Children Say The Darndest Things

We all have our stories to tell about what our children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews say and I am no exception. “Children say the darndest things” is an expression fitting for the humorous day I spent with my granddaughter, Carly.

Carly is an active four year old with a grand imagination. She loves the outdoors, loves to sing, play “pretend”, very inquisitive, and an all around “funny” child.

I surprised Carly when her aunt (my oldest daughter, Whitney) visited and spent the day with us. I bought a plastic bat and ball so we could play baseball. Carly was “striking out” more than she was “striking the ball”, so Whitney thought it might be helpful if we set up a tee ball practice area. Not having the traditional equipment, Whitney thought perhaps a firewood log would do the trick. While she was trying to get the log to stand up, Carly got an evil grin on her face and asked, “Is this how you play?” and whacked Whitney on her behind!

After we played that for awhile, we decided to take a walk. I live in the historic district of our town and very close to Main Street where there are very charming shops, like, antique and thrift stores. Before we started on our walk, Carly grabbed the bugle that she recently learned to play…very badly as you can imagine. She blew the bugle as we walked and entertained everyone in her path.

One of my favorite shops is the hospice store. I have found some very useful and interesting items there. Carly was very considerate and refrained from blowing her bugle. When we were on our way out, our minister walked in. Evidently this confused Carly as she gasped and said, “There’s God”!

We walked back up Main Street toward my home when Whitney saw a dead bird on the sidewalk. She told Carly it would be nice if she played a farewell tune. With all her might, she played and played and played some more. After she was done, she looked at the bird and said, “I think he’s waking up now”!!

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Chuck RitenouR profile image

Chuck RitenouR 5 years ago from Front Royal, Virginia

Made me smile....nicely written.

Rick Nowell 4 years ago

I am never bending over in front of that little gal! LOL

mimiiam2carly profile image

mimiiam2carly 4 years ago from Front Royal, VA Author

She is always good for a laugh!! Love her!!!

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