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Boarding School

Going to a boarding school has been one of the best experiences of my life. Boarding school gave me the opportunity to mature and grow up with kids my age, while learning to make life decisions and having more freedoms than the average teenager. I have been attending boarding school for the past 3 years, and now I am going on my 4th year.

Dorm Life

This is probably the biggest difference between living at home, and going to a boarding school, the dorm life. The most important thing to remember is that the entire dorm is your home, not just your room, so be respectful to everything and your neighbors. The dorm life at a boarding school is very similar to the dorm life at collage, the main difference being that we have more supervision since we are younger. Things such as check in on week days at 7:30 for study hall, and on weekends at 11 pm for the night, and having your teachers live next door to you are some of the differences between boarding school, and living at home. Having teachers live next to you can be good, and bad. If you need help with homework, you just go ask the teacher, and they will help you. A bad thing is, if you were not working in study hall, and you do not have your homework for the next day, then your teacher is not going to believe any excuses that you come up with.

The dorm is the place where you learn a lot about different cultures and ways of life. Each person is placed in a room where none of their roommates are from the same country, this is done to help all of the students learn about different cultures. For example my roommates were from Turkey, and Russia. One of the big parts of being roommates is communication, you need to communicate to each other when the room is not clean, what times your getting up in the morning, if you need to stay up late that night to finish homework, and just things about everyday life such that there are no clashes between roommates. Being roommates at this age can be very hard, some times we are irresponsible and don't clean the room, or someone forgets to shut the window and it rains, but over time you learn to live with each other and adapt and make sacrifices.

Social Life

The social life when going to boarding school is just like any other teenager social life, just with more freedoms to do what you want, and become who you want to be. When you want to go somewhere with friends its not like living at home where you have to go and ask your parents if you can go out. If you feel like going out, then you go out, if you just feel like doing nothing all day and just sleep in, and play some games on your computer, then that is what you do. This can be good and bad, while some kids might choose to go to the movies, and play sports and just hang out at cafes, other kids choose to go to pub's and bars, and go smoking , cigarettes and drugs. This is part of becoming who you are, and learning to make the right decisions. For example, on the weekend i will wake up around 10 and go down to brunch (breakfast/lunch) then i will go and hand out with friends at a cafe or something. then we will go and do some of or shopping or get things that we will need for the week. Then we will go out to dinner, and later on catch a movie. Depending on how late at night it is at this point we might go out to the pub and get a drink or two. (My boarding school is in Europe, so beer and wine is legal at 16).

School Life

School life is just like going to normal school, you still have a full schedule, and classes that you need to attend. The teachers still give you homework, and you can still get in trouble for falling asleep in class. The only difference being that the teachers know you better than if it was a day school. They know if your a hard working student in the dorm, or if your more of a party person. They know where your from, and some things about your family. They also tend to know who your friends are, who you are dating (which sometimes can be kind of annoying), and who you are outside of class.There are also after school activities, and team sports. Just like any other school, we have teams that compete in tournaments and train just as hard as other teams.


There are no words that can describe the people that you meet at boarding school. The people you live with, eat with, and see everyday of your life, become a huge part of your life. Everybody becomes close, even if you do not like a person, you will still get to know them very well. The friends that you make, are closer than friends that you will ever make in a normal day school. They say that one year of friendship at a boarding school is equal to seven years of being friends with someone at a normal school. At a boarding school your friends become your family, we help each other, support each other, and push each other to be greater. Friends are probably 3/4 of the reason I go back each year, because they mean so much to me, and its hard to leave them behind. Even on vacations I'm always emailing them and staying in contact.

This is just a brief overview of what boarding school is like from my experience, and I have been going to boarding school for the past 3 years, and I am going on my 4th year there. Each boarding school is different, and have different rules, but overall I must say I love boarding school, and never regret going to one.

