Breaking News Man Arrested in Madeleine Mcann Case

Parents Now Official Suspects

Madeleine's Parents have both been made official suspects in Portugal, I will reserve my judgement until the final outcome of this case that has touched the worlds heart.

If they were responsible in anyway for her dissapearence and possible death, the law should give them the maximum punishment possible.

This case has touched the world, and brought out the goodness in people, millions of messages of support from all over the globe have been sent to the family.

I hope and pray Gerry and Kate are found to be totaly innocent and that the person responsible is caught and brought to justice as soon as possible. my support stays with the McCann family until the truth is found.

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Ben.sadler 9 years ago

I think the parents r guilty they never seem distressed or upset, if my little girl was missin i would be hysterical, said it from the start and iv got a feelin its all gonna come out, i hope im wrong for maddie's sake, hopefully she is alive and its all wrong but iv got a gut feelin on this one, and if they are found guilty then they should face life brecause of all the commotion has been caused buy this from the parents.

lynne 9 years ago

I agree,being a parent myself,if it was my little girl,i would have been hysterical.In my opinion,every interview i have seen,there seems to have been no emotions what so ever....if they are responsible,then they have made a laughing stock out of a lot of influential people including us,the public.The truth will emerge.

Martha  9 years ago

I know i would be upset if something happened to one of my children ,but we cant assume these people are guitly did they even find a body yet maybe shes still alove and some pepple show greif in so many different ways maybe they dont want to make public scene we cant see the way this family is reacting behind closed doors ,and maybe they are just holding out hope that their daughter will came home again ......

Jacob Maddocks 9 years ago

Innocnet until proven guilty, if you'd have murdered your child the last thing you'd want to do is draw attention to yourself.

They have done everything they possibly can to keep this in the spot light and to keep the attention on finding their daughter.

The only thing i believe they are guilty of is neglagence for leaving their child alone for too long to be take.

I'm a father of one 3 year old boy, if he's out of my sight for more than 10 seconds i'm worried about him.

connie 9 years ago

i hope madeline mcann is found

hayley downey 9 years ago

how can people even suggest them parents are guilty, you can see the anguish in their faces,how do people know how they are reacting, they have held it together in front of the press etc, dont you think if they were guilty they may of broke down more often to make it look convincing,i think the portuguese police are involved, they have been letting people get away with this for years, i read about a woman in portugal whos daughter went missing 3 years ago she was faced with the same they arrested her and she is now serving 15 years for her murder, they stopped looking for the girl, one of the main police in this case was accused of beating a confession out of her,portugal have no sex offender register or anything so they are bound to get all the scum of the earth there, i would never set foot in that country, britain should boycott the place, that little girl is still missing and they are blaming the parents, rubbish its to cover their own backs.for allowing children to be abducted for years and doing nothing about it,they probably think its normal. i bet if this is investigated properly the truth will be somewhere them police are involved,this needs outside detectives never mind portuguese police saying no, our goverment should get involved now, if gordon brown cannot make sure this is put right then why are we voting for them, we are all in the same boat, watch your kids in portugal because they think its ok to take someone elses child and then accuse obviously loving parents of killing her.

aura macdonald 9 years ago

Well i suppose brits are the most civilized people in the world.... the word hooligan is not a Portuguese one. Or the crimes that we see in Britain every day on TV news are perhaps a mirage? How can brits stop going into the Algarve if the Algarve is now a British colony? They do everything they want in that place. And everydody knows tha british police are investigating along with the portuguese police and they also think that they (the Maccans are lying) Why dont you read news papper The People? Ans yes Algarve does not need brits like the Mccanns. Algerve needs to be left with it´s peace as it is day by day

 9 years ago

FYI, one important fact: It was Kate and Gerry that requested they be made suspects, it was not the police that "did it" to them. They requested this so they could decline answering questions.

 9 years ago

yes as a parent and human being i hope tha child si found safe and well i wish i didnt have this uneasiness about the parents im a bit concerned about the body language and composure of both but it could be all bottled up in the heartache within -i am suspicious but hopeful that there will be a rapid conclusion to this tragedy

Amanda 9 years ago

Maddie, sweetheart wherever you are I'm here praying for you!!! May God bless you!!! Your such a beautiful little girl. Now for Kate and Gerry... I really don't know what to say... I can't understans why would you leave your kids sleeping alone especially somewhere your not familiar with!!! I really don't know who to blame in this situation. I just pray to God not to find out that you guys are the suspects. I'm still here praying for you as well. Stay strong and don't give up this is your little girl. Fight hard for your little girl... GOD BLESS YOU BOTH, YOUR FAMILY AND ESPECIALLY MADDIE!!! >3

Amanda 9 years ago

Damon 9 years ago

Amanda, dear, if by chance there IS a God, He will already know where she is, therefore prayer would only annoy Him. But your well wishes are very kind.

barbara 9 years ago

i am grandmother of 9 children, years ago when my 2 year old went missing, i didnt call a camera crew, i called for someone to get the store manager and the police whilst i went searching, i found her thank god in approx 2 minutes, but i t was agony, i was in physical and mental pain and turmoil, until she was in my arms again,i understand when mrs mccann found madelaine had disappeared, she called out...they have taken her...who are they?remember madelaine the child who was left alone with 2 younger siblings whist her parents went on a jolly with their friends,madelaine who was seated by her doctor parents, the whole thing is a farce,they loved their children so much they left them sedated and alone?please, in england if we are found to leave young children alone, and not sedated, we would have the social services round the house , if we sedated them too, i guess they would prosecute us,i want to see these people in court just for that , let alone anything else they have done. in the end the truth will come out, and sorry folks i dont think it will be very pretty,......just one thing, why does mrs mccann hide her face behind her child when speaking to the cameras?body language in any language tells us the truth

Nicola 9 years ago

I am totally behind the mccanns i dont think they did it. i think the portugese police have done a poor job from the start and are trying to shut the case and nail it on the parents just so it looks like they have solved it. i will never forget the little face of madeline. people deal with emotions in different ways. i would guess that they didnt want to be in tears 24/7 for the sake of their lovely twins they need to keep strong and have done so throughout.

Strange 9 years ago

I have to agree partly with Barbara here - though am not sure about the sedation bit? there doesn't seem to be any real proof of that right now. I certainly think they were very selfish and I also think they have told lies about the number of times the children were checked. I mean it appears they went out 'jollying it up' everynight for what? 7 nights or was it nearer 14?. They probably started off with good intentions - checking them every 10 mins or so but towards the end of their holiday they got complacent, blase even. If they are guilty of anything at the moment it is neglect - as for anythng else? we will just have to wait and see. But for professional people who went through IVF to get those precious children - it beggars belief that they would then abandon them at night?

Danni 9 years ago

I am a parent myself and I like to think I am responsable. I love my children dearly, but we take calculated risks everyday, when you let your child play outside, when you are at a ball park and you cannot see your children playing because they are up steps, down slides and racing through dark tunnels. What I am saying is we all have taken risks with our children at one time or another but it does not make us murderers. I just find it so hard to get my head around that a loving mother accidently kills her daughter (I assume she would be slightly distraught) then her and the childs father dispose of the child without a car in a very narrow given time frame, pops across the way and casually has a meal a laugh and a giggle with friends, comes up with an alibi with said husband, pretends to discover daughter abducted instigates a full blown search with hundreds of people helping, contacts the police the media the world then 25 days later retrieve the very obviously loved daughter places her in the back of a hire car dispose of the body for the second time in the full glare of the media (but nobody saw a thing) then carry on to drive the car around (not take it back or exchange it) for the following months whilst fighting to keep Maddie in the public eye. I'm sorry but does this not sound a little too far fetched. In contrast I do see the pure grief in those parents faces, I also see the focus and drive that is keeping them going in the vain hope that there daughter will be found and they will get the chance to hold her in their arms and never, ever take a chance again, can you not see the pain in their faces that is what keeps them strong, that is what keeps them focused, they are only guilty of taking a calculated risk on the 3rd may that they are paying for 50 million times over. I believe that this poor family where hounded out of Portugal because they would not go away, what levels would a country go to, to protect an economy it depends on. We will see!!

Stuart 9 years ago

Guilty or not,I think it's an outrage that the so-called well educated parents of this poor wee girl could actually think about leaving three small children in the apartment on their own. To make "frequent" trips back and forth to the apartment still does not constitute good parenting. Anyone with small children knows it only takes a split second for kids to do something "silly" to themselves let alone someone else doing something to them. I'm almost certain, if parents of a lesser standing of the McCann's had left their children home alone, there would be criminal implications.

Lily 9 years ago

Jenni 9 years ago

I've said all along that they were responsible for the disappearance. It seems odd to me that we are yet to see them shed any really tears over their daughter and only now have they actually bothered to think about the twins and how they must be feeling. I think the sooner they charge them the better im sick of hearing about the Mcanns

strange 9 years ago

Well like I said they are definetely guilty of neglect and no-one in their right mind would leave 3 small children under 4 alone - they had plenty of other choices. If they really didn't want to leave them with a stranger they could have taken turns to stop with the kids - both being able to enjoy some time out with friends. This is what normal responsible parents do. I certainly think that them being responsible for her death is a bit far fetched given how they have been under the spotlight since it happened. That said they haven't done themselves any favours and I think they should have come home months ago - they have lost popularity with Portugal, the Police and even the British public. Until the body is found - this will drag on - they will never have a normal life ever again. The price they have paid for a few selfish nights of freedom will be with them forever

strange 9 years ago

Well like I said they are definetely guilty of neglect and no-one in their right mind would leave 3 small children under 4 alone - they had plenty of other choices. If they really didn't want to leave them with a stranger they could have taken turns to stop with the kids - both being able to enjoy some time out with friends. This is what normal responsible parents do. I certainly think that them being responsible for her death is a bit far fetched given how they have been under the spotlight since it happened. That said they haven't done themselves any favours and I think they should have come home months ago - they have lost popularity with Portugal, the Police and even the British public. Until the body is found - this will drag on - they will never have a normal life ever again. The price they have paid for a few selfish nights of freedom will be with them forever

Jodi 9 years ago

I read that another member of the McAnns group was checking on her child about 9:15PM and saw a man leaving with a small child in a blanket. At 10PM Kate finds Maddie is missing. Those that believe the McAnns knew Maddie was dead by do we explain the woman claiming to see a man leave with a small child in a blanket and she further states that the small child had PJ's on that matched those described as Maddie's. How many professionals in this group of McAnn friends do you think would be part of the supposed cover up which the police say Kate & Gerry did?

