Bonding With Legos

Maverick's T-16 Sky Hopper

Two Lego Star Wars Sets
Two Lego Star Wars Sets
T-16 Sky Hopper
T-16 Sky Hopper
Maverick and His T-16
Maverick and His T-16

The Love Of Legos

My son, Maverick, is 6 yrs old and he absolutely loves Lego's. He has Lego's from many different themes like The World of Chima, Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Star Wars and super heroes. Let's not forget Sponge Bob, Ninjago, The Lego Movie and all the little Constructor sets that can be cranes, bulldozers, dump Trucks or Eagles all from the same set! These are just the ones that I can remember buying for my son but there are hundreds of different Lego themes to choose from. My kid loves them all and every one that he sees is the one that he just has to have.

LEGO Star Wars T-16 Skyhopper Toy

I remember playing with Lego's when I was a child and I couldn't be happier that he is just as interested in them as I was but I certainly don't remember a Lego Jaws set or a Lego Top Gun Mig 25 to put together. I certainly don't remember the sets costing $40, $70 and up to $300 for a way cool Jawa Sand Crawler set! Lego's have come a long way from 1976. We made tons of different toys and stuff out of the standard size blocks that were available in the exciting colors that were available at the time red, yellow, blue and red.

Todays Lego's Are Very Different

I'm not mad or jealous that kids today have so many more choices available to them when it comes to Lego's but... well, yeah. I guess I am a little jealous. I digress, this article is about Maverick's Lego sets so we will focus on those.

I sure wish I could remember the first Lego set I bought for my boy but I can't. I'm pretty sure it was one of those tubs of Duplo Blocks, the over sized Lego's that just about every kid on the planet get when they are 2. It helps with hand eye coordination or something like that. I personally don't think the Duplo Blocks really count because there is no set of instructions included that guide you through the steps to making some cool car or boat or something like that. My kid pretty much just stacked them on top of each other and made tall stacks that were all different colors. "Tall" really isn't the correct word to describe the stacks. "Long" is a better word as most of the stacks are usually lying on the ground.

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