Buy a Baby Bouncer

Use of a Baby Bouncer

It is common that most of the young parents want to buy a good bouncer for their new born baby. Many of them start their search for this item well before the arrival of the baby, and some others go for it only when their baby is one or two months old. In any case, having a bouncer is very convenient way for your baby as well as for the young parents. The reclining position of the baby makes it convenient to be in the bouncer.

Should I buy a baby bouncer?

Many young parents wonder whether they need to buy a baby bouncer for their little one. Since there are several ways a bouncer can help you a young mother will definitely find it useful to juggle with so many household chores. The baby bouncer helps calm the baby easily and the mother can get along with her other work. Some of the features you will find useful with a baby bouncer are a toy bar, canopy, and above all the calming sounds and music that a baby can enjoy. A good bouncer is also provides security and comforts to the baby.

Which one to buy

Once you decided to buy a bouncer, the next question arrives as to which is the best one for your baby. You will also compare the different prices and its features before buying one. Choosing the appropriate bouncer is very important. A good bouncer can give total relaxation for the baby and for the parents.

After reading many reviews online and enquiring with friends, my daughter decided to go for Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker - Blue/Green. She chose the Blue color. Her new born baby started using it just before the end of his first month itself. Since the toys are mounted to the toy bar and face downward towards baby, it is easy for his visual stimulation with bright colors and patterns. In the infant mode baby is soothed with calming vibrations or mom's gentle rocking of the seat.

We just keep a baby wrap on it and keep him, though it is not necessary. The bouncer was his favorite place until he was six months old. He is now eight months old and he still sometimes uses it. At his present stage, the toys mount back to the toy bar and the seatback adjusts for baby to bat at the toys.

While buying a baby bouncer, we have to keep in mind the weight of the baby too. Both a small built baby and a big built baby can't use the same type of bouncer. Otherwise it may not bounce the way you expect it to be.

When he was too small he was not using the toys hanging in the toy bar. So we decided to remove them and keep  aside until he is old enough to reach at them. After 3 months he started looking at them and since then he was using the bouncer to its maximum use. Sometimes we remove the toy bar and he plays with his other toys.

He spends most of his time in the bouncer. When he cries if she just leaves him there he stops crying and is a happy child. The bouncer has become his favorite place. The toy bar can be removed easily and can reinstall whenever necessary, by just fixing it into the holes.

Convenience for the mother

When my daughter goes to the kitchen she takes him in the bouncer and leaves him on the dining table, where they can see each other. He quietly sits there with the soft vibration and his mother talks to him from the kitchen in between her work. When he is sleepy she leaves him in the bouncer and rocks him gently, and within minutes he falls asleep, without any problem. The soft vibration mode makes him comfortable and calm.

Apart from the toys from the toy bar, he loves to play with his other toys sitting in the bouncer, than anywhere else. He occasionally watches TV lying in the bouncer. Now de doesn’t even need his mother’s help. He rocks himself in the bouncer and enjoys being there.

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