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happyness3 profile image

happyness3 7 years ago

I went to a boarding was an amazing experience. I will probably send my kids to boarding school as well. Most people think it is some kind of punishment, but I made better friends there...and relationships that over 10 years later are still so strong.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

you speak highly of boarding school, i would not like sharing a room with people who did not clean it

etb50 profile image

etb50 7 years ago Author

well its part of growing up, not having a clean room, so you just have to tell your roommate that they need to clean, and usualy they will respect that and clean, such that everybody stays happy in the room .

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

oh wellif you have found a way round it fair play to you..... I said it wouldn't suit me o.k.

getpaidtopost profile image

getpaidtopost 7 years ago from UK

I always thought boarding school was not all that. And in fact more like a prision. O well It sounds like you had fun, so good on you.

etb50 profile image

etb50 7 years ago Author

I guess it depends on where you go... some might be a lot strickter than others

Miss Take 7 years ago

this was a nice hub, I ENJOYED IT.......

jolinarodriguez profile image

jolinarodriguez 7 years ago from virgin island US

Sound very interesting thanks for sharing your hub I enjoy reading waiting for your next post.

keep it up

Alyssa 7 years ago

I'm going to a boarding school this year. I enjoyed what you said about it, and people need to realize it's not just a place people send rich kids.

I come from a poor single parent household... and I got a full scholarship,

for a lot of people, it's the only chance they have to make something of themselves.

Shannon 6 years ago

I really want to go to a boarding school, cause I think it'd be cool and have better academics and junk, but isn't it real expensive?

But you did a good job on the article thing, real cool.

etb50 profile image

etb50 6 years ago Author

Yes, it is very expensive, but if you have good academics you can get a scholarship. In my case, the company that my dad works for pays for the boarding school. Depending on the boarding school it will usually cost between 30,000 and 60,000. But there are exceptions that are lower and higher.

bbbb0 6 years ago

how close are the teachers to our dorms exactly? it seems like itd be annoying if they're on the other side of a wall

etb50 profile image

etb50 6 years ago Author

They are right on the other side of the wall, which at times can be a bit annoying, but it has its advantages. In a way they are supposed to act as your parents, but it is a standard set of rules. so unlike how parents just sort of make up rules as they want to, teachers cant, but on the bad side there are no exceptions to the rules that are in place. As far as privacy goes, they don't want you in their lives just as much as you don't want them, so it works out in the end.

lauren 6 years ago

i want to go to a boarding school, im gettin fed up with bein shouted at all the time and plus a boarding school seems like fun, but the only problem is we haven't got the money to pay for a boarding school, is there any boarding schools that are cheap?, i really wanna go

qid profile image

qid 6 years ago

yeah . i totally agree with u babe.

i also went to a boarding school n it taught me a lot about things,life,friendship.

what can i say,i love boarding school ! :)

Nicola 6 years ago

Are you able to go to boarding school when your 14 because i would love to go to boarding school but i feel im to late to go .

Derrick Ocansey 6 years ago


BOX 18,





Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Very good article. You write well and provide some valuable information..

Jennifer 6 years ago

i am going to a boarding school next year and i have already visited and made was amazing and i can't wait to attend...the school im going to go to costs about 35000 dollars.

hem 6 years ago

i need a cheap boarding school someone please help me

Neil Ashworth profile image

Neil Ashworth 6 years ago from United Kingdom

That's really good info, thanks for sharing.

maddie 6 years ago

i might be going to bording school next year,but i thougth it was really misserable, like worse than home so thank you for giving me this info.

but what makes it worse about me going to boarding school is that the only rason im going is because there are no goood school around (i live on an island in thailand asia)

and my parants are looking for school in the uk so im going to be so far away im going to be so home sick

Thomas Newton 6 years ago

I want to go to boarding School in America, but I live in switzerland and my mum said no. Do you know anyway to persade her, and I found and really good one with a good price for the fees ( which is $30550) and I any not doing well in school, Because I am doing IB in french and I am not sure if I should repeat a year. But a very good article. THANK YOU!!!

ME!!! 6 years ago

Er so what boarding school do you go to and where is it??

Thanx for the info btw vry interesting, im joining one next year in the sixth form hope its good, im a little scared about bullying anything on that?

