Common Sense and Dress Codes

Common Sense and Dress Code

When I was in sixth grade, a teacher questioned whether the outfit I was wearing was compliant with my school's dress code. She pulled me aside and literally measured the width of my tank top's straps. To my relief, I was, indeed, meeting dress code.

But I was embarrassed. So what did I do? I went home and complained to my parents. They immediately took pictures of my outfit which I was bodyshamed for. They posted my "shameful" pictures on their blogs, with my face blocked out (of course), and asked for the world wide web to feel my pain.

No, more than that, they didn't want the web to feel my pain. They wanted the school to feel pain. That teacher, who merely thought she was enforcing a rule, should be fired, right? How dare she make me feel shame for my body. What was a brief incident barely known to anyone needs the attention of the principle, the school board, the nation.

Except none of that happened. Sure, I was a bit embarrassed. It was hot and I just wanted to wear a sleeveless tank top to school, which did follow dress code. I told my parents, and they were more concerned with the thought that I might have broken a rule.

And I moved on with my life. I have rarely thought of that day since. I didn't need to go through years of counseling to help me get past that obvious body shaming fiasco that I was forced to endure.

But our nation apparently has lost all common sense. I read article after article about how girls are mercilessly "bodyshamed" and I wonder if our country has lost their freakin' minds.

Stop it. Just stop it already.

There are such things as dress codes. They are part of life. Sure, they have become much more relaxed than they once were, but they still exist. And you need to get over it.

Parents- get over it.

Kids- get over it.

Parents- start being parents and let your kids know there are such things and rules.

News Media- Stop making a big deal about a non issue.

Oh, but it makes you feel good, right? You feel comfortable when you wear something so for some reason, that makes it okay, yes?

No. That's not how the real world works. Not in the least. I feel comfortable butt naked but that doesn't mean I should be allowed to go to work that way.

Guess what kiddos? People in the real world care a lot less about your feelings than you've been lead to believe. Sure, there are some places where you can wear almost anything you want and get away with it.

Those places are:

Your house

The Beach (usually)

Walmart (especially after 10 PM)

Most businesses, unless you are your own boss, have some form of a dress code. It does not matter to anyone if you just want to express yourself. Plenty of people have been fired for "self expression".

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that kids or anyone else should be "shamed" for their body. But there are appropriate places to wear things. There are inappropriate places to wear certain outfits.

In the media, the parents keep talking about how their girl shouldn't be told to dress a certain way to help boys with their thoughts. I agree. If a school is saying something like that, they need to retrain their staff when talking to kids about dress code.

But if a dress code has certain rules such as width of straps, appropriate use of leggings, length of garments, and they are applied across the board, they need to be followed.

Media, stop saying stupid phrases. Like "a girl wasn't allowed to wear a supposed low cut dress that had long sleeves." As if the long sleeves cancel out the fact that it was low cut. Or that a low cut dress couldn't possible have sleeves. Remember the green dress that J-Lo wore that was cut down to her butt dimples? Yeah, it had sleeves. Yes, a garment can show ample chest and have sleeves.

Teens- short shorts are not appropriate to wear to work. Unless you work at the pool or at Hooters. Some businesses let you wear longer shorts, but pants are always professional.

Speaking of which, I wish I could just up and quit a job over the first thing that even remotely didn't go how I liked it. But I guess that's the luxury of being a teen. You can allow the media to cry over your wronged experience since they asked you to go home and change clothes. Because you didn't know you weren't allowed to wear short shorts to work! Now, you were expected to read the policies. You probably were even made to sign that you had read the policies. And your boss didn't fire your butt on the spot and let you have the option of just going home and changes. But no! You would not take it! You would rather quit than face the shame! You looked cute so how dare they!

Please don't get me wrong, there have been cases where certain kids have been singled out. Cases where there truly was some inappropriate behavior on the end of the school or teachers. One comes to mind which told the kids not to look like overstuffed sausages. That's inappropriate.

But come on everyone. Let's just follow the dress code. If it says something needs to be a certain length, don't wear anything shorter. If it says you can't wear sheer fabrics, don't. It's really that easy.

Dress Code

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