I may be the biggest wishfull thinker but I still believe that this child was kidnapped and the parents had nothing to do with it. I do believe that a resort area would set up a parent like Kate who had so far refused to leave the area (before 9/10) and continued to keep Maddie in the press which continues to remind travelers this area might not be too good for kids. $$$$$$$$$

I believe this girl is alive and I hope we don't have to wait 10 years for her to find her way home like the one that was held in Australia.

Sheelagh 9 years ago

But aren't they all part of team Mcann Jodi?

Either way?

The kid is dead

Being blunt - hurts - I know:-(

Australia is along way from Portugal!

What are you getting at?

S x

Michelle Berry 9 years ago

as a mother of a 1 and 2 yr old in Australia, i wouldn't leave my kids for 5 minutes to even duck down the shop while they were asleep, let alone go to dinner and drinks. Why the hell wouldn't you spend the money and get a babysitter, whether they have done it or not i really don't no, but all ihave to say is i hope the dinner was nice and it was worth it.....just try and imagine what these parents must be going thru on the basis they haven't done it, and do the other children deserve to lose there parents as well as a sibling.......i think the parents no that what they did was absolute stupidity ans there the ones that will have to live with it for the rest of there lives...we are all quick to judge, lets just wait to see what happens

 9 years ago

Darren 9 years ago

Have some compassion man...Too all the people who genuinely care about the subject...I do believe they are guilty. I believe the parents put Maddie on sleeping tablets and neither realised that they were both feeding them to her, which is why your hearing from the police now that it could have been an overdose!!

Without trying to sound too negative - i dont believe we will see Maddie again BUT i still pray that we will

Apart from the last writer - the Brits are compassionate people which is why so many people care about Maddie and they havent even met her or even come close.

Gerry / Kate i hope the above isnt true and I am wrong but if this is what has happened, no JUDGEMENT comes from me... it was obviously a mistake A BIG ONE but you cant hate yourselves forever

Strange  9 years ago

Hi Darren

I don't know what to think really? - I think it is a possibility they gave them something to help them sleep? but it's unthinkable for two Drs to act in this way - and then dispose of the body and then go on national and international TV and plead for her return? I sincerely hope that they didn't do this - it is horrendous to think that they have - but I too am having some doubts the more this drags on

Dz 9 years ago

We have no kids as yet. The main reason being that while we love all kids we know, our low finances, small house, busy long working hours and other responsibilities along with the lack of any local family members (talking hundreds of miles, not a few) for extra support make having kids a choice we cannot make at the present time. When we have them it will be when we can devote the appropriate amount of time to their proper care and upbringing. That entails making them safe but also letting them go free when they need to be out playing, having instilled in them to know who to trust when and how to make good choices and decisions. You cannot keep them in your safe arms all their lives. When you become a parent it is for life. It won't necessarily fit into your so far comfortable little life that revolves around yourself. Children are very flexible generally and will fit around schedules well. But they should be first priority. Getting your jollies isn't any priority unless you make proper provisions for the children. If you can't understand that and act accordingly you shouldn't have children.

The parents may not be guilty of killing anyone, but they ARE the major contributing factor to the child's disappearance, regardless of whether she was sedated or not, and to my mind charges of neglect should already be pending.

Darren 9 years ago

I see what you are saying but you'd be surprised what humans are capable of when put in a position like that!! Whether they are Drs or not

At the end of the day - like Dz just stated... they should never have left them alone. Thats what it comes down to... Typical British parents - more worried about having a drink up then their own kids!!

I believe my parents would have done the same thing so it isnt a personal dig at The McCanns but it is a scary thought!!

Strange  9 years ago

When I was little 8, 9 years of age my father thought nothing of dropping off me and my younger brothers at a park near a town centre. he would disappear golfing for hours - anything could have happened to us. Thank god it didn't otherwise I wouldn't be typing this now! Was he irresponsible? yes he bloody well was! Just as a side issue it seems odd that kate kept a diary and seems to have incriminated herself by saying the kids were hyper and difficulttio control. Having children is a real responsibility and it's sad that even professional people don't always take on board their responsibilitieslike they should. I do hope they didn't sedate them kids? but if they did? they deserve whatever is coming to them

Darren 9 years ago

Thats the thing though... it used to be ok to do that.

I used to live in Croatia as a kid and the street i lived down - people would leave their front doors open overnight because it was so hot and all day during the day even if they were all going out for the day...seriously!! Nothing ever happened, there were no stories of anything ever happening apart from people walking around with smiles on their faces lapping in their natural surroundings and generally being happy and feeling safe!

The world has now become so screwed up that you cant leave your kids for one second withouth having to worry about them or without anything serious happening!!

But a good point you made of the many is that - parents need to realise that these days its not how it used to be - there are some absolute nutters out there who wouldnt hesitate in hurting you or your family!!

strange 9 years ago

Hi Darren

I think these things happened in the past, but weren't publicised as they are these days (Internet etc). Mind you it did feel a safer world when I was younger ? was it tho? am not so sure.

michelle 9 years ago

your bristish compassion seemes to be deminishing Darren

michelle 9 years ago

i just can't understand why people who arent short of a pound or two wouldn't get someone in to look after them, basically sit in the apartment.....but as i said before there the ones that will have to live with that decision for the rest of there lives not us, i just feel sorry for those other littlies and what will happen to them if there parents go to jail......

Darren 9 years ago

Can i say one thing.. My compassion will never die

I am just not sure whether to be positive about the situation or negative!!!

Like i said in previous mails....keep smiling

michelle 9 years ago

its just a very sad and tragic situation, i just can't imagine losing any of my children...aweful....just hope that little girl has found some peace

kay 9 years ago

I think the kate mcann defo had something to do with maddies diisapearence i have a 3 yr old and there is no way i would leave her in an appartment room on her own not even for mins its wrong

santos 9 years ago

i think madalenes parents are irresponsible to leave the kids alone in a hotel room in any circumstances. again they spent publcising themselves to celebrity level on madeline's expence.I wish they could offer all the money they spent on the publicity and so called media campiegns to anyone who gives any information about maddy.let it be a huge amount then some one is going to bring some information for money.

jassen 9 years ago

I believe that the Mc Canns accidentally overdosed her by mistake as they both have access to sleeping tablets .The twins were easily able to settle to sleep.Madeline reported to be hyperactive will not and hence will spoil their adult fun with their friends.Kate and Gerry may have start cardio-pulmonary resuscitation and accidentally broken her ribs resulting in internal injuries.They both panicked and hid her body in the next room where blood has been spotted.One of their friends or someone they trust help to put the body inthe car.

georgeie 9 years ago

or is there a third person involved ? er, a boyfriend ? did poor maddie witness something? we saw a lot of movies and read a lots of crime stories innit?

Vadis 9 years ago

I believe kate was having an affair with Russell.and went on holidays to have fun. Beside j.tanner is not so glamourous .She went to the bar late .why?Did she physically assaulted to get revenge to kate and russell.she has very evil eyes and grossly miserable,ugly,and one can see lies on her forehead.

strange 9 years ago

It's a bit confusing there are two sets of comments and two different pages to post - I am here:-)

But had a look at the other link

And I posted there as well:-)

Mrs.Janet Goucher 9 years ago

in all of the McCann case I never understand why the parents were on holiday with an expensive company, yet they did not take advantage of the free babysitting service available.To pop backwards and forwards to the flat to keep an eye on the children is out of order when they contended that Madeline was supposed to be a wanted I.V.F baby.They have nver showed much emotion over the whole affair in my opinion. If it does come out they were involved they should be sent to prison. It is quite possible that the latest we hear could be true, and they frabricated the fact she was abducted.the truth will prevail in time as dna evidence is good now .

Natasha 9 years ago

Was there any evidence of someone entering their room, while the parents were eating dinner - forced entry or was a door left open ? I can't recall reading that information.

Dayzee 9 years ago

I intend to keep my personal thoughts to myself, but like everyone this story has become a real life whodunnit, which is why everyone, whatever they believe is hungry for information to support their views. The newspapers twist and turn every minute piece of information...last week the news of the world had practically convicted the McCanns and this week they sensationally reveal a witness who may clear them!!!! So it fuels the speculation, this is not helpful and is probably hampering the investigation.

Whatever the outcome a child is missing, sadly looking as though she is dead there is clearly evidence to suggest something unusual has happened and in the fullness of time will come to light.

She was either abducted or she wasn't, or she was killed by someone she knew or she wasn't. Monday seems to be a busy day in Portugal so I anticipate MORE headlines, twists and turns tomorrow ....we know the McCann camp are planning another media assault...

My point, the media should go quiet, the McCanns should go quiet and the police, both Portuguese and British should get on with their enquiries and if charges are brought the justice system should prevail, not the publlic.

