Factors to Consider in Responsible Parenthood



Factors to Consider in                   

Responsible Parenthood

The ultimate goal of marriage is to raise a family. The implication relies on how parents assume their responsibility in caring and supporting their children to attain the best possible future. Preparing for parenthood requires a lot of consideration such as:

1.      Parental role - to provide physical, material and continuous guidance to the children in order for them to become responsible members of the family and society

2.      Emotional adjustment - to be emotionally prepared and adjusted to cope up with the challenges of life

3.      Family Relationship - to perform each role and create a harmonious relationship

4.      Knowledge in child rearing - educated parents are better prepared to face the challenges of parenthood

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Attitude- very important it can cover up the looks...:)

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this does not answer the question of 'what are the factors of parenthood' it just tells us what are the role of parents

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