Amber 6 years ago

That was a great article! I live in the U.S. but I really want to go to a boarding school in England. I don't even know which one, I just want some adventure in my life. And I guess I also want to stand on my own two feet. It's not that I don't like my home or family, I just want to see the world and I think it'd be awesome. Some of my family members don't like the idea, but some are supportive. I think the biggest issue is money. I'm pretty smart but I'm not sure how I would apply for such a scholarship. I'm so far away, it just seems crazy. Any suggestions?

kayma 6 years ago

I so wish I could go to a boarding school too, but it looks really expensive.

Any advise:)!

Miea 6 years ago

Thank you so much because sharing this..i also live in boarding school..the problem is it's really hard to get to be comfortable with the situation in boarding school..after i read your stories it makes me feel peaceful and optimistic so much... and being positively thinking like you, should be more think by others boarding school students..thank you sooooo much..^^

hannah7star 6 years ago

So at boarding school are people preppy? what kind of clothes do they wear?? is it anything like those teen books like the private novels or anything (please b honest)? are their cliques or like status groups?? srry for asking so many questinons but i'm wondering. Also, wut r some good boarding schools on the east coast?? (please don't give me websites but maybe some info from real life experience)... thankx :)!

BEN 6 years ago

I think thAT A boarding school would be quite cool you know make friends and stuff.

Shakira 6 years ago

I think boarding schools give lots of people good qualifacations and an fun time so I recommend them except for the price

Melisa Jones 6 years ago

so..really boarding school is fun??

it's ok to go out at weekend??but i live in usa

i'm kinda scare my dad said that if i keep misbehave,he'll send me to boarding school or worse..military school

J-joker 6 years ago

Going to these boarding schools is one of the best way to make good friends and at the same, focusing on your academics.

This is a great hub that has a good information about boarding schools. If you're scared that it might destroy your typical teenage life that you had right now, then read this hub to make you change your mind and learn the beauty how it will change your. Not just socially, but psychologically as well.

Anyssa 6 years ago

That was actually interesting i though it was all bad and kind of like prison like what getpaidtopost said. thanks for the info i would actually like to see the life as in how it is there.

lilbitts 6 years ago

i went to boarding school last year and i loved it im going back this year my school is excatly the same very laid back except we don't have teachers as our dorm parents we actually have full time house parents they knoiw nothing about your school life and the teachers kno nothing about our home life and we cant drink lol and i got a full scholorship so that's good and if anyone wants to kno more about boarding school life i have a blog

Leigh 6 years ago

I loved this article an it has gotten me really excited about going to boarding school next year. Mines in uk as I'm British and I'm getting army bursaries cause of my dad being in the forces. The normal cost for the term is something like 3500 pounds and we are only gonna pay 500 :)

etb50 profile image

etb50 6 years ago Author

just to answer some of the questions that have come up... as for the people asking for specific boarding school information, i only attended one for 4 years, so i don't know about all the rest, but.... for the most part they are not "stricked", but that's not to say that they don't have rules, and there are no exceptions to the rules.

Boarding schools do tend to be a little more preppy than day schools, but that doesn't mean everybody that attends are preppy, some are more than others.

Boarding school is like any other highschool in the sense that there are cliques, and groups, but i would say that people that attend boarding schools tend to be much more open minded towards everybody, and it is very easy to make friends. Since everybody lives together you all become close, even if ur not best friends, ur still closer than most ppl that go to day school.

Lots of people get boarding school and military school confused... they are nothing alike.

Linda 6 years ago

You said your dad works for a company that pays for boarding school.Do you think you could help me?I wanted to go to a boarding school but I can't afford it.

Miki 6 years ago

Thanks for the hub, it helped me a lot on how to live in a boarding school. I will be attending a boarding school next week. This article moved me in a good way.


Courtney 6 years ago

Hey you guys, I don't have really good grades but I mean my dad has the money to get me in if I wanted to, but I'm not sure about my grades, my lowest is a 77 and highest is a 92, could I still get in? Sophomore year!! Whooop whoop!! I really want to go but probably on the east coast (i live in the u.s.) Can anyone help??