Annie 9 years ago

Mrs Janet Goucher put her finger on the salient point. The holiday resort not only provided a baby sitting service as part of the package but also provided a creche where chidren could be taken in their pyjamas while their parents went out at night. All they had to do was collect them on their way home and put them into bed. As this was a paid for service, and one supposes that part of the attraction of the resort was the provision of this service, why didn't the Mcanns and their friends use this facility. I do think maddy is dead and that her parents are responsible, but I don't think it will ever be proved. If they had been a poor working class family they would by now be facing charges of negligence at least. I think they will get away with it .

lynne 9 years ago

the ocean village (mark warner) apts had creche and babysitting facilities. why was 3 young kids left home alone?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

rachael 9 years ago

i hope and pray tht little maddie is ok but i do feel that her parents do have a part in her disappearence. They have hardley shown any emotion and me as a parent would be in bits if it was one of my children. Things just dont seem right in my eyes and they should be given some kind of punishment for leaving there children in the first place with out on adult. To me that is a form of neglet by putting there entertainment before the safety of there children and now look whats happend.

Valerie Kneller 9 years ago

To leave 3 children in a Hotel apartment in a strange country and go off with friends, not knowing whether they are awake or asleep, wandering about,choking to death, maybe with a coughing attack,feeling sick, etc. Well is that what we call responsible parenting.There should be a law which prevents people from leaving their children alone,they were so young to be left alone.To think people have put their trust in these people as Doctors,it goes to show one never knows who to trust these days.The Mcanns deserve to be suffering, who in their right minds could leave three beautiful children alone?I don't think they deserve to be parents and to be doing the jobs they do.Their are people who can't have children ,who would give anything to have the chance of a beautiful child like Maddy and the twins,who will never experience the wonders of being a parent.As far as I'm concerned they deserve to be feeling the way they say they feel.No one in their right mind leaves such gorgeous children alone to the mercy of God knows who or what could have been any one of their fates,unless of course it was all premeditated and these irresponsible parents really are hiding the true facts,but are we ever going to find out?I hope so for Maddie's sake.

tt 9 years ago

the parents are guilty thru and thru, if your able to be that selfish to go out for dinner without your kids whilst on a FAMILY holiday then your able to harm them, im a mum of two if i cant get a reliable sitter then i don't go out,

Paula 9 years ago

How many people in Praia Da Luz would have known that three little children had been left alone in the Mcann's apartment, and why did not one single person see anybody go into or come out of the apartment. I strongly believe the Mcann's, especially Gerry knows what happened to Madeleine on the night of May 3rd. I have watched him closely on television and whenever he has been speaking and mentioned Maddie's name he always looks away from the cameras and bows his head down. I also believe that Kate knows what happened and because of her greater love for Gerry than her sweet little daughter Madeleine, She is willing to help cover up the awful truth of May 3rd. I fully believe that Madeleine was not abducted but suffered at the hands of those closest to her. The two most influencial and trusting people that Maddie had, Kate and Gerry Mcann.

angela yates 9 years ago

For GOODNESS SAKE everybody! Cant you see through the media hype??Yes I think the McCanns were wrong to leave their children (YAWN) but that said - not the worst sin in the world. Please stop listening to the gutter press in Portugal and believing in it? Are you simple? To go through IVF must be even harder to then lose a child.

C'mon people- dont be SHEEP.That child was stolen by the real criminals of society-and there are millions of the vermin believe me- paedophiles operating in well orgainised groups. She has probably been sold on several times to sickos.All I hope is that she is found alive and not too damaged. I pray for that daily.

Wouldnt it be nice if she was returned to her loving parents before Xmas hey?

I am not a gambler but I would put my life on the McCanns never doing this again.What a lesson to have been learnt.

Lets be positive folks- come on dont be led by the nose! Think with your own brains- thats if you have any!

molly 9 years ago


laura murphy 9 years ago

I hope that they find Madalane i loved her and i thaught that sha looked like a pretty child.

debbie carroll 9 years ago


pg 9 years ago

In my opinion, before the case is closed, I would advise the parents to consider consulting a top psychic investigator and follow all leads - this now is their only hope as Maddie could be absolutely anywhere. I pray for her safe return and am appalled at the way the case has been handled by the portugese police. If it wasn't for there incompetance Madelaine could have been found long ago.

sara 9 years ago

this little angel has been missing for almost 8 months!!

we need to do whatever we can to find her...i have red what use all say and blaming maddies parents arnt going to get us anywhere instead of blaming the parents and questioning the parents for 11 hours at a time they could have beeb using that time to search for the little thing...

Im not saying that it wasnt the parents who did it but im saying they dnt have any evadence and they shouldnt be saying it was the parents untill they can prove it..

8 months and still nothing the police need to wake up to themselves and start searching again for the little girl with everyones support she can be found and hopefully safe!! i mean if we were in the same position as the Mcanns we would be a mess and yeah they may not look like it but you dont know what happens while they are at home its bad enough that they would blame themselfs for what happened they dont need it all over the news that they are suspects...i mean if this was to happen to the police im sure they would be searching for their daughter but because its not them they arnt trying as hard as the can..

well maddie i am praying that you are safe and my thoughts are with you and your family each and every day!!

dont give up hope little one we are trying hard to find you hunnie keep a brave face on and i know its hard after all you have been through but i believe in you darl and we will find you!!

see you soon maddie!!


carol 9 years ago

madeline i hope you come home you are a lovely helpful, inocent girl. come home madeline. my thoughts are with you and your family.i wish the police find you and your abductor brave madeline mcann.

linda 9 years ago

they should not have left them alone on there own all they wear thinking about was there drink they should have known better i do think that they have done it they are shifty

vincent  9 years ago

i do think they have done it they should have known better with been doctors the truth will come out soon they should be jailed for it if it was us we would be they never cry on tv she looks like a witch she was a lovely little girl that should have got better love from them

amanda 9 years ago

i hope madeline is found. since i heard on youtube that she was lost.i do feel sorry for madeline.she sounds very cute and i know she is loved . i will certainly look for her.

lady muck 9 years ago

stop criticising gerry and kate, they have suffered enough! They made a grave mistake leaving their children alone, but at worse, they are guilty of being naive! Yes, their are still good, kind people out there who do not realise such vile people exist! Support them, help them , but do not knock them!!!

karen  9 years ago

To all you clueless idiots who criticise the mcanns, I say this; how would you feel if your child was abducted? No single person has it within their rights to condemn Kate and Gerry's actions the night their precious daughter was taken! They are truly suffering, so let's put our enegy into finding this dear little girl!

carol 9 years ago

What a diverse universe we live in; there are good, right and proper people like Gerry and Kate, and there are scumbags, like those who criticise people who are suffering! To all you dopes who believe Gerry and Kate are implicated in their child's abduction, let me inform you that you are the one with a problem; indeed, it is clear to anybody with a few brain cells that they are totally innocent, and most certainly suffering terribly! Go back to your seedy pub, light a fag, and condemn some more! You are the real victims of poor breeding!!!!

charlotte 9 years ago

Blah, blah, blah! 'I Would not leave my child for a minute!' Do not kid yourself! Yes, you left your child in the car whilst paying for petrol! Yes, you left your child asleep in the car, to grab some milk from your local store! Yes, you left your child asleep in bed whilst enjoying a BBQ in the back garden! Do not kid yourself, this could of happened to you! Do not criticise to comfort yourself! It could be you!!!!

charlotte 9 years ago

Blah, blah, blah! 'I Would not leave my child for a minute!' Do not kid yourself! Yes, you left your child in the car whilst paying for petrol! Yes, you left your child asleep in the car, to grab some milk from your local store! Yes, you left your child asleep in bed whilst enjoying a BBQ in the back garden! Do not kid yourself, this could of happened to you! Do not criticise to comfort yourself! It could be you!!!!

Alice 9 years ago

Gosh, what a load of clueless idiots are out there! Of course Gerry and Kate are innocent! Look at them! It is so scary that there are so many brainless people in our country! Let good people prevail, and let the skanks rot!!!

Lisa 9 years ago

Please stop criticising Gerry and Kate, they are surely suffering enough! I know as a parent, we do not want to believe such awful things happen, but condemning the Mcanns will not safeguard our children, or truly reassure us! God bless the Mcanns! Feel sure darling Mads will be found soon; and with love, support and comfort, will recover very quickly!!

Doctor Hadley 9 years ago

Sleeping medicine would not kill a child! Good people would not kill a child!

Angela 9 years ago

So many nasty theories! Sometimes I feel ashamed to be British! Common sense should always prevail! Anybody with any sap knows Gerry and Kate are wholly innocent!

Robert 9 years ago

It is completely clear to anybody with brains that Madeleine was abducted! Further, those who criticise Gerry and Kate are very sad and pathetic! Indeed, we need to be supporting the Mcann's campaign! Can't imagine the pain they are experiencing!

Peter 9 years ago

Please let us remember that people love to gossip, and love to criticise! To all those cocky parents who say they would not leave their childrn alone, remember this; were you the one who left your sleeping child in the car whilst buying milk at tesco express? Were you the one who left your child with a teenaged babysitter? Were you the one who left your child asleep in bed whilst putting the bins out? Thought so!!!!

Janet 9 years ago

Make no mistake, Gerry and Kate are most certainly good people, who deeply care for their children! They made an honest mistake, but should not feel guilty about it! Good people do not assume such rotters exist!

Rachel 9 years ago

I am a paranoid mother, but have let my children play on the overseas balcony whilst showering! They could have been taken! I have let my children go to the toilet in waitrose whilst paying for my groceries! They could have been taken! I could go on, but you know where I'm coming from! Stop pointing the finger and start helping!

samantha 9 years ago

i dont think that it is gerry and kates fault just because they went to a resturant they didn't no that there gorgeous little girl would go missing did they fear enough they should of left her but they didnt know so stop blaming the little girls parents plzzzzzz they could be doing alot to find maddie where the lttle girls parents live we never know so stop being so negative plzzzzzzz gerry and kate have got enough of trouble of there own they dont need people to say that they have killed there own daughter it isn't right.

