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Choosing A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors are one of the most important items that you can purchase for your new baby. Whilst it might seem like an easy purchase to make there are actually numerous decisions to be made about the type of monitor that you want.

The time when your baby is sleeping is the time when you may actually get the chance to catch up on your own rest or to catch five minutes to get some chores done or relax. In the early days it is also the best time for you to get some sleep yourself. However you will not be fully able to relax if you are not confident that you will hear your baby if they cry, cough or sneeze.

Choosing the right baby monitor from the start will prevent you having to make repeat purchases. This means that you also need to think about what uses you may want it for when your baby is no longer a newborn. Will you want to check via a video image that your toddler has stayed in his bed and isn't playing on the floor? Will you want to check that your baby who has just learnt to roll is still lying on their back? Are you the kind of parent (like I was!) that might want to wake their sleeping newborn every 10 minutes just to check that they are breathing and so you need a breathing monitor? Only you can judge how sophisticated you need your baby monitor to be.

One of my beautiful babies...

Baby Monitors help you listen to your baby when they are not in your arms.
Baby Monitors help you listen to your baby when they are not in your arms.

Basic Baby Monitors

The first type of monitor on the market is a basic monitor which simply allows you to hear your baby when they are in a different room of the house. Split into two units; the baby unit, which stays next to the baby and the parent unit which you keep with you. Try to ensure that the parent unit can be mains powered or run from batteries as this will allow you better mobility. It is also good if it has a visual sound indicator such as a row of lights that allow you to mute the sound whilst on a telephone call but still see whether your baby is crying. Digital monitors are the best as they give clearer sound and do not have as much of a background

Some examples of basic monitors available are shown to the right of this description. Please click on the links to view further details and reviews of them.

Video Baby Monitors

Many baby monitors now have the option to view your child on a screen. This gives added comfort and peace of mind particularly if your child is quiet and you want to check on them without fear of waking them. It can be particularly useful when your child learns to roll over and you want to check whether they are on their stomach or back. I had one of these types of baby monitor with my eldest daughter. I also had it tuned into the television so that whilst watching tv I could flick to a different channel that had an image of her on it. The only trouble was that I was so obsessed with my new baby that I just watched her all the time! It was very useful as she got bigger and learned to stand up in her cot. I could quickly check the screen to ensure that she wasn't attempting to climb out. 

Video Monitors available through Amazon:

Sleeping like a baby!
Sleeping like a baby!

The Baby Monitor I Used (and Loved!)

Breathing Monitors

Many parents find it reassuring to have a baby monitor that not only allows them to listen to their baby but also provides a warning if it doesn't register any movement for a specified period of time i.e. 20 seconds.

The sensors on these monitors are sensitive enough that they can pick up even the tiniest of movements such as a baby breathing. They work by having a sensor placed under the cot mattress. This mat can be detached when the baby is over 1 year old and the baby monitor used as a normal sound monitor.

I had this type of monitor for all of my children and I found that it provided me with a great deal of reassurance. I lost the dread that I had had about walking into their rooms first thing in the morning to wake them up when they had slept unusually late and was just able to enjoy my extra lie in! I bought and used the Angelcare Breathing monitor on the right and I absolutely loved it. Having said that I was quite an anxious mother and was a constant checker before I bought it. If you are less anxious this might be more monitoring than you need. .

 There is also a monitor called the respisense breating monitor that can be used even when your baby is not in bed. A small sensor clips onto the babies nappy and checks for movement at all times. Some parents feel reassured by this as many babies spend a significant amount of their sleeping time in prams, baby slings or car seats. I didn't actually know this existed when I bought my monitor or I probably would have got one!

Your Baby Monitor, Your choice.

The most important thing when choosing a baby monitor is to pick the one that is right for your situation and one that will allow you to feel comfortable. This means picking one with sufficient range for your home, especially for people in larger homes. Many parents feel more comfortable, especially when a baby moves into it's own nursery to sleep, to have some kind of breathing monitor and/ or a video unit but this is not necessary for everyone. Only you can know what kind of baby monitor will allow you to feel comfortable enough to really enjoy your new baby.

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