Breast Feeding your Baby, It is not simple as you think - Dos and Don'ts of Breastfeeding

Bundle of Joy

Pregnancy is a joyful pain. Those are the days, when a women can enjoy pains with happiness. All the pains will vanish at the moment the mother get to see the bundle of joy, with tiny little legs and hands, with those bright little eyes, crawls in her hand.

God and Nature blessed women with such a power that, they can learn things about pregnancy and taking care of a kid, quickly from the moment they turn into a mother. I always have wondered how my grandmother took care of her 9 children altogether.

Olden days, people used to live together and hence the younger generation always had the chance of watching kids and babies, their life, the way mothers handle them, etc... But, now the lifestyle of the entire world got changed. The nuclear family system kept people away from each other, and even those who are in the same house get chances rarely as they lock themselves in their own rooms.

So, young mothers now a days have lack of understanding, especially in the basic steps like breastfeeding a baby, how to understand the body language of the baby and take care, etc... Here are few basic things, every mother, with infants should know.


Dos and Don'ts of Breast Feeding

Keep in lap and feed

Always keep the baby in your lap while breastfeeding. Never lay down in the bed and breastfeed, though few people (or sites in Internet) may advice that it is OK. Even if it is night, make sure you get up, sit and feed. You may feel tired, but no other go, if you want your baby to be safe and sound.

The negative things associated with breastfeeding in the bed are,

a. You may sleep and put the baby in danger by accidentally pressing your breast on the baby and making it to suffocate. Google out in the Internet and you will find so many cases. Recently I got to read a sad story of a young mother, who over slept in the flight, while feeding her 2 months old baby and causing her baby to die in her own hand, due to suffocation. Taking care of 9 months inside you is not enough, Need a lot more care, even in small matters.

b. Your body and breast starts shagging, giving you a old and non comfort look.


Wait till burping

Some mothers put their baby in bed, immediately after breastfeeding. This is another dangerous thing for the baby, as for some, the gas which got displaced by the milk will block the nostril path, leading to suffocation.

So, every time after feeding, mother should put the baby on her shoulder and gently pat in the back, until the baby burbs. After that only it is advised to put the baby on bed. While burping, sometimes the baby may spit out some milk (which looks like curd). But that is absolutely OK.

Wipe and Clean

Clean your breast and nipple every time before and after feeding, with warm water and a clean cloth, to avoid any infections. It would be good to add some antiseptic lotion to the water used for cleaning. But consult your doctor and get the baby safe lotion. Don't walk to any pharmacy and buy on your own. Don't risk your baby's health and life.

Always wear clean and breast feeding designers brassier. This will help you to keep yourself fit and also easy to feed your baby.

If you are a working mother and use breast pump to collect milk and feed the baby, then make sure you cleaned the breast pump and the feeding bottle also before pumping milk.

Feed often

Infant has small tummy. It gets emptied very quickly, every time it pees. So, it often needs to be feed, on a timely basis. A mother needs strength and determination for this.

Watch its body language

Some mothers understand the baby's body signs wrongly and over feed them. The baby might be crying because of other reasons like stomach ache or a little ant biting its back. So, use your sense, before dumping your baby.

Wear comfort dress while travelling

Now a days, lots of dresses (even fashion dresses) are available in market, that are so comfort for breast feeding. So, instead of avoiding the feed to your baby and giving it some unhealthy bottle milk, it is always good to have comfort wear and take care of your baby. Make sure you use breastfeeding bras that are easy to handle and put you in ease.

Watch your diet

Since the baby is purely dependent on you, it is a must that you have a healthy diet to make sure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs. Eat protein and calcium rich food. Food items like Garlic, spinach, drumstick (and its leaves), broccoli are good for a breast feeding mother. Make sure you drink enough milk.

Doctors say that drinking milk to get enough milk for feeding is a Myth. Yes, it is true that a mother drinking milk is not going to do anything with the milk supply of a breast feeding mother. But, it gives strength to the mother, making her bones strong, so that she has strength to sit and feed.


Many young women think that breast feeding will make them loose their beauty. But it is totally a fake claim. The benefits of breastfeeding are unlimited, both for your baby and yourself. Check with your gynecologist and she / he will help you to understand the real concept behind this.

Take care of yourself and your lovely bundle of happiness.

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Specialk3749 profile image

Specialk3749 6 years ago from Michigan

I have had great success with nursing while in bed. It really helps the mother get a lot of rest. I only recommend it when the mother is not on any type of medication, does not smoke or drink any type of alcohol. Almost all instances where the mother suffocated the child, it was due to one of the above things...meds, drugs, smoking or alcohol.

The only other thing I would add to your hub, is to encourage nursing mothers to drink LOTS of water. This helps milk production.

Thanks for an encouraging hub! I think more mothers need to be encouraged to give their babies the best nutrition possible...breast milk!

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Specialk3749,

Thank you so much for your great add ups and adding value to this hub :)

POWERS1205 profile image

POWERS1205 6 years ago

That's an excellent hub. My wife is currently breastfeeding and it's sad to notice the number of people who act like it is strange. This is not our first child and when my wife has had to feed in public, she is amazingly discreet. Even still, people that realize what she's doing act somewhat shocked. It's really rahter ridiculous. I think it's wonderful and great for the baby.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

POWERS1205, you both are wonderful parents. Neglect those useless people. They won't come if you or your baby needs help. Some people are in this world, just to put others in an uncomfort state. Tell your wife to go ahead with the wonderful deed and she will be a loved mother by your kids.

breathe2travel profile image

breathe2travel 6 years ago from Gulf Coast, USA

Like Special, I have nursed/breastfed all of my children in bed... however, as she mentioned, I was not medicated in any form. :)

A breastfeeding mom should increase intake of calcium and healthy fats, found naturally in foods -- not induced by process or cooking methods. A good, whole-food derived multi-vitamin is highly recommended, because breastfeeding takes its nutrients from the mother's body.

Also - breastfeeding surprisingly requires a higher caloric intake than pregnancy! I was surprised to learn this from a dear friend who is an ob/gyn.

Voted your hub useful. :)

Warmest regards~

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thank you so much breather2travel. I feel so honoured getting feedbacks from writers like you.

Kotori profile image

Kotori 6 years ago from Chicagoland

I have also nursed in bed, but I don't fall asleep. I make sure that as soon as the baby is done, my husband brings him back to his crib. We don't co-sleep. I also insure that the baby is safe by getting blankets and pillows away from his face.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Thanks Kotori for your valuable input.

 6 years ago

Breatfeeding is the best... for aside for natural gift you can save a lot.

CennyWenny profile image

CennyWenny 6 years ago from Washington

I too breastfeed in bed but when my son was a newborn I kept him elevated on his own memory foam pillow. Now that he's a bit older he just lays next to me with all pillows and blankets away from him. BUT, he's always been a very big boy, 9 lbs at birth and almost 19 lbs at 4 months so I don't know if I'd be as comfortable with a smaller baby in bed. Next time I'm investing in a co-sleeper@

MarkMAllen15 profile image

MarkMAllen15 5 years ago

WOw, Lot of information I've learned.

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