Was you there when maddie was there when maddie went or was you there to witness that gerry and kate killed there own daughter? No you wasn't so stop blaming them. if you would like to contact me then my email address is

samantha 9 years ago

i dont think that it is gerry and kates fault just because they went to a resturant they didn't no that there gorgeous little girl would go missing did they fear enough they should of left her but they didnt know so stop blaming the little girls parents plzzzzzz they could be doing alot to find maddie where the lttle girls parents live we never know so stop being so negative plzzzzzzz gerry and kate have got enough of trouble of there own they dont need people to say that they have killed there own daughter it isn't right.

Was you there when maddie was there when maddie went or was you there to witness that gerry and kate killed there own daughter? No you wasn't so stop blaming them. if you would like to contact me then my email address is

 8 years ago

I realy realy want Madeliene back to her family because i want the world with peace Love HanaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxHope you'l find Maddie

 8 years ago

I am a mother of 3 kids, and i will never leave my children alone. I think these parents have relized their mistake by loosing their beautiful daughter. I hope she is found. Please who ever you are bring this little innocent girl back to her family. She is only a child. Love to you Maddie.

Heidi / South Africe

shaz 8 years ago

yes i agree! the parents are to blame for leaving the kids alone and i dont see no regret on they face coz this wouldnt have happend if they looked after they kids properly.

ruby 8 years ago

I wish maddaline would turn up I hope she is still alive someone out there knows what happpened cant they tell anonomously where she is

sureja 8 years ago

why dont maddys parents go to a cychic they should be able to help them find her!

carol p. 8 years ago

everyday i pray that madelaine will be found safe and well , my little grandaughter kooks a lot like her and she is the same age , i listened kate when you said iwander what she looks like now they grow so fast , dont worry some of us are looking out where ever we are we get a lot of looks when we are out withe our grandaughter she is a twin her twin is her brother every one looks at her eyes , but she hasn,t got tht mark in her eye so they walk off.

godbless you all praying she comes home soon.

x x

debbie carroll 8 years ago


Sue 8 years ago

I f they did kill her , even in haste to dispose of the body, \im sure they would have let her rest with the cuddly toy - this was left behind

I m torn between two camps here - Id be distraught if my child was missing and id never have left portugal until i turned over every stone

the truth will come out one day and if they are guilty Ill never trust anyone again.

Mel 8 years ago

I had my suspisions of Kate and Gerry i must admit but know, since following the story for over a year, i honestly dont believe they are guilty.The seems like loving parents and have two other children, so what motive could they possibly have to hurt their oldest daughter?

It was definitely wrong of them to neglect their childre, especially since they are all so very young. However this is the only thing they are guilty of-neglect.

Everyone is focusing on the huge mistake Gerry and Kate did but suprisingly this same thing happens all too often. People make mistakes, no-one is perfect. So whilst a sweet, innocent little girl is out there, the public and the media seem to only be focused on the McCanns costly mistake.

I dont know a whole lot about Portugal but i do know that children get abducted every day. I dont believe the McCanns could have committed such a horendous crime and cover it up in the short amount of time that they had. It doesnt add up. No-one knows what the suurounding were like, where the apartment was positioned so it is defintely quite possible that no-one really did see anything. There are experienced kidnappers out there so dont be suprised.

I pray that Madeleine returns to her parents and siblings alive and well and i ask all of you to pray for Maddie for her safe return.

addie 8 years ago

i gotta say leavin 3 kids alone while ur out drinking, STUPID! its a little suspicious that only maddie was taken when there were 2 other kids rite there. thas kinda not really blaming the parents, but it looks kinda weird. i pray for maddies safe return!

Tasha 8 years ago

look if a kid is missing for more than 24 hours, odds are that they r dead. im not saying she IS but she probably is.

srry McCanns :(

Melle 7 years ago

There was a sighting of Gerry Mcann walking past kelly's bar with Madeleine. The family who saw him at the time did not realise until they saw how Gerry

Melle 7 years ago

There was a sighting of Gerry Mcann walking past kelly's bar with Madeleine. The family who saw him at the time did not realise until they saw how Gerry Mcann

sarah harrison 7 years ago

Today Madeliene has been in my thoughts quite often each time I think of her Ipray that she will be back with you today god bless

sarah 7 years ago


Kim Johnston 7 years ago

Despite the criticism, the focus should be on finding Madeleine.Are there any videos that show Mcann's room that night? Did Gerry video tape any outing on the beach? I believe this man was out to get Madeleine. He found an opportunity that night.Did you check the Motor vehicle Dept.

I believe he is a local. He has coarse hair and a beard.

The fact that he took the blanket and her pajamas he obviously knew what he was doing.He probably knock on the door and said it was room service. The car I believe is a old fashion car two or four door I'm not sure. I believe it is a creme color with a possible black convertible. If he axed her to death the bones could be near by. If he burn her the tooth enamel can be matched. If he trashed her in the dumpster there would be evidence of hair , maggots, possible clothing.The abductor is has a very dark complexion

. It could be natural or he may work outside. If she is held captive. Each neighborhood would comply to a seach.

Brook 6 years ago

i really hope that she was found i have been hopina and prayin that Maddie will be found some day and that she will get to be in the loving arms of her family agian!!! I HOPE THAT THEY HAVE FOUND HER ANS SHE IS OK!!!!!!

susanbrotheridge 6 years ago

too gerry and kate my son i never knew he died of stillborn .i understand what it must feel like . im looking out allso for you both . every where i go i hope and prayer that she is still alive and you find her and she well come back ave too you both . the person or should not be called a person should be caught and sent too justise i belive she is out there soewhere under a diffrent idenity .god bless you both i think that people have got know feelings saying you are both guity you both are not .hope you find her soon cone on far too long god bless you both wish i could hold my son but i can not i think about him every day love sue i well say a prayer god bless xxxx

debbie carroll 6 years ago

hi gerry kate hope you both are well since the last time i typed to you , have you heard anything about your daughter madeleine yet ?. do not worry i am looking in ireland also for madeleine , she could be over here two. everywhere i go i look out for madeleine spechley her eye . that's what i am noticeing which is good .even when i go to dublin i look out for your daughter madeleine ,madeleine will be found one of these days and that horrible adductor will be put in jail for the rest of his life for kiddnapping other people's children . come home little madeleine .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

debbie carroll 6 years ago

hi kate gerry hope you are well i am fine t god i look for your daughter everywhere i go there is so many bloude little girls in ireland , and everywhere you go but i am looking out for madeleine's right eye that is very important for everyone to look out for. once you have found that mark in her eye , you have found madeleine. great a ] then she can go home to gerry kate to rothley because that is where madeleine comes from. and madeleine will be so pleased to see sean and amelie again and be with all her family and see all her cousin's and uncle's and auntie's and granny's again . madeleine is a very happy little 6yrs old .i no the detectives are doing there up most to find madeleine and bring her home i no there will be breaking news some day about madeleine being found , that will be very good news for kate gerry and sean amelie .that madeleine is coming home for good. please keep me updated about madeleine ok t you . from debbie carroll in ireland . i will pray for you gerry kate ok and for little madeleine that she returns home to you both both soon .ok . l you both .always /xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.debbie carroll .

debbie carroll 6 years ago


debbie carroll 5 years ago

hi my name is debbie it is so , so sad about madeleine mcann her brother sean 6yrs old now and sister amelie the same age miss there sister madeleine . so does there father mother kate gerry . and there cousins 2. madeleine was taken on the 3rd may while in portugal with her parents that abductor was so wrong to take your lovely daughter . kate gerry .p.s. never give up looking ok she will be found soon p god .from debbie carroll .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

debbie carroll 5 years ago

hi kate gerry hope u both are well fine here t god. have u heard anything about your daughter yet? madeleine has been missing now for a very long time and wants to be home for christmas . not spend christmas with that horrible abductor who took her . from debbie carroll ireland lv u both gerry kate .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Mary BLAKE 4 years ago

i was in santa susana in spain with my 4 granchilden a few months after maddie went missing in september when i was in the royal sun hotel foyer i saw a white woman n a spanish man with a litle blond girl the image of maddie the man was playin with her but the woman seemed strange n never looked at the girli told my granchildren i think thats maddie over there cause the man n woman are strange with her but when i looked they had gone n i still cant get it out my head i now that was maddie mccann

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    The home of a British man is being searched by police looking for missing four-year-old Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in Portugal on May 3. The man, Robert Murat (pictured above), has been taken to a police station.



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    Iðunn 9 years ago

    any word on madeleine yet?

    jimmythejock profile image

    jimmythejock 9 years ago from Scotland Author

    nothing yet Lounn, hope it is good news though.....jimmy

    Iðunn 9 years ago

    me too. I have been praying for her safety.

    mary  9 years ago

    i do hope that madeleine is found well im thing of her and her family all day long

    justjanice 9 years ago

    I hope this suspect can lead the police to her safe return.

    Zelmarie profile image

    Zelmarie 9 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City

    I hope they can now find her and bring her back to her worried parents.

    Zelmarie profile image

    Zelmarie 9 years ago from Cagayan de Oro City

    I hope they can now find her and bring her back to her worried parents.

    kim profile image

    kim 9 years ago

    Hope, she will be O.K.

    There is a link for her family and friends photos.

    trinity 9 years ago

    I hope that this development about having identified a suspect can lead to where the girl is. May she still be well and be returned home safely.

    vishenda profile image

    vishenda 9 years ago from leesburg VA

    lets all pray for her safety

    Nez 9 years ago

    please bring maddy home safe xxxxx

    cam 9 years ago

    bring maddie home safely!

    mitchell mason 9 years ago

    bring maddie back safe and well she needs her mummy and daddy x

    megan duggan 9 years ago

    i hope they find maddie she is so cute i hope they keep her safe who ever has her plezz birng her home 2 her mammy and daddy they all miss her so much xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    plezzzzzzzzz find her n keep her safe xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    gina 9 years ago

    my thoughts and prayers are with the parents and family of madeline mcann

    auctionwally profile image

    auctionwally 9 years ago from New England

    We are looking Madeleine, a lot of us.

