But Mom everybody is outside


So in the back of my kids mind I'm probably labeled as the crazy and over protective parent. I hear it all the time "but mom everybody is outside"; and my reply is we are not everybody. Now I know there is a large group of parents that have no choice but to let there little ones come home alone and wait for them to get off work, but there are a few parents who seem to work off of a different hand book. I have about five kids a week that invite themselves to our home and I ask “Does your mom know where you are?” The blank stare always gets them a ticket back to their house.

A little off the subject I love spending time with my kids and we have a lot of fun so it sometimes attracts other kids to our home. I feel so much guilt in saying no but my kid’s take a lot of my energy and it’s hard to explain even adding one more kid stresses me out. Also while I’m in one of my sharing mood being asked to baby sit is another touchy subject. Being a mother of four I’m officially baby sitter out.

My children range in age from 3 to 13 and they are not allowed to play any further then about three houses to the left or right of us and 90% of the time I'm out in the yard keeping an eye on them. I have a lot of reasons why.

My first is a lot of my original neighbors have moved and you don't have that same feeling of when you knew all of the families on your street. Second our street is in major need of speed bumps. It surprises me that parents race down our street in their SUV's with their kids in the car and my heart begins to race as I see little kids on bikes and running that are so close to being in accidents. In life we are all in a hurry at times but on neighborhood streets and shopping centers a slow crawl is best. Third things are just not the same anymore, as a kid we could play outside until the street lights came on with no worries. Now there are so many people preying on our children and it only takes a second and there gone.

It also is a plus because it gets me up off the couch and moving around. I’m still getting a hang of this parenting thing and by the time I feel I’m an expert my children will be gone on to adulthood. My best advice is being as active as possible in our kids life will give them that sense of security. They enjoy the extra attention, and when things happen and your right there to help it’s a great safe feeling for them.



It is hard at times when the days seem super long and playing is the last thing on your mind. You just have to push yourself for the safety of the little ones, and you never know you might learn something new along the way, like how to roller skate, skate board or ride a bike; just don’t break anything.

© Alice F Spencer

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Purple Perl profile image

Purple Perl 4 years ago from Bangalore,India


AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thank you !!!

kelleyward 4 years ago

Wow this is a great hub because I also feel hard pressed to play with my 3 boys when I am so tired I would rather just sit there. It is so important however to let your kids know how important they are. Thanks for sharing. Kelley

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Kelley it's great when other moms let you know your not alone in this. Thanks for stopping by !!

Ardie profile image

Ardie 4 years ago from Neverland

You are my kind of mom. Its awesome that you get out there with your kids and supervise them and spend time with them. I am the same way - I ALWAYS know where my kids are, who they're playing with, and mostly what they're playing (my kids are all girls ages 11, 8, and 6). I am constantly amazed at the kids who wander neighborhoods and the parents have no clue where the kids are. It just isnt safe for many reasons!!!! Anyways, long story short - I agree with everything you said here =)

AliceFSpencer profile image

AliceFSpencer 4 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks for reading Ardie wow all girls I have two girls and two boys, I must say my 13 year old girl keeps me on my toes :) I totally agree we have to stay active and keep an eyes on the little loves !!

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