Did you hug your child today?

If you are dare enough, Touch your heart and honestly answer this question, Did you Hug your child today? certainly you will land up saying only NO.

Sometimes painfully-honest we got to admit the truth that we hadn't hugged our children that day, or the day before either. Infact many of us realised that hugging was not generally our style. We were quick to criticise our children, but very slow rather dead to compliment them. It is not that we totally hate them or don't even bother about them, but we often admired them but seldom expressed our admiration. Bit by we even uncovered the reasons as towhy our behaviour as parents failed to demonstrate our real feelings for our children, which are really useless and frankly most dangerous.

A hug isn't simply an embrace. Not so you will realise that your children feel like they are huggged when you prepare their favorite dish. Even a tone of voice can be a hug. So can a smile, a wink, a squeeze of the hand, a rufling of the hair, an arm across the shoulder, a note on the pillow or a simple whispered, "Good Luck".

Some parents especially fathers, seem embarrassed by any display of affection. Worse still they are even afraid of spoiling their children with praise. Yes, parents often worry about their children developing inflated opinions of themselves, but the truth is when we don't express appreciation they might end up having low seltesteem.

Fortunately there are ways to train ourselves to appreciate and hug our children. Sometimes the praise may come easily, but the child who is hardest to hug usually needs it the most. So make hugging your child a daily ritual.

A mother who lost her son,to brain cancer, wrote these words, "Never have i felt the wonder, beauty and joy of life so keenly as now in my grief that my son is not here to enjoy them". We have to embrace our children with a little added rapture and a keener awarness of joy.

Do you feel the pain, this is the pain that our children have when we ignore them, don't show the love we have on them.

Why should we hide the love, the admiration,and the happiness, we have on our children.

Love is not Lively when expressed through words but only when followed with an action.

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KwameG profile image

KwameG 4 years ago from MS

Very nice and inspirational hub, in fact I think I shall go write a follow up thanks.

eswar profile image

eswar 4 years ago from India Author

Thank you very much KwameG, I very much believe in Love and peace, whatever be the relationship is if we carry love in what we do i am sure we will not have any problems.

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