    Lynsey 9 years ago

    i hope maddy comes back safe Good luck! the bastards should be caught

    jennifer 9 years ago

    may god be with you maddie! I hope you and your family will be reunited soon!

    wje brits 9 years ago

    PLease inform me of any news about Madeleine. I hope and prayer for the family of Madelaine.

    Laura 9 years ago

    i nearly cried when i watched the video for her .She is such a cute little girl i cant believe there are people sick enough out there to do such a thing .SHES ONLY 4 YRS OLD ! i dno what there propblem is but they shouldnt deal with it like this .i just wanna say i reli feel for u and ur family maddie .come home safe x

    linda 9 years ago

    pleas send maddie home to her mummy and daddy who ever has taken her.

    Tgirl 9 years ago

    Our prayers are with the MaCann Family for the safe return of their daughter.In such times lets call on a higher power. With God nothing is impossible.

    Anna 9 years ago

    Please God. Let the police find Maddie.

    annonymous 9 years ago

    help bring poor little maddie back to her family.just bring maddy home safe and unharmed. im praying for her and i cannot understand why there was 3 children but they just took maddie. i didnt want the foolish person who kidnapped this poor little innocent girl to take any of kate and gerry's children but it will always make me think until this little girl is found and taken back to her family. keep strong mcann family and hope and pray for the safe return of youre little 4 year old girl.

    angieyates 9 years ago

    I am a mother and a grandmother and I have not witnessed an outpouring of prayer and compassion such as this since Diana died.I think the tidal wave of prayer and love has given great strength to the McCanns. Someone once said to me never underestimate the power of prayer and how true that is.

    What we need now is a concerted effort on the part of the police, the general public and the greed of an individual wanting to claim the 2.5 million reward for Madeline.Anything to get her back safely!

    Now is not the time for recriminations.'Let he who cast the first stone' etc..

    None of us can honestly say we have been 100% careful every hour of the day with our children.That is life.

    Yesterday we cannot do anything about, or tomorrow.It is today that we must do everything we can to return this precious child to her desperate parents.

    If we all pray we will get a result.Let us hope it is the best one for everyone.


    Danny 9 years ago

    I have been sick over this since the story broke. As a parent of young children I cannot imagine how these parents are holding it together. I feel that every single house , office, building and/or any dwelling with a roof and 4 walls in the entire country should be swept. Door to door . Everyone and anyone questioned. Every stone unturned. I pray for her and her family for good news.

    donna  9 years ago

    hope Maddie is found safe it is such a shame she is a little angel and hope god fetches her back to her mum dad and brother and sister ,please please please find her it broke my heart ..

    robert fines 9 years ago

    although the children should never have been left alone

    if you have any love in your heart please give maddie back to her mum and dad

    you will feel a lot better in yourself

    Shirley 9 years ago

    I pray this little angel will be found and reunited with her mummy and daddy.

    Fran 9 years ago

    Yes, miss madeline shouldnt have been left alone...but what's done is done. I'm certain that the parents feel terrible enough about this already, any parent would. I pray that miss madeline knows that the whole world is searching for her, and everyone loves the child they've never met. I cannot imagine the pain of Mr. and Mrs. Mcann, and will be one to say that if I ever spot that beautiful child in my area, I will do everything in my power to see that she is returned to her greiving parents. No one should have to go through something like that. My heart goes out to her parents and her extended family, God bless you, and may the world witness the miracle of miss madeline returning home safe and healthy.

    Ria 9 years ago

    Omg, this is such a shame for this little girl, she is really really cute and i can imagine how hard it is. She looks such a caring, sweet little girl, in all the pictures that i have saw, and im most likely to say she is. I cant beleave someone would do this to such a little girl, who still has all her future ahead of her. All my hopes are for all of your family and plus yhew Maddie. Love Yhew Angel Xxxxx

    ami  9 years ago

    madeline just alittle and really pretty she does not need all this pain to her or her parents if you want to help her parents came to number 42 stainier its near barkby thorpe road and pay as much as you can to help poor madeline mcann who would do that to a little girl like that

    robby 9 years ago

    help fin maddy

    SEETHA 9 years ago


    Mom 9 years ago

    Will we ever turn around for 2 seconds again, knowing the huge potential of our child being snatched in that time. Will we ever leave the windows or doors unlocked, knowing that we could spend a lifetime regreting it. Will we ever miss a moment to kiss our babies and tell them we love them, knowing that at any given second we could have that all ripped away. The world is a scary place....and it just gets worse day by day. These children are our future. If the world doesn't change, there won't be much future left.

    Alana 9 years ago

    Pleas let thepolice bring home madeleine and i reaaly hope tht shes found healthy and alive> Madeleine we all miss u

    BringMaddieHome 9 years ago

    Pray for Maddies safe return.

    margaret latta 9 years ago

    the animal who took this child should be hung drawn and quarterd its the worst thing anyone could do please bring madeline home

    ...xox-Charlie-xox... 9 years ago

    omg hu eva took madeline mcann should be shot i feel ssoooo sorry 4 the parents and i bet they feel terrible. i feel 4 u i hope u find her safe and healthy

    Madleleine we all luv u i hope u come bak 2 ur mummy and daddy soon

    luv you


    chloe 9 years ago

    hope madeleine is ok and will be found verry soon

    nicola  9 years ago

    i keep watching the news to one day hopefully see maddie back in the loving arms of the people who truely love her... her mummy and daddy.why has the news gone quiet about maddie. what is happening now about the search for her.i keep thinking is this good news......where o where is she ,some one knows, why can't just one person phone the police and it be a true lead to her return. please please let her come home. why do this. x x x x

    Petra 9 years ago

    Please dont give up searching Maddie !! Me and my family is praying for her and her family every day. Hoping you find her soon,and alive !

    rachel 9 years ago

    i have two little cousins her age and if anything happend to them i wouldent be able to cope so the message that i am sending is that if you know anything about where she is please come forward she is a alitle inasent child who has done nouthing rong. I will do alli can i am going to put a poster up in my workplace and all i can say is please help bring maddie home to scotland to where she belongs

    sigrid 9 years ago

    there is evil in this world if anybody can hurt this little angel deserves to rott in hell.Give maddy back now.

    Adrian. 9 years ago

    Poor little sweetheart, come on Maddie hang in there xxxxxxxx. whats! the matter with these lolife dregs of the sewers

    Shannon 9 years ago

    Hope you stay safe Madeleine you poor little thing and hope you soon will be reunited with your mummy and daddy! god bless you sweetheartxoxoxShannon

    ycul64 9 years ago

    i have butterflys in my tummy oh my god i spit on the person who took maddie she is just so cute the police better not leave the story and just give up i wish she will come back

    god bless u maddie

    sarah 9 years ago

    omg i hope she will get back to her mum and dad soon

    john 9 years ago

    I am not sure if I believe in God but I am going to say a prayer for Madelaine this day 20 aug. My fathers birthday, he would have been 94 today.

    ervinGPD profile image

    ervinGPD 9 years ago

    I hope she is well, wherever she is...She is a little innocent Angel...

    I am deeply amazed about incompetence of enforcement institutions.

    Why spent billions and billions for the state of the art spy satellites, computer/video/voice surveillance systems, and much more what we don't know about.

    She deserved much better police performance!

    Gertrude 9 years ago

    This all seems to be a big 'cover up' by the parents - all this media coverage to try and distract from the investigation of this poor child. I suspect the parents were involved - why is it Gerry does all the talking and doesn't let his wife get a word in edgeways because he's lying of course! The parents should be fully investigated!

    Gertrude 9 years ago

    This all seems to be a big 'cover up' by the parents - all this media coverage to try and distract from the investigation of this poor child. I suspect the parents were involved - why is it Gerry does all the talking and doesn't let his wife get a word in edgeways because he's lying of course! The parents should be fully investigated!

    Gertrude 9 years ago

    This all seems to be a big 'cover up' by the parents - all this media coverage to try and distract from the investigation of this poor child. I suspect the parents were involved - why is it Gerry does all the talking and doesn't let his wife get a word in edgeways because he's lying of course! The parents should be fully investigated!

    Loubna 9 years ago

    i agree The parents should be fully investigated!

    they r making so much money out of this through funds

    something is so fishy about this story, it already reminds me of a movie. i recommend that you watch "man on fire"

    chakara 9 years ago

    hi i am vert sorry to say that your butuful daugter has be gone i read every single page of maddie that the only thing i can think abot her plese can you let her go i crying abot this

    ervinGPD profile image

    ervinGPD 9 years ago

    One day the truth will come out.

    Don't judge to fast and without firm evidences...nobody has a right to accuse an inocent people...

    I still hope she is OK, somewhere safe.

    elizabeth 9 years ago

    We Are All Hoping Maddy Gets Found I Hope They Find her All Of Us Are Feeling Very Sad And i hope The Kidnapper Is Found And Burnt Cause She is A Litte 3/4 Lil Angel Who is Lovley And Sweet By elizabeth xxxxxxxx

    connie 9 years ago

    madeline is just a little girl i will find you but people im the one who has found her she is in bermondsey at 24 ilderton road

    Mum of two 9 years ago

    What do you mean you have found her? This is no joking matter!!! If you or anyone else knows where little madeline is, please bring her home safe and sound!!!!! I have a four year old daughter & we recently went on holiday to Scotland, whilst in Perth shopping, a man approached us and asked us if our daughter was Madeline, i guess there is a resemblance, but this was quite upsetting! Immediately i felt for her parents & thought god only knows what i would do if my little girl went missing!! I also gave birth to my son on 3rd may this year, yes the day little Maddie went missing, so i'm feeling a kind of connection with this case. What are the portugese police playing at? Are they really doing all they can to find Maddie???? C'mon, its been 4 & half months now, i hope to god that little Maddie is still alive where ever she is???? Surely someone somewhere knows where she is?????? xxxxxx

    strange 9 years ago

    It's a worry there are 2 addresses to post a thought?