Amy 6 years ago

I work with The Association of Boarding Schools (TABS for short), a non-profit with more than 300 member schools in both North America and abroad. I thought some of you might be interested in checking out TABS at If you're thinking about boarding schools?, – the official online guide to boarding schools – has tons of information, including:

• Lots of useful features and videos about the boarding school experience. (

• A School Browser that lets you search nearly 300 schools across North America. (

• A great “How to Apply” guide that takes you through the process step by step. (

• A general application form accepted by many leading boarding schools. (

• A Guided Search function that narrows your criteria to target specific courses, arts and athletic interests.

Laney 6 years ago

I really want to go to boarding school for multiple reasons, and my parents are divoricing. My game plan is to look up local private schools see how much they are compared to the school I want to got to and try to get scholarships. My parents are all about education and I am having a really tough time living in the situation I'm in so all this will help. My advice is to look up local private school prices and advantages of boarding schools

leon 5 years ago

what boarding school did you attend? i'm boarding in new hampshire, USA and i kind of hate it so i'm looking at schools in the UK

Abbyy 5 years ago

Im going to boarding school in 2 years, im 11 and a lot of people in my town wich is a country toiwn loved it so ive gottten sponsorship from a lot of bisnusses and it wil be really fun!

lilly 5 years ago

I soooooo want to go to boarding school. I don't have the confidence to ask my parents and if I did they would probably say it was too expensive and they would miss me too much... You are so lucky!

liv-2-luv-2-laf 5 years ago

Does anyone know about the New Jersey Seeds program? It's for kids in New Jersey who are doing really well in school, but can't afford private or boarding school. It's only for 7th graders, though. If you get accepted, you get to go to a 3 week camp at St. Andrews school in Delaware to take elective and academic classes. Then, it's a 3- day camp at the Princetown-Blairstown nature center(just camping-log cabins, s'mores) for leadership development. SEEDS gives you Saturday classes over the 8th grade year while preparing you for the SSAT's and helping you with the application and interview process. Finally, after being accepted into your school, you go for another 3 week camp at St. Andrews school in Delaware, this one is set up just like a sample boarding school inn a boarding school schedule. Thie entire program is worth $15,000! I want to get in sooooooooo badly I could scream! I want to go to Blair Academy or Lawrenceville- I've done a ton of research. And, oh yeah, I'm in the seventh grade.

liv-2-luv-2-laf 5 years ago

I forgot- do you think that I have any chance at boarding school? I was skipped a grade(not technically, I went to Kindergarten after only 2 weeks of pre-school so I am a year younger than everyone in my grade-does that count?). Being in the 7th grade, I am on a 12 grade reading level, I took 5th grade Literacy classes when I was in the 2nd grade (and supposed to be in the 1rt), I was in the Gifted and Talented program(mostly science experiments and logical thinking/problem solving) and the Advanced Reading program(we covered Shakespere in the 5th grade) for all the years that it was available. In the past I have gotten mostly A's some B's and this year I've gotten all A's for the first 2 marking periods. I have been in the Dual Language Program learning Spanish since kindergarten and I am now fluent. I have been in Ivy League for 6 th grade and I am in Academy Prep both were the most advanced classes in my school. Now, I play soccer and want to start playing softball in the spring. I have played the violin for 5 years. I am in Mural Painting club where we paint Murals after school and I started a School News Paper. I volunteer with the YAB a Youth advocacy group in my town. We hold food drive and things like that. Do I have any chance at Boarding school? and like i said before, I want to get accepted into NJ SEEDS and that would really be a huge help. Do i have a chance? 8(

KK 5 years ago

thanks for the hub helped to see what boarding school is all about!! im REALLY nervous cus im attending boarding school in the UK for a major scholarship in 5 weeks and im probs gonna be the only new person in my year (yr10) cus my mum wanted me to go somewhere where i can have friends.. etc etc! cus i don't like my school here at all, and don't really have a lot of friends..

its just that its so far away (i live in africa!) and its so scary sharing a dorm with somebody i totally don't know! :S

Anonimous :) 5 years ago

im thinking of going to a boarding school but i sorta need a cheap one cause i only have one parent in my household and i have a sister aswell. we are struggling for money rite now aswell

Amy 5 years ago

Thanks so much for posting all this! It was very helpful, as I'm currently writing a novel that takes place in a boarding school.

