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By Patricia Ross Founder Teen Voice www.teenvoice.ws

DFW Teen Voice Youth & Parents

I am going to start off with past experiences in our lives on which we can relate. Do you remember your childhood Christmas and birthdays expecting to get what you want.

Expect defined as:

To look forward to the probable occurrence or appearance:

To consider likely or certain:

To consider reasonable or due:

To consider obligatory; require:

Informal To presume; suppose

Want defined as:

To desire greatly; wish for:

To desire (someone to do something):

To request the presence or assistance of:

To seek with intent to capture:

To have an inclination toward; like:

Informal To be obliged (to do something):

To be without; lack. .

To be in need of; require

Look at the following steps:

1). The date of the holiday Christmas December 25th of each year.

2). You’re expectation of getting what you have written on your list for the day of Christmas.

3). You are asked by your Parents or individuals what would you like for Christmas?

5). Somehow you can supply either a made list or told someone of what you expect.

6). You set-up your mind to be prepared through expecting.

In the process of “Expect What You Want” you started the process with the act of involvement and participating yourself. Now when you look at the above steps answer the question? Did you ever not get a gift for Christmas or your Birthday?

You may wonder how will these following steps apply to other wanted things in your life. These steps apply to love, joy, peace and happiness in your life. We want to attract the best “Expect What You Want” your needs being met to maintain your lifestyle. Now let’s look at wellness verses stress, love verses hate , peace verses war in your life which one will you choose to circle. You take all year or half the year to make a list of gifts to get at Christmas. Then utilize this technique of preparing and preparation thorough the year to “Expect What You Want” today and receive.

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David Johnson 5 years ago

Very nice article

DFW TEEN VOICE 5 years ago

David Johnson, thank you for your comment!In following these directions I have gotton my needs, wants and desires met!I submit to a Higher Power my Creator and the list has worked thorough the years.

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