    Mandy 9 years ago

    Don't be too quick to raise your opinion. If you should get into the same situation these people are your reaction may be different from what you think it would be. Different people react differently to shock. some people totally lose all emotion like they're paralised from inside.

    I hope that justice is served.

    Mark 9 years ago

    It is very tiresome to hear people comment "It must be the parents as they do not show a lot of emotion" It is really sad that people expect to see Mr & Mrs Mcann sobbing and showing grief. There is such a thing as "dignity" and let us not forget that people greive in different ways. Take my case for example. My wife was murdered and I was under suspicion as it was believed I was not behaving in the "right way" IE crying in front of the police. I saved my grief until I found the man responsible. Under extreme torture he confessed and gave me specific details that only the killer would know. I insisted knowing everything about how he killed her and what he felt. ONce I knew everything I cried for hours. Killing him did not bring the satisfaction that I expected but only an empty sadness. But at least I know that he will not do it again. Being ex SAS I covered my tracks well, and now I am hoping to rebuild my life alone as the pain of wha has happened will always be with me.

    DZ 9 years ago

    As an afterthought, I totally believe they are innocent til proven guilty, but unfortunately if it were to be them I would be less surprised than I would have in the past. There seems to be no limit to what one person can do to another, regardless of their relationship to each other. Atrocities of all sorts are being committed everywhere as I type. It's the very nature of modern Man.

    MD 9 years ago

    I really want Maddy to be found, like everyone else. this case has touched so many hearts. But, in the case of Jerry and Kate, I would say that if my child was abducted, I wouldn't want to show all my emotions in front of the cameras or anything! So Jerry and Kate, we're all with you in heart.

    Kate, Livvi, Sian, Abi 9 years ago

    I think there is enough evidence for the parents to be put away, and if they are guilty i think they should face a life sentence. However, there is not evidence to prove that Madeleine's parents are guilty. I hope for Madeleine's sake that her parents are not guilty, but i find it hard to believe that she is still alive. Our thought are with you all. x

    Linda 9 years ago

    There are many sick parents out there for sure who harm their children but I just cannot see the McCanns being one of them. They were wrong in leaving their children while they went for dinnner 100 feet away and they will regret this forever. What is the point of the police making them feel even far worse when the police in Portugal are basically the ones that lack the real ambition to find the actual guilty party or parties.

    Hang in there McCanns - the truth is bound to come out sooner than later and hopefully it will be sooner.

    Keep your faith.God knows what truly happened.

    aine 9 years ago

    In my opinion the parents definitely should be charged with neglect if not more in all fairness who in the right mind would leave any child alone, let alone 3 especially out in a foreign country. I am a parent myself and my son is my whole world. For god sake do the Mc Canns not have any cope on.

    strange 9 years ago

    Have always said these people are irresponsible, stupid, even (professionals? I use the term very loosley) - but have never thought they were guilty of anything but wantful neglect in pursuit of their own wants/desires/pleasures

    Their leaving these littlies was a pure act of selfish, stupidity - what happened in the aftermath? I think? they are partly to blame for - I really do - but I don't think they are guilty of anything else - I don't feel sorry for them but I do understand how they are feeling, they will have to live with themselves at the end of the day:-(

    I don't beleive in God but I do believe in Morals, common decency and looking after our children - which?

    Well like I said? they will need to live with themselves and their conscience

    They will have to live with their selfish stupidity for years to come:-(

    Sad:-( but true:-(

    Madeleine 9 years ago

    umm, maybe the police needs to talk to everyone that stayed in the hotel, and maybe they need to check around thier country i dont think the kidnapper isnt that dumb to bring her to the USA, they would be caught in a quick second if they brought her to the US, and they would be arresnt and senteced to life.

    Claire 9 years ago

    The majority of comments absolutely astound me. Nobody knows what happened that night. The papers print heresay. You have to hope that there are some journalists who start off with a modicum of morality and the best intentions of unbiased reporting, but unfortunately it usually degenerates into sensationalism. Kate and Gerry McCann will have to live with the fact they left their daughter unsupervised for the rest of their lives. I'm sure that no one will ever judge them more harshly than they judge themselves and maybe it will be their punishment that they will always live under an air of suspicion.

    not sayin duh!! 9 years ago

    i hope sum1 finds her... but i think it was all the parents fault for leaving a 3 yr child alone without parents think if it was ur hse ok but in hoilday NEVER leave ur child without any supervision !!!!

    hope she okay!

    byee !! xxxxxx

    Eleanor 9 years ago

    the parents are primarily responsible for their daughter being abducted. you just don't leave kids under ten years old alone for more then quarter of an hour; it's too risky.

    charmaine  9 years ago

    there are some sick people out there i hope maddie is found and returns home safe she is in my prayers it has been along time now her parents have suffered enough just return the little girl home please for her sakes

    Alexander 9 years ago

    OK, the police have found articals of clothing etc, Why aint Gerry and Kate rushing to see if they belong or belonged to Maddie???? why did they wait so long to call the police rhe night Maddie vanished? Why cant they look a camera face on?

    when my nephew went missing when he was 5 we searched for him but we were also falling over ourselves to phone the police the instant we discovered him missing. this case rests on Gerry and Katy and I dont blame the police for thinking they know more then what they are telling.

    What really got me thinking was the fact the Mcanns were going to stay untill Maddie was found and the fact they act after being warned " oh your to cool, oh your to unemotional", what do we see? a badly rehearsed tv interview. And what really pissed me off was the fact Gerry thought he could not lose a defence case with the cash from the find Maddie apeal.

    Helen 9 years ago

    I am shocked, astounded and flabagasted by the views held by so many ignorant idiots here that "if it was their child that had gone missing that they would be hysterical". How the hell do they know how it would feel coping with the Mcanns desperate situation. My young son died in infancy 4 years ago and everyone made judgemnts about how well I was coping and said "if it was them they would have not coped as well" like they love their children more than I loved my boy. Well its rubbish and a well known fact, in the thankfully small circles of those who have tragically lost their children, that such parents do not normally display 24 hour hysteria in the way that everyone "reckons they obviously should" (instead they are often composed but may suffer personal agonising mental and physical illhealth for many years.

    The Mcanns loss of Maddie is just horrendous and unimaginable so don't be stupid and try to imagine what its like as you will be a trillian miles off the mark.

    I hope and pray that little Maddie is safe and cared for and that she will be home safely.

    We should all think of that and not on stupid misguided judgements of how they would behave it was them.

    laura murphy 9 years ago

    Im sorry but I think that they should not put Kate Mcann in jail.

    rosie 9 years ago

    the truth will come out soon and hope the police will do the right thing.

    steven 9 years ago

    all people show things in different ways,just because someone doesnt cry infront of you doesnt mean they dont cry behind closed doors,every one is different,i think maddie is still alive,but not in morroco,look closer like mainland spain,you dont know how you will act until it happens to you,hindsite and if are very big words,and he who casts the first stone,springs to mind alot.they will find you maddie.

    mel 9 years ago

    I think it was a stupid and irresponsible thing, that the McCann's left not one, not two, but THREE children alone. If that little girl is found dead I hope they realise that they are responsible for it

    Cassie 9 years ago

    I myself am about to become a first time Parent. Due in January.. And i can tell you this much just alone from having 2 nieces and one nephew.... If my little girl were to happen to come up missing I would Definatly show emotion of upest and anger.. MY little girl isn't born yet and she is already the most important person in my life.. So in my opinion the Mcanns either need to show alittle more emotion towards the situation or they just need to come out and confess to their crime..Forther more Why on Earth would you leave your children unattended. In a hotel room in the first.. I would never feel comfortable doing that in the comfort of my own home let alone a hotel.. Or resort what ever it was.. I think that these parents should be at least convicted of Child Neglect.. And that if Madaline is found dead Let the courts bring the hammer down upon them and punish them for their sins..Thanks...

    nadya 9 years ago

    i am crying right now just nowing that thousands of people are missing right now and some are dead but i just got done reading a article about madeleine and her dissaperenc it is so sad on the other hand how could the parents leave her children alone with some guy were they drunk or some thing all i want to know is the littel girl dead! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Donna  9 years ago

    I would just like to say that some people are a bunch of hypocrites! I dropped my 4 yr old daughter off at her afternnon nursery class yesterday at 1.00pm, I was at my local supermarket at 1.08pm parked next to a white car which was slightly steamed up about 6 cars up in the row! Inside was a little girl I would say about 2 or 3 years of age in a babyseat on her OWN, this was at 1.08pm i kept looking at her to see if she was awake - she was awake and was sucking her thumb, she saw me and I felt a bit sick to feel she was on her own, thinking surely her parent must have gone maybe to the cashpoint! I took a slow walk round the supermarket as I did not have to pick my little girl up until 3.30pm, I came out at 2.15pm and that little girl was STILL on her OWN in that car, by then I couldnt believe it! I felt physically sick and my brain was working overtime, another woman pulled up in the car the opposite side of me and I told her exactly what I am telling you, I said I was not paranoid but concerned, she could not believe it either, I told her I wanted to go in to the customer svcs and say something, she asked me to keep an eye on her shopping and she ran in and brought out a employee, i told her that little girl had been in the car since 1.08pm and was now 2.25pm and no sign of a parent or parents! She took the registration and said she would go on the tannoy!!! The other lady said goodbye and said I had done the right thing, I know I had.. I dont know what happened as had to leave myself then so will never know if the parent came out straight away!!! I would have felt pysically sick if I had had the next day on the news or papers that that child had been abducted! What I think is that person could well be slagging off the McCanns as a lot of people have been doing saying they are irresponsible and then doing something this!!! Who is a hypocrite then? She was a beautiful little girl, she did not look to me like any problem being put in a trolley and wheeled round the supermarket, not that there is any excuse to leave a child in a card whether asleep or not!! So what on earth was there excuse! A quick nip to a cashpoint ok maybe, but to leave a little girl like that in a car for 1 hour and 20 mins, and like I say I still dont know when she came out! You would not treat a dog like that so why an innocent child, so dont tell me all parents are perfect because no way they are!!!! DMC East Midlands.

    sara 9 years ago

    connie says:3 months ago

    madeline is just a little girl i will find you but people im the one who has found her she is in bermondsey at 24 ilderton road

    thats what someone said 3 months ago did thr police go there NO!! they arnt being serious about this and they shuld bee

    missing u maddie


    steven 9 years ago

    that women who seen the little girl in the car,why did you do nothing????????if it was me and i know for sure i would do somthing call the police and give the mother or father a right rollaking,and thats putting it mildly,i would not have left that little girl there and gone on my way,all people do is talk,no action,same as they say they have seen maddie,if you think its maddie grab her,let them get the police,if you make a mistake who cares say your sorry,because one day it might be maddie,i would not like it on my mind that i should have done somthing,all the supposed sighting,why dont the people who see her just grab her then she would be safe,or are people scared of making a mistake,i am a dad of two sons,if any one hurt a hair on there head there feet would not touch,i do hope you get maddie home safe and sound.

