It takes courage to work.. It takes more courage to be a mom.. It takes more and more courage to be a working mom.

It was fun, fun, fun... two days of hanging out in a luxurious beach resort...having barbecue fun...hearing the laughter of children running around and playing....at night, there was a couple enjoying romantic moments under moonlight along the seashore looking at the flames of the bonfire.... wonderful moments....

Those were sweet memories of the last two days before she left to pursue a job in another country. The day when she left was extremely painful, as it was her first time to leave her children. To the youngest child who was barely three, it was just like an ordinary day that Mom would be out for a while to buy household needs from the supermarket. His innocence is not aware that Mom would be away for long time..

The eldest boy was silent. He is already 16, fairly mature to accept that mother will go far for a while and the purpose is to give them better future. There were long talks and explanations before why she should leave. Of course, the son wouldn't agree at first but what could he do if it was a decision from his parents. Of course, he was well instructed and pleaded to be more responsible, loving and mature elder brother.

The next of the kin cried the loudest. He was 12. He embraced his Mom so tight as if he would never see her again. She gave him promises of sending what he likes. Mobile phone, MP3, branded shoes. He stopped weeping and gave mom the tightest hug.

The only daughter was papa's pet. Maybe because she is the only girl among the five children, she was a bit pampered by Dad and so Mom's leaving is not really a big deal for her. But she was bothered by one thing and finally asked Mom, about what she's gonna do when her first menstrual period comes. It was few minutes of girlish talks, and the daughter's eyes sparked with excitement of how it feels to be a young lady and how it feels when you 'have' as her female classmates are saying. Of course,she cannot tell girl's secrets to Dad.

The fourth child was already snoring, tired of the two-day beach outing, and so he didnt know when Mama left. it was yaya ( native term for nanny) who told Mom when she was along the way, that he cried when he woke up but then he slept again after 15 minutes.

The husband was casual and silent, unlike last night that he was passionately romantic to her. Maybe he wouldn't want to add more to the children's emotions. He tried to smile as he told the children, "it won't take long, days are so fast.. you will not notice the days and you will be surprised Mom has returned."

Looking back, it took her a long time before she finally convinced him that she wants to work outside the country. Her sister is living in Europe for a long time and if she would have been also in Europe for years had she not been iimpulsive in marrying her husband. As they talked, the husband said it would be a slap on his pride that his wife would leave and find a living for the family. He is working in a government office and his earnings were enough at the moment to feed his family.

But understanding is enough reason to disregard one's pride. Mommy left the kids enduring all the pains.. More than anyone else, she suffered for the consequences of being far.

Those were the painful scenes she can never forget. It really takes a lot of sacrifices in aiming to give better future to one's children especially for a mother. To be continued..... (Part 2).

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