Buy a Mobicam audio video baby monitoring system

A baby monitor is a great tool for a parent to watch his child when he/she is outside. A monitor system has the following parts viz a child transmitter, parent receivers and a wall-mounted or tabletop camera. Although audio only devices are available in the market,most parents prefers to use the audio video monitor.

One of the more recent highly rated baby items is the Mobicam Audio and Color Video Baby Monitor. It would be difficult to find a baby monitor that is priced less than $100 that addresses parents' safety concerns by providing clear and concise video and audio monitoring as well as portability concerns. For families that are frequently out and about, these factors are a must. With a screen that is two inches in width, the video display can also be transmitted to a television or even online for viewing when you are at work, for example.

You'll be impressed with the extensive range this monitor has at up to about 300 feet when outside. This monitor also has a strong signal which has enough power to tune into your next door neighbor's baby's room if both of your monitors are set at the same frequency. This is not a drawback to the monitor in any way as this problem is simply remedied by switching frequencies and it proves how powerful the transmitter really is. User friendliness and mobility of the unit are some other advantages. Mobicam has already thought of them when designing this monitor by making it to be easily moved from place to place, allowing you to take it with you no matter where you go.

The monitor also includes some special features that most people don't think of when purchasing a baby monitor but when they see how valuable they are, they'd never again buy a unit that doesn't have them. The night vision capability on the Mobicam is one such feature. Night lights in the nursery are a thing of the past. The baby will get a better night's sleep by being able to sleep in a more darkened room.


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