    Hanan 9 years ago

    who eva took that litle poor girl should bring her bk shes only 4 yrs old i realy feel sorry for maddie shes so cute hope she comes home safely before xmas hope god brings her bach home to her family

    love u maddie x x

    a person 9 years ago

    i really hope she is fine but it seems like everyone is giving up on her.

    manu 9 years ago

    madeline everytime i be sitting on the computer and are going on your website.pleease come home.

    bethany 9 years ago

    i hope madeline is save not killed i hope she returns safe to her family.was dinner important or your innocent girl.madeline be brave one day you will return to your family . by bethany bye bye.

    mary  9 years ago

    kate and jerry should be a shamed of them selfs to have left them that day just to go drinking it was a set up job they did not wont her they should be jailed for live and the orther to children should be put into care because they are not wonted by them it is a show off they are guilty xxxxxxxxxguiltyxxxxxxxxxguilty jail them jail them they deserve all what they get

    amy 9 years ago

    hang on a minuite!n it's so dam easy 2 say well 'i wouldnt have done this and that they should b ashamed of themselves' but lets face it, we all do stupid things, i bet there are thousands of parents who leave their kids on there own at some time or other, just like theres parents who let their kids head in2 town without being 18, and think nothing wil happen, until the drink gets spiked n they get raped. but u always think it wont happen to you.

    we have 2 remember, that maddie went missing back in May, therefore although life for them will never ever be the same, they have to fall in2 a routine and carry on for the sake of their other children, they cant b crying every moment of everyday, lets b realistic here, you can sit there n say ' i'd b beside myself, i'd never stop crying' well u wil never know wot u wud do because u have never been in that situation! there is no1 on this planet, not a sole who feels more guilt than the mccans themselves. And as for this hole 'i wud never draw this much media attention 2 the case' well any1 who believes that, wud have no chance of finding them child. Y do we have this website about maddie? y r we all talking about it? Y do we all know that little girls face of by heart even though we've never set foot on her? Y has the nation come 2gther 4 one little girl and keep our eyes pealed? Y has she dominated the news for 8 months? I'll tell u y, bcuz the mcanns r innocent! and as a result of al there media coverage they have kept a little girl in the papers for 8 months now! they want her back more than anythign in this world, they have gone 2 extremes 2 find her and have proved that! can anyone think of anything else they can possibly do 2 find her? dont think so! If she wasnt kept in the limelight, lets face it Britain would turn their back on her. Theres no point wanting 2 hate the mccanns, that wont help find maddie.. No amount of hate thrown at them will ever hurt them as much as they already are.

    Lets face it..if they were guilty..they'd b found out aggggggggggeees ago! there not masterminds, the private detectives would have worked that one out!!!!!!!

    We love and pray for the mcanns..god bless you maddie..come home soonxxxxxxx

    david mcgonigle 9 years ago

    i hope they get threr child back beacouse it breaks my heart to see them like please help them get the babay back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Butterfly 9 years ago










    bUTTERFLY 9 years ago


    steven 9 years ago

    Ifs,buts ,maybe,yes they may be wrong leaving the kids,i personnally wouldnt have,but i am not them, the truth will come out in the end,but i really hope you do get maddie back home safe and sound,also the public dont want to believe what is in the papers or the tv, the truth will come out.

    Alisha Rani 8 years ago

    I hope maddie is found, today is my birthday and when i blow my candles i will wish for maddie's safe return, i dont think that madeleine's parents have anything to do with maddies going, if they are not guilty they will get maddie back. Like they say the truth always wins against the lies.

    It is digusting if people think that maddie's parents are guilty, besides why would any parents do that to there kids, and i fthey did wouldnt they do it to there other kids. I HOPE THE KIDNAPPER WILLBE FOUND VERY SOON!!! Maddie's lovely parents are waiting for there cute and innocent child, who ever took maddie is definetly a beast wtih a stone as a heart.

    I am definetly sure that Maddies parents will get there daughter maddie safe and sound.

    Rachel 8 years ago

    I really hope Maddie comes home soon its awful 2 think about what would happen if she didnt maddie,hon, if ur reading this please PLEASE come home your parents are very worried and they want u home safe if the person who took her is reading this BRING HER HOME they're are so many people who love and miss her!!!! my heart goes out to her friends and family.<3

    uh, someone. 8 years ago

    seriously, all the parents need to be quite. the parents do show emotion, and start crying. seriously, the parents didnt do shitt.

    Fran 8 years ago

    I think Its been a fair while since maddie has been abducted, i think she would have been found by now, fair enough to most comments parents shud keep their children in reach at all times but some parents don't realise they have... to be honest i dont think maddie is alive, and i think kate and gerry should understand that too...

    sarah 8 years ago

    every one stop accusing the parents ok they done one mistake wich cost them there daughter wich they hav 2 leave with. lets all pray that maddy is found alive and well. i pray and hope to god that she is found.

    Paige 8 years ago

    Please every-one hope and prey that maddie is found soon.I think that she might be getting used to who ever has her right now,but if we still keep looking for her who knows if we might find her .COME HOME MADDIE XXXXX

    Rachel 8 years ago

    I still pray for Madeleine to be returned home to her parents and family safe and well. I fail to see how a little girl can disappear without a trace, someone knows something and needs to share that with the police to give that poor family some hope.

    Michael 8 years ago

    If the little girl was abducted wouldn't you think the other two children would have been to? it's all a bit fishy especially with all the evidence pointing at the parents. I say the parents are guilty, strongly because the other two children weren't abducted where just poor madeleine was it seems a bit to victimising to me.

    Heather 8 years ago

    I am a mother of two very young children and this whole thing has mase me very angry and upset for a long time now. I feel so sorry for Maddie, what did she do to deserve all of this shit? From the very 1st interview when all this started, over a year ago, my gut instinct told me it had something to do with the father Gerry, he looks shifty, and I had the same gut feelings about Ian Huntley, and was right then 2! If not, both of them! For starters, what loving parents would leave their children alone in a hotel, especially knowing that the room was pretty much open to anyone? They are both doctors of some kind, supposed 2 b respectable people, and they leave their young children alone? No. I dont think so! And why does any mother write shit about their daughter being out of control, in a diary that is going to b found? I really wish that she would be found, but sorry to say that Maddie probably lost her life the night she went missing and its time she was laid to rest in peace and all the shit come out! Its not fair on her! Does anyone actually realise how much money they have made after all this time? This has all turned into a circus act and now they are in it for the publicity, the money and attention! Its pathetic, thinkin sum1 would do this! If someone else had of taken maddie, she would have been found by now, dead or alive! After all of the World news coverage, people were tryin to play sick pranks tryin to get hold of the so-called-rewards! The both parents have got too many friends and people in high places so this has all been covered up 4 a long time now, with a lot of money coming in from pretty much everyone now! Simple as that! Why cant everyone else see this? Another thing is, they are both doctors so they can get hold of pretty much any sort of drug they can, and they also know a lot about everything about the body and effects drugs have! That is another thing that i have always thought about! If you were going on holiday with kids to leave them alone in the hotel, why bring them atall? Leave them with family/friends! They are both guilty of this, i wish 1 of them would confess and this will be all over! When it comes out, everyone will realise ow sick thz ppl r! If my child went missing, i would not stop until he/she was found, and that person who took thm, would pay with their life! Any parent would feel the same! What did she do/see/hear 4 her to deserve this? Why would some1 kidnap a girl of 4yr old lyin in between 2 younga children wen they couldv took a smaller child or all 3, because that would have disturbed them! The police know 4 a fine fact its the parents but everything is getting covered up by everyone else! If a parent cant cope or does not love a child, give the child up for adoption, get help, you do not kill the child or what ever they have done to her! I would love to see the day maddie is found, but chances are near to none! Its awful thinkin she is still lyin somewhere alone. Im hoping someone finds her soon, at any outcome then at least she will be alone, no more!

    liwayphil 8 years ago

    Its too hard to tell now that the investigation is still on it, but one thing is for sure that maddie is missing, wether shes dead or alive that we do not know, poor girl, i pity her parents..

    Vanessa 8 years ago

    Please, let's not go on blaming people. I think we all know that the parents feel guilty enough for their actions which has cost them the life of their child. Let's all continue to pray that, that little girl and the other little children who are kidnapped all around the world come home safe to their loved ones. I don't know why people can't seem to have a conscience to inflict pain on an inocnet child. I have faith In God and please continue to pray with me becoz all our prayers might jsut help maddie and the rest to come home ... some day. Please. May God bless you all.