I'd love to hear more about it if you don't mind contacting me via my blog at

mini 5 years ago

lucky you that u had a good times at boarding school! I went to boarding school for 7 years and its pretty much like a prison to be honest- too many rules, nothing much to do in the evening and horrible foods! I had more freedom at home than school. Good thing about my school is that i've made good friends for life, they're like my family. And all my friends come from all different kind of backgrounds. and good education, about 75% of us leave school with good qualifications. bad thing about my school- when we leave school, we find it so hard to fit in outside world, feels isolated and also finding it difficult to be at home with family. all of my friends lives far away from me. But I'm so glad that i left school, and am enjoying my freedom!!

SJ ALEKS 5 years ago

i am going to boarding school next year, i am kinda scared cause i will go in france and i am from bulgaria. It's scary, i am now 13

katie 5 years ago

soo i might go to boarding school but id really kno if i wanna go cuz im gunna b in 8th grade next year and i don't wanna go for just one year and miss my friends and come back when im a freshman. and i kinda already have my high school picked out so id really know what to do any ideas? i need help finding the right one tho there are way to many i fell like if i pick the worng one then its over ! what if i hate boarding school and i wanna leave ? can i just do tht ? or what does any body know what will happene ? if i hate it and i transfer back outt will i be able to get into another school or will my *th grade year just suck ? PLZZ help

Vicky 5 years ago

I might be going to boarding school. I currently go to public school. But the thought is just up in the air right now. I would love the independence but I have fun with my friends here at home. Expenses are not a problem, but I am also going to a good school right now. Though boarding school interests me. Do you think I would enjoy it? And is there anything important or tips I need to know?

boardingschool 5 years ago

I am a student of boarding school and very happy with my boarding school education. The teachers of my boarding school are very supportive and cooperative. Some people think boarding academies are full of strict rules and regulations. But it is not true; these academies only have discipline so that students can study with full concentration. Some of the teenagers think that their freedom will go after taking admission in such academies but it is not true. The programs for the enjoyments such as camping, adventurous games, dance and drama are offered to the students for their fun in the private boarding schools.

Tejah browne 5 years ago

Im going to a boarding skool for FREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

I agree and believe that the teenage life is the best chapter of our life. We will discover a lot of things in this stage and that stage is a stage of making your self often to everyone, the social life. It is the time that we will enjoy our life with our friends, have a great trip with them or sometimes entering a relationship.

Boarding school life is the best!! When i was studying in collage it really makes me feel free. i have a freedom to do what i want. Sleeping in almost two hours before the first class, drinking with my friends, dating with a lot of girls. I really miss the old times, for me the one who enjoy his/her teenage life will be happy for the rest of their life.

Abigail 5 years ago

Well I didn't really read this whole thing but I was wondering if there is any chance anyone knows of a school that is in London, Europe,just for girls, and needs a art teacher in like 10 years????

Sarah 5 years ago

i think it doesn't matter if you are smart or thick boarding school is just the same

Katy :) 5 years ago

I go to Queen Ethelburgas college and TBH we allcomefrom upper class backgrounds..i love to ski and do ballet and netballand swimming!! At school everybody has a bb or iphone or macbook or ipad! TBH thescholarship kids never really fit in!!! I LOVE BOARDING SCHOOL! :)

Nissy 5 years ago

Thanks just started boarding school im finding it so so hard!!

Nissy 5 years ago

Thanks just started boarding school im finding it so so hard!!

