Child Abuse Awareness

Child Abuse


Child Abuse is the physical,sexual,emotional mistreatment or neglect of a child. Child abuse can occur in a child's home or in organizations such as school or in the communities the child interacts with. Child abuse can be in several forms. The main forms are physical,neglect,sexual and psychological.

Jhessye was abused by her mother in her own home. Despite her mother's arrest, Jhessye still remains missing. It's unlikely she is still alive...

Children That died from abuse

Statistics 2010

In 2010 statistics show that the children advocacy centers around the country served over 260,000 child victims of abuse., ninety percent of these recorded cases it turned out that the perpetrator was the victims parents. In 2009 254,000 child abuse cases were reported, that is an increase of 6,000 in a years time. Out of these 254,000 cases reported in 2009 1,770 children have died from child abuse. Nearly five children die everyday in America from abuse or neglect. The cases are normally a child is reported missing and then it turns out the child was physically abused by a parent and then murdered.

Save A Child, Make The Call

Lately to many cases of child reported missing has turned out to be abuse of that child from there parents and the outcome on these cases haven't been good. Child abuse needs to end and we all need to help to make that possible. Everyone needs to get involved if you see or hear a child being abused don't turn away and not get involved and think it's none of your business, save that child and make that call. A child can't go and defend themselves against an adult there defenseless and that child that is being hurt needs you, needs us to help her/him. Please help a child and make that call, all it takes is picking up the phone and dialing 911.

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