Digital Drug I-dosing, Making Teens to Get High - Drug Addiction and Abuse

Teens drug abusive

Drug Abusive

It is another headache to parents of teenagers. The new trend of drug in the teenagers world is using digital drug called as I-dose.

What is I-dose?

It is a digital drug. Don't imagine it as a drug powder or injection inserted inside your laptop or iPod. It is music. Purely music which turns your teen into a real-world narcotics. By i-dosing, just with a headphone in the ears, the teen can get high by hearing to the music played. The i-dosing promises the listener of getting the real pleasure of sex, by just listening to the music.

Though it have created a great wave of opposition among parents and other kids and teenagers care organizations, i-dosing is still popular among teens, especially those who are away from home, staying at hostels and paying guests of colleges and Universities.

The sad part is, i-dosing is also spreading very fast among school kids, which lead to the banning of iPod and MP3 players at school campus.

Be Alert, if you are a parent of a teenager. Be alert, if you are a teenager itself. This i-dosing may be a pleasure for now, but spoils you in long run.


A teenager getting high by listening to i-dose

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MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Be alert parents. Your teen kid may be on a wrong track.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

There are so many vices out there for them these days aren't there.

i don't know about laws where you live but here in the UK they are far too lenient in the justice system. it is not a detterent to go to prison these days. If there was a harsher system some of the predators, ie the drug pushers would think twice before enticing our children into drugs or alcohol abuse.

However to get back to this hub, we don't realise that there could be just as many dangers when they are innocently listening to their music.

Thank you for sharing this and pointing out another temptation for our children.One that we wouldn't really be aware of!!

Take care Mythilik.

MythiliK profile image

MythiliK 6 years ago from India --> Switzerland Author

Dear Eiddwen,

Thank you so much for the valuable inputs. In India, there are lots of loop holes available for the criminals to escape from the hands of law and order. Especially cyber crimes are tough to control, unless someone come up with a complaint.

kenneth avery profile image

kenneth avery 5 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Voted up, Useful and Interesting. You are a caring writer. Great hub about a serious subject. Bless you for sacrficing your time and energy to touch a young person.

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