Nolwenn 4 years ago

I go to a boarding school in uk. I used to go to a progressive school in us. I got used to calling new york my home, now I live in london. Its really weird - i was born in savoie, my parents are british and I lived in new york for ages. Btw- BOARDING SCHOOL ROCKS! :D

Nolwenn 4 years ago

My b/s has a pool & really long vacations. Does anybody elses? :D

jachellyer 4 years ago

I go to a boarding school in UK and I'm writing a hub about surviving your first year if it isn't going too well, like it was for me. Reading this has helped me to get some thoughts from other people who are/went to boarding school. All I can say is this for now; I love it and it is the best thing that my parents have done for me. I live 10 minutes away from my school but I choose to board, I never go home unless I have to like at half term or exeat. It is amazing. I feel sorry for the people who are unable to go to one. If you do want to go to one, ask. There may be ways to get around the fees (and they can be quite a lot). I find that I have more freedom at school than at home. You will never experience anything like boarding school in your life. You will never develop the relationships with people that I have. You will never get to know people like I do. It is the same with teachers, they get to know you very well which can be annoying but, you can often find a teacher who inspires you and becomes a mentor and you can develop a very close relationship with them. I have done this and talking to him has inspired me a lot, I have this with quite a few teachers and I know that many others do as well. Some of the younger teachers even become friends with some of the older students and I know that many of my teachers have been to weddings and other life events of their pupils. One of my teachers is even a godfather to one of his pupils. He was christened but then decide to be and asked him to be his godfather. Being at a boarding school gives you so many opportunities, grasp them all is what I say!

Ellie 4 years ago

I love my boarding school! The dorms quickly become your family, and even though the tight-nit community makes it so every one knows you business, it ok. Most of the girls in my dorm would support you through anything (except maybe 1 or 2 who are problems, but they usually don't have many friends). There are cliques, like any other school, but they exclusive, catty, or mean. and no, it isn't just for rich prep kids. Most kids are on some sort of scholarship program, and even the ones that aren't are the kindest, most down to earth people. The ones who are mean are usually the ones who were forced to go because of home issues. If I hadn't gone to boarding school, I wouldn't have had the opportunity to become so independent, and I have had so many opportunities in leadership roles. If you can, try it. The homesickness can be hard, but it is a great experience.

Nagato pain 4 years ago

I like your article but then i ave to dissagree with you about boarding school being more fun than home. The only thing i live for is my family God and comuter, without those life isn't worth living. Ofcorse i also live for friends, which brings up my second conflict with your article. Friends at boarding schools are not necessarily better than those at day schools, maybe when it comes to being your real self around them then i might agree. It all depends on what reasons you picked your friends for at day schools that determines the level of friendship, whereas at boarding schools it's more like you are forced to live with you dorm mates. I've been in boarding but i still definitely prefer day schools anytime.

Mthokozisi 4 years ago

I relly want 2 go 2 boarding skul in my lyf nxt yr at pretoria

Mthokozisi 4 years ago

Next year my father he want me to go to boarding school so i need a boading school at pretoria help me plzzzz

Elvira 4 years ago

I love how you talk about the wonders of boarding school, and how good of an education you get, when you can't even spell COLLEGE correctly.

Mthokozisi 4 years ago

So did u help me guys i need boarding school at pretoria and my problem is one i dont't know a english,my english is poor so guys help me (crying) or invite me on mxit 072557148040

Mthokozisi 4 years ago

Elli whish boarding school are you arttending

josue 4 years ago

i really want to go to boarding school but i don't know i live in new jersey and it maybe to expensive but i would enjoy going and living my own life somewhere eles but home!

nina avery 4 years ago

Im going to boardingschool and I live in new jersey too . If you can't afford the school you will have to apply for financial aid. i applied and got 47,000 dollars from the school, and i don't have to pay the back.

ayesha 4 years ago

i gone to boarding school last year i found it is like the best place i ever spent my life. my boarding school is not that much expensive,it is full of surprise and serendipity

Jared308 4 years ago

My boarding school in New Zealand is nothing like that, there is no such thing as freedom and you cannot leave the school during the week unless it is important. I stay in an open dorm with 30 other boys it. Gets really untidy. The food is also horrible but you do make lots of good friends.

