Failure to Communicate

Failure to Communicate

How many times have you heard the phrase “What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”? You remember especially if you grew up in the sixties, the famous line from the movie Cool Hand Luke with Paul Newman.

Telephones are in my opinion one of the greatest inventions. How communication has evolved since the wires were first connected, we are now wireless!  However, the same technology that improves communication throughout the world is stifling it just the same closer to home, giving way to huge gaps in one on one relationships.

Observing my son and daughter, I realized their fingers were their main means of communicating with friends and significant others. To watch as they try to handle dating, concerns and schedules to name a few, via text messaging is truly disheartening.

How much time and money is spent teaching the correct application of language only to see for the expediency of texting be sacrificed. Think about it, shorthand even gets edited to inject interpretation back into the text.

In today’s society texting has its place to facilitate our fast paced environment. It is unfortunate however that texting has taken the meaning out of words, eliminating the voice inflection of devotion, disappointment, joy and excitement. Texting leaves the mind to wonder at times what the intent of the message really is.


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