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Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster Products are very popular in the UK.
Thomas the Tank Engine Trackmaster Products are very popular in the UK.

Thomas the Tank Engine and friends seems to have been around forever and in fact the first series was made in 1984 so a whole generation have been bought up on the stories of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends - or just Thomas and Friends as they are known now in the US.

The Thomas the Tank Engine programs have featured guest narrators from Ringo Starr to Pierce Brosnan and were based on books by the Rev W V Awdry and his son Christopher. The series tends to appeal to boys under the age of about 8 but has had universal appeal.

If you are looking to buy Thomas products then you need go no further than your chair as you can buy all the Thomas the Tank Engine products online and have them delivered to your door in a few days. Check out some of the Thomas products below.

Thomas the Tank Engine Tracks and Trains

There are many products available that promote the series, from the engines themselves along with the tracks, books of the stories to pajamas and bed linen and general Thomas bedroom decorations, so if you want to buy Thomas the Tank Engine products you have a great deal to choose from.

A lot of children like to play with the actual Thomas the Tank Engine trains and track and there are a great number of combinations of track that you can get with options for smaller and bigger kids. There are also plenty of other objects as well as the trains that you can get like the Tidmouth Sheds and the Water Tower. My nephews used to have the Thomas Trackmaster and used to keep building it in the living room until it got way too big!

Below are links to buying the Thomas and Friends products on Amazon US but Amazon UK also has a wide variety of Thomas the Tank Engine products.

Thomas Engines

The series started off with only a few engines with Thomas being the main one and now there are 7 other main engines in addition to Thomas himself:

  • Percy is the no 6 green engine and Thomas' best friend
  • Gordon is the No 4 blue engine
  • Henry is the No 9 green engine
  • James is the No 5 red engine
  • Edward is the No 2 blue engine
  • Toby is the No 7 brown tram engine
  • Emily is an emerald green engine and the newest member of the team

However, there are constantly new engines being added to the stories and lots of additional names used for those engines which reflect children's names of the day like Harry, Caroline, Oliver etc. The Fat Controller is one of the other main characters in the stories and he looks after all the engines.

The scope of products available for the Thomas the Tank engine series is as wide as you can imagine - from the initial books and Thomas replica train sets to Thomas bed covers and the now obligatory decal bedroom stickers.

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