Ali 4 years ago

I'm looking for a boarding school but cant find one.. help!

p.s. my mom might not let me go because she feels she doesn't want to just ship me off, but at the same time i'm trying to tell her i need to embrace my independence and see how life outside of my regular zone is, but she cant see from my point of few. help please


ibresidentialschool 4 years ago


You certainly have some agreeable opinions and views.Your site provides a fresh consider the subject.

Thanks for this

aria 4 years ago

Some places have free boarding schools. I went to my state's free arts boarding school. You just have to have good grades and audition to get in. My state has a math and science boarding school, too. Both are free for residents.

Aish 4 years ago

I think your article is brilliant. I am going to go to a boarding school in class 7[i am in class 6] and I think your article really tells a lot about this school. I found it very helpful. Thank you.

Gabi 4 years ago

im going to be attendeing a boarding school in the following school year im really excited and this helped a lot an d mines costing 47,950

nicola 4 years ago

i will be attending a boarding school for reasons and i am having diffuculty's finding a good boardig school that has a sort of house to stay in with a couple of other teenagers close to a school to got to in the morning.

Mthokozisi 4 years ago

Thanxs just i'm fiding a boarding school in pretoria,hammanskraal so so hard i will start next year i am going to do grade 10 so guys give me a prayer

danielle duncan 4 years ago

i think boarding schools are filed with a binch off smart ass holes who think their better than everybody because there a lot smarter than everybody else who say they'll have better jobs and will have etter lfes just because they went to a school they had to pay to get in so they'll have their ugly uniforms and their teachers that people think are better than public school teachers my big sister has left school this year with 3 a's and a b and she didn't have to spend a lot of money when at night she can crack open a book and try realy hard. so i'm saying tat you don't need to pay for education when you can get itt for free and put more efoort in.

Kris 4 years ago

I would love to go to boarding school but my moms totally against it i just want to be independent and i feel like living away from home will push me more in my academics i don't know how to make my mom understand she thinks i'm over reacting and that i should stay where i am but i feel out of place i don't know what to do and i think boarding school would be for the best ............

bhai 4 years ago

i think this is a best song.....

hi 4 years ago

I'm just worried about the price! I would love to go to a boarding school! Seems like so much fun! But what do you do about money and stuff? Like how do you buy things?

John Kelly 4 years ago

I've looked at Discovery Ranch in Utah. Does anyone else know any outstandng boarding schools in Utah?

Sindiswa 4 years ago

I really wnt 2 go 2 boarding sxul its just that its 2 expensive 4 me

Prarmatreassy 4 years ago

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Amy 4 years ago

Which country is your boarding school in? I'm in the process of deciding whether or not I'd like to go, but the boarding school is in England whereas my family live in the Middle East - I'm really scared of living so far away from them!

?????? 4 years ago

I am a American and o so proud of it I want to go to Kent college but I don't know if it is a strict boarding school or and awesome boarding school I need advice

Roxy 4 years ago

hey, i live in the uk, and im looking to go to a boarding school is the usa and my mum might be able to get finacial aid, is this possible? thankyou.x

Lola Parker 4 years ago

Hello! I Like your story but i have a question .

Where was your boarding school? In the middle of the city or far away from the city? Nad do you know why your schools is standing there?


Nakibogo 4 years ago

Thanks for your article. Had some good points most of which I disagree with. You can make friends anywhere, not necessarily only at boarding school. Adults are not in boarding work places; so why are children subjected to it? I actually don't like boarding school at all. Please visit us at

chinni 4 years ago

Hi! According to my view boarding are not as better as Public schools.

friends can be made where ever we are .It depends upon our behavior and

how close we are with others and I am gland to see this article.

saba begum 3 years ago

i think u have really expeerience the true life of a boarder with great enjoyment hope i could also enjoy the same things love u yaar!!!

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