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Where you Eat Matters

People are creatures of habit. There are certain places that you need to eat and places that you should avoid eating at all cost. Try eating at the same place everyday and believe it or not you will lose some weight. It is very important not to eat at just any place that you are at. The question is where do I eat when I am at home, at work or when traveling. It is obvious that you do not have to worry about where you eat when you go to a restaurant or when eating a friends or at a relatives.

When Eating at home always try to eat a the kitchen table and avoid eating in every room in the house. If you like eating while you are watching TV, playing video games or just listening to music it gets easy to snack on things without realizing what your eating or how much your eating. If you can discipline your self and only eat at the kitchen table, you will avoid eating unnecessary snacks and junk food. Make sure you drink plenty of water and enjoy your meals at the kitchen table. This alone is good for losing a few extra pounds.

When you are at work do not eat at your desk. Your desk or where you do you job becasue it is a an easy place to just snack on a things all day. If you bring a snack lunch go to the break room and eat. If you do not have a break room find a bench or some place outside and enjoy your meal. If you eat at your desk or place where you work you will eat all day long. If someone brings cakes or snacks for everybody try eating at the party and avoid bring the food back to your desk. This is very important because if you take your time and eat at a place designated for eating you will avoid eating snacks and junk food all day.

When you are traveling or just commuting do not eat while you are driving. This could be dangerous to others and again when people are eating while driving we tend to eat a lot of junk food. Find your self a park or a picnic table and again enjoy your meal . If you are traveling on Vacation look for rest stop signs along the way. I know its easy eating while traveling because it kind of gets boring and eating seems to make the time pass away a lot faster but this is a good way to gain some pounds quickly.

The main thing to remember here is that eating in the right place keeps us in line with eating right. Try avoid eating at places that are meant for doing other things. Just doing this one thing will help keep the weight off. Its hard at first but once you start noticing that your pants are get loose and waist is getting smaller you'll be glad you changed where you eat.


Eating While Driving

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Don't Eat Here

Here is my list of the top 10 places not to eat.

1. At your desk at work

2. In your car while driving.

3. During a meeting for a club or social event during the meeting.

4. During a funeral

5. In the Food Store

6. While playing with your Dog

7. During a class in school

8. While saying your prayers

9. On the floor of your living room

10. During Sunday Mass

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Looks like a good vacation spot.

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