Chapters of My Childhood 1: Age Baby-2: A Must Read

A Loving Home

These are the memories that have served as my foundation of a life that would take some incredibly shocking twists and turns...

I remember our house ~ the driveway, the kitchen and dining room. The great big family room, the hallway that led to two bedrooms. Mom and Dad's bedroom was across from mine. I shared a room with my sister. She slept in a crib because she had braces on both her legs.

I wasn't potty-trained yet, but working on it. I wet the bed one night and was so embarrassed I went out to the linen cupboard between my parents' room and ours and reached as high as I could to pull down the sheets. I wanted to change my bed all by myself so Mom and Dad would never know. Down came all the sheets on top of me and knocked me down! Of course, this woke up my parents, who kindly took care of me. They did make me wear a diaper the whole next day, which made me very upset.

Another time, I was watching an army movie in the family room. Mom and Dad were making dinner in the kitchen. There I was, all alone, and the army guy on the TV pointed his rifle at me and shot me dead. I fell back on the floor with my tongue out. But, Dad came to get me for dinner!

Another memory is of me sitting in a high chair in the dining room. We were having cake. Mom said I was taking too big of bites and she was going to have to give me the "baby" spoon!

My older brother came to visit. He had a limp, but he was so nice.

I'll also never forget the time I looked out my bedroom window after being put to bed and saw eyeballs on the trees! I screamed for my Mom and she came running. She kept looking the wrong way! She never saw the trees with the eyeballs!

Then came the days when a strange man came to our door. Each time I stood next to my parents as he asked me, "Are you ready to go?" I was so confused and looked up at my loving parents. I didn't want to go anywhere. He left...until the day he wouldn't leave. I had to go. Mom and Dad packed a little bag for me and I tearfully said good-bye and went into the car with this stranger.

He drove us to a house where a mother came out with a towel on her head. She was holding a baby girl. She brought the girl to the car I was in and placed her in the back seat next to me. We drove away.

The man driving us said to me, "Dee Dee, meet your little sister, Sarah."

(continued in Chapter 2: Age 2-5)

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