Child's Height Predictor

Do you wonder how tall your child will be? Unfortunately, it begins to become especially important to some parents as their child enters sports. With the cost of college these days, parents are turning to extreme measures: private weekly sports training, frequent doctor's visits to check height, and even growth hormones to try and get an edge up on the competition. Scholarships, scholarships, scholarships...this seems to be the topic of every parent. I've even heard of parents taking their child for frequent X-rays to see how much growing room is still left in their growth plates. Fanatical, maybe, unfortunate reality...absolutely!

I came across a doctor's height predictor website and thought many of you parents would find it fun to estimate your child's ultimate height, CHILD'S HEIGHT PREDICTOR.

This is a great website and from what I can tell...seems to be pretty accurate, (I did the calculations for my full grown 21 year olds and my 17 year olds), it was exactly right.

Stop by and enter a few details (parents height, child's age, height and weight)...and the final answer to your curiosity will appear~and it's FREE.

How tall will my child be?
How tall will my child be?

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