Breastfeeding Techniques


Breastfeeding Techniques

•    Clean the breast area by using a wet Cloth and dry it immediately.

•    Know the most common posi­tion for the mother and the baby while breastfeeding.

•    Hold the breast with the thumb and forefinger making sure the

nipple Is tilted toward the baby's mouth, stroking lightly the corner of the baby's lips with the nipple to stimulate the infant to open the mouth wide. Once the mouth is wide open, place the nipple at the center, getting ready for the baby to suck. •I Ensure that the baby's nose is not blocked. Once sucking is in prog­ress check, if the baby is getting enough or too much of the milk. If there is flooding of milk, stop nursing for awhile as this may cause the baby to gag or choke. To reduce excess milk, express a little milk by hand or with a pump.

•Switch from one breast to another.
Allow the baby to suck on each breast lor 15-30 minutes.

•   Make sure the baby is burped after each feeding.

•   When baby is finished, pat the

nippies dry andi expose to air for 10-15 inin.

•   Nurse often, this will stimulate production of milk. Excess milk may be stored in freezer lor future use.

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