    Carrie 8 years ago

    i was watching a show and madeline was killed so i thought they found her

    sandy 8 years ago

    Madeline was taken for a reason god wanted her she is in a better place than this she i the luky one not us. madeline died young meaning she is very special.

    ashton 8 years ago

    i dont think that just because a person is handling something different than others that it means they r guilty. but i really hope maddie is found. stupid world.

    grace 7 years ago

    Either the parents did it or they dont care about it. if it was me i wiuld be screaming at the last people that i no went in that room! they were taking it in turns to check the children wouldnt u ask the last person you no was in there? where the hell is my child? but nope they didnt even consider them. And i agree they never cry or even look like theyve been crying in any pics or interviews, i understand people deal with different things differently but to never look upset to neverr break down? come on thats suss as. i wish she was found but i doubt its gonna happen. poor maddie. and as for the other kids y not them/ y maddie? Still id be abusing the crap out of the the last person that checked the kids they no who the last person in that room was and they did nothing asked a couple questions and that was it.

    Illion 7 years ago

    1) How can u even say that madelines parents are guilty, just because there not hysterical? They have two other kids to think about, and a press wjo've bee around them 24/7.

    2) Give the police a break. I dont know where people are sending from, but amost police forces are so perfect.

    Adrianna 7 years ago

    The Mcanns apparently spent years trying to conceive. These are people who apparently wanted a child badly, and whom are both educated.

    Logic would tell us that:

    1. They had researched, and knew full well how to raise a child, protect a child, and care for a child properly.

    2. Why, in a forgeign country, would they leave their child, unattended?

    3. No one seen this child leaving, squirming, screaming from a "hotel"??

    4. The parents are unexplainably calm from the moment that child was noticed missing.

    This isn't a case of some mystery person being able to enter a hotel room completely unseen, take a child that doesn't belong to them, out of the hotel, completely unseen, or unheard, and disappear.

    The parents are directly responsible, and we can only hope that they will have to answer for this in the future.

    My only hope is that Madeline Mcann is found healthy, happy, and unharmed.

    emily 7 years ago

    whoever are blaming the parents for this dreadful tragedy think again because y would they do this, if it was something against there children y havnt they done anything to the other children. just think long and hard.......i know it has been 2 years now but there still is some hope and if they ever do find the person who took her i hope they rot in hell!!!!!!

    eloisa 7 years ago

    I was in Ireland when this news broke out and it really broke my heart as a mother. Then I read yesterday a news about a girl who was abducted when she was 11 years old and now has two children by her kidnapper... choosing the lesser evil... i just pray Madeleine is still alive... no matter what... she deserves a life... God bless you Madeleine..........

    jenny 7 years ago

    i think that Madeleine could be found if people put there mind to for her parents, well some people feel sorry for them and others thing its ther own fault.but i personley

    think both, that they shouldn't have left her but they are her parents and you can tell they still love her.

    stacy 7 years ago

    i can not believe that madeline as still not been found and i believe in my heart that er parents had nothin to do with it. yes they made a very big mistake leavin their children alone in that apartment but they will have to live with that 4 the rest ov their lives.its costin thosands 4 this hunt n still gettin nowhere i think if people stopped passin the blame n foccused on the real situation which is findin madeline then might get sumwhere but who r we to tell anybody ow to do their jobs.i prey that 1 day madeline will be reunited with er parents because after all she is just a child n its the least she deserves my heart is with u gerry n kate i would be lost without my daughter so god only knws wot u r goin through xxxxx

    debbie carroll 6 years ago

    hi gerry and kate hope you are both well , my name is debbie carroll and i live in ireland, your daughter madeleine is a very sweet little girl , i do not think madeleine should off been kiddnapped she really should be with kate and gerry write now , if her abductor would give madeleine back for good,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

    rOBBY 6 years ago


    Cassey 6 years ago

    I've said this a thousand times already, the Portuguese police will not waste any more of their time doing any more searches for this unfortunate ( sweet little girl, my feeling is they already know who and what had happened to Madeleine, and so do both the parents.

    The police have always known who was responsible for madeleine, so why don't the macann's just stop this whole charred now please???

    Nicole 6 years ago

    i wish madeleine mcann is found very soon because her parents are really upset and so are we. bye.

    Bev Sudding 6 years ago

    I write a poem a day for Madeleine and I believe she will be found. Why not? Elizabeth Smart, Jacie Dugard and other children are found. I wish everyone would stop being so judgemental and think only of little Madeleine. Her parents Kate and Gerry have enough guilt to live with for the rest of their lives without all the nasty people adding to it. If you hav never made a dreadful, terrible mistake and can be absooutely honest about that, please carry on with your horrible comments and blame. I for one will not cast blame. I will pray for Madeleine as I do every single day, many times a day and for Kate, Gerry, Sean and Amelie.

    My name is Bev Sudding and I am from PE South Africa

    debbie carroll 6 years ago

    hi gerry kate another email from debbie carroll i no that you both like to here comments from people this is just a throught ok do not worry what if madeleine can not be found she is alive ok , when the abductor abducted her gave her to the bad people what ever they are called the abductor then went back to the people who told him to kidnapp madeleine . then they themselves killed the abductor .so nobody is the wiser that's true if you look at it that from debbie carroll .lyboth .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and hugs two .

    SANDRA WHIKTEHOUSE 6 years ago

    it is very suspicious - i would never leave my 3/1 year olds alone

    tom 6 years ago

    i think it stinks how so many people are blaiming the parents but even then ive been following the maddie case now since she vanished i been thinking and coming up with question and they have bin right so far nobody is close to the truth because to sick gets who have got her are two cowardly to hand them selves in the poher has got something to do with this lice supposed to be here to help not give up on the girl ive got a gut feeling the mother has got something to do wit this the people who have got the poor little thing need hanging im afraid xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Naina  6 years ago

    Its very disappointing to know that the government is sleeping over it for ages now. Instead suspecting people why these cops are not searching for the child in all possibility places? Are we human beings or animals? Being a human being cant we use our brains and do something about it? What a shame!! When the government cant find a little child how will they be able to rule the country? Hope the child is still safe now.....instead wasting time the goverment has to decide something fast about it and the culprit should be shot dead!! Maddie Sweet heart.....hope you are still safe and alive baby!

    shelly 5 years ago

    madelines parents are innocent, you could see distress in there faces, they looked weak and were in shock, kate mcann looked liked her mind was racing, and i think it is discusting the way people pointed the finger at two parents who lost their child, and cannot do any thing to protect, think of the pain and distress they are being put through, every day of there lives they have the horror to face, there poor little girl could be facing, i think every part of every country, every house and every building should be searched. there is probabley an international peodophile ring, that is taking children which meet there sick criteria, i think they got links to all different resources, an that is how they are managing tohide her so well, n maybe wen we find out were madeline has gone, we will find were many other lil innocent children hav been snatched, my best wishes go to the mcann family, have hope, cos no one gets away with some thing forever, i pray your lil princess is bought home too you both, and she is alive.. x x x

    Chelsea 5 years ago

    I cant believe how many people think Madeline's parents are guilty. You can see how much this is hurting them and how heartbroken they are. They have to try and be strong for their other children it wouldnt be fair on them if they were always in pieces around them. I think they are an inspiration to others at how well they have handled things and how hopeful they are on Madelines safe return. I believe that one day she will be returned safely to her parents and they will get justice. The only thing the parents did wrong was not pick madeline up more about what she had said the morning before the abduction and by leaving them alone in the room, no matter how close they were.. it was a foreign country and completely stupid but they have to live with that for the rest of their lives, even if madeline is returned safely which i believe will happen they have missed out on so many memories and of their little baby growing up. I think its disgusting at how badly the police have acted on Maddie's case, Kate and Gerry have done more trying to find their little girl than all the police and them lot put together. If they weren't so keen on blaming Madelines parents from the beginning she would have been found way before now. Keep up the good work and never give up on Madeline, she will be returned safely. I just hope its soon, shes been away from you all far too long. I don't think she will be able to be identified by her eye anymore, im sure when they realised she had a distinctive eye her abductors soon sorted that by putting coloured contact lenses in her eyes so that she cant be identified that way. Just a thought but i still believe she will be found, i just hope Madeline hasn't forgotton who she really is through all these lies from whoever abducted her. Thoughts and prayers are with family and friends for the safe return of Madeline. You have so many people there for you who will never give up on Maddie, I for one.

    I can't begin to imagine how upset, hurt and confused Madeline was and still is, i just hope one day she will be able to over come everything thats happened, bless her xxx

    jess 5 years ago

    Yes God bless little maddy and hoping with all my heart there will come an end to such a gutt wrenching story, the pain and heartbreak that her parents must live in every single day without awnsers and in the absense of their precious innocent baby girl must be horrendous and beyond many of us commenting on this story, the lifers who could even comment on a public website that these poor parents were responsible obviously have no clue & no doubt are childless to write such horrible rubbish. opions are like ass holes everybody has one so save your thoughtless un educated two cents worth for something a little less tragick!! For the rest of us you are in our prayers maddy for eternity xoxox

    sarah williams 5 years ago

    I sympathise obviously but, unfortunatly, it is difficult since the parents left 1 year old twins on their own for a length of time; let alone the three year old. It would have been a cost of about 50 pounds to have the hotel staff look after them,

    And it is really difficult to understand why if you are a god parent.

    sarah williams 5 years ago

    If I was a three year old, I would be well aware of who my parents were - and therefore more likely to cry for my parents - and more likely to KEEP CRYING for my parents.

    If I was a one year old - not yet fully aware of my parents - I would only cry for the normal reasons - wet nappy, hungry, etc.

    In conclusion, why would people take a three year old and not the 1 year olds?

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