Using Christmas to Encourage Literacy in Young Children

Christmas is an exciting time for children. They can't wait to put up the Christmas tree and wait impatiently for the morning they can open their presents. Why not use their Christmas excitement to build literacy skills.

1. Create a special folder of Christmas stories. Read one story a night as you count down to Christmas.

2. This is the time to pull off your shelves those Christmas themed books. Very young children love interactive books like lift-the-flaps and books with sounds.

3. Have them write out a letter to Santa listing down the things they want for Christmas. You can even do this with email nowadays. Just look for a write-to-santa website and shoot an email to Santa. Children will also enjoy reading Santa's reply.

4. Let them help with the Christmas cards. Homemade Christmas cards is a perfect art and craft activity for this holiday season. It is also an excuse to practice writing. They can:

- write the list of people they want to send the cards to.

- write the message inside the cards.

- or at least add their names to the signature on the card.

If you are going to send it by post, children get the chance to learn how to write the address on the envelope.

5. Encourage creativity by modifying Christmas songs. Make up your own words to "The 12 days of Christmas."

So even though Christmas is a time to be jolly and happy, learning doesn't have to stop. Use this time to think of ways to make learning a part of the celebration.

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Kenny Wordsmith profile image

Kenny Wordsmith 9 years ago from Chennai

These are quite clever tips for using the season to encourage reading and writing! I'm all for any learning which is also fun!

mothersguide profile image

mothersguide 9 years ago from Malaysia Author

Thanks Kenny. I'm also all for fun learning.

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