wool, cashmere, cotton, and others.

A newborn's hat takes about an hour to crochet, and I change each one slightly in its pattern stitches so that it is unique to the baby that receives it.

Sometimes, I make a matching hat for the mother as well, or a baby blanket of matching fibers.

However, there are times that the mom-to-be could benefit form something special for herself, especially in the last trimester when the waiting can make her impatient.

A special store for gifts that pamper moms-to-be is located at The Doula Store, located at

Free Crochet Pattern For a Baby Hat

Written Instructions for Another Hat.


  • 1 skein three-ply baby weight yarn, your choice of color. (I use natural fibers for baby garments.)

Chochet Hook

  • Size G


  • Round 1: Ch 3 and join with a slip stitch to make a circle. Chain 2 and make 11 HDC (half double crochet) in the circle, but do not join rounds. (Total count is 12 HDC, because the CH 2 counts as 1.)
  • Round 2: 2 HDC between each HDC; (total: 24 HDC) and place a marker at the beginning stitch with plastic stitch marker or even a twist tie.
  • Round 3: *1 HDC between next st, then 2 HDC between next st* and repeat pattern around (total: 36 HDC).
  • Round 4: 1 HDC between ea HDC around to the beginning marker.
  • Round 5: *1 HDC between each of the next 2 st, 2 HDC in next space* and continue pattern to the beginng marker. (total: 48 HDC).
  • Rounds 6 thorugh 21: HDC between each HDC around to desired length of hat.
  • Finish off.

(My note: Baby hats are said to be made to fit an orange if the child is premature and a grapefruit if the baby is full-term.)

Instructions for a flower for the top

  • Round 1: Ch 5, join to form a ring with a slip stitch in the 1st ch.
  • Round 2: Ch 3 (counts as the first DC) and make 9DC in the ring, join at the top of the ch with a sl st (total: 10 DC).
  • Round 3: *Ch 2, work 3DC in next st, ch 2, slip stitch in next st* five times.
  • Fasten off.

The original pattern is offered by 1) The Idea room and 2) Teresa Richardson: public domain as per Goggle search advanced search settings.

Birthing Gift Options

The following stores and online shopping sites offer birthing gifts for mother and child from a wide array of perspectives and viewpoints, from serious to whimsical and cute.

I did not have a baby to model this warm hat. :)
I did not have a baby to model this warm hat. :)
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I admit it - I made this especially for the cat."That Cristmas pudding was not the best."
I admit it - I made this especially for the cat.
I admit it - I made this especially for the cat.
"That Cristmas pudding was not the best."
"That Cristmas pudding was not the best."

Tiger Woods Receives Baby Gifts

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Princessa profile image

Princessa 9 years ago from France

Nice, but as a mother I really prefered a present for myself rather than practical stuff for the baby. People usually "forget" about the mother just when we are at our most sensitive state.

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 9 years ago from North America Author

That's true, Princessa; moms are often forgotten in the excitement of the coming baby. I saw some pretty nice gifts for moms at some of the links I listed above - like bath mineral gift baskets and some lovely jewelry. My pastor's wife received a nice gift just for herself during her last pregnancy - a brand new car. :)

Thanks for posting a comment!


Robin profile image

Robin 9 years ago from San Francisco

I love the newborn hats, and your cat hat is hilarious! Loved it! Thanks, Patty! ;)

Patty Inglish, MS profile image

Patty Inglish, MS 9 years ago from North America Author

I'm glad it all made